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Author Topic: New Fablegrove [A Noir Fairy Tale Game] .:Recruitment Thread! LGBTQA+ | Modern  (Read 21216 times)

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(GMS: Blissy, November Bleeds, Dashou)

Our aim with the concept of this game

Have you ever wished to play in a modern-esque fairy-tale world with your own take on a particular fairy-tale character? Well that is what this interest check is about!

Is a dark modern noir themed (or very close to) fantasy world, that focuses on the lives of fairy tale folk existing in a more practical world underlined by a heavily urban based fantastical environment. We are setting few boundaries to allow players to contribute, include and create wonderful works of their own depictions of fairy tale characters, that players may be interested in playing in this sort of environment. This is in no way a fandom role-play and does not follow any one set verse. The concept of this game is to allow freedom and original creativity to contribute to the base of what is per-established within this world and how it all works. That means you may tackle your take on any available fairy tale character in whatever way you prefer (keeping the feel of the game in mind). Your take on the fairy tale character of your choosing is totally left up to you and the possibilities are near endless. The only thing to keep in mind is the existing lore of the character and sort of using that as a back story with moving forward in creating a more modernized bio of who this character may be. Further information on how this and all works can be found within the game synopsis below.

Once upon a time in an unknown place very very far away, there existed a number of endless fantastical and harmonious realms, that housed the grounds of different fairy tale worlds, each existing separately from one another. While each of these realms remained a mystery to one another, separate from existing in one set verse or collaboration of fairy-tale inhabitant, something pulled them together. More accurately, something magical. The separation of these fantastical realms and worlds was pulled together in some arcane cataclysm that conjoined these very different universes into one, and ultimately brought an unaccounted number of fairy tale characters together in one world..

The only problem was, this world seemed very unlike the residence within's former fantasy realms or surreal plains. Instead of being crafted by highly fantastical concepts, magical kingdoms of the old centuries, or even enchanted forests, this new world seemed to be different and very unusual to the collection of strangers within. This place, this modern world, that seemed to only bring light essence to the familiarity of the former worlds that acted as origins to it's populace, became a middle ground of each and every fairy tale that ever existed within a modern environment. This world become known as “Fablegrove”.

The fairy tale characters within, or “Mysticals” sometimes known as “Mysts”, have spend the last ten years trying to discover the reason for the destruction of their origin worlds and plains, all while trying to make a collaborative peace within this new plain that has served to become their new home. The early days of Fablegroves establishment were quite messy and unorganized as various fairy tale characters of all former alignments had tried to step up and take order of the town. It was because of this that a democratic approach had to be taken to bringing some order to the stability of the towns early days.

It was decided that an election was held and that one Myst would be voted to become the face of Fablegroves growing establishment and movement to political stability. Beyond this one mayoral candidate, there would be a deputy mayor. The first mayor was “Aladdin” who won office within the first election (the second year of Fablegroves establishment). Aladdin stayed in office with fair results until he stepped down from his position during the fifth year. From there Cinderella won favor of the people and became the good face of Fablegrove. She stayed in office for three years until her recent mystery murder that has sent the town into depressive unrest. Since Cinderella's recent death, things in Fablegrove have gone somewhat of a stir...

Even to this day no one knows what occurred on that day ten years ago that made Fablegrove possible, but the answer behind it has seemingly been becoming less of a concern within the passage of time and uproar of commotion that has stormed the town in what is described as it's mostly potentially 'darkest hour'. What is for sure is that Mysts have made themselves acquainted within their new places in this new world, and much has happened in the last ten years of “Fablegroves” bizarre establishment.. As the town continues to change and struggle to to be a place of fictional happy endings...

Character building
Fablegrove offers almost limitless potential to build unique and interest depictions or adaptations of existing fairy tale characters. You can apply to be almost anyone from a fairy tale and your take on said character is entirely up to you. Just because a character may be a protagonist in a fairy-tale doesn't mean you have to play them as such in this game. Ever wanted to twist or change a fairy tale character in your own unique way? You can do that all here.

As stated above there has been a ten year gap in the events that have led to Fablegrove's establishment. Within those ten years your character has been free to change, adjust or develop as you may see fit. The only thing thing we ask is that you retain some loyalty to the main concept of the character. The role-play itself starts after the ten year gap, leaving the space from the start of the role-play, all the way back to the first years of your characters inhabitant in Fablegrove, entirely up to you to decide. They can be almost anyone.

Some potential character candidates for players (these are just examples)

Character List!

Jack (From Jack in the bean stock)
The Talking Cricket
White Rabbit
Seven Dwarfs

If you are unsure about a character, please feel free to message us and ask!

And so many more..!

Please check the unavailable character list as well! Our only rule for potential character choosing is that the character should be from a story book.

Characters that are not available.

Character List!
Alice Liddell - Taken! [Blissy]
The Red Queen "GM NPC"
Cruella de vil - "GM NPC"
The Wicked Witch Of The West/East "GM NPC"
The Little Mermaid - Taken! [Blissy]
Prince Charming "GM NPC"
Sleeping Beauty - Taken! [Dashou]
The Big Bad Wolf - Taken! [November Bleeds]
Knave Of Hearts - Taken! [November Bleeds]
Princess Tiana - Taken! [la dame en noir]
Mad Hatter - Taken! [Twisted iN Tux]
Pied Piper - Taken! [Crash]
Goldilocks - Taken! [Foxy Oni]
The Evil Queen - Taken! [Ron Don Volante]
Snow White - Taken! [lore]
The Huntsman - Taken! [Writersblockade]
The Tweedle's (Both Dee & Dum) - "GM NPC"
Hookah-The-Smoking Caterpillar/Absolem - "GM NPC"
Peter Pan - Taken! [Swashbuckler]
Shere Khan - Taken! [Ser]
Kaa - Taken! [whimsy]
Belle (Beauty) - Taken! [Elysian Radiance]
Red Riding Hood - Taken! [Wispyr]
Cheshire Cat - Taken! [hellrazoromega]
Captain Hook - Taken! [kingmaster1]
Mulan - Taken! [Ace Flyer]
Tinkerbell - Taken! ]Elysian Radiance]
Hansel - Taken! [TheBlackThrone]
Rumpelstiltskin - Taken! [Roen]
Maleficent - Taken! Cerulean

The Magic Rule
Magic exists in essence, but is unlike that of its existence in the former story tale worlds. It is incredibly hard to harness, come by, and otherwise very expensive and heavily monitored by figures of power or influence. Magic is powerful, though extremely rare and its usage is considered complicated to address in terms of legal scale. That said, the usage of magic is considered a top threat and will face the utmost investigation if used beyond the knowledge of governing figures (who also refrain from its usage as much as possible). The usage of magic always comes with a tremendous price and should be approached very carefully as well as cleared with a GM prior to accepted use.

The Humanoid Rule
(Also touches briefly on character 'abilities')

All mystical must be humanoid in nature. In the event a mystical is non humanoid in the fairy tale of their origin, they must be humanoid based while existing within the Fablegrove world. That said you may have your character retain some smaller qualities of their original form. Examples could be:

The White Rabbit being human, though could retain rabbit ears and a tail. Nothing more.

Any non-human abilities or enchants for said character must exist within their original character concept. Examples could be:

The Big Bad Wolf would have heightened senses, not because he is a hybrid human, but because as the Big Bad Wolf in his lore he already possessed these talents.

In the event your character was formerly experienced with magic (only by origin/lore) then you may carry those talents over in more subtle ways that are legally appropriate for the laws of Fablegrove. Examples could be:

Rosina the witch (from Hansel and Gretel) would be very good at baking or maybe understand chemistry well.

The Brewers Market
While there is no straight forward magic allowed in the role-play, there is room for enchantments! Minor potions and enchantments do exist through more drug or liquid based forms. These drugs have become popular around Fablegrove, particularly in Wonder District. The Brewers Market are an unknown series of figures that act as a sort of underground drug market for mystic's narcotic needs. The Brewers Market, or T.B.M, sell enchanted narcotics known as Tonic's, by street name. Everything from mood potions, to love potions and even some much more mischievous drugs are available for your characters convenience. The Brewers Market sells to all mystics who are willing to pay the price for some of their stimulant needs. That said, the trade and use of these 'tonic's' is considered petty crime and may bring negative attention to your character. It's important to be careful how these drugs are used and where they are used, but beyond that they are very popular among mystical's who are looking to spice up their lives.

★New!★ Tonics
There is a list of examples of Tonic's that fit the theme of Fablegrove below! The list acts merely as examples of Tonic's that may be found in Fablegrove and is not an exact archive of known or limited existing Tonics for the game. We want to keep imaginations active, possibilities wide and potential as limitless (where reasonable to the concept of the game) as possible. In the event you may wish to introduce a Tonic to the game, please message a GM before doing so. We'd love to hear your suggestions. Also please be reasonable with Tonic's. Unless your character is closely affiliated with "The Brewers Market", then you will have to role-play obtaining them. No Tonic's are allowed in the game without role-playing their inclusion/obtainment first. Please review the affiliations section of this thread.

Examples of Tonics

Tier 1
(Tonics that have subtle effects and often influence a person's state of mind or mood, but remain non-harmful to the user. These tonics are mostly legal)
.: Love Tonics
.: Luck Tonics
.: Mood Altering Tonics

Tier 2
(Tonics that have greater effects then mood or spirit alterations. Also considered the mischievous tier of Tonic's, given the sorts that fall within this category. These tonics are illegal)
.: Sleeping/Paralysis Tonics
.: Healing Tonics
.: Shrinking Tonics

Tier 3
(Tonics that are dangerous to others or may cause harm. These are very illegal)
.: Memory Loss Tonics
.: Truth Tonics (Police may use)
.: Poison Tonics
.: Disguise Tonics

Help Wanted! Help Needed?!
(In character mostly and a bit OOCLY as well.)

Since the unsolved murder of Fablegrove's former mayor (Cinderella) the town has been sliding into a depressive time. Things are slowly falling out of control with the good mayor deceased and corruption is slowly building within the messy circumstance of the town. This disharmony starting to stir among some in Fablegrove has led to plenty of falling outs with civilians and done dreadful things to business. Various business owners or groups have been trying to adapt to this and because of this that it's not uncommon to see various establishments, groups or affiliations existing within the Fablegrove town reaching out to other mysticals, who may be interested in taking on bigger roles that may serve to contribute to the town in whole. Also, everything in Fablegrove is open to player involvement and hefty potential management. Almost everything is group, business, affiliation is open to character influence, involvement or even potential management, to some wide scheme of possibility. See the section below for further information for player run businesses.

Business & Commerce in Fablegrove

There will be a full region layout and further district explanation coming shortly. In the mean time players are more then welcome to consider potential small businesses they may bring into the story with their character's inclusion. This is purely optional of course.

Given Fablegrove is a town consisting of fairy-tale beings that exist in a modern-esc environment, there are dozens of various establishments, businesses and means of commerce (of various variety). We are open to allowing player characters to bring in establishments to the town that are relevant to their character and may contribute to the over all game. That said, you can set up shop (upon GM approval), or take ownership of your own created store or shop, hangout and so on and so forth. We will allow players to make smaller businesses, but are limiting player character institution to smaller scale concepts.

Examples of reasonable places a player may bring into the story with their character's inclusion

A small bar
Coffee/tea stop
Flower store
Pawn shop
Soup Kitchen

And so on and so forth. If you are unsure of whether or not an idea you may have for a small business would be acceptable, please contact a GM with the idea.

Examples of businesses that are restricted to GM creation

Big businesses
Anything legal/political

Please PM all profiles to Blissy, November Bleeds, Dashou

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=375 padding=8](Face claim reference only)[/img]
[img height=155 padding=10](Reference one)[/img][img height=155 padding=10](Reference two)[/img][/floatleft]

[b]Name:[/b] [font=courier](Character name)[/font]
[b]Face Claim/Play-By:[/b] [font=courier](If you feel the need to list one)[/font]
[b]Alias/Nick name's:[/b] [font=courier](Character's nick or pet names) [/font]
[b]Age:[/b] [font=courier](How old does your character appear) [/font]
[b]Gender:[/b] [font=courier](Gender. Gender bending is acceptable) [/font]
[b]Height:[/b] [font=courier](Self explanatory)[/font]
[b]Ethnicity:[/b] [font=courier](Accent/Ethnicity/Etc.) [/font]
[b]Sexuality:[/b] [font=courier](You don't have to share this) [/font]
[b]Occupation:[/b] [font=courier](What do they do in Fablegrove for a living?) [/font]
[b]Affiliation: [/b] [font=courier](If any. Not required nor mandatory) [/font]

[i][font=courier](Whats your characters story? Tell us about who they've become in their last ten years in Fablegrove. Feel free to let your imagination wander)[/font][/i]

[b]Special Qualities:[/b]

[font=courier][i][color=lightgreen]-List first ability (If relevant)[/color][/i][/font]
[font=courier][i][color=lightgreen]-List second ability (If relevant)[/color][/i][/font]

[i]Would you like to bring a small business into the game?[/i] [b][Y/N][/b] [i]Please choose yes or no[/i]

[b]List name of business[/b]: [font=courier][I] “Business name here. [/i] (Explain business concept)

[b]In spirit of the story so far..[/b]

[i]What's your characters opinion on...[/i]

[b]"Cinderella":[/b] (Elaborate on your characters feelings on said character leading up to the events that have started the role-play)

[b]"Prince Charming":[/b] (Elaborate on your characters feelings on said character leading up to the events that have started the role-play)

[b]"Anastasia Red (Red Queen)":[/b] (Elaborate on your characters feelings on said character leading up to the events that have started the role-play)


A finished example of a profile
An example of an accepted profile (Alice Liddell) & (Kaleb Wolf)

Name: Alice Liddell
Face Claim/Play-By: Maria Amanda
Alias/Nick name's: Alice, 'Wonder Blue'
Age: Appears 23 (Recently turned 23)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Ethnicity: Very English.
Sexuality: Rumoured to be Bi-sexual
Occupation: Waitress / Temporary drug conveyor (Further explained in bio)
Affiliations: The Brewers Market

"From happiness, to delusion, to grief, to depression, and finally to insanity.." - Doctor Elliot Steir (A breakdown of Alice Liddell's history and who she is today)

Alice Liddell was always a free spirited girl with a rather curious and limitless imagination. It made every shred of sense that she found herself once chasing white rabbits around the garden as a child and found herself led to astray places, that only seemed possible to exist within the most surreal qualities and paradox's of fantasy..

As we all know Alice set out on many adventures through Underland and became known as its hero on multiple occasions. This of course often lead Alice to become much too intrigued by her curiosities of the peculiar world known as Underland. As Alice grew up and found herself returning to Underland on multiple occasions (for various reasons), she found herself quickly becoming much too fascinated with the circumstance of the realm. This lead her to become somewhat detached from the real world around her. It caused her a sense of anxiety that with time, led to what some suspect was the decay of her own sanity. Alice denied feeling unhinged or outside her right mind despite this, and continued trying to be Underland's hero and just a young girl growing up to find her place in between worlds. That was until she lost her family in a fire she blames herself for and from there her life took a rather tragic decline. Alice became torn through grief and guilt for what happened to her family, often blaming herself for being far too obsessed with always trying to find her Underland. A number of dreadful poor choices followed in Alice's depression and ultimately become the seed of a much bigger problem she has yet to truly come to terms of coping with.

From drugs, to isolation and finally to institutionalised insanity, Alice's life become a disarray problem that she has yet to truly solve..

During her last excursion in Underland (which was invoked by her intention to stay and live there forever and leave her rational life behind, after disappearing from an asylum), Alice was subject to the effects of the 'Cataclysm' and forced to share the common fate of most other mystical's of various fairy-tale realms from near and far while trying to come to terms with the way her Underland around her was changing and becoming particularly more gruesome. This event led her to become trapped within Fablegrove alongside a handful of her old friends from Underland, and an assortment of new and unfamiliar characters that felt like mere strangers to her.

At first, Alice found herself unsure of what to make of Fablegrove or the circumstances that led her to become trapped there alongside the many other mystical's that existed within. She watched as various people of both good and evil moral tried to take power and ultimately found herself finding a place of neutral existence, discluding herself from the idea of becoming situated in this new world she found herself stuck within. Alice felt unsure of the manifest of Fablegrove in whole and adopted a sort of paranoia that become the root of a much more gruesome derail of character development, that only helped make her fragile condition much worse. Those conditions, have reformed her into who she is today as she struggles to deal with herself and find any sense of peace with who she's become.

During the first years of Fablegrove's establishment, Alice chose to seclude herself from the practical matters of creating a civil society. For a while, she doubted she'd be stuck in Fablegrove at all, spending far too much time trying to find hidden doors or secret rabbit-roles that might lead her back to Underland. Alice didn't want to accept this new reality and instead only wanted to find any way that she could to return to Underland. She felt that the answer to saving herself resided there and only there, but felt cheated of finding that understanding. It was during the first years of Fablegrove's establishment that Alice lost a friend of her's known as 'Mock Turtle', to the circumstance of her own delusional obsession to trying to find an escape from Fablegrove's boundaries. Unknown to her at the time, crossing the town boundary seemed to result in total vanishing of her peculiar friend. That of course didn't persuade the delusional mind of the fragile girl who wanted to find any loop-hole or breach of escape she might be able to. Alice let her naive obsessive delusions become the cost of losing a close friend, and the experience was anything but new to her. She has not since seen 'Mockturtle' in over ten years.

After losing a friend, Alice entered a depressive state of regression that felt redundant of a time in her life that ensued with the death of her parents. She started to distance herself from other Myst's of the town and let her depression slowly eat away at the lighter qualities of her the girl she used to be. It was at this time that a certain someone 'broke her heart'
that nasty person
Knave Of Hearts
, based on following the agenda of another powerful and corrupt figure of Fablegroves first established order of society.

Heartbroken and suffering from depressive grief, Alice became a different person and left the light-heartedness of who she used to be, left behind her and lost in the past. Despite knowing she had been restricted from entering Underland and was trapped in Fablegrove, she couldn't remove the fantasy of somehow being acquainted with her childish and rather unorthodox memories of the place she used to venture as a child. This was an old obsession of Alice's that met some rehab formerly with her short time in the asylum, but has since resurfaced to a sense of terrible relativity with her former experiences with drugs and substance abuse. Alice felt that the influence of 'Tonic's” or drugs, was the only way to somehow breach the sense of mundane reality around her and dismiss the true dread of her tormented state of mind. She once again became addicted to drugs/tonics and other nasty substances/fumes that have served to become her escape from reality, and means of being at peace with her desire to walk and live in 'fantasy-realms' once again. Though becoming the person she is today, has seemed to only shred her decency and former heroic stature as a person.

Alice Liddell has become nothing more then a girl with very fragile sanity, left to find herself living vicariously through various narcotics and other dreadful means of escape, while she excuses her addiction to them as some means of potentially coping with her grief and finding the answer that was stolen from her with Underland's destruction. Since her time adapting to the conditions of being a citizen in Fablegrove over the last ten years, Alice has become some what of a  petty criminal, or has been known to spent her time closely associated with these sorts of devious individuals. She herself is not criminal in nature, but seems very distant from her former admirable qualities as a former saviour of Underland. She has has a good heart, though it's buried by all the tarnished remnants of the girl she used to be and the extreme volatile emotions, that influence her today.

She spends most of her time working at the Rabbit-Hole, which has also become her place of residence. She works through Caterpillar (Oracle), who she seems to have anything but a pleasant relationship with. It's been rumoured Alice is actually one of Oracle's temporary 'Brewing Market' agents of trade. She is not a dedicated drug dealer by any means, but seems almost forced into the role of being a drug conveyor for the black drug market of Fablegrove. Beyond everything else, it is also believed that Alice is often made the subject of criminal conspiracy and is far more 'good' and ethical, then the law seems to make her out to be, even if her sanity and happiness is far from intact by any rational means.

Special Qualities:

-Heavy immunity to precarious substances. As well as toxins. Alice has adapted somewhat of a extraordinary immunity to unusual substances, such as the (immediate) effects of 'Tonics' and other nasty narcotics. This is based partially on her origin of drinking precarious substances as a child to 'shrink herself', as well as based on her growing addiction to narcotics and such over the last several years. It seems her body somehow adapts to the effects of these substances or fumes, and makes it harder for her to achieve effect, or stimulation from them. This has lead many people to be concerned with her ongoing drug addiction.

-Knowledge of the Criminal Underworld (And a partial associate of it). Working at the Rabbit-Hole has introduced Alice to some rather shady or nefarious individuals. She works as a waitress there and has been known to over hear things, discussed or gossiped about while on the job, making her a noted connection to knowledge of the criminal under world. Despite this, she seems to have little motivation for making right of it.

Would you like to bring a small business into the game? [Yes]

List name of business: “The Rabbit-Hole” The Rabbit-Hole is a popular night tavern that exists in the central of the 'Wonder District'. It's managed by the Caterpillar and brings in all sorts of mischievous figures and has become somewhat of a hotspot for devious meddling. While the tavern itself serves as a partial restaurant and bar, the purpose of most business there is often much less motivated by a good meal or fair drink. It's rumoured that the Rabbit-Hole is connected to the “Brewers Market” and that the Caterpillar, as well as Alice, are people who are 'knowing' and involved with Fablegroves black-drug market.

(This purely an example of how businesses may be requested upon a character template. The “Rabbit-Hole” is a medium scale business run by GM influence)

In spirit of the story so far..

What's your characters opinion on...

"Cinderella": Alice envied Ella from a far, though she was never forward nor truthful with her feelings to her good name. There are few people that have achieved power in Fablegrove that have earned Alice's trust and Ella was one. Though they were not friends by any means prior to Ella's more recent death, Alice has taken the event as a sign of Fablegrove entering it's most potentially darkest hour.

"Prince Charming": Alice has similar feelings for Charming as she does for Cinderella, only she feels that Charming may be too pragmatic with his approach to ruling. She thinks he's a potentially capable leader in Fablegrove's time of depression, but also thinks he is very rough around the edges and has plenty experience to still acquire before he can work towards fixing Fablegrove for anyone, other then his bride to be. Alice also thinks that Charming is always much too concerned with his own wedding and that he lacks the focus of a symbol that Fablegrove needs in the time of it's darkest hour.

"Anastasia Red (Red Queen)" : Oh where to start. Nasty woman! Alice knows better then to trust Anastasia to even an inch of her trust. She's been battling the Queen from afar since she were a child and knows better then to expect Anastasia to be someone of redeemable quality. Alice believes Anastasia is a large part of the corruption that takes place in Fablegrove and that her empowerment in town council has done plenty of dreadful damage to the 'civil' society of Fablegrove over the last six years of her time in office.

Name: Kaleb Wolf
Face Claim/Play-By: Antonio Navas
Alias/Nick name's: Wolf / N/A
Age: Appears 26
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Ethnicity: American
Sexuality: Bisexual
Occupation: Director of Investigations
Affiliation: The Red Keep

Bio: Hunger formed with trickery was never a great combination and due to the fulfilling desire to be both a trickster and gain his fix as that stomach rumbled, not once had he thought it would result in something so guilt-stricken. While deer, rabbits and potentially even squirrels were enough to last a short while, there was nothing similar to the taste of human flesh. While once upon a time he had indulged in the taste of them only but a couple times a year, Kaleb had come to find his dreadful hunger getting the better of him. A starving wolf had fallen victim to his selfish appetite. Not once second guessing the moment he entered that house to find someone immediately attempting to fend him off. An older woman that he certainly did not care for, not the least bit interested in her life at all.

Yet he lunged and devoured her, only to be gifted with the sound of the door opening to his obvious fiendish ways. The girl was young and small and likely naive. Yet Kaleb threatened her and those tears of the girls came forward, seeping down her cheeks and onto the wooden floor of the cabin. Already full, unable to eat anymore, he fled the home without attempting even the slightest bit to eat her. But there was a burning image in his mind that forever haunted him of that girl and her tears and how fearful she had been of him. Kaleb could never return that night, he could never allow the girl to see him again.

Struck with guilt, the pain that he caused her, not thinking even once that she would ever forgive him for what he had done given the awful motives he once had, Kaleb banished himself from ever eating another human again, no matter how tempted he may have been. In fact, it took him a while, but he attempted to turn over a new leaf. Given the circumstances he followed the girl known as Red around, trailing behind her wherever she went while alone in the forest and if anything had come to scare her, Kaleb would certainly show himself and fend off the enemy of Red's in hopes of defending her, no matter if she wished for it or not. He was a guardian in the shadows, a wolf without its pack and would go wherever she went for several years whether she wanted him to or not, knowing he was there or not, until the world itself had taken a turn for the worse.

It took a while for him to adapt to the new world given the circumstances of being human. Whether or not he enjoyed it didn't necessarily matter. The human world was a confusing one and may he have understood the language that didn't mean he understood their customs but he quickly learned how to adapt, trying to figure out his own place within Fablegrove itself. His life following Red around had fallen into the background as other things approached, but he often still kept an eye out for her whenever he could. There was something there, always had been, Kaleb would always see himself as her guardian for wronging her in many ways.

The first  couple of years were a mess as people bickered and formed their own groups which was unhelpful in every way. They would get nowhere without a leader. Once the town had been justified under a legal system, Kaleb took it within his own hands to work beneath The Red Keep for undisclosed reasons. Keeping to himself about said subject he never told a soul why he did it. Some thought perhaps it was due to his corruption by the Red Queen herself, others thought it was due to his infatuation with Cinderella (who was a deputy mayor at the time) and wanting to get close to her or the loneliness factor in his life of never being able to find a life-long partner. It didn't matter what they thought, considering Kaleb had always naturally thrown away what others thought of him, no matter how positive nor negative unless they were a personal friend.

Having started as an officer of The Red Keep, Kaleb eventually made his way to the top, proving that his skills were worthy of his Detective position and soon fled to the top of Director of Investigations. Though he often goes alone, rarely is there a time someone works beneath him, unable to put up with his antics or his strict and frustrating personality. Kaleb is rather stubborn and difficult to work with, or so he's been told several times over. Even still, he wants a world with order, but not an irrational nor disrespectful one. Cinderella had the perfect concept in mind and everyone lived in harmony, until one day she was killed and it was Kaleb's duty to figure out who the hell dared entering his own territory. Whoever did this, he promised himself he would find them no matter what.

Special Qualities:

Sensitive hearing: Due to his own origins, Kaleb's ears are rather sensitive to sound and conversation as long as he pays close attention. Normally he has zero interest in listening in on others conversation without a reason to. Kaleb is not nosy and will make it rather obvious if he has heard anything.
Good sense of smell: More than most, Kaleb has a very sensitive nose similar to that of a Wolf. With this, he is easily able to track down others. This may also assist him when trying to solve a crime.

Would you like to bring a small business into the game? Yes [GM Run Business]

List name of business: The Red Keep; Kaleb works for The Red Keep as an investigator beneath Anastasia (The Red Queen). Just because he works beneath her does not mean his beliefs are by any means similar. It is not known publicly where his loyalties lay and he is often questioned by Anastasia on such drastic topics, never giving an assertive answer but rather avoiding the confrontation directly. That being said, Kaleb works for TRK and is not looking to in any way, lose his position as such.

Detective Constable. Snow White.

(This purely an example of how businesses may be requested upon a character template. The “Red Keep” is a large scale business run by GM influence)

In spirit of the story so far..

What's your characters opinion on...

"Cinderella": Kaleb has always been a little infatuated with Cinderella herself. She had always proven herself to be one of the kindest of souls in Fablegrove. Kaleb often listened to her opinions over both Charming and Anastasia's no matter the consequences.

"Prince Charming": Neutral. Kaleb see's no reason to enjoy the company of Charming considering he's quite the bore. Perhaps that is why he fits so perfectly within the role of Town Mayor now. Kaleb doesn't care much for Charming but hopes that he does a decent job in office so as not to fail Cinderella, before him.

"Anastasia Red (Red Queen)": Kaleb has major trust issues with Anastasia. She has proven herself unstable and dreadfully unkind. She has an extreme bias in comparison to his own. Due to her explosive personality, Kaleb often finds himself ignoring her more often than not.

NPC's & Multiple characters
While there is a big list of characters that are both available and unavailable for player character control, we do have some characters currently locked to the role of NPC's. There's a back story with Fablegrove and that story is a large part of what make's Fablegrove what it is, because of this we need to reserve some NPC's (which will be GM controlled for now) to help move the back drop of the story move forward smoothly.

This said, there may be potential for a player to take control of one of these characters at a later date, if interest is prolonged with their concept (which will be written into the game by GM's to start them off). We want to give players as much freedom to be who they'd like to be and play them how they may like at the end of the day. Please refer to the character list for further information on character availability.

These characters will have a "GM NPC" beside their name on the character list to further establish their availability and separate player characters from GM NPC's.

Multiple characters are a different story. Players will be allowed the privilege to take on a possible second character after having settled in with their first character into the game. We don't want to make this game a character grab/hold scenario and so for now, we are only allowing one character per player. Once we feel a player may be more acquainted with the game, we may certainly consider allowing that player to take on a second fairy-tale character to play. Small NPC's can also be used to enrich player characters where needed.

~Work in progress! More to come with feedback/interest~

« Last Edit: July 04, 2016, 10:13:15 AM by Blissy »

Offline November Bleeds

Fablegrove Town Council
(As by current present story)

Things to know!

Mayor – Prince Charming  [The general voice of Fablegrove. Highest in power of the three.]
Deputy Mayor – Anastasia Red (Red Queen)  [Works beneath Mayor. Runs the Red Keep Precinct.]
Town Councillor – (Open)  [Handles lesser municipal affairs.]


Aladdin: The first mayor, stepped down after his 5th year.

Cinderella: About to start her third year and was murdered only days ago. Known to be sweet and caring and a good face to the people.

Prince Charming: Has taken position of the Mayor in Cinderella's place. Was once the old Deputy Mayor. Known to be good, but also absentminded due to his upcoming wedding. Is very wealthy.

Anastasia (Red queen): Has taken position of Deputy Mayor. Was once the Town Councillor. Known to be cruel and manipulative with power.

Town Councillor: Currently open. May be an election oriented event. The original spot was owned by Anastasia.

The Affiliations
(Current affiliations- more to come)

Affiliations are light-faction oriented groups that exist within Fablegrove that contribute to the overall story and the events that occur within. If you want your character to be apart of said group, please let us know. Also please keep in mind these are only a few. You are more than welcome to suggest an idea as well.

The Red Keep Precinct
Police department working beneath The Red Queen herself. TRK as they are known are loyal to their queen and are found to often be cruel with their terms of authority. It is known not to trust someone within TRK, knowing they are a possibly corrupt system. With The Red Queen having influence upon them, one can only imagine how her reputation may follow her.
[Owned by: The Red Queen]
[Director of Investigations: Kaleb Wolf | Partner: Snow White]

The Lost Boys
A gang of misfit boys who often attack or mug others where they may see benefit in doing so. Their motives for doing so are unknown given their predominant force in the criminal underworld. Their gang is comprised of hooligans with rather unknown agendas. Trouble makers that everyone should try to avoid.
[Rumored to be owned by Peter Pan & his accomplices]

The Brewers Market
The Black Drug Market. They brew Tonics and sell them illicitly. They are a corrupt shady few whose identities remain anonymous. Making trade with TBM is easily established through dealers or agents who work for them. There will be a noted number of dealers listed (Most of which exist in Wonder District). If your character is going to buy a tonic, then please role-play it in with a listed character below.
[Rumored to be owned by Rosina Leckermaul]
Known Characters within the Brewers Market
Alice Liddell
The Tweedles (GM NPC)
The Caterpillar (GM NPC)

Scribble n' Tale
A publishing company that deals with tabloids, news and radio broadcasts that publicize events that occur in Fablegrove.
[Rumored to be owned by Thumbelina]

The Call Cats
The Call Cats are prostitutes that have something/anything to do with being aligned with Cruella.
[Owned by Cruella]

Player Affiliations
Los Osos Motorcycle Club
[Owned by Goldie Lox]

Fablegrove Layout/Regions/Map
[This is heavily under construction for now we'll be posting the main districts]

Camelot Court
(Wealthy estates. Fancy side of town)
[First Class]
List of places within Camelot Court
★ Hospital (Unnamed for now)
★ Other Apartments (Unnamed for now)
More coming soon...

The Neverland Ward
(Middle area between Camelot Court & Wonder District)
[Second Class]
List of places within The Neverland Ward
★ The Red Keep Precinct
★ Unnamed Community Center
★ Unnamed Library
★ The Agrabah Strip (Trading Market)
★ Other Apartments (Unnamed for now)
★ Ever After Estate Agency

Wonder District
(Downtown/Redlights District)
[Third Class]
List of places within Wonder District
★ The Rabbit Hole (Tavern)
★ The Cat Scratch (Show Club)
★ Granny's Motel
★ Cherry Court Apartments
★ Turnabout Investigations

Atlantica Pier
(Beaches/Boardwalk/Amusement attractions etc. Also known as the Waterfront)
List of places within the Atlantica Pier
★ T42 (Show Club)
★ Carnival Establishment
★ Docks/Beaches

Player made businesses or establishments

Ever After Estate Agency
[Real estate agency]
Owned by: Goldie Lox

Mother Goose's Infirmary
Owned by: Leander Nightingale

Tia's Bistro
A coffee shop/bistro during the day and a restaurant by night.
Owned by: Tiana

The Fairest
Owned by: Raveena Mills / Evil Queen

Tales as Old as Time
[Library & Book Store]
Owned by: Belle Rosette

The Jolly Roger
(Five Star Restaurant)
Owned by: Captain Marshall Hook esq.

(Show Club)
Owned by: Montague-Tiu Wentworth Thurston Friedrich Satorsun | Mad Hatter

House of Cards
Owned by: Shere Khan
Formerly Owned by: Prince Charming

The Rabbit Hole
Owned by: The Caterpillar (Absolem) / Co-Owner Alice Liddell

The Cat Scratch
(Night/Show Club)
Owned by: Cruella De Vil

The Treehouse
Owned by: Peter Pan / Lost Boys

The Cat's Nest
(Curiousity Lounge)
Owned by: Cheshire Cat

Turnabout Investigations
(Private Investigators)
Owned by: Darius Hunt / The Huntsman

Bedlam Penitentiary
Owned by: Maleficent

A few things to know about Fablegrove

★ Fablegrove is surrounded by water
★ Very cloudy during the day, but does follow a day to night cycle. This is just in spirit of the noir theme.
★ There is only one bridge in and out
★ Magic exists within Fablegrove, though is difficult to harness. Even for magically gift individuals. Manipulating magic in Fablegrove is considered very hazardous and is treated as the highest tier of offenses (think what a using a gun would be like in the real world).
★ While magic is off limits to a soft core extent, Enchantments do exist. Particularly enchantments exist in the form of potions or exiliers (Tonics) that contain much lighter arcane qualities or have surreal effects on the user. These substances are often used as narcotics or drugs that are popular around some of Fablegroves less prestige individuals.

(Just a few)

[Aside from Elliquiy's rules, these are few of our expectations]

We are searching for players who can write 2 or more paragraphs per post
★ 18+ Characters ONLY
1 Character per person, for now! Once you post your first scene, you may create a second profile!
★ Searching for players who can respond at least once a week or more.
Searching for story-oriented players! That said, there are mature themes within, but this is NOT a purely-smut based role-play.
★ We are LGBTTQ+ Positive here. Play off any type of sexuality or identity.
★ Please try your best to get along with the next person. Leave the drama for RP, not OOC.
★ Do not god-mode another players character without first asking them. Writing things such as “would try to...” or “would attempt to...” are acceptable. They are requesting a response from another player. Writing things such as "grabs her hand and drags her out" - are not acceptable unless you received the players permission.

If you are going to bring a tonic into the game (please see first post for tonic information) - please inform a GM (Blissy specifically) in order to inform us before hand so we are aware. Especially if this tonic is dangerous to other players or could potentially cause harm within the game.

Drama rule. If someone joins the game that you may have a problem with at any given point, please do not make a scene about it. If there is someone who has applied for the game and you may have some problems with them, please refrain from creating drama with them OOCLY or ICLY. In the event there is someone in the game you have a problem with, you may choose not to interact with them OCCLY or ICLY. If there is some bad blood between players, please be the bigger person and separate yourself from that particular individual who you may not want to interact with.

In the events a player is unwillingly to cooperate in ceasing interactions with a character/player that another player may have choose to take a step away from, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or November Bleeds! We don't want anyone feeling umcomfortable in this game in any way shape or form.

Time & New Fablegrove

So there's been a ton of confusion about time and various things related to it in the New Fablegrove universe. While we'd prefer not to get into any elaborate time line's, we would like to create one with you, the players as we move forward with writing out the story that is Fablegrove and how it's all made. There's a number of potential ways to approach handling time in sandbox group games, but we'd prefer not to get too into specifics. The GM's have been thinking that a good way to approach the time factor would be to have everything that does take place in all threads, take place within one month at a time and any events that relate to that particular stretch of time. The idea is to keep things generalized over a smaller time stretch, rather then leave the time and grasp of it much less defined, or wholesome. This is primarily to avoid confusion. I'll provide an example of what we're thinking for time and how it might be managed below:

A GM prompt will declare the month like so.

(Event: Cinderella's mysterious death and how the circumstance of it is effecting Fablegrove in whole)
- A GM will always establish the date with this prompt, to keep the rest of the characters in the known of approximates.

Players could post as they feel, when they feel and with whom, with no set limitation to one scene or another that follows a single chain of events, but everything up to the next month change would have to take place within the month of September. It's likely we'll start in the middle of every month to accommodate the ability to move forward and backwards within scene context as players see fit/desire.

In the circumstance of players going to certain locations where player characters may be present (but not included in said scene, for whatever reason), there will always be a single NPC per business/establishment to allow players to do as they will with the setting (so long as interactivity is moderate, anything serious needs to be cleaned with said business owner).

~Any further rules or concepts will be added as they occur.

New Fablegrove's Currency

There is only one type of currency in Fablegrove. That currency is only referred to as "Coin(s)".

The implementation of coin is measured, or referred to like so.

10 coins = 1 Dollar. You simply add a zero to whatever number it is that you are mentioning. Anything that is half of that number, is referred to as "half of that coin". Examples can be found below:

General example:

In character example:

This translates to 20 dollars.

If there is any confusion about this system, feel free to ask any GM. We'll be keeping it simple and in the good spirit of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions!

We will update this section with important questions that may be asked.

If you have a question? Please ask on the thread.

Question: Where is Fablegrove located?
Answer: Fablegrove is a high-rise town established on an island away from the outside world. Surrounded by sea and has one bridge.

Question: Are there “normal people” in Fablegrove?
Answer: No. There are only Mysticals within the town.

Question: Is there a way out of Fablegrove?
Answer: There are two ways. One, the sea. Two, the bridge. Though no one dares leave Fablegrove given those who left have never returned.

Question: Does my character have to be good/evil?
Answer: You are welcome to play your character as you wish! Whether or not you follow their lore is completely up to you. If your character is evil, they could be on the path to good. If they are good and have been corrupted, so be it. Feel free to play around with their morality!

Question: Does my character have to be the gender from their tale?
Answer: Not at all. Feel free to change that.

Question: Can my character use the name from a Disney adaptation?
Answer: There are some characters (ie: Ariel from The Little Mermaid) who have animation/movie adaptations that created a name for them since they lacked one within their stories. Feel free to use their created names or make your own.

Question: What kinds of technology exist?
Answer: Technology. While it does exist in Fablegrove, it's not quite up to par with the extent of modern technology. We'd prefer to go for a more noir setting in terms of technology. Cellphones wouldn't be a big thing yet and computers would exist, though be very retro in nature. Were looking for an early nineties-ish feel technology and it's inclusion in Fablegrove. Typewriters, scribes, tabloids, paper are much more viable means of communication, as is mail for communicating over long distances. Landlines would certainly be persist and the most common means of telecommunication.

The accepted character list so far..
(GM's are in green)





November Bleeds

November Bleeds




Foxi Oni


Twisted iN Tux

Twisted iN Tux



Ron Don Volante

Ron Don Volante





Elysian Radiance




Ace Flyer

la dame en noir







(Nancy) Marina 'Ariel' Triton

Evanora 'The Wicked Witch Of The East'

Kaleb Wolf

Knave of Hearts

Aurora Rosaline

Leander Nightingale

Darius Hunt [The Huntsman]

Goldie Lox

Peter Pan

The Mad Hatter

Daniel Gallant (Formerly Dorothy Of Oz)

Snow White

Scarlett Russell [Red Riding Hood]

Raveena Mills [Evil Queen]

NPC Mike [Magic Mirror]

Captain Hook

Pied Piper

Cheshire Cat



Shere Khan

Agnes Guybertaut la Esmeralda


Hua Mulan


Robin Loxley

Hansel Krause

Fritzchen M. Mustermann (Rumple)

Malcolm Fleetwood (Maleficent)

Playby / Faceclaim

Maria Amanda


Shelly D'inferno

Antonio Navas

Sean O'Pry

Danila Kovalev

Emanuele Fiore

Idris Elba

Diora Baird

Lucky Blue Smith

Mariano Di Vaio

 Michael David Barre

Saoirse Ronan

Nadege Dabrowski

Charlize Theron

Michael Fassbender

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Veronica Lake

Flaviana Matata

Haifa Wehbe

Emilie de Ravin

Ranveer Singh

Olivia Wilde

Shanina Shaik

Zhao Wei

Angelique (Undisclosed)

Daisy Ridley

Beto Malfacini

Sam Claflin

Ben Barnes

GM NPC list
(Some characters that are not listed as player characters can be found within the spoiler below)


Blissy: Cruella De Vil (Natalia Siwiec) | Anastasia Red [The Red Queen / Queen of hearts] (Anahi Portilla) 
November: Prince Charming (Nick Bateman)

If you are interested in the game, please post below and let us know!
« Last Edit: June 30, 2016, 02:38:16 PM by November Bleeds »

Offline Flower

Not sure what I'm going to make but maketh something I shall.  :-)

Offline Ron Don Volante

Noir? Fairy tales? Modern? Blissy?

You can take that as an "I'm so ultra mega in"!

Edit: And omg Flower too?!?!

Offline BlissyTopic starter

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Glad to have you both on board.

@RDV: Thanks for the kind words.  :P
« Last Edit: June 19, 2016, 01:39:37 PM by Blissy »

Offline la dame en noir

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I was waiting to post. I am interested and want to play Tiana.

Offline Kokaine

Interested. Since the Red Queen is out I am thinking I'd like to play Red Riding Hood or Goldilocks but not sure which.

Offline Flower

I'm torn between Cheshire cat or the White Rabbit.

Offline Ron Don Volante

If we need a villainess it probably won't come to any surprise to people who know me that I would love to be The Evil Queen or Snow Queen. But if somebody wants to pair up with Rapunzel...well I've always had a thing for long lustrous hair (ironically).

Offline Flower

I vote for the Queen.

Offline November Bleeds

Thank you all for the interest so far and the character choices too!

Keep in mind that your characters morality can always change. If they were once evil, set on a path for good now, vice versa <: !  The character is always what you make it, but that said if you want to play them as they are, or how they are known to be, that is perfectly alright as well.

We will have profile layouts, location names and a bit more background up within the next few days.

Offline Flower

I have a question. Is gender bending acceptable? I just remembered the rabbit and cat are male but I would prefer a female character. Apologies if the question has been answered already.

Offline November Bleeds

@Flower: 100% Yes! You are more than welcome to gender bend a character!

Offline Ron Don Volante

November and Blissy,

Is the Wicked Stepmother too close to the central plot to be played. Granted I'd rather play one of the Queens (esp with Flowers encouragement) but it came up while was pondering...

Offline November Bleeds

@Ron Don Volante: You're more than welcome to play the Wicked Stepmother- or even the one of the Queens! ^^

Offline Emjay

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I would like to play Hansel if you would have me.  :-)

Offline Kokaine

And I'll be taking Gretel instead of the other choices.

Offline November Bleeds

@Emjay & Kokaine: Awesome! That sounds great, glad to have you both!

Offline Ron Don Volante

I think I'll lay a claim on the Evil Queen. Just too much potential.

Offline Timeless

Just a quick question. Is it possible for me to make a character from a Chinese fairytale, by the way?

.. though, I see you put Mulan in the list, so.. >3> Mhm.

Offline BlissyTopic starter

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Oh wow!

Great to have so many people interested. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.   :-)

Sometime tomorrow I will be beginning to mark claimed characters down, as well as release the character templates.

@Timeless: You can absolutely play a Chinese fairy tale character. We accept all variations of fairy tale characters.

Offline Foxy Oni

Hmmm... I have an idea for Goldilocks if she's still up for grabs.

Offline Crash

I am thinking Pied Piper could be fun.

Online Twisted iN Tux

This scenario sounds pretty awesome. May I claim The Mad Hatter?

Offline Flower

Lots of familiar faces. ♥ Hopefully we can have a bit of fun this round.