StudentXTeacher and/or Incest Rp! (F/F only)

Started by Spartana, June 09, 2016, 04:09:26 PM

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So hey quick intro, I've been roleplaying for over 6 years and know my stuff! I'm a lesbian and do EXCLUSIVELY FxF rp's! I want there to be some seriously sexy stuff in the rp I wanna do, but there also needs to be some story. Doesn't have to be super elaborate or grand scale, just needs to have some sort of story besides them having sex.

On to what rp I wanna do! There are two I'm craving right now! The first is a FxF (which again, I do exclusively) Teacher X Student rp. The second is an incest rp, either between a Mother X Daughter, or Sister X Sister. However I've seen someone get creative and combine the two so that the teacher and student are related, so I'm cool with that too!

Details for the Student X Teacher Rp:
I wanna have the student. I already have a character in mind.

My student would be the more submissive (and I dont mean bdsm, sorry) of the two, which means the teacher is the one who initiates the kinky shit XD

I'm not against adding to the school or setting, just run it by me. What I mean by that is like making the school some sort of supernatural or magical school or something. I don't WANT to do that, but I CAN. Just make it interesting ;)

Details for the Incest rp:
Whether it's mother x daughter or Sister X Sister I can do either role, although I would prefer to use the daughter or the more submissive sister.

The mother would be the more dominant one with her daughter, so she would also be the one to initiate it. As for the sisters, there would be a more dominant sister as well, even if they're twins.

Once again I'm okay with adjusting the setting to be more supernatural or something, just run it by me.

Details for BOTH:
I'm a fan of strapon dildos, so of you're the mother, teacher, or the dominant sister, you gotta use a strapon on my character and in multiple positions! It's a must! If you're the daughter or the bottom sister, then prepare for the strapon usage cuz its happening!

I like there to be a little romance. Doesn't have to be a lot if you don't want, but at least some kissing and caressing during the sex.

I'm open to a lot of kinks, so just lemme know if you wanna include any, but there are some I absolutely will not take such as: shit, piss, and puke, blood and gore, and heavy abuse. Any others, just run by me and we'll see!

One more thing!
If you wanna take part, I ask that you aim for at least one response a day. I'd like more than that of course, but I'll also understand if you can't keep to that schedule. Just let me know, I'm understanding. ESPECIALLY let me know if it'll be more than 2 days before you can respond!

So with that all said I'm hoping to get someone for this! Reply to this thread or shoot me a PM if you're interested!