An assortment of ideas (futa f/f f/m)

Started by Hobbes1266, June 08, 2016, 11:27:16 AM

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Hello! I'm not really sure how to start this thread, so forgive me if this comes out rambly. There are quite a few ideas I would like to try, some more original than others, a few I've stolen from different places, but I would like to discuss specifics of everything in PMs before starting anything. I have a number of fetishes and a few limits, most of which can be found in my preferences, including a fondness for collars, pregnancy and submission in general, while I will not participate in anything involving scat, gore or snuff in any kind of sexual situation and I am very uncomfortable with playing dominant.

Catch me if you can: (f/m f/f)
In the early twenty second century, a new adult game show has soared up the charts, Catch Me If You Can. Women sign up for a chance at twenty thousand dollars, all they need to do is go two hours without being caught, a task far easier said than done. The contestants are given a collar to be worn on the day of the hunt, the collar turning blue once her hunt begins. When a hunted is live, anyone can catch her, getting five thousand dollars if they do, as well as the right to do whatever they please with the hunted until her time is up, for anyone to see on live television, causing many hunters to take to the sport professionally.

I would play a girl who signs up for the hunt for one reason or another, maybe your character is her friend and they convince her to sign up, maybe she desperately needs the money, or maybe she just likes the thrill. Your character could be a professional hunter or just someone lucky enough to have a chance to catch my character. Female hunters would be fairly rare, and very popular among viewers.

Arranged marriage or war: (futa/futa)
Two kingdoms have been at war for generations with no sign of either winning anytime soon, until one kingdom managed to strike a decisive victory, crippling the enemies forces. The kingdom, seeing their imminent defeat, made a peace treaty, giving their oldest daughter to be the wife of the other kingdoms daughter as well as submitting to nearly any terms they choose.

I would like the two kingdoms to have their own unique cultures, likely being two different fantasy races. I would like to discuss what caused the war, possibly enslavement of one of the kingdoms people? Maybe it was so long ago no one really remembers? We would need to keep in mind how we would want our characters to react to the arranged marriage.

Tribal mating tradition: (futa/futa)
Two tribes of futas have lived in harmony for as long as they have existed, both relying on each other for protection, supplies, and most importantly, mates. Neither tribe can have children with a member of their own tribe, needing to impregnate a member of the other tribe to have a child of their tribe. Each year after the coming of age ceremony, both tribes send those who've come of age into the woods between the two tribes to hunt for a mate, girls from each tribe will be captured and impregnated, giving new tribe members to repeat the cycle.

We would need to discuss the two tribes, likely being two fantasy races.

The crimson pen station: (futa/futa f/f f/m)
The crimson pen is notorious throughout the galaxy, a for profit prison where the only rule is you can never leave, the day to day activities filmed and broadcast throughout the galaxy. The prison has its own higherarchy, gang leaders on top, to the average prisoner, down to the colorfully termed "sex kittens" little more than sex slaves.

I would prefer the prison to be futa only but if someone were to prefer, it could be an all female prison or a co-gendered prison. Alien races of any kind would be fine for player characters.

Fox hunt: (f/m)
The Kappa Magnum Delta fraternity and the Alpha Delta Pi sorority had an interesting, mutually beneficial relationship, once a year the Alpha Delta Pi pledges are used as the prey in the Kappa Magnum Deltas anual fox hunt to earn their place as a sister in the sorority. Each girl being injected with a fertility and aphrodisiac cocktail, having been denied the option of birth control for weeks, is stripped naked, a fox ear hairband put on their head and a fox tail buttplug put inside of them before being read the rules. The girls are given a thirty second head start to run into the woods, if they make it to the river without being caught they become an Alpha Delta Pi sister. Making it to the river is no  easy task with horny frat boys chasing after them with the option to either fuck them however they please, or collar them keeping them as pets slaves or even wives if they catch them, with no repercussions on their end. Many girls make it to the river each year without incident, their college tuition payed for for the rest of their lives and becoming a member of the most influential and exciting sorority in the state, but many don't, some succumbing to the aphrodisiac, some falling into traps, or simply getting caught, ending up as single moms unable to stay in college, some ending up as slaves to the frat boys who caught them.