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January 20, 2017, 10:24:31 PM

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Author Topic: Lurking's One on One Search {M/M}  (Read 159 times)

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Lurking's One on One Search {M/M}
« on: June 06, 2016, 08:39:15 PM »
Welcome to my one on one ideas thread. I'm getting back into writing here on E after a long hiatus and so this thread is still a work in progress, but I wanted to get at least one game going while I'm working on this page and finishing off my O/Os.

If you're interested in the ideas posted here then please PM me, don't post in this thread. Make sure you've read my O/Os before you message me, particularly my two one on one deal breakers.

I'm currently interested in M/M smut centred games where I'm playing the submissive. I really need to get my submissive smut itch scratched before I can move on to more plot orientated games and doming.

I'm only interested in playing plots from this ideas thread as I'm only looking to take on one or two games I want them to be the plots that my mind has been bugging me about for ages now.

Title: Breaking a Stray
Pairing: Millionaire/Thief - M/M
Themes: Master/Slave, Slave Breaking, Non-Con
Looking to Play: Thief;

Looking for Someone to Play: Millionaire
Kinks: Non-Consensual Human; Non-Con, Dub-Con, Breaking, Branding, Knife Play, Drug Use, Heavy BDSM; Bondage, Blindfolds, Rope, Chains, Collars, Dom/Sub, Master/Slave, Pleasure Control, Breath Control, Whips, Floggers, Canes.
Other: A smut-focused game, but with plenty of opportunity for plot and character development.

This story is set in an Alternate Universe where there are two classes of people, the very rich and the very poor. The rich live in a gated community, protected from interacting with the poor by a large white wall that surrounds the city. The wall is patrolled constantly, with a guard tower at every gate, snipers at the ready. The poor live in squalor outside of the wall. Electricity is rare to non-existent in poor communities and as such they have adapted a life similar in a lot of ways to the Victorians. The rich have every modern convenience they could possibly wish for, but have also adopted historical traits to their lives, particularly the fashion. Having an infinite supply of money became tiresome some generations back and so elements from a simpler world were plucked out of time and added into a modern life. Balls and extravagant dinner parties came back into style as well as other important social gatherings, as a way for the rich to socialise with one another and wile away the hours they didn't need to spend working. Slaves and fighting pits became common forms of entertainment.

Servants and slaves are the only poor allowed within the gates, the servants required to have identification papers on them at all times, while the slaves have a collar and/or a brand to distinguish which master they belong to. Any poor found within the city walls without ownership identification on them are 'escorted' outside the wall and shot in the market square, as a warning to any of the unkempt who might consider sneaking in behind the wall.

Thievery and assassinations are common within the rich district. The rich have too much time on their hands and are obsessed with taking down potential rivals, one way or another. They rarely sully their own hands with their dirty work and often hire in the poor. The contracted poor are either smuggled in or left to find their own way inside the city, after that they are left to it and all accountability is removed from the rich who hired them. With no papers or other means of identification on them, if they are caught then the poor are sentenced to death, the guards learning that the less questions they asked their prisoners the better, just shoot them and return to work.

Tarot is an amateur thief who started off pickpocketing within the streets of the poor district before he found a way under the wall and began preying on the rich. After too many narrow escapes his appearance is known to the guards, although they can't work out how he gets inside the city. A large reward is offered to anyone who brings him to the guards, dead or alive. Tarot has been approached a few times by prospective rich clients who want something stolen or someone killed, but has turned them all down. He is a free man and won't take a single coin from anyone who lives within the wall. He has heard too many stories of hired assassins who never returned from their runs inside the wall, rumours claiming that they were killed by their contractor to tie up lose ends.

Tarot has had a tip off that there is going to be a city-wide power cut in a that night. A large storm is forecast, or so his contacts tell him, and the power outage will be blamed on the bad weather, but Tarot knows that this has been orchestrated by someone within the rich district. He doesn't know who or why and he doesn't care. All he knows is that this is an opportunity that won't come around again. Every mansion and home will have their security feeds down for three whole hours. As soon as the storm rolls in Tarot is slipping under the wall heading towards his biggest target yet.

Your character is one of the elites of the rich district. He is ruthless and ambitious and has already eliminated most of the competition he has come across around his peers. He's a workaholic who works hard and plays harder, enjoying the more extreme forms of entertainment available to him in the city's underground. Your character is already bored when a vicious thunder storm rolls in and cuts of his electricity. He's stranded inside his mansion, knowing that all social events would have been cancelled in this weather. Restless and irritable he is unable to settle or sleep, so when he heard floorboards creaking he is keen to investigate. Much to his surprise he finds Tarot with his hands inside your character's safe. It would be easy to call his personal guards and have the intruder executed, but then he would still be bored, wouldn't he?

Tarot becomes your character's new plaything. This isn't the first slave your character has had to break, but he is the most stubborn. Soon one of your character's guards interrupts his playtime to inform him that while he has been distracted with Tarot, someone else has broken in and stolen irreplaceable files and incriminating evidence of your character's vile deeds. Originally planning to dispose of Tarot after the storm had passed and he was no longer bored, your character realises he can use Tarot's skill set to steal back his belongings, and get revenge on whoever it was who stole from him.

- - -

This is an idea I've had in my head for ages now and I'd love for someone to take it up and help me scratch this itch. As I said it's a smut centred game, but there's lots of plot opportunities and chances to expand upon the original premise. I'm looking for someone to play a character who is fully dominant, sadistic and cold hearted, while Tarot is strong willed and difficult to handle and break, but at his heart he is a submissive and can't help being turned on by rough hands. I'm interested in going fairly extreme for this, so long as something isn't on my offs list I'd be happy to discuss it.