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Author Topic: Interest Check- Only Politics- (Supernatural, World-building, Romance)  (Read 1114 times)

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Online MaeveTopic starter

It was a new era. The dawn of a new pax vampira. A historic treaty was going to be made between shapeshifters and vampires.

As Ronan took another deep draw from her thigh, Nicole reflected that it didn't feel like a new era. Felt like the same old routine: she made herself pretty and ready for ravaging. She should count herself lucky to belong to this bloodsucker, over some others that kept their stock like cattle. He liked his made up, lounging by the pool and mixing him martini's.

"You know what you have to do?" He asked, after sucking hard enough to leave a bruise.

Nicole nodded, sitting up enough to brush his hair out of his eyes and her blood. She knew what she needed to do, in order to put her permanently in his good graces. Maybe even earn her immortality.

Historic events require historic people and Darian is no exception. He's the youngest Alpha in a 1000 years and one of the major forces for peace. Nicole was counting on his youth, his naivete to succeed in her mission. Turn him to their way of thinking or destroy his cause. Peace might be alright for Werewolves and the like, who have human life spans and true power comes from large stable packs, but for vampires peace means stagnation. Ronan knows that this is his last chance for a power grab. He doesn't mind peace as long as he's King.

On my request thread,, there's an increasing number of vampire/werewolf stories and somewhere along the way they all became interconnected. The main conflict in this universe is the lack of food source for vampires, a virus has ripped through the human population, leaving them unharmed but making this poison to vampires. Not terribly original, I know, but a rich mine to thicken many plots.

Some are tales of how vampires on the bottom rung have dealt with this shortage: Cuir Fuil and Precious Child. Some are about the quest for a cure: Of Blood, Desire, & Ingenuity. Some are about wayward towns or isolated islands and how they may dark secrets of the origin of the plague or the keys for it's cure: Redefining Sacrifice and The Airs Fine Once You Grow Gills.

Then there are stories like this one, about the swirling madness at the top as everyone scrambles for power in this unstable world. If I find amenable partners, I'd like to have all the stories overlap, and one tales plot point bleed into another.

However, baby steps. At the moment this story is made up of three characters.

Ronan- Not old by Vampire standards but makes up for it in ambition. Cold and calculating, Ronan likes the good life and knows the best life is one where people bow to him.

Darian- Just wants what's best for his people and theirs. He merely wants peace.

Nicole- Selfish and vain, her good looks got her into Ronans bed, but her clean bill of health kept her there. She wants to be young and beautiful forever.

I'm willing to take on any of the roles above, if you would like to take on one of them please post a character description in this thread. Should any of the other stories appeal send me a PM. 

Thanks for reading! 

Online MaeveTopic starter

*summons forth a demon to offer this plot another chance at life.*

Online MaeveTopic starter

Re: Interest Check- Only Politics- (Supernatural, World-building, Romance)
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2016, 09:08:25 PM »
*Pays off the interest to the demon for an extension on the loan*

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Re: Interest Check- Only Politics- (Supernatural, World-building, Romance)
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2016, 06:46:38 PM »
Third times the charm?