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March 19, 2018, 10:04:35 AM

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Author Topic: Jim Hensen's Labyrinth continuation story [looking for Jareth]  (Read 287 times)

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Offline RahzillaTopic starter

Iím looking for a Labyrinth story. It would be a continuation story set years after the end of the movie. After Sarah rejects Jarethís offer and breaks the illusion by stating that he has no power over her, Sarah returns to the real world to live out her life. However, Jarethís power may still be over Sarah...

15 years have passed and Sarah has forgotten everything that happened with the Goblin King, Jareth, or has she? Every relationship sheís had since then has failed. For reasons she didnít realise, she had been looking for Jareth in those relationships, only pushing men away. However, she managed to find one person who wasnít pushed away by her subconscious comparison. They had even gotten so far as to get engaged. However, after finding out that her fiancťe isnít who he says he is, but is looking for a Goblin King, even going as far as to attack her, Sarah feels torn. She vaguely remembers going to see a therapist when she was younger about delusions of a Goblin King. But she canít remember anything about him.

Leaving the shared apartment in the city, Sarah manages to go home and see her younger brother, Toby. Having a conversation about the Goblin King makes Toby go silent. He remembers everything that happened that fateful night and tells Sarah this. Thinking that heís in on this, she feels even more conflicted. It is in that moment that she says the magic words, summoning Jareth to her. He tells her that heís been watching her ever since their first encounter and that he still loves her. Confused, Sarah has to get a grip on whatís happening or be swallowed by Jarethís presence.

Thatís where the story would start. I would be playing Sarah, Iím looking for someone familiar with the movie to play Jareth. I was thinking that this game could go one of two ways. Of course, there would be the fiancťe who is looking for Jareth for reasons to be decided. But one way would be that Sarah joins Jareth in the labyrinth and becomes Goblin Queen. The second option would be that Jareth joins her in the human world (with his magic as he is the Goblin King) until Sarah is ready to join him in the Goblin city. Iím kind of leaning more toward the second option, just because it would be nearly impossible for the fiancťe to find Sarah and Jareth if they are in the Goblin city.

I have reference pictures as well, for what Jareth would look like while in the human world. I wouldn't age him too much, since he's immortal in the movie. The photos can be found in the following links: Sarah, Jareth in the human world, and General Goblin King

If interested, please read my ons/offs before PMing me. Please don't respond here...
Canít wait to start!