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May 27, 2018, 10:49:19 PM

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Author Topic: Looking for roleplay (Modern fantasy, modern, sci-fi, fantasy)  (Read 480 times)

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Offline ZailaTopic starter

What I am seeking seems to be more and more elusive with each passing day.  I like dominant roleplays with my character as the one in the subordinate position.  I know what you're thinking, 'Those are a dime a dozen!' right? Yes, they are, but not the kind that I am searching for.  You see, I want a dominant roleplay that does not revolve around sex.  I understand that it happens and that it's an integral part of the control process, but I just don't want to play out the details.  I would rather just fade to black and allude to it having happened.  I don't want my character raped or tormented or subjected to anything of a sexual nature.  I want her controlled through means of physical force, intimidation, coersion, proximity, and sheer authority.  I like to play fantasy, modern/fantasy, medieval, and sci-fi, but in the sense of future technologies, not spaceships.   Just to be clear, my character will be the submissive one in the pairing.  I don't play dominant roles so if you're looking for a domme you will have to look elsewhere.

For now, this is just an avenue to express what kind of character I'm seeking for storylines.  The possibility for plots and such are endless so, if you feel you encompass what is described above feel free to whisper me!  If you do choose to whisper me, however, make sure you project that authority.  I want to know that this is a facet of your personality and not just something you're attempting or trying for the first time for my sake.  I usually post multiple paragraphs and would like my partner to do the same.   

1) A mousy, plain girl is hired as a personal assistant to an executive and he sees her true potential and knows she can be a strong, confident woman if given the right guidance and molded with the right hand.  This will be a journey of dominance and submission through which they both develop.  I don't want this to be sexual.  I want to explore the mental and physical aspects of this relationship, the way he coaxes her into the lifestyle and then seizes control making her dependent on him.

2) A girl has lost everything: her job, her apartment, and her livelihood.  In a last ditch attempt to possibly get something out of life she enters a contest to win a free Vegas trip and, by some miracle, is selected as the winner.  It's for a week and she jumps at the chance, taking the flight that's booked for her a couple weeks later.  When she arrives in Vegas she's in a bit of a shock, since she's never been there, but manages to ingratiate herself quickly into the scene.  A guy notices her, someone powerful and influential, and decides that she will be his.  He spikes her drink at some point and brings her back to his room where she wakes up the next morning with a cuff around her ankle attached to a chain that connects to his bedpost.  What will follow will be a tumultuous relationship between the two as he struggles to keep her close to him and she struggles to come to terms with his ownership.  Whisper if you're interested!)

3) Shifters (humans that can turn into one animal) are not as prevalent as humans so they are forced to abide by the old-fashioned tradition of arranged marriages.  When a girl is born she is immediately betrothed to the youngest male and they will be mated by the laws of the clans when the girl turns 18.  My character, the aforementioned girl, was betrothed to a young male about five years her senior that grew into a vicious, cold, hardened leader for his clan.  She is seventeen now and will be eighteen in a couple months.  Fearing for her life with this man, she enlists the help of a police friend to escape and start a new life under a new identity.  The male is determined to get her back and will stop at nothing to achieve that.

4) She was attractive and her friend had surprising success being a sugar baby so she figured it was worth a shot.  At a high end bar is where she met him, fifteen years her senior and oozing money.  He never wanted anything sexual from her... He was content just providing her nice things as long as she accompanied him to dinners and galas.  The possession was starting to unsettle her, though, and she tried distancing herself, but he refused to let that happen.  He's going to ensure that this girl knows she is his by any means necessary.

5)Faerie Nightmare- This is an idea that I have had buzzing around in my head for about a week now.  Storybooks have painted faeries as benevolent, kind, and friendly creatures, but that is not accurate.  Faeries are sadistic and revel in causing humans strife.  Normally, since they are so tiny, this is achieved by hiding their keys or other valuables, but they have another trick up their sleeve: faerie rings.  These unassuming rings of mushrooms are magical traps that immediately ensnare any unsuspecting humans who walk into it.  The human is then shrunk to the size of a faerie and transported to their realm, a world where they rule and humans are slaves.  I should clarify that I don't mean slave in the sexual sense since humans are seen as being akin to animals rather than a worthy, sexual partner.  My character, details of appearance will be discussed with the interested party, will become the pet to a member of the high council in the faerie kingdom.  She will be regularly abused, beaten, talked down to, and treated like nothing more than property, but the councilman cares about her even though he doesn't outwardly say or show it. Other faeries have requested to purchase her, but he always gives a reason as to why they would be better off with another human, usually in regard to something wrong with her: she's ugly, she's too short, she talks too much, etc.  I don't see this developing into a romance, but I do want it to turn into the girl not wanting to go back to the human world.  Her mind has been so warped that life with him, serving him, is all she can imagine and the thought of going back to her world terrifies her.  I want to start playing from the time that she's captured so his control can be established and we can time jump as needed from there.  Respond to this or PM if interested!

6) A Brave, New World- Humans have been destroying the Earth for quite some time.  The fallout was seen in catastrophic events, global warming, and other unusual, geographical phenomenons.  Scientists, seeing the downward spiral of life as humans knew it, decided it would be best to begin colonizing Mars.  By 2120, there was an entire community of people living on Mars in a temperature-controlled paradise.  Needless to say, it was only the wealthy who could afford a ticket to this nirvana on Mars leaving the rest of the citizens on Earth, a planet that had become derelict, corrupt, and toxic.  There was salvation, though, in the form of job advertisements that the wealthy members of the Mars colony would send down to Earth.  The Earthians who qualified would send in their resumes and, should they get the job, were flown to Mars on the wealthy member's dime.  My character is going to see an advertisement for a personal secretary and realize that she meets all the requirements.  She sends in her resume and, much to her wonderful surprise, she is given the job.  What the man who sent the advertisement failed to mention was that the girl would be treated like a precious commodity, an ornament for his arm who was expected to comport herself professionally at all times...or risk punishment.  This, like the faerie story above, will not be sexual.  It will be based on the control, the strictness, and the force of the man who has given her the job. I would like this to be a world building experience as well.  We can both flesh out the regulations and law system of the Mars colony.