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June 25, 2018, 03:28:36 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking Innocence to Corrupt (M looking for F)  (Read 450 times)

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Offline MaxAstroTopic starter

Seeking Innocence to Corrupt (M looking for F)
« on: June 04, 2016, 08:30:20 PM »
Now that I've had to some time to look around and think about what I am actually looking for...

I'm very interested in a story exploring themes of innocence and corruption.  I'd like to find a partner interested in playing an innocent - or at least naive - girl in over her head in a supernatural world she is unprepared for.  Maybe your character has lived a secluded life in a small village... maybe she's from another world... I'm open to ideas here.  Whatever the case, she is suddenly - maybe violently - pulled out of her comfort zone and thrust into a world of dark magic and creatures that want to take advantage of her in terrible ways.  And the worst part is... she's starting to like it.  If anyone is familiar with the works of Gwyllion, that is a huge, huge inspiration for this idea.

Another idea I had for a variation on this is that your character meets a mysterious stranger who puts her under a magical spell that causes her to lose all her inhibitions at night.  But every time she wakes up from the spell, she has no memory of what she's done... until things start to catch up to her and her two worlds collide... will she find a way to get free from the spell?  Does she even want to?

Kinda turning all this around, I had another idea that involved my character being a male kitsune or fox-spirit of some kind.  Ancient legends say that one day such an individual will appear, and he shall bring back the long-lost race of fox-girls, and together they shall save the world.  What the legends don't mention is that he will "bring back" the fox-girls by seducing women and transforming them into his loyal fox-girl harem!  Maybe he will actually save the world, but if so it will be on accident as he strives for his true, perverted goals.  :p  Ideally this story would be on the humorous end of the spectrum; I like the idea that my character used to be a normal human who suddenly had these fox-spirit powers thrust upon him, and now everyone wants him to go save the world... but he really just wants to use his new magic powers to get laid.  :p  I'd be looking for someone willing to do a fair bit of worldbuilding for this story.

Another interest of mine is a story involving a succubus.  In this one, my character would be the relatively innocent one.  For some reason other then sex - maybe as part of a school project? - he summons a succubus and binds her do his bidding.  But just because she has to obey him, doesn't meant she can't tempt him...  Slowly, she convinces him to have her use her powers more and more, to influence those around him... to get his way... he's not foolish enough to let her take his soul, but... she can make any girl want him... how long can he resist having that power?  Obviously for this one I would need a partner willing to play both the more dominant succubus, and more submissive other girls (or maybe dominant girls turned submissive by the succubus' power?).

A variant on that without the succubus - a nerdy young scientist invents a drug (or a nerdy young mage invents a spell) that gives him the power to implant suggestions in the minds of women, getting them to do whatever he wants without them being consciously aware of it!  Although his intentions start out noble... how long until he starts abusing his newfound ability?  This one would be particularly fun for me if it included themes of incest - my character chooses his hot older (or twin) sister as his test subject, and slowly begins to desire her... but if incest isn't your thing, that's fine too.

I would also be interested in doing a gender-swap of the above idea: Your character gains the supernatural ability to influence the minds of those around her, and begins using it in little ways to make her life easier.  But unknown to her, her power comes with a cost - the more she uses it, it eats away at her inhibitions and humanity!  By the time she realizes what is happening to her... will she even care?


With all of these ideas I'm very open to various settings or changing the specifics around to suit your tastes; I care much more about the core kink of corruption than I do about the specific world or characters, although supernatural settings (or modern settings with supernatural elements) are my preference.

I'm also definitely looking for a slow build and an ongoing story - I enjoy the occasional mindless smut, and wouldn't mind incorporating that into the story, but ultimately the slow corruption of innocence is what I am after rather than just jumping from sex scene to sex scene.  ...Except the fox spirit story.  That one I see being equal parts smut and comedy, and pretty light on the actual story.  :)

If you are interested in any of these ideas, please shoot me a PM!  :D

Offline bondagegirlsarah

Re: Seeking Innocence to Corrupt (M looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2016, 02:31:28 AM »
I actually just posted on the reverse angle of this. I adore playing innocents and most of those story ideas you posted there have a level of appeal to me.