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Author Topic: Insane's funbox (mxm)  (Read 1254 times)

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Insane's funbox (mxm)
« on: June 04, 2016, 06:31:49 pm »

(This thing will be a beast, and it is always growing.)

Hello hello, and delve inside my funbox of plots and tidbits. If you would be so kind as to pm your interest it would be very appreciated. Check out my On and Off page so my general guidelines, though You'll find I'm pretty lax over all.

A little peek

General Genres

Any Genre of Fantasy (ex:Medieval, Future, etc)(Gotta love the classics..have tons of plots for whatever)

Vampyre (Any country of origin)

Vampyre x Priest

Werewulfen(Please differentiate what sort of werewolf. Can shift at any time, only on the full moon, sentient wolf form, Loup-garou, and so on)

Space travel (discovering new planets, harvesting, what ever, let your mind wonder)

Victorian(can include Theater settings and such, murder plots)

Roaring 20's/Great Depression

Freak Show/ Circus (Of course with a fantasy twist)

Angels and Demons-Not accepting

Steampunk-version- Western

Mafia(any country)

Porn actor/virgin(or shut in, what have you)

Serial killer x detective-not accepting currently

Merfolk- No, not the Little Mermaid..I mean these things eat people.(Mythology-tastic!)

Mage Academy

Different classes of magical folk feuding(wizards against mages, adepts against magicians, anything)

Pirate/ Sea voyage (fantasy style)

Preternatural Hunter/Preternatural creature

Faeries or Pixies

War of mythical Races

Superhero/Antihero/Villain(craving this)

Gifted School

Apocalyptic themed

Stranded(anywhere one could be stranded...just seems like fun right? haha, what's not awesome about having a melt down on an island?)

Any combination of the above and if I missed any just Pm me your desires~

MMmmm, Fandoms

Supernatural (Wincest, Destiel, Sabriel)

Sherlock BBC version only

Avengers Movie AU only because the comics have tooo much canon to sort through- Tony/steve, Steve/Bucky, Tony/Vision, Tony/Loki , Loki/Steve-Can play any listed

Dragon Age: Can play as Alistair, Zevran, Anders, Fenris, Dorian, Cullen, Cole, Solas or of course an OC.

X-men world/styled

The Witcher: I can play Geralt, Ioverth, Dandelion

Battle Royale: OCs only, new game, same style.

Star trek: Original or New Au(the new movies)I can play Spock, Kirk, Bones, OCs
Or TNG: I can play Data(My preference) or LaForge, can be persuaded to do Riker.

Harry potter Universe: I can play Harry, Draco, Snape, Remus, or Sirius for the originals. I enjoy a different time setting the most, like 20 years after the Battle of Hogwarts with new characters.

1/2 Prince-style virtual world game.

Tiger and Bunny: New hereo rps

In regards to series rps, I will also do AU versions.

Dig a little deeper
Plots plots plots

Character specific

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

He had always considered himself a loner, someone that had long since learned to exist by his own will and street-smarts. He was a little punk, he knew that, but he eked out a living running drugs, and bar-tending a smelly piss-stained bar in the slums, but he was alive. He had pushed the madness that seemed to grip the female part of his family far from his mind, and continued on his path of destruction, despite the weakness of his heart which had plagued him from birth.
One night after locking up, he was stumbling home, too drunk on cheap booze to mind taking a shortcut through a dim alley. He hears something strange, and he sees two figures at the end of the alley, one hunched over another, with sick, wet squelches filling the night air.
"You don't understand Derrick..there are monsters out there!" His sister's pleading cry rang in his head as the biggest figure raised his head, and two piercing, red eyes stared into his blood-shot blue.
(Werewolf, demon, vampyre, anything goes)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Superrrr craving this plot
Ballistic is a cocky villain, prone to mouthing off to Heroes and bating them into anger. He weasels his way out of most situations, and dusts off what he can..Until one day he takes things too far with the Hero, and he finds himself on the losing end. What will your Hero do now that they have subdued this impudent villain? Will you snap? Give him 'just deserts' and humiliate him in return? How will the dynamic between them change afterward, and will regrets be had and minds changed?​

General plots

Post apocalyptic-
The world has been decimated by War. Nuclear bombs have all but leveled every continent to rubble and debris. In this chaotic world there are those just trying to survive, and then there are those trying to thrive. Science has given way to genetic-altering Madmen bent on creating humans that can function in this world with ease. They are called Alters. There are many different kind of Alters, simple ones whose sole Function is to consume rotted, fetid meat and metabolize it. Some are mercenaries, outfitted with technologies to make them efficient, killing machines. Though one of the most heavily modified beings are called Dogs, who are taken as small children and taken apart, almost to their entirety. When they are stitched back together and survive the Altering process, they are raised alongside canines in cages, and trained mercilessly. They retrieve, they sniff out prey, and are the absolute gems of all successful Societies.
Humanity is divided into pockets of people called Societies, they war back and forth, trying to pillage and usurp, if only to gain control of the land's dwindled resources. Societies can range from a ramshackle gang, to hundreds of men and women housed in a virtual fortress built with the rubble of ruined cities.
Generally the Altered and Humans don't get along, if only because the ones that remain fully Human are afraid of the Altered's loss of humanity. Some societies have both Alters and Humans, but they are usually housed in separate compounds of the Society.

How does that make you feel?

He is a psychologist, he's seen it all. The inner workings of a broken, diseased mind. Nothing surprises him anymore. So when a new patient comes in, ranting about alien abduction, he dismisses it with a sigh. Just another crazy..That is until he begins to delve even deeper, and things begin to get strange. At the heart of it all he is in for a rude awakening as things begin to unfold. A implanted device, a metal patch fused into the patient's skull, and then finally, the lights begin to train on him. He finds himself enthralled with this man, and their race to find just what this creatures from another world want with them.
(This can actually be anything, faeries, werewolves, blah blah, doesn't have to be aliens)

Tempted by darkness

" And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil."
Being of the cloth is a sacred position. You must be holy, pure, and wise towards the weak and meek...yet what does one do against the sweet whispers of a demon of the night? The caress of a cold hand, and the tongue as sweet as honey..Will they raise their cross and vow to destroy the evil that desires them? Or will they give in, and surrender to the arms of darkness?

A Slave to the sea-
Captured and abandoned, a man of the sea waits to be rescued. Longing to return to his home among the coral and pearls. Displayed in the trading capital of the New World harbors away from his native waters, will someone save him? Or will they use him for greed and profit?

Out of this world-

The debate will always rage, Is there life on other planets? Well, for one unfortunate man, the question will be readily answered. A camping trip away from a tiring world would relax even the most stressed of individuals. .Until the quiet peace of the forest is interrupted by a sudden boom and a spray of blue fire. In one, big crater, the answer to 'Are human's alone' will be answered..the only question is..if this newcomer friend or foe?

Mad Carnival

There is a circus that tours the muddy fields, and the back lots of towns..Full of wonder and awe. There are sword-swallowers, fire eaters, and even men and women that even seem to defy the limitations of man..And that is because not all of them are human. The macabre carnival has more secrets than wonders..Vampires, necromancers, anything and everything can be employed at this carnival, to fool the eyes of human's. They leave the town in a flurry of lace and music, leaving missing persons reports, and piles of bones in their wake. The police try to find anything on the show, but always come up empty..How long can the carnival escape the police, or, even worse, hunters? The mad carnival is home to so many wonders, and they call it home, and will protect it with all they have.
Welcome to the show.
(preferable Victorian to 1920's setting, but can be made modern easily)

A fly on the wall

There is always that weird guy in class, or in the office, that just, hovers in the background. You never really remember him, he's kind of creepy, and unassuming. No one pays attention to him..that is until he discovers that one of the outgoing men in his class/office has a hobby that would ruin him if made public.
What will the socialite do when the quiet creeper discovers his fetish?
(This can also be reserved to where the quiet one is the fetishist too)

Behind the curtains
This is another circus plot, but of a different breed. While sitting in the audience being tantalized by tightrope walkers and acrobats, one would never know they are looking at criminal masterminds. Beneath the guise of night members of the circus set out into the city for a harvest..Be it stealing into people's home with the deft feet of the acrobats, or the nimble fingers of the jugglers picking into pockets. Drugs pass too and fro through the Ring leader's hands, and prostitution is not unheard of, especially among the painted contortionists. Import smuggling from one country to a next, even slave trading , nothing is too seedy or illegal to pass through the glimmering tents of this Circus.
Who would expect people that entertain children to be the ones poisoning society from the inside out.

Prairie Nights
(Steam punk Western plot crossed with preternatural/hunters)
There are things that lurk in the darkness..With humankind branching out into new areas of harsh, hostile land, they fast find that they are not the only conquerors of the land. A special job has been opened up, one full of danger, and often death. These Cowboys stalk the arid nights, hunting the beasts of the American deserts and mountains. (Think werewolves, skinwalkers, wendigo, wampus cat, and general early american/native american folklore beasts.)

Deliver me
An upright pillar of his choir, he is a fierce Angel of heaven, full of God's divine wrath, and protecting the flawed, yet precious, humans upon earth. He has never strayed..until now. Something deep and profound grips him, and he can feel himself threatening to fall. It is either forsake the father that has always loved him..though not as much as his Second Children, but the fondness for him is still there. Or fall, taint his wings black, and leave his Grace behind. Can his Angelic soul withstand the torment, or will all traces of his Divinity evaporate all together?
(Can be a human, demon, or what ever pairing)

Blood stains on old wood
It was an old house, but beautiful none the less. Left alone for long, long years, it sat empty and alone..that was until someone decided to by the house and turn it into a boarding house. It took almost a year to renovate, though the owners wouldn't exactly tell anyone 'why', still, the day arrived, and it finally opened. But what exactly have the newly-moved occupants gotten themselves into? Something lurks within the victorian arches, and the original wood, something that threatens the lives of them all.

Werewolf plot-

Sometimes the moon designates one's mate..even if it's against the wolf's will. The drive to be with their mate is maddening, a constant in their mind, pressing them to their love. The mate can be male , female, of any race or species, whatever the moon wills. What will the moon do when the Moon picks a mate that they never expected?

Survival-Stranded plot- Craving this

It was supposed to be a leisurely venture.. (Boat, or plane), and yet an errant storm made everything change. Only two survivors wash ashore, bleeding and water-logged, but alive, the question is, for how long? Between the heat, the exposure, and the psychological trauma, can the two survivors struggle through until a rescue eventually stumbles upon them?


A new house bought at action, what a prize. It is just much too bad that something is slumbering in the basement, tucked away under a pile of old junk, lost in time, and ignored by all. A coffin is within, covered with dust and grime, but it isn't empty, and what sleeps inside has been dead to the world for many years. What type of creature will be discovered once the box is opened up? And will the tenant survive it?

Your Rhythm
(music genre)

They were small time, still clawing their way to the top. Practice was grueling, and their manager barely, if ever, forgot to tend to their basic needs. Crammed together in a small, old rental, they made due on the promise that one day they would be touring all over the country. Their name in lights, the whole deal. What they didn't expect, was just how close you could get to your band-mates when you spent every waking moment together. The band dynamic is shifting as eyes wonder, and the heat of the music rises.​

Oh yes, Fandom Plots baby
Marvel plots- Craving any Marvel plot

I miss you buddy
-Marvel movie universe, tony/vision

He was being ridiculous. He knew this. A grown ass man was not supposed to have 'feels' towards a computer program. But Jarvis had been so much more than a computer program to him. Jarvis had been a friend, in times where he had no one, always by his 'side', even if it was with mostly snide remarks.
In the weeks after Ultron, Tony felt himself coming apart. Pepper was pissed..turns out almost ending the world and pumping out hordes of robots was a great way to end a relationship. Without Jarvis in the background, he couldn't bring himself to do much of anything anymore.
And why the hell had Vision shown up?
(Vision having Jarvis feels, Tony being pissy because he's suppeerr great at handling feelings-coughsarcasm-)

Amazing grace
Steve/bucky He found him. He found's just that, he hadn't expected him to be so bad. Steve knew, in a corner of his mind, that he had been ignoring the issue in the vain hope that they could just. .pop back into normality. But that wasn't too be. But dammit-er..Darnit..He meant darnit, he wasn't going to let him go again. Damaged or not. They would find a way through.

Always tricks but never laughter
(Takes place after The Avengers, AU split)

Loki had failed, again. He was once again at the mercy of the Avengers after failing under the control of the Chitauri. He was tried and sentenced in Asgard, yet he never expected what his sentence might truly be. Now stripped of his magic and deposited on earth, he must keep his wits about him less he die like a common mortal.
But like all turns in his life, he should have known to expect things he had never considered.
(Can be paired up with anything, my favorites are Frostiron and Frostshield, will do Frosthammer as well or any other pairing.)

Supernatural plot
Descent into darkness (Alternative story line after season 7) Sabriel pairing
Really craving this, or just Sammy-grief rps.

Sam’s brother was gone. Castiel was gone. Bobby was dead. Everyone and everything he had ever known had slipped through his fingertips, leaving him wandering and reckless. He felt empty inside, and despite his best efforts, he couldn’t find what might have happened to his Elder Brother.

Gabriel felt he had done a rather fantastic job at his disappearing act..Sure he felt a bit bad to bow out so soon, but in his defense, Luci was a nutball. It had been a while since he had peered in on his favorite duo and favoured brother, so he felt it was high time for a little looky-loo. Gabriel did not like what he discovered upon peering back into the mortal world. His brother and the older Winchester were gone, and the ‘littlest’ Winchester was on the road to killing himself in his grief. Despite his best efforts, Gabriel couldn’t stay away.

Don’t you walk away

 (Season 8 alternate) Destiel story

Dean never expected the reaction Castiel had to him finding the angel..He didn’t look pleased, if anything , he looked distressed. Why the hell was his feathery-ass acting so distant? Did he not know what he had gone through to get to him?

Castiel had to protect Dean..he had done so much..made so many mistakes. He couldn’t make another one.

Destiel alternative to Season 8 where the two find their feelings together in Purgatory .(Benny can live or die..sorry Benny>_>)

Baby brother
(Wincessttt)season 6 alternative

Dean has always known their lives are royally fucked up, but he doesn't understand how fucked up into the day that Sam, in his Soulless state, seduces him rather thoroughly. Now he has to tackle the thought that his baby brother looks at him more ways than one, and what will happen once Sam gets his soul back. .and above all else, he has to come to terms with the fact that he liked it.

Sherlock BBC version plots

My Immortal

John can feel himself slipping without Sherlock there to anchor him..Without Sherlock there to guide him. It has been a year since his 'death', and it is all becoming too much. He never understood how Sherlock could find everything so 'boring', until now, until his shining light was gone.
Sherlock is keeping tabs on John and as the months go by, he is becoming increasingly alarmed and concerned that his 'sacrifice' might have been in vain. He ended up saving everyone, but will the cost be John?

Alternate season 3 plot

John has been married for a few months now without so much as a call from Sherlock. His anger is only doubled when he finds Sherlock in a drug den, strung out and high out of his mind. They fight, they rage, and then John finds out about Sherlock's 'girlfriend', and something in him snaps. He kisses Sherlock, and then a moment later realizes what he's done.
He's left wondering about what his feelings are for Sherlock, how he can keep his best friend, and how to reconcile their friendship..After a while he realizes he loves Sherlock, and they carry on an affair. That is until marry shoots Sherlock for laying hands on her husband, and her past is revealed. Now above all else, Sherlock and John had to decide what to do about John's pregnant, assassin wife, and how to survive her.

Come back to me

Sherlock wasn't 'dead'. John knew better than that. Sherlock couldn't die..he was to stubborn for that. Why he left however, John couldn't say. As the months slipped by, there once friends and family began to notice John Watson wasn't handling Sherlock's 'death' as well as they thought he was. He would be gone from the flat for days without word, he was growing sullen and quiet.
And worse, bodies were beginning to pile up. They weren't people that were likely to be missed, criminals mainly, but the way they died. Whoever was killing them, wanted to be noticed. He was saying 'Catch me' ..'Notice me' ..'Come back'..Sherlock always loved a good murder mystery.

Star trek plots

University days
Kirk can't say what spawned the interest. Boredom, curiosity, his natural desire to be insufferable, but something about the Student-teacher struck him. He has never spent much time around Vulcans, only a handful of humans have! Perhaps that's why he finds his eyes traveling to the peculiar half-Vulcan, instead of on his notes. The only problem is, the Vulcan seems to want very little to do with him, not that it dampens Kirk's determination any. Like it or not, Jim was going to find out what made Spock tick if it killed him.

You and me and the devil make three
-Alternate universe timeline
Their 'relationship' has stalled. The Spock that Kirk woke up to after almost dying by Khan is like a mirage. They fall back into their usual pace, and nothing drives Kirk more insane than Spock's silent insistence that nothing has changed. No one talks about it. Nothing is said, and business is usual, that is, until a fateful mission forces the boys to resolve whatever has been going on between them.
Beaming down to planet largely absent from predators and hostile life seemed like a good idea at the time. Everyone needed a bit of R and R, and the planet looked to be rich in new material for Starfleet. Only a few hours into the mission, two officers are dead, and all transmission to the ship has stalled. They're stranded. As the days wear on, it becomes apparent something has gone direly wrong above, and they are going to have to find a way to survive on their own. The only problem is, as time wears on, the niggling feeling that they're not alone grows from paranoia, to undeniable fact.

Ars moriendi
TNG Data plot
There is one upon the Enterprise that is arguably more upset about the prospect of loosing what makes Data, Data in the face of Bruce Maddox's experiments. Data is faced with budding emotions he has never entertained before, and as every fiber of his being is called into question with cruel regard, he is left thinking. Unable to bare the thought of loosing the special Android, the quite feeling spawn a fire within and a confession is born. What is the measure of a man? Now faced with love confessions and the all too real prospect of 'dying', how will the Federations only android fair?
(Can be Data/Laforge, Data/Picard, or Data/Riker)
--Continued subplot for Data/Riker
Riker's fingers slipped down the Commander's cybernetic spine, and with the press he ended what they all knew to be Data. In essence, he had killed his friend, though while it was no permanent, it troubled him all the same. He didn't know the secret fear the android haboured towards his 'off switch', nor did he know just what it felt like. Data is all too forgiving, but Riker knew, it had troubled much as anything could trouble Data. But he could see it, deep down..but what could he do to rectify the situation?

(Data x Geordi)
Lore was more-or-less dead, yet he had left a rift so wide within the surprising brother Data wasn't sure where to go from here. Casting aside the recovered emotion chip had seemed to logical decision, he had almost murdered his best friend when he possessed emotions..He..He couldn't be trusted with it.
But like his dream program, what if something had shifted within him that he was only beginning to notice? Something that should have been obvious all along. The chip wasn't the answer to everything, nor would it make him feel whole..But perhaps it didn't need to. Perhaps he had been who he was meant to be all along. All that was needed was someone to guide him.
(Alternate ending to The Descent where Data's emotions are unlocked like his dream programming after Lore tampers with his mind.)​

Harry potter Universe-

New whispers

This isn't a cannon-type of rp. What I'm looking for is for a 'Years after' rp. This is the basic plot:
Just because Voldemort is dead, doesn't mean that all bad wizards were vanquished or imprisoned. Decades later, when the original saviors of the Wizarding world are old and grey, new threats begin to rise. Students are going missing all over the globe, and its not only the Elite of the magical world either, even the minor magic-children that aren't good enough to get into the top schools, are going missing too. The Ministry and the governing bodies of the other nations are scrambling to keep it quiet, desperate to keep the peace after all these years, but people are beginning to notice. A new evil is recruiting, and recruiting heavily, for in the darkness, a circle of dark wizards are brewing, and this time, they're not going to wait for Semester breaks to cause trouble either.
This can either be rped in the view of students, or adults(Aurors, Teachers, so on). I also have another plot that deals with the Magical Creature community rising up against the oppressive wizards also if you'd like to hear.
Just because is the HP universe doesn't mean it has to be fluffy either.

It was always you
He had gotten used to knowing all his friends were dead, and the only one that was still alive, was far, far out of his reach. Remus has been distraught to learn the son of one of his best friends was out of his hands. What was he to do? He was a Werewolf, he had no rights in the eyes of the Ministry. So years passed, and he lived. Not 'Lived', but 'lived'. He existed. That was until that miraculous boy swept back into his life, and the earth-shattering revelation that his old friend had escaped from Azkaban.
After all was said and done, and he departed from Hogwarts, he knew Sirius was now alive, and he had to find him again.
This plot is Remus/Sirius alternate universe where Remus finds Sirius after his escape, and the two struggle to reconnect as friends, and then eventually, lovers.

It had been years since he had seen his old Nemesis. He felt old now, though he was barely hovering in his mid-thirties. The boy who Lived found himself standing on the platform 9 3/4, watching as his children departed to Hogwarts for another year, standing next to Draco Malfoy. He'd heard Draco and his wife had split up years ago, it had amused him then..Well since he and Jenny had called it quits, it wasn't so funny anymore.
The two men find themselves in a budding, yet awkward friendship, now on common ground, and hopefully older and wiser. What may come of this?

Old wounds, new starts
(Universe where Snape lives, and Remus doesn't marry Tonks)

If anyone would have ever told him he would stumble upon that filthy werewolf one night and actually feel..sorry for him, well, he would have hexed them. Remus didn't look good, but then again, hardly any of them did anymore. The war had taken it's toll. The were had lost so much, especially after his dear little Sirius had passed, even Snape couldn't kick him when he was down.But why the hell did he felt compelled to bring him home after he finds him the night after the full moon?
_Alternate of this plot_
The two had a brief encounter in childhood when attending Hogwarts. Clumsy kisses, comfort, and boyish desires were broken when Sirius found out and shamed Remus into rejecting Snape, leading to Snape's deep resentment.​

Video Game Fandom Plots

The Witcher Plots

We all have secrets


Dandelion had a secret, one that wasn't a big surprise to people that cared to see. He had always admired Geralt, despite the fact that he generally bugged the nekkers out of the older man, but he found that fascination has grown to lust at an alarming rate. After all these years, it was getting harder and harder to hide his feelings from his white-haired friend, but he kept quiet. Dandelion had his string of lovers, and Geralt had his. .they could make it as friends, couldn't they?

In the Garden
(Ioverth x Geralt)

To think, a Witcher had joined their cause, and not just any, but the White Wolf himself. It was amusing, but Ioverth knew better than to look a gift horse in the mouth, he needed Geralt. He was a good blade, and could be manipulated by that peculiar streak of chivalry the Witcher tried in vain to hide.
Who would have thought that months of subterfuge and planning a War could bring out the fact that he was quite. .amicable, to the Wolf. Too bad humans had a strange sense of propriety when it came to men and sex. Dh'oine, they always needed to be taught things the hard way.

Dragon Age plots

A Virgin and the Whore
(Zevranx Alastair)

If anyone would have told Zevran he would develop a thing for snarky virginal princes. . .Well actually no, it wasn't that much of a stretch. What could he say? He liked a challenge, and it amused him to no end to tease the virgin bastard until his ears turned the color of wine.
What he hadn't counted on, was the 'after'. After he had finally managed to seduce the bastard prince, he felt..He felt 'funny', and he couldn't equate the sensation to any he had felt so far. Alastair's terrible puns and jokes were funnier, and his grin more endearing. He caught himself looking around in battle to make sure the sandy haired man was uninjured. He cared.
And he didn't like it at all.

The Difference between hate and love
(Fenris x Anders)
They hated each other. No, they loathed each other. Fenris was a brooding, moody judgmental ass, and as far as Anders was concerned, Hawke had been mad to accept him. Anders was a preaching abomination that Fenris wanted to tip over the edge of a high cliff.
And now they were lost in the pits of the Deep Roads, cut off from the group, and injured. They had to work together, or else it might spell the death of them.

On our own
(Fenris x Anders)
No one could have foreseen this. Hawke, was Tranquil. It had happened so fast, the Templars had come so quickly, and none of them had been there to stop them from seizing him. Now left without a leader, what were they to do? Plots were happening in the underworld, and Mages were disappearing and being made Tranquil left and right. Anders had to hide, but where could he go? Unfortunately the answer everyone concluded was to stay with Fenris while they all tried to get things sorted, and try to find any trace that the Tranquil process might be reverse, they owed Hawke that much.
In this time of upset and grief, Anders finds that perhaps Fenris and he had been wrong to be at such odds, but was there any repairing it now? And did they have the time to try?

Let's up the ante
(Dorian x Cullen)
Time Line divergence
It had been a lapse in judgement, but the night had been fun at least. It was alright to cut loose sometimes. .especially with his body breaking down the way it was. Unfortunately, he had noticed a few things during the evening of the fateful strip Wicked Grace game. He had grown very comfortable with this people, and . .Dorian's eyes seemed to linger on his losing form a little too long to be just teasing. He didn't know why, but it made him squirm. They had already shared a round or two of chess, but after that night the games took on a different air. Dorian's flirts were harder to deflect, and harder to ignore. Instead, he found himself almost, pleased by them. This was ridiculous, Dorian was a Tevinter mage, Andraste preserve him. He had to stop this before his head was even more rattled by the lack of lyrium, and now this.
But. .what if he didn't?

The Birds and the Bees, and one embarassed Commander
(Cullen X Cole)

Cole asked a lot of questions, especially now that he was more human. Varrick and Dorian answers most, but for some reason, they just snickered or groaned when he asked certain ones. Well, perhaps he would go to Cullen, he was a nice person, even with all the hurt that lurked underneath the surface. Cullen had always appreciated his jesters as a spirit, in his own awkward way..
When Cole came to him, Cullen hadn't expected the questions that the boy asked to come out of his mouth, and he was left flailing. He had a bit of experience with that..sort of thing, but nothing so much he would willing talk about it!
Not that Cole would let up about it.
To make matters worse, their 'bedrooms' were nearly right next to each other, letting the boy come and go as he pleased. This could not end well.
Movie and other stuff plots

You remind me of a babe

It had been many long years since Sarah, taking with her the last chance of continuing his kingdom, and the waning interest he had in everything around him. He had needed that child. Jareth needed an heir to continue on, some one to inherit all that was to be Goblin King. He had been so distracted, so foolish as to get enraptured by the young woman who had left him with nothing. He had to find him again, before it was too late, and all that he worked for shattered into so many shards of glass.

Toby felt like he was loosing his mind. The nightmares..Or, could he really call them nightmares? He could hear a voice, the touch of fingers, the sound of wings. It would all be fuzzy by morning, and it left him feeling bereft and lost. He was forgetting something, something so important it was distracting him what should be the most exciting moment of his life. instead..Every since he turned 18,things had started to take a bizarre, unimaginable turn.​
Fairy tale plots

Beauty is the beast

There is a rumor of a beast lurking in the woods, supposedly hunkered down in the ruins of a nobleman's house who had died in years past. A young skilled hunter decides to journey into the forest in search of this beast, to further his renowned name. He is injured in a fight with wolves, and fears he might die, as blackness encroaches, he sees it, a looming figure bleeding out of the darkness. He wakes and finds himself in the nobleman's ruins, faced with a beast of a man who bizarrely nurses him back to health. He will allow it. .and when his strength recovers, he will kill or capture the beast, and drag him back to town, triumphant.
Will this handsome young hunter have a change of heart? Or will this beauty kill the beast?

It started with a kiss-
Can be fantasy medieval or modern times

There was a tale of a slumbering prince within the woods. Ethereal. Beautiful. The whys and hows had long been forgotten, legends turning into myths, and myths passing into superstition. Fleeing from (insert scenario) a young wayward comes to find himself in a deep, dense part of the forest, until he stumbled upon a crystal coffin nestled within the gnarled roots of a massive, pitch tree. With a brush of his fingertips, the crystal shimmers, and breaks, dissolving into dust. Beneath the crystal, He lay, looking as if asleep, still warm and soft to the touch. Be it foolishness or fancy, the wayward kisses him.

What woke was not a Prince of fairy-tale, but a tumultuous spirit of the forest. The spirit had been subdued by a circle of powerful wizards ages ago, when the rise of Man began to push the forest back- and when the forest began to fight back. The spirit is angry, and yet he cannot rebel against the man that broke him free.

The wayward can control the spirit, though the knowledge is shaky and evolving. He must discover how to control the spirit fully, or risk the destruction of the surrounding town/cities..or perhaps, he will let him wreck his havoc free.

In a Tower high

There is a tale of a prince born of union between queen and Fae, fair and magical. Rumor has it that the child can grant one wish to any who claims him, yet whether it is true or not, is speculation. The prince has long been stashed away, high up in a tower nestled within a hostile swamp where fell unseelie lurk, forever guarding the fae-child from the hands of mortals. Whoever braves the journey can claim the prince and use his power for what they will. Fame, Fortune, a kingdom of their own, there is no limit..But the problem is getting up there.

Mother Dearest

He hated them. The bitch of a woman that had sauntered in and replaced his dear mother, not even a week after her death. His Father must have been bewitched, that was the only thing he could think of to lead to such a betrayal.

Abused, starved, and alone, the only male child of Countess Marie Anclar and Devon Anclar slaves away to the new Countess’s orders..That is, until he decides to even the tables. Under the cover of night, he summons a demon to exact his revenge upon his stepmother and his wicked brothers, but what price is he willing to pay?

In the Depths

It is said that one bite of a mermaid’s flesh will grant one eternal life. The fisherman is on a mission, determined to find a fable Mer. The royals of the kingdom had decreed, the first to bring them a live specimen to cure the ailing crown-prince will be granted all the gold they could possibly desire..and for many, the temptation is enough to warrant the risk, for Mers are also known to be fierce beasts who can conjure wind and rain like witches of the depths.

As luck would have it, the fisherman finds his Mer, though in the form of a man, instead of the buxom woman he was expecting. The merman doesn’t look like the fierce predator of legend. His life of squalor and poverty will be over with this fish, and he takes him aboard, unknowing what lurks behind the seafoam lips, and long gossamer hair.
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