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May 23, 2018, 12:40:56 AM

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Author Topic: personal slave  (Read 739 times)

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Offline seekeroftruth22Topic starter

personal slave
« on: June 04, 2016, 03:45:00 PM »
this was a RP I started a long time ago that died, I am looking for someone to start it anew with, below ill be posting some picture inspiration. pm me if you are interested. set in roman times a rich man decided his daughter needs a strong and somewhat defiant slave to for her figure out how to break him or bend him to her will. he going out to the market and spots a slave that is glaring at everyone and thinks that one would be perfect.

the personality of the daughter is completely up to whoever wishes to do this story with me, and if the daughter is different each time ill keep doing this one with multiple people. anyways here was the first post with a few tweaks and spell checking

first post
it had been a little over a year since he had been caught and sold into slavery since then he had refused to use his real name or even talk to anyone. instead he used the name his first "owner" had called him, Devil seemed to fit him pretty well with his attitude of defiance and selective hearing, and his ability to rip a guard's arm off and beat his "owner" with it. this was his second time at auction, his first "master" had tried to rape a young girl in front of him and suffered for it, so here he was being sold again, there were a lot of people buying and selling other people and it made him sick! this was a crime against the Creator.

when it was his turn on the block the auctioneer said "we have a fine specimen here folks, just look at those muscles and strong legs! this slave could be put to work doing almost anything your heart's desire." Devil just stood there and glared at the crowd as they started bidding on him, looking out there he saw one man that seemed out of place. he was dressed in fine clothing and was looking at male slaves but none seemed to catch his fancy until he set his eyes on Devil.

the man walked over to the auction and bid well above the highest bid so far and no one raised a call to beat it and just like that Devil was sold to who ever this man was. after being lead off the stage but the mans guards he was brought before the man who now owned him "what is your name?" he asked to which Devil said nothing and only smiled. the last man to own him walked over and said "we called him Devil, he has a bit of a obedience problem, he only does things he wants to if he doesn't he will just sit there and pretend to be deaf. i have personally never heard him speak but that s common of those sold into slavery they see it as a little bit of rebellion." the new man thanked his old owner and lead him off.

very soon they had arrived at a very nice building with quarters for slaves, bit not just any slaves these were gladiators! Devil's eyes widened then narrowed. he never thought they would try to put him in the arena even with his size and strength. it made him want to scream, he would not die just so a bunch of rich pricks could get a good thrill out of his death. the man that bought him told the guards to place him in chains that were bolted to the floor, the man looked at Devil and said "you are a gift for my daughter, if you can speak then speak to her with respect. you will do what ever she desires of you without complaint and if she tells me you are disobeying her i'll toss your untrained ass into the arena and watch you get slaughtered, if you understand me then nod your head." Devil nodded after only a moment's pause. the man then turned his head and called out loudly "daughter come see the present i bought for you, i believe you're going to love it my dear." both Devil and the man were watching the stairs for whoever was going to come and claim Devil, and pay the price for holding the other end of the leash.