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June 18, 2018, 02:45:11 PM

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Author Topic: The Punisher (F for M)  (Read 633 times)

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The Punisher (F for M)
« on: June 02, 2016, 09:52:58 PM »

Jessica Lynch has been in an abusive relationship for the past 2 years, both verbal and physical.  She has been hearing the name The Punisher all over town and heard about the kinds of things he has done.  She is desperate for the help because she is too scared to leave.  She finds a way to contact The Punisher and sends him an email begging for help.  She doesnt know his real name so she has no idea he's her long lost friend Frank, what happens when she finds out?  I like the idea of him mentor/training her to fight like him.

Here's an exmaple of an intro post for this story: Jessica was tired of surviving day by day by this dick head.  She wanted it all to end but didn't know how to make it stop without risking her own life.  Jessica Lynch had met her boyfriend when she started College about 2 years ago when she was 18. When he lost his internship at a top law firm was when the abuse began.  At first it started with verbal abuse, name calling, degrading but then it got worse over a years time.  When she didn't do something right after a few times, the physical abuse began.  She would have to show up on campus covered in bruises but had it all hidden by makeup and long sleeves.  Her friends knew something was up and one of them approached her one night before she left and gave her a name on a piece of paper...'The Punisher'. 

She had heard the name before, had heard about him on the streets and what kind of things he does.  He takes down those who deserve it.  She couldn't help but wonder how he git away with it for so long, it intrigued her in a way.  That night when he boyfriend Jason was out with friends she did some research and found a way to contact him.  She decided to brave it and began writing. 'Subject: Please Help
                                 Punisher, I have heard your name all around New York and I believe in what you do.  And I thank you for keeping scumbags off our streets and keeping them down.  But, I've contacted you for a reason tonight.  I...I need your help...please.  There is a man I live with who is a danger to me and I am scared for my life.  I'm not strong enough to stop him as much as I wish I could.  He's 6'0 200lbs with tattoos down his left arm, his name is Jason Smith.  Enclosed is a full body photo of him as well for better detail.  I don't have much money but I'm desperate and will pay you whatever I can.  Please me.
                                                                      Jessica Lynch'
  When she was finish proofreading it she clicked send and it was done.  She erased her history so Jason wouldn't get suspicious.  When she was done she went to go take a shower and git ready for bed.  She wasn't sure what the next day would bring but as usual she lived in fear of it.
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Re: The Punisher (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2016, 02:29:13 AM »
added an intro post to show what im looking for story wise.

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Re: The Punisher (F for M)
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2016, 12:58:03 PM »
Would love to do this story again!