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May 20, 2018, 09:33:50 AM

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Author Topic: Infinite Justice: Gods and Monsters (Marvel, DC, DBZ X/over, Interest)  (Read 3962 times)

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Offline yaracyrrah

I'm not familiar with fighting games either; I'll be submitting something more DC-ish.  I just can't decide between several options.  Start without me and I'll figure it out eventually :).

Offline AtriaTopic starter

I'm not familiar with fighting games either; I'll be submitting something more DC-ish.  I just can't decide between several options.  Start without me and I'll figure it out eventually :).

You could always make more than one character mate! Welcome to IJ!

Offline Namor

Name/Alias: Thaddeus 'Thad' Carter | Titan

Gender: Male

Age: 22

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Species: Human (Gamma Mutate)

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Thaddeus was born and raised in Cedar Hill, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. Growing up, his father worked at the Superconducting Super Collider in Waxahachie, a few miles south of their home in the suburbs, inspiring the young Thad to gain an interest in physics. However, times changed, the SSC ceased operation around the time Thaddeus was twelve, putting his family in a tough spot for some time as his father looked for work elsewhere. On a cool night in the heart of Texas just a few weeks after Thad's fifteenth birthday, Thad and some of his friends broke into the Collider, intent on having some mischief in the rundown facility. Thad managed to get into the particle accelerator ring with some creative demolition, and by pure accident, his friends ignited a firing sequence for several volleys of protons. His body was bombarded with high-speed particles and their energy releases, significantly altering his genetic makeup through the gamma rays, and in the face of death, granted him overwhelming powers over electromagnet-based electricity.

Thad was forced to unleash his powers to escape the particle accelerator, blowing apart a large section of the collider tunnel, and promptly returning home - His friends having left him for dead. From there, he realized that a bigger calling was in store for him, and beginning with petty acts of vigilantism, Thad became a hero, and as he dedicated more and more of his time to protecting the people of the Metroplex, he found a name - Titan. However, his collateral damage was becoming a bit harsh, so Thad turned inward in order to better control his powers, enhancing his neurons to absurd degrees, and gaining the ability to think at hundreds of times per second. He would use this ability to pursue academics, intent on finding a way to solve his discharges, becoming a well-learned scholar of several physics disciplines damn near overnight, designing his signature armor in only a few hours, and building it in just a few days.

Titan tends to stick to his area, but global conflicts will garner his attention quickly, and in recent months, he's been keen to work with other heroes and vigilantes to ensure a better, more idealistic world.

Powers and Abilities:
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TL;DR: Titan utilizes electricity in a ton of ways that I simply compiled into one big power list.

  • Insulators such as rubber and silicon can provide excellent protection against Titan's electrical attacks
  • With enough attraction, a device like a lightning rod can re-direct his powers
  • Titan's powers originate from his nervous system's electrical pathway, so devastating nerve damage will cripple his electrical attacks and condition.
Destructive Capacity: Class YJ - Continent

Speed: Sub-Relativistic (99% Speed of Light)

Durability: Continent Level

Lifting Strength: Class P | Accomplished by affecting magnetic poles with attraction and repulsion

Striking Strength: Class YJ - Continental

Standard Equipment: A suit of armor he had meticulously worked on and designed for years, intent on regulating his input and output of electrical energy and relaying vital information to him in the heat of battle with a constant feedback. Self-designed and built, it's structure is relatively unknown and unique, as Titan can create metallic alloys with his powers. Extremely durable and stable, the suit is attaches directly to Titan in order to draw and maintain power.

Intelligence: Thaddeus Carter is an exceptionally young, scientifically acclaimed physicist and engineer with doctorates from the University of Texas in electromagnetism and engineering physics, holding both degrees in theoretical and experimental quantities. He used his powers to augment his brain power in order to better understand how his powers worked, granting him super-intelligence even among superhuman scales, and allowing him to utilize a host of different abilities branching off from his bio-electric origins. He's sharp, yet humble, and tries not to lord his intellect around.

Optional Stuff

Theme Song: The Thunderous Titan

Random Facts:
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Offline AtriaTopic starter

Looks like we got a good amount of interest. I'll get the OOC up tonight and see about getting the IC up either tomorrow or Tuesday.

Offline RPG33K

After discussing it with Namor I renamed Dalton Cole to Daniel Carter and he and Thadeus are now cousins.

Offline AtriaTopic starter