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Author Topic: Hey, could be fun (F looking for M)  (Read 1145 times)

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Hey, could be fun (F looking for M)
« on: June 02, 2016, 01:51:30 PM »
I Have been gone for a while, due to some personal problems. But I am looking to start up again, and hope any of these ideas sound interesting to someone.

Left At The Alter
So we have all seen movies where a man or woman is about to get married, then their true love shows up at the church and they run off into the sunset. Romantic right? But what happens to the person left at the alter? Sara will soon find out, as her husband to be leaves her at the alter for another woman. Now she will have to try and move on, and maybe the best man isn't the asshole she had always thought he was.

A young woman who has lost her family in a great fire decides to travel west in order to seek happiness along with a bunch of other settlers. For little more than a week everything is fine bu suddenly they are attacked by Indians. All the men are killed when they try to defend their wagons and wives. Some women manages to escape, some are killed but two girls are kidnapped by men they consider wild. One of the women tries to escape them and are killed but the other now has to survive in a world she know nothing about, surrounded by savages that speaks to her in a language she does not understand.

She Better Watch Her Step
Piper has always been a clumsy girl, tripping over her own feet, knocking things over and things like that. She is 16 and a bit of a loner. One day she is contacted by a secret organization. Piper is the spitting image of one of their agents that has gotten hurt and is unable to continue an assignment. They ask Piper to take her place, which she unwillingly do. Now she has to attend a school in California, befriend the son of a dangerous and powerful man, and get enough information so the organization can bring the powerful man down.

Is the son going to find out? Is he as dangerous as his father?

A Summer Fling
Meg is a 16 year old girl who spends her summer vacation with her grandparents every year. Usually that means sitting around and feeling bored, but this summer is different. This summer she meets a young man who makes her laugh, she falls for him and it is the best summer ever. They spend almost every day together and at night she sneaks out of the house to surrender to the passion between them. But a few weeks after she returns home she learn that her summer fling is not who she thought he was.

The Hostage

Megan just turned 17 last month, for the first time her father did not show up with a gift. She hardly sees him as it is, he shows up maybe once a month so she is quite pissed that he did not show on her birthday. He is always working though he never reveals just what it is he does. Two days later Megan goes away on vacation with some friends, they have fun and none of them notice that someone is watching them, watching Megan. One night after they have gone to sleep someone breaks into Megan's room and kidnap her while all the others are asleep.

I was thinking the dad could be FBI, CIA or something else completely. He is causing trouble for some dangerous guys, or maybe in the possession of some valuable information that the kidnappers want. Since they can't seem to catch him they go for the next best thing, his precious little girl. I am open to suggestions.

More trouble than she is worth
So I am craving a Supernatural RP. I'm thinking that Dean and Sam Winchester (or maybe just Dean) saves this 17 year old girl from a demon. She gets a crush on Dean and decides that she will follow him, become a hunter just like him. But unfortunately she is a bit clumsy and though she means well she often gets them into more trouble than she is helping.

So I am seeking someone to play Dean, and maybe Sam if he is in the picture as well. I am open for any suggestions to this so just PM me.

Escaping him
He was the man of her dreams. Handsome, strong, wealthy, dominant and at the same time he could make her laugh. He was the one all girls in high school wanted, but she was the one he chose. They had the most passionate love affair, they moved in together and at first everything was great. But then he started becoming very possessive of her. Little by little he isolated her from her friends and family until she only had him left. Whenever she was not with him he would call to make sure she was where she had told him she would be, almost interrogating her when she came home.

She loved him but she could not live like this, so in secrecy she enrolled herself in a college as far from him as she could get. One night when he got home after a night  out with the boys she was gone. Her suitcase were gone, some of her clothes were missing and she had not even left a note for him.

At college she slowly begins to fit in, she gets some new friends but never talk about her past. But she can not escape it. One day he shows up, he has finally tracked her down and this time he is not about to let her get away from him again.

You're the father
Jenna Hart is a 16 year old and very sweet girl. She is pretty but terribly shy. One night at a party she gets drunk for the first time, the captain of the football team decides that he might as well take advantage of that, and so they end up in bed together. Two weeks after he is transferred to a different school, not that she cares really, they have slept together a few times since the party but nothing more than that. But then she finds out that she is pregnant. The whole town is talking about it so her family moves to a different town when she is six months pregnant. On her first day of school she gets quite the surprise when she finds out that the father of her unborn child attends this school as well. Will she tell him or not? He is very popular and this could ruin his future. What will he do when he finds out?

The deal
Her mother had left when she was just five years old, leaving her alone with her father. Due to her mother walking out on him he started to gamble. At first it was just an innocent pokergame online, but as the years past he became addicted. Suddenly online poker was not enough for him, he started hanging out in dingy pubs at first. He gambled away every penny they owned, if there were food on the table at the end of the month they were lucky. In order to keep gambling he borrowed some money from the mafia, promising that within three months he would pay them back with interests of cause.

Not all the money was spent on gambling this time, a few hundred dollars went to his daughters sweet 16 party. Once the three months were up the collector came, he didn't have the money but were granted a second chance. One month. At the end of that month the collector came back, when there were still no money he lost four fingers on one hand, one for every month. He was then given two weeks to come up with the money, if he couldn't then the missing fingers would be the least of his problems. When the two weeks were up the head of the mafia decided he would be the one to visit this pathetic little bastard that owed him quite a lot of money. Of cause when he came there the was no money. The boss was about to torture the man to set an example when a photo on the shelf catches his attention. The girl in the photo are stunning.

The boss make a deal with the girls father. The debt would be considered payed off, if he only gave his daughter to the boss. In fear of more pain and his life the man agrees, silently both men await for the daughter to arrive home after school.

Lost in the jungle
It should have been a perfect four months, backpacking to places that were almost forgotten. Sadie, the daughter of a multi billionaire businessman, had just finished college and now she wanted to travel the world. The three day trip in the jungle sounded like fun, but soon it turned into a living nightmare. On the second night the camp was attacked by the gorilla army, those who tried to run were shot and killed, the rest of them got bound and blindfolded. Now Sadie is walking through the jungle, she cant see anything only feel the ground beneath her and the hand holding her arm. When they get to the camp she is thrown in a cage with the rest of them. Now she has to survive until help arrives or until she finds some way to escape.

I imagine that the men holding her will rape her, every attempt on escaping will lead to severe punishment. At the same time they will try to get her father to pay the 10 million dollar ransom.

Born to fight
Aislin was born a slave, her mother a maid and mistress to a wealthy baron, her father? Well it was either the baron or the captain of the kings guard. One thing was for sure, Aislin was unwanted and only three years after she was born she was handed over to an old warrior who was to train her. Years passed and she was trained to be ready on her 16th birthday for her first fight in front of the king and his family.

My thought for this was that Aislin will have to prove her worth over and over again to the king and prince, if she does well in the arena she will win her freedom and a place in the kings guards. But will she also win the heart of the prince?

Arranged marriage
Elizabeth had no say in who she was to marry. She had heard rumours about the man she was to marry, not all of them good. He is said to be a hard man, someone who got very displeased if things didn't go the way he planned. She is a stubborn and hot tempered young woman, but she tries being gentle and kind like her older sister. She is the youngest of seven children which is why she has learned never to back down if she wanted something. The first time she meets her soon to be husband is the day before the wedding. Though she like the way he looks, she dislikes who he is, just like he dislikes her.

Secretly in love
For several years Clarissa John has been in the special forces, working alongside with her best friends. The problem is that now she has fallen in love with one of them, but she can not let him know fearing it will ruin their team. They all depend on each other to survive their missions. Will she find a way to tell him, does he feel the same way about her?

(I am open to ideas, seeing as this is just a basic idea.)

A sheep amongst wolves
A young woman from a wealthy family is trying to avoid an arranged marriage. So in desperation she decides to run away, leave for good never to be heard from again. In the cover of night she climbs on board a ship disguised as a boy, hiding in the storage compartment she stays quiet as she feels the ship heading out for deep waters. What she doesn't know is that it is a pirate ship, the captain is one of the most feared and infamous pirates theres ever been, the kind you use in a story designed to scare children. At one point her hiding place is discovered. As it is bad luck for a woman to be on a ship, and especially bad luck for a woman to be on a  pirate ship, she tries to keep her true identity hidden. Will the captain find out about her not being a boy, and if he does, what will happen to her then?

The city is run by a powerful and cruel man, whenever the police has tried to infiltrate his gang the officers has been found dead somewhere with no evidence leading back to him. In a last desperate attempt to bring him down a young woman has been selected to try and get close to him, she is not on the force but hopes that someday she will. Her father was an officer that was wounded severely some years ago, after he passed away the young woman was contacted by the chief of police. She has no one which makes her ideal and her desire to become an officer makes it easy to persuade her into doing this. Only few men on the force will know about it, but is one of them leaking information to the crime boss? Will she succeed in bringing him down or will he find out about her and make her pay?

Selina has never been the popular girl in school, instead she had been the victim of the cheerleading squad for a couple of years now. There was still an entire year left and this was going to be as much a nightmare as the previous ones. Or that was what she thought, first day back she notices the new guy. He is handsome and immediately the center of attention people seems to accept him as the new king of the school. No way was he ever going to notice she exists but then their eyes meet for just a second.

Chosen by the pack
She has always liked spending time in the woods, growing up as the youngest of seven children it has been the one place where she could find peace and quiet. But lately things has seemed different, whenever out on one of her walks she has felt like someone was watching her. She no longer spend time in the woods after dark. She has tried to tell herself that it's just her imagination.
   But it's not just her imagination, a pack of warewolves has entered the area. The packleader noticed her for the first time at school, something about her made him curious. So he's been stalking her for the last couple of weeks, along with the pack he has watched her every movement. Finally he decides it's time to strike, she is going to be his weather she wants to or not.

The assassin
She has seen something she shouldn't have and now an assassin has been sent after her to take care of the problem, though she barely escape him a couple of times he always manage to find her again. This time she think she had escaped him for good, fleeing to the mountains in a small cabin that belonged to her now deceased grandfather. One night she sits by the fire and are reading a book when she thinks she hears a sound outside in the snow, there is no one outside when she looks out of the window but suddenly he's there, standing in front of her as she turns around.

I would like this to begin when he is first send after her, when he does finally get to her in the cabin he might either have fallen for her during the chase, or she convinces him to take her as an apprentice.

The lounge is only for the wealthy and the dangerous, it's a place where the rulers of the underground come to discuss business. But for one young girl, it is a place to start her dream of becoming a singer. Or so she thought. After a few nights things go terribly wrong, she becomes the object of desire for a man powerful enough to destroy the young songbirds family and future.

After the young girl finishes one night she hears a knock on the door, man is standing with a single red rose for her. She has seen him in the lounge, how he has the respect of the others there, or more likely they fear him. He has been watching her for a couple of nights, deciding that she will be his. He tries to seduce her, but when that fails he takes her by force, promising that is she does not do what he asks he will destroy her completely.

This is a non con RP, though perhaps in time she will come to love and care for him.

From shield maiden to slave
The daughter of a Viking chief has been trained all her life in battle skills, seeing that the Chief never had a son. She is both beautiful and very deadly, it has been years since she has lost a fight not since she was 12 years old. Now she is 18, and respected by the hardest warriors in the tribe. One night their village gets attack by a rivaling tribe, caught off guard the village has little chance of winning the battle. She shield maiden fights bravely, trying with all her power to keep her father safe. But she fails, a warrior much bigger and stronger than she is ends her winning streak. He is anything but gentle towards her as they fight, he knocks her out, the last thing she sees before passing out is the death of her father.
She is taken to the ship while unconscious, bound on both hands and feet. On the journey she tries to find ways of escaping, but the warrior always shows up spoiling her plans. he forces her to be his slave, doing whatever he asks of her.

If any of these have caught your interest feel free to send me a PM.

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Re: Hey, could be fun (F looking for M)
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2016, 02:55:57 PM »