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Author Topic: Delvers Company: Scourge of the Demon Queens (Futa & Male Monsters for F PCs)  (Read 1563 times)

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Offline NastaraTopic starter

Do you seek Dungeon delving and adventure without the clunkiness of map-based combat?
Do you want character interactions and bonds that go beyond Cha +2?
Do you want to help create and build the world you play in?

Current Status: Gathering Players
With my first group of Delvers Company (A Dungeon World game) now chugging along nicely (and a One-Shot with a single player nearing completion!) I'm here to recruit for more adventures!  Delvers Company is a slowly growing guild that includes multiple groups of adventurers with a shared hideout/guildhall.  As adventures progress, players will (hopefully!) have the opportunity to play with their own crew and people in other crews.  Whenever an adventure ends, we can reassess, create new crews, and run again!  Your character has continuity and treasures, goods, and NPCs can persist allowing a growing guild-hall of resources.  If a player drops out, this also makes it easier to add people in.  And, perhaps most importantly, it means we can have a sign on the wall of the guild-hall listing people's conquests.

This current adventure is going to be aimed towards people interested in playing female characters with a focus upon futa or herm monsters.  There will certainly be male monsters as well and if I have one or two players who want to get their hands on some man-parts attached to man-bodies, those will be available!  What I'm going for more than anything though, is fun and adventure.  Delvers Company is definitely about sexy times, but it's also about high fantasy.

I've put below a little bit of code (also posted in the thread itself) for people to fill in regarding what kind of character they would like to play.  I would love to be able to have everyone play (and if this goes well, I want to run MORE Dungeon World), but being realistic party size probably sings best somewhere between 4 and 6.  As such, I'll be looking at characters, sexual prefs, etc, and trying to put together the game that will treat all of us best!  You are welcome to put as much into this (and provide additional information) if you wish, but I'm mostly looking for interesting characters and some degree of balance.

If you are interested in playing, please fill out the following character form:
No Gandalfs or SephriophKiller6969s
Race/Class: If your character is /not/ a core Dungeon World class, please note if you have a pdf of the playbook
Sex/Gender: Aiming primarily for female characters
Interested In: This is mostly what YOU the player are interested in. Add more if you want to: Men/Women/Trans/Futa/Masculine Monsters/Feminine Monsters/
Brief Description: At least some physical, some personality
Familiarity With DW/D&D: I'm going to try to fill DMed sections with description and pictures to help, but I'm curious about familiarity with the lore.
How Often Do You Elliquiy?: Daily? Weekly? Constantly but only on weekends? Just give me a little pattern.

Code: [Select]
[b]Name: [/b]No Gandalfs or SephriophKiller6969s
[b]Race/Class: [/b]If your character is /not/ a core Dungeon World class, please note if you have a pdf of the playbook
[b]Sex/Gender: [/b]Aiming primarily for female characters
[b]Interested In: [/b]This is mostly what YOU the player are interested in. Add more if you want to: Men/Women/Trans/Futa/Masculine Monsters/Feminine Monsters/
[b]Brief Description: [/b]At least some physical, some personality
[b]Familiarity With DW/D&D: [/b]I'm going to try to fill DMed sections with description and pictures to help, but I'm curious about familiarity with the lore.
[b]How Often Do You Elliquiy?: [/b]Daily? Weekly? Constantly but only on weekends? Just give me a little pattern.

We'll be having a thread where we get more detailed, work out stats, and pick playbooks so consider what you want to play in a broad sort of sense.  We can use resources other than the core book (including Class Warfare) so just let me know!

In my signature, you'll see the currently existing threads.  In those, you can see how I run the game if you are interested in that.  The first link in the signature is the Elluiwiki page.  While it isn't necessary for EVERY Delver to play a different class, if you wouldn't want to play a barbarian knowing that there's another Barbarian, that may be good to check.  For the curious, the current characters are a barbarian, bard, immolator, shadow-dancer, shifter, and wizard.

So yeah!  Let me know if you are interested!  Feel free to ask any questions you may have!

Offline Hobbes1266

I'm not familiar with dungeon world but I'm interested. Is it a d&d 3rd edition system or something along those lines?

Offline NastaraTopic starter

So Dungeon World essentially takes the D&D sort of feel and puts it into the Powered by the Apocalypse ruleset.  So if you want to be an elf ranger, that's totally there!  The way the rules work are slightly more narrativist rather than simulationist.

The core of the game is that you make 'Moves' that are either Basic Moves or based upon your Playbook/Class (also, there are many more class and Class Warfare is a system to essentially make a more customized playbook.

These moves follow a general format of 'When you complete an action roll 2d6 + Stat.  On a 10+ you are successful, get good stuff, and party.  On a 7-9, you are successful but at a cost.  On a 6-, the GM does something bad.'

All moves are completed using 2d6+ a stat modifier (same 6 stats as D&D, but calculated slightly differently) which will be between -1 and +2 most of the time.  On a 7+, you are successful to varying degrees, on a 6- you may be successful but I also 'make a move' which will be something like doing damage, getting gropey with monsters, dropping your equipment, or separating people from the group.

It flows pretty nicely, and the Other Crew does a pretty good job of showing what the game looks like in play.

I can also provide some additional guides and information (and will DEFINITELY do that once we're at character creation!) if people have any questions I can answer! <3  I run Dungeon World and other PbtA games (like Apocalypse World and Monsterhearts) often enough that I know the system pretty well.  The system is pretty easy to pick up in play and I'll always be available to answer questions in game if they come up.

TL;DR: Pretty much D&D but more narrative with single rolls deciding more things. Gonna be fun sexy time hopefully!

Offline Hobbes1266

I think I have enough to make a basic character sheet thank you.

Name: Esta Faywin
Race/Class: Elf cleric
Sex/Gender: Female
Interested In: Monsters, futas, woman and even men but with futa preferences.
Brief Description: Esta is a friendly, flirty, tall elf standing six feet and four inches tall. Estas long grey hair trails down her back reaching her ass. Esta usually wears revealing clothes, the symbol of her faith displayed for the world to see tattooed on her rump.
Familiarity With DW/D&D: I'm familiar with d&d but I don't have experience with dungeon world, I don't have any books for the system.
How Often Do You Elliquiy?: I'm on Elliquiy dayly.
« Last Edit: June 03, 2016, 08:30:44 AM by Hobbes1266 »

Offline NastaraTopic starter

Not to worry!  The materials that you would need for Dungeon World will be linked!  There are some lovely character sheets available online, a system-reference document, etc!

Familiarity with D&D can't hurt, just because it means when I say 'there is a drow' you get in the right ballpark without difficulty, but knowledge of DW is definitely not at all a concern!  Thank you very much! :)

Offline AribethAmkiir

Like Hobbes I have no knowledge of DW.  I do know D&D, however.

Name: Silent Dale
Race/Class: Human Thief
Sex/Gender: Female
Interested In: Men/Women/Trans/Futa/Masculine Monsters/Feminine Monsters
Brief Description: Dale, as she prefers to be called, is a slender woman of 5'5".  Shifty stark blue eyes constantly appraise her surroundings, and tawny brown hair, typically worn under a hood, falls messily past her shoulder.  Out of necessity, she wears dark colored leathers, which fit snugly, in order to slip through tight spaces without catching and tearing.  A number of daggers, both displayed and hidden, adorn her ensemble - from the pair tucked into her thigh-high boots to the pair hidden under her forearm covers.  She wears finger-less gloves which allow her thin, nimble fingers the freedom they require.
Familiarity With DW/D&D: No familiarity with Dungeon World, moderate familiarity with D&D.
How Often Do You Elliquiy?: Returning from a 2 year absence, plan to be on 2-3 times per week.

Offline NastaraTopic starter

Dale looks fun! Welcome back to Elliquiy! I hope it works out nicely for you in your return!

Lack of DW knowledge shouldn't be an issue, initially especially when I call for a move, I'll bold it and link to the SRD (a site that includes what the move means) every time I mention it. After a bit of time, I'll stop explaining the most common ones probably, but we will have an OOC or you can direct message!

Offline MiraMirror

I can agree with what Nastara said. I went in with absolutely zero knowledge of the system, and I'm managing with some help. The system is pretty simple to pick up! Also, hello, it's a pleasure.

Offline ArinTalis

Name: Kairen
Race/Class: Fighter
Sex/Gender: Female
Interested In: Men/Women/Masculine Monsters/Feminine Monsters
Brief Description: Kairen is a powerful, busty human woman who stands at around 5 ft 8 inches. She wears her bright red hair in a single intricate braid that falls down to her torso. Her deep blue eyes are friendly, but her hand doesn't seem too far from the massive sword on her back. She wears finely crafted plate armor, which has seen its share of dents. ("I'll be wearing a chain-mail bikini at this rate. Not that anyone would mind.") She is actually very soft-spoken and quiet off the battlefield, but if you take the time to get to know her, you'll find that this reserved and socially awkward warrior swings her blade in both directions in the bedroom.
Familiarity With DW/D&D: LOTS of D&D Experience. Never Dungeon World. But I think it's time for something new.
How Often Do You Elliquiy?: Brand new, and I try to check in twice a day.

Online VonDoom

F-futa demon queens?! Can Nuria come?   O:)

Dungeon World is really easy and Nastara is amazing at running it, so anyone joining the delvers will have loads of fun!

Offline NastaraTopic starter

D'awwwwww!  Thank you, VonDoom!  Futa Demon Queens could be involved in further things certainly! ;)  I've gotta go through the kinks of this crew and figure out things to play with there additionally.

Kairen sounds great as well!  Thank you!  Dungeon World, I think, works really nicely for PbP.

Offline NastaraTopic starter

Oh!  I just noticed that ArinTalis is brand new!  Welcome to Elliquiy!

Online Yugishogun

Name: Sarah Spellbind
Race/Class: Human/Wizard
Sex/Gender: Female
Interested In: Women/Futa (Monsters)/Feminine Monsters
Brief Description: Sarah is a rather shy bookworm that doesn't look that suited for adventure. However, due to the fact that her magical pursuits aren't exactly profitable in a home setting, she has joined the Delver's Company to pursue a career as an adventurer so she doesn't go hungry and homeless. Shyness aside though, she's rather good for one of her craft. As expected of a wizard, she doesn't really wear anything close to armor and thus wears a plaid dress with a fluffy overcoat in case it gets chilly. 
Familiarity With DW/D&D: I've played Pathfinder, DnD 3.5, and DnD 4th a lot, though I'm not too familiar with dungeon world.
How Often Do You Elliquiy?: I Elliquiy every Elli-day. :)

Offline ArinTalis

Thank you! I'm reading through Dungeon World now, I can see this as being a damn good time. :D

Offline NastaraTopic starter

Not gonna lie, I'm a big fan.

If you are interested in how the game might look on Elliquiy I can point you towards a couple of threads!

We have one crew that has fought some bugbears (combat went a liiittle longer than I would have preferred) and are now about to delve into some deeper dungeony stuff with the help of a little group of kobolds.

Additionally, MiraMirror's character Yula has been in a solo adventure and will be swapping over into this crew.  This was a slightly more urban-adventure sort of feel to it, I wanted to try out that kind of adventure in a PbP context and MiraMirror was kind enough to help out with that!

Offline wigglebiscuit

Name: Cinder
Race/Class: Human/Immolator. Don't have the pdf, used this.
Sex/Gender: Female.
Interested In: Cinder likes to fuck. It doesn't much matter to her what, so long as he/she/it isn't a jerk and knows what's up. But, for roleplaying purposes, I'd like to explore the possibility of Cinder being in a committed, if open, relationship with another player. I think it would be fun. I'm also interested in exploring Non-Con themes, just so she'll have an excuse to watch the world burn afterward.
Brief Description:
Alternate pic
Cinder's disposition matches her class. She burns, though she is not necessarily cruel. Life is lived very much in the moment for her. Drinking, fighting, fucking. She abhors boredom. Her skin is always warm to the touch (though not necessarily sweaty or feverish, just warm).
Familiarity With DW/D&D: I've played in a MonsterHearts game or two, if that helps. I have some familiarity with D&D, though I don't play it. I get the concepts, though.
How Often Do You Elliquiy?: Almost daily during the week. Sometimes on weekends.

Offline NastaraTopic starter

Monsterhearts knowledge definitely helps!  It more or less gives the setup of how the mechanics parts of the game go! 

Awesome!  I'm so thrilled to have all of this interest from people!  I'm wanting to give a little bit of additional time to ensure that people have a fair chance to come in.  My weekends tend to be a little bit less active, so I'm thinking that either this Monday or Tuesday I'll swing in and send around messages for the group to form around!

Offline AnneReinard

This looks absolutely fantastic. Going to whip something up quick as I can. Like RIGHT NOW.

Name: Sophie Shimmerglass
Race/Class: Human Paladin
Sex/Gender: Female
Interested In: Men/Masculine Monsters > Futa/rest. Nothing ruled out, just a sliiiight preference to the brutish type. Noncon is definitely a plus, though dubcon is certainly feasible as well.
Brief Description: Sophie Shimmerglass is a budding knight that is driven by a desire to help others. She thinks the best way to do this is to be a shining example, facing down the world with a sword to smite down evil and a shield to protect the innocent. She does not strike the most intimidating profile yet though. Her youthful face, with hope filled hazel eyes framed with brown tresses usually tied back in a ponytail, does not carry the look that would suggest a fierce warrior. Her fairly petite form, despite all her training to be able to wear more armor upon her person, does not suggest that she could win an extended melee. Her naivety and hopefulness that she carries with her is more likely to get her in trouble than keep her out of it, and she refuses to let injustice pass if she can avoid it. If it wasn't for that hint of divine power helping her along, she would no doubt be quite doomed.
Familiarity With DW/D&D: Familiar with D&D/Pathfinder/variants, less familiar with DW. I've looked over it before, haven't had a chance to play.
How Often Do You Elliquiy?: I check daily and can probably post ~3 times/week, though possibly more depending.
« Last Edit: June 03, 2016, 12:45:26 PM by AnneReinard »

Offline NastaraTopic starter

You've got time!  Monday would be the absolute earliest I would start up full-blown character creation!

Offline ArinTalis

I actually just thought of a character that would be a LOT more fun than Kairen while filling the same role. A character who is more easily undressed and humiliated might suit this type of game. ;) Will you allow the 3rd party Monk class? I have a PDF if you need it. Here's the character :D

Serena Southstar

Name: Serena Southstar
Race/Class: Human/Monk (PDF Available)
Sex/Gender: Bisexual/Female
Interested In: Men/Women/Masculine Monsters/Feminine Monsters/Tentacles Mostly she needs to get some non-con action, maybe some standard romance on the side, and an introduction to groups and a bit of humiliation. She's a wuxia style monk after all, and discovering some of the joys and terrors of close combat, and finding out her choice of clothing might not be very protective, sounds like a good time. She also doesn't know she likes women yet, but it would be fun for her to find out.
Brief Description: Serena Southstar is five foot eight, with flowing red hair that goes down to just above her waist. She has deep green eyes, and a body that looks like it was sculpted from stone. Her body is a temple, and she treats it well with a potent exercise regimen of secret techniques and ancient martial arts from a distant land. She generally wears a headband to keep sweat out of her eyes, just enough clothing to wrap her breasts, some wraps for her hands, and some loose pants. Strong, powerful, she tries to follow the wisdom of the ancients of her art, but she has the usual things in her way - earthly attachments like lust, envy, and strong drink. Still, she tries her best, and attempts to help people wherever she goes.
Familiarity With DW/D&D: I've played a LOT of D&D, but this will be my first DW Game.
How Often Do You Elliquiy?: I check in daily.

Offline Faeli

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Naaaaastara!  Why you keep making fun games?  I'ma get jealous!  *lick*

Offline NastaraTopic starter

Loving Serena too!

Awwww, Faeliii!  I gotta keep the Delvers going!  It's gonna be an Elliquiy institution, I'm tellin' ya!

(You all can also /always/ hit me with kink/world/adventure suggestions!  Don't forget that! :) Robyn recently messaged me with a request regarding The Storm and Queen which should lead into a fun little aside!)

Offline Dilaculo

Dungeon World? Sure, I'll throw my hat in! Bit of a new face around here, mind, but I've got experience from other venues.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Name: Briar Thorn
Race/Class: (Half) Elf Ranger
Sex/Gender: Female
Interested In: They all sound fine to me! Leaning towards Monstrous Male/Futa, though.
Brief Description: Falconer and guide, Briar is outgoing and bright - even if, ah, not the most convincing of people. Chatting your ear off if you give her the chance doesn't lend well to bringing people around, sometimes. Still, she's got a keen eye, deft hands, and loyal heart... and in a pinch she'll back up her companions with bow and arrow, precisely placing shafts for maximum impact. She stands in at 5'4", with soft features and raven hair, slim of build and slight of chest. Her leathers are touched up, here and there, with chain in the more important places - because despite those pointed ears of hers, and natural instincts, she was raised with a more practical eye.
Familiarity With DW/D&D: Watched a bit of Dungeon World being played (on the Rollplay eshow), years of experience with D&D 3.5/4/5 and Pathfinder.
How Often Do You Elliquiy?: I can check in daily.

Offline wigglebiscuit

Arin,  you mentioned wanting romance and maybe some girl on girl love in your app. What do you think about a friendly competition between Serena and Cinder that turns to romance?

Depending on how it goes, the girls could be emotionally exclusive while sexually open. Just a thought. We could also wait to see their chemistry once the game starts. Assuming we both get in, that is...

Offline MiraMirror

Awww, you two are going to make Yula all kinds of sad and reminiscent. -w-