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April 17, 2021, 03:53:20 am

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Author Topic: well...after a long long a far far away place  (Read 734 times)

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Offline anne sophieTopic starter

well...after a long long a far far away place
« on: June 01, 2016, 08:55:41 pm »
OK, I have been out of this world for a few months, call it real life, I call it army related job stuff, but it does not matter.  I know those are pretty basic, perhaps pretty ordinary to other's view but...those are things i have interest. Do not get me wrong, I am open minded so if you see something below...and it runs an idea that are not on those suggestions, feel free to contact me and talk me about you idea. and if you intend of starting something, then hopping out after a few post...then do not bother to contact me.

Be sure to check my O&O.

here are a few ideas of scenario, I must admit that these days I crave more f-f  scenario,  I have posted those in one on one scenario, but they can transform into 3some and more-some

#1  The office shy employee (this can be a f-f or more then f-f)

   Martine is working in a successful business known  as Silver Beam. She has worked there for a few month as a accounting secretary, and has spent allot of time to do her job the best she could do it and she was good at it. Being from out of town, she has little or no social life. She keeps going from relationship to relationship that never works. Martine's figures is quite nice, allot of guy would love to have her in their bed. She continue to put all of her energy to her work, to train and run.

   (insert name) is Martine's boss, she is a successful person, working hard to get her business to the top, every company thinks of her as a reference of managing. She is ruining business with passion. and One day, She, would discover a major mistake Martine did or something she did out of work, and...seeing and opportunity to have a new toy....She would blackmail Martine into becoming a new toy.

#2  The needy student

   Martine, A college student, like thousand of others, got a scholarship and was able to go to college. Without it...she would not be able to afford it. She lived the dream, but... a dream, has often a downfall in real life, Martine had trouble with her grades. She also had to get a small part-time job as a waitress to covers the missing money that the scholarship did not cover. But like anything, the scholarship has few rules. if she did not pass all of her class, the scholarship would be cut. This happening, Martine would have to go home an option Martine would ne be able to go trough...going back to the small village...after seeing the big city. it would be so humiliating for admit to her parent that she failed.

The inevitable occurred...she was going to flunk a class...thus...the consequence would she Decided to ask for help. Her teacher. (Insert name here) tough Martine was a hot girl and decided that it would be a good moment to have her office... she, wanted a pet toy for a long time and tough that Martine had the looks for it.

#3 the rich girl

She was the only girl of a very rich man, she never saw her dad or her mom, she was the sole heir of her father. She never missed money, she always got what she wanted, she was a little spoiled brat. When something did not went according to her request, She did a major scene. With a quick phone call to her dad, he always ended up fixing the problem, By sending money to shut up who ever had problem with her girl.

When shopping she spends more money in a day then an average year salary for things she does not nerd or hardly use. She traveled where ever she wanted when she wanted. she slept in luxury hotels or in the various houses own by her Dad, scaring the hell of the servant with her ways and spoiled manners. Only one fact everyone agreed; she was spoiled to the root.

She was so spoiled and had such a temper, it was time to do something about it. Some one she would have either tossed away, humiliated, used or something similar... It was time for her to learn...

#4 the Used Lieutenant on the spaceship
Lieutenant Harris is a newly appointed officer on exploring spaceship that will be held by a manipulator and submissive captain, that is in great need of...entertainment....and has notice the lieutenant and...well wants to be entertained by her. and will use her power for having her on her ship, for having her...for pleasurable time. .

will it be in her office? in the ready room? in the holosuite, his her quarter? can be quite a few things...if the lieutenant does not gives her cooperation...then she will be transfer in remote location were living condition can be harsh...

if you are interested PM me. or if you have other suggestions :)