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October 28, 2016, 11:12:39 AM

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Author Topic: New plots Ideas of my mind. (M looking for F)  (Read 286 times)

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New plots Ideas of my mind. (M looking for F)
« on: May 30, 2016, 11:29:56 PM »
 Hello good people of E. Due to an error of my editing this is now my new idea thread... The old on got delete by accident.

 So a little about the person that is me, myself and bits of insanity. I try to respond as often as I can, usually with in 48 hours. I like to be descriptive as possible and try to get at least one paragraph long in my post. Longer if asked. I absolutely hate one liners and will dump the rp if there are multiple one liners.

 Sorry for the sketchy amateurish post. Not entirely computer savvy these days.

 Now the list of Rps that I can remember.

 fan base

 World of Warcraft

 List of My old Characters: Horde -  Nasheii Blackhide - Tauren druid turned deathknight - A.K.A Violent song
                                                   Sae'thas Morningstalker - Blood Elf rouge
                                                   Alr'thaes Morningstalker - Blood Elf mage and Sae'thas twin brother
                                                   Dozur'Ruz Ironeye       -  Orc Warrior

                                      Alliance - Kyaenel Mistwhisper - Night Elf druid turned deathknight - Violent Song A version
                                                    Duncan Hades          - Worgen rouge
                                                    Gremmun Blackstone - Dwarf hunter and drunken bastard
                                                    Tye Blackwood         - Human paladin

 Druids: (Inspired by the web comic of the same name.) Nasheii or Kyaenel are about to embark on assignment for the circle. That was until and young amateurish druid (Your Character) tries to assassinate him in the moonglade. The assassination failed and the elders decide to punish both parties involved by making them teacher and student. (The start is similar to the webcomic. But I want it to go in a different direction story wise.) (Long term Rp, romance. Non con, Furry - willing to try it.)

 Shadow and Light Sae'thas had been spying for the Horde for years now. Ever since Warchief Thrall had accepted the Blood Elves into the Horde. He's been in all the major cities, from Stormwind to Darnassus, Irnforge to Gilneas. All in order to collect secrets and intel. Unfortunately his efforts haven't gone unnoticed. S7 have been monitoring him and seemed how to take an interest, and of all people they had to send her. (Your Character) (Figured this can be a femme fatal story or at least a good spy game. Pm with thoughts if your interested.

Dominus Nox (Custom fantasy world)

 Trial by Wolf The night of the ball should have been glamorous for the nobility. Magical for those seeking love, if not exceptional matches to improve their family standing. Even the merchant class got in the spirits in hopes of selling their wares. Hoping for that one miracle that will land them a noble, if not royal commission. The harlots prance the streets in hopes in becoming a mistress to one of the younger nobility and pick pockets dare to try their luck in reliving the nobles of their coin. Yet the magical night will become a nightmare.. The werewolf tribes are in constant war with the human kingdoms and often raid the small border villages. Almost never had they struck so deep into the kingdom and it's virtually unheard of them attacking a heavily defended castle. The night ended in screams and smoke, fire and blood. Worst of all the guest of honor is missing.. the kings daughter was taken by the wolves. (Non con. Possible romance. Hopefully long term Rp.)

The princess and her hound A vicious battle resulted in a heavy lost for the werewolves and a great cost for the royal army. For Felix, the soon captain of the royal guard. The battle was poorly handled and to costly for a simple mountain pass to secure a trade route. The beast rallied save for one and it fought more viciously than all the others. It was enough reason for Felix to investigate why and soon found the reason. The cub couldn't have been no more than a few weeks old, eyes closed and could barely crawl.. before his eyes the infant changed into it's human. Officially Felix started a research project on the lycanthropes, unofficially he adopted the cub and raised him to be on of the elite soldiers in the royal army as well as one of the personal guards for the royal family. Naturally only a select few actually know the young man's true nature that is kept secret even from the royal family itself.
 The story begins on warm summer night, A party is declared, one of the king's daughter has come of age. The events were ruined thanks to a vicious raid from a hostile neighboring country. Their goal is to kidnap the young princess and ransom her for a good profit. Their plans are soon foiled by the young werewolf in such a way that he revealed his secret to her.. (Romance, Long term, Action, Adventure)

 Lots of editing in the future. Please Pm for RP request.
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Re: New plots Ideas of my mind. (M looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2016, 04:22:29 PM »
 Added The princess and her hound