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Started by quozax, May 30, 2016, 08:42:43 AM

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How do you post a picture with text to the side of it?


If you mean in a post, you highlight it and click the image button. After that you highlight the whole lot, and click the float left or float right button (these are the buttons 3 and 4 places from the right above the text box.

Then you can use these codes:

For example, height=250
So it would be like [img height=250]Image URL Here[/img]

Then to have text beside it (and have padding/space between the image and the text, you set a padding value):

[float=left][img height=250 padding=5]Image URL Here[/img][/float]


Text is here


Thanks for asking this and the answer. I forgot how to do the padding feature and without this thread, I'd still be wondering how to get that done.


I forgot to thank you for the information.  My posts look better now.  Thanks