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April 20, 2018, 11:48:26 AM

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Author Topic: Plot ideas... mostly f/f, some m/m, rare m/f  (Read 239 times)

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Plot ideas... mostly f/f, some m/m, rare m/f
« on: May 29, 2016, 11:43:21 PM »
Hi all,  thanks for stopping by.  I am searching for a few more stories to write.  A few important things to note:
  • I am usually a slow poster.
  • I have more free time this summer, but once the fall comes, my posting speed will decrease.  If you begin a story with me, this is something you will have to be okay with.
  • As a slow poster, I may put out a post every few weeks, if my life/muse cooperates.  If my life is hell, as it sometimes becomes, it could be months between posts.  I'd rather be honest about that now than risk your irritation later.

As the subject states,most of my ideas are f/f.  Some of them could be adapted as m/mRarely could any stories be m/f; and in those instances, I would write as the male role.  If any of my ideas interest you in a different pairing from the way I have it listed, just ask about it.  I might be willing to adjust.

Just one more thing:  Please PM me if interested in any of these ideas.  Thanks

On to the ideas:

Three's Not a Crowd
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I'm hoping to reinvent or recreate a role I had going with a partner who decided not to continue the story.  It's the story of a re-connection between two men.  They had been high school sweethearts.  Upon graduation, one of them moved away for military training and ending up having a fling with a woman that resulted in a child.  The guy confesses to his significant other immediately but its not enough.  The boyfriend breaks things off.  The story will pick up with the character with the child trying to reconnect with his former lover.   I will play either character in this story because I want to write it so much.  I also might be willing to do this story as a f/f, but my definite preference is m/m.

Hollywood Mom
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Hollywood Mom: While watching old reruns of a family TV show and this idea came to me.  It's the story of a previous child actor her late teens to early twenties, whose life has spiraled out of control.  Drugs, partying, drinking, criminal records, etc.  Always in the media for this thing or that one.  Seeing her on the verge of ruining her life, the young star's TV mom can't stand by and let the destruction happen.  She rushes to the star's aid and forcibly takes the young star back with her.  She wants to save the life of the youngster who played the role as her TV daughter.  The young star used to respect her TV mom.  Maybe the older star could use that to get the younger star on track again.  -  I used female roles in this idea but am will to do this as M/M with a TV dad/son.

Seven Year Itch
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Seven Year Itch: MC is the granddaughter of a restaurant conglomerate - the only child of his only son.  She's 25 years old and has been married to a man who works for the company since she was 18.  She met him when she was 17 and at the time thought him to be charming and ambitious.  When he'd proposed, she accepted.  After marrying him, she realized he saw her as little more than a business opportunity.  She'd spent the last few years disliking almost everything there was about her life.  Here enters YC, someone (specifics can be worked out) who breathes live into her and shows her all the things she's been missing. (F/F role)

Second born
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So a couple days ago, I had an idea pop into my head.  Not fully fleshed out because I am not 100% sure what I want it to be.... I want it to be some sort of fantasy type story like a 'superhuman' or other type of beings with some types of powers,  They live separate from, but still together with humans... confused yet? :) Basics are this.. there's a 17+ year old girl who was raised only by her mother.  She's felt there was something different about her for her whole life.  But it's something she always kept suppressed.  Her mother is a human, her father is the superhuman/being.   Turns out, she has a twin sister and the belief in their particular clan of people is that twins are a bad thing.  They believe that twins are one soul with two bodies and the presence of that second body cuts the first body's life down by one day each day that second body is alive.  Their tradition is to 'sacrifice' the second born twin within three days of birth in order to give the first twin - who they believe is the rightful offspring - a chance at a full life.  The mother knows this and with her husband's permission, escapes with her second born daughter to save her life.  The final plan is for the father and first twin to eventually escape and join them.  Only that part never happened due to circumstances that can be discussed.  The lives of the mother and second born are pretty much normal until her mother gets sick and is on the verge of death.  Enter the father and twin sister to come claim the girl so she won't be left alone in the world.  The character I am looking for will be the twin sister - the father and others will be NPC written by either myself or my partner - to lead and guide her sister into the ways of her new world.   

The Rich Aunt
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Pretty Basic Title, I know.  Looking for f/f for this one.  Aunt's character would be about 27.  Her brother's daughter/the niece would be about 19.  The brother would be about ten years older than the aunt.  He would be a NPC, but he's important to the storyline.   They would have come from a low-middle class family.  The brother goes to work in the town factory as soon as he's old enough to, gets married, starts a family... same as their father did.  The aunt character decides she doesn't want to be the wife of a factory worker and she wants more out of life.  At 16, she becomes an escort and seduces and blackmails older, rich men.  After several months of this, she finds a john who becomes enamored with her and actually begins to pay her more to sleep with only him.  The older man becomes infatuated with the younger girl and asks her to marry him and she agrees.  So begins her life as a rich, settled woman.  Within a few years, the husband dies, leaving the aunt character a very rich single woman.  Here enters the niece.  She's either started college or run away from home from her father's strict rules.  Much like her aunt, she wants more out of life than their town can offer.

Reunited sisters?
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This one has a fantasy twist to it -Two sisters, aged 18 and 21.  The older sister is an outcast with their parents.  The younger was never allowed to have a relationship with the sister since they were about 11 and 14.  The older sister had been sent away to live with grandparents on a rural farm in the middle of nowhere due to a condition she developed at 13 "Adolescent Hermaphroditism"  (yeah it's funny, I laughed as I made it up!).  It's a condition where when a girl begins puberty, instead of starting her period, she grows a penis and develops male reproductive organs.  The older sister is of course bitter and resentful of the way their parents have treated her especially with the way they cater to and dote on the younger sister.  The younger sister doesn't know why her parents shunned her sister but remembers how close they were when they were younger, so when she turns 18, she sets out to find and rekindle the relationship with her big sister.

Baby Fever
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An woman in her late twenty's is desperate to have a baby.  Only problem is, she's single or a lesbian or infertile.  This could be written several ways.  A lesbian couple going through fertility treatments for a baby.  Or perhaps there is a woman who is a surrogate mother for a married couple or a young single woman giving her child up for adoption.  In these cases the two woman (the pregnant woman and the future adoptive mother) would develop an intimate bond.

Hero Doctor
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Char A is a successful pediatrician with her own practice. Char B is a poor teenager from the 'other side of the tracks.'  Char A catches Char B breaking into her office along with Char B's younger sibling.  Char  A is ready to call the cops until she realizes char B is only trying to steal some medicine for her sick sibling since their father is a deadbeat alcoholic who leaves them to take care of themselves.  She steps in as a guardian for the two children and can barely resist the way the teenager wants to show her gratitude.