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June 23, 2018, 06:57:04 PM

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Author Topic: Peachy's Stories! ~ Some NC~ (Seeking F characters for FxF and FxM stories!)  (Read 552 times)

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Offline PeachyPieTopic starter

All these stories are setup for FxF, with one exception. In that one exception, I'm wanting to play the male character opposite the female. More stories are coming! It's also worth noting that I enjoy playing submissive characters, and am seeking dominant characters to whom I can play opposite. So for each and everyone of these scenes, you can assume that I'd love for my partner to play a dominant character!

Bend Over Boyfriend! (FxM) Absolutely craving this!
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So just a heads up! I rarely play male characters, but someone came to me with this a while ago and I absolutely loved it. Relationships that are plain on the outside, and so devilishly kinky at their heart always get me so excited! This one is precisely that. I tried it out once on here, and we only got a few posts in, so I'm hoping this time I can find someone with whom I can get a little further.

Setting: Modern/realism

Plot: I want this to be a basic romance, with one key exception. In this relationship, the female does the penetrating. Preferably she is also dominant. Maybe they're into BDSM or some other form of D/s. But definitely, definitely, she wears a strap-on for sex almost always. I understand this is a thin base, but this is a brand new idea for me, and I only know that I love the premise. I'd so much love to work out a story with you.

Secrets (FxTrans)
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A shy girl comes to a new school to finish off her high school career. The transition is very difficult for her, because she's never had an easy time making friends. She spends most of her free time reading, and was not blessed with tremendous social talent. She's cute, smart, loyal, and incredibly shy.

Much to her surprise, she meets a friend early on. They grow close until one day a secret is revealed. This friend isn't a typical girl! She's a transgirl, who hasn't yet (Or maybe she never plans to) completed her sex change. She looks, acts, and sounds like a girl. But she has a penis between her legs!

She immediately freaks out, assuming the girl will hate her now. She's a freak, right? But no. Her friend doesn't freak out. In fact, she seems quite sympathetic!

So I want someone to play the transsexual girl for this. If you'd like, you can have her be a shemale from birth, or even someone who was born with both male and female reproductive organs. This is totally up to you!

Life of a Puppy (NC) (FxF)
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Basic Plot:

I will play the role of a young girl (18-25). Your character needs to be female, and she needs to be dominant. Other than that, I'm not too picky.

The basic premise of this story is that my girl has been kidnapped by yours. She wakes up one day in a dark, lonely crate, totally naked, scared, and having no clue where she is. When the crate is opened, she finds herself somewhere she does not recognize, in the presence of a woman she has never seen before. Or perhaps she has seen your character. This can be discussed!

This woman plans to keep this adorable young woman as a pet. A puppy-girl, to be precise. It's a weird fetish that she has! What else is she supposed to do, right? Anyway! The story will involve a lot of Puppy-play (obviously). Training, leashes and collars, spanking, etc.

My partner should enjoy playing an affectionate, motherly sort of dominant character, as opposed to a cruel, heartless wench! I understand that kidnapping a girl and making her your cute little pet isn't exactly "normal" behaviour, but hey. We all have our quirks!

A Warrior's Spoils (FxF)
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Setting: High Fantasy. Swords, knights, magic, and all that fun stuff!

Plot: A noble girl (possibly a princess, but not necessarily) has been kidnapped and taken far, far away. In this strange new land, she's put up as the grand prize in a warrior's competition. Contestants fight until his or her opponent is either incapacitated or dead. The last contestant standing is crowned the winner. This year's winners, as we've already established, wins for themselves the damsel to do with as they please!

I will be playing the damsel, and I'd like for my partner to play some sort of rogue, or knight, or any other character who is capable of fighting and winning this tournament. You're welcome to play a noble knight who saves the Princess and sets her free. If that's the case, we can tell a great love story! But you're also welcome to play a devilish rogue or nefarious mercenary who will take the damsel and use her in whatever way she desires! And, of course, you're welcome to play anything in between.

It's Family (FxF)
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Setting: Modern day/realism

Plot: This is the story of an eccentric aunt, and her misguided niece. The aunt is little known among the family. She is unmarried, lives half a country away from her older sister, and chose a career path that does not sit will with the rest of her family! She is a dominatrix! (This will be your character, so I'll leave it up to you what sort of dominatrix she is. If you want her to be a professional for hire, that's totally fine. Or maybe you just want her to have her own website where she shoots videos of her domination other women or men or both. Up to you!

The niece (my character) is off to college. She chose a school which happens to be nearby her odd aunt, who she knows very little about . . .

I'd like for us to set up the rest of the story together. I do have a few ideas, but I'd like to hear yours, as well! (Unless you'd prefer to just go with one of mine). Idea one is that the niece's parents arranged for her to come live with the aunt. They may not talk a lot, but they are still family, and do love each other. The niece, of course, doesn't know about the dominatrix stuff. But she will find out! A secondary idea is that the niece, knowing her aunt lives in the area, seeks her mother's sister out. They've only met two or three times, and the niece would like to know why. And, of course, she'd like to get to know her aunt! Again, she doesn't know about the dominatrix stuff. But she will find out!

. . . It Feels so Right (FxF)
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Setting: Modern/realism

Plot: Two girls grew up together, playing together, crying together, laughing together. If one was not at the other's house, then they were both at the one's house! Naturally they came to know each other's family, too. And that's where this story takes place!

In her senior year at high school (or maybe she's in college now), one girl begins to develop a crush on her best friend's mother. She is a beautiful woman, strong, capable, and sweet. But with a firm hand. Oh, and does our girl like a firm hand! Of course, it's only a crush. Nothing can possibly come of it, right?

It's been two years now since her divorce. Not a single date in that entire time. Not a one night stand, not a lonely night at the bar. She's a mother. And a mother has a responsibility to her children. But what about her? Doesn't she deserve something? But no. Her daughter's best friend? A girl she watched grow up! It's scandalous. It's taboo. It's wrong! But . . . it feels so right.

I want you to play the mother! I'll play the girl. And together we can create a scandalous, but hopefully wonderful romance! Maybe a little BDSM thrown in there, too? D/s makes everything better for me. <3

Mine Eternally (FxF) !WARNING! (Gore stuff. Maybe Non-Con)
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Setting: Historical or Modern/Semi-realistic. Monster stuff. You'll see!

Plot: Monsters do exist. Demons are real. But with demons, so too come angels. Vampires, though hidden in the shadows, exist in the world, preying on the unsuspecting, the weak, those who will not be missed. But a human, fulfilling as one may be, can only provide a single meal for a vampire. And then they have to hunt again.

With the vampires exists another race, opposites of the vampires in so many ways. Vampires are eternally dead; these are forever alive. They will heal from any wound except beheading, never age, and provide an endless supply of blood. Thus they are hunted. They are imprisoned. They are fed upon by their immortal cousins.

I want you to play a vampire. I'll play the other race (I don't have a name yet). This can be a romance between enemies. Or it can be something harsher; something cruel. I'd love to play this one out, so let me know if you're interested!

(Adding more!)
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