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Author Topic: Characters I'd Like to Play  (Read 554 times)

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Characters I'd Like to Play
« on: May 29, 2016, 12:50:19 AM »
So, I've been lurking on E for a long time, basically checking the open games boards every now and then, not finding a whole lot that really hit that button.

I've been thinking that my approach to this whole thing is probably backwards. It's not that I'm looking for a game to play in, it's that I have characters that I want to play, and I'm looking for a game that they can fit into. Going into the search with that approach is what's making it impossible to find something that clicks.

So I'm going to try doing things the opposite way, and see if that helps me find something. I'm going to post characters I want to play, and if anyone knows of or is willing to run a game that one or more of these characters would fit into, let me know and I'll give it a look. Character backgrounds have varying levels of specificity to allow for adaptation.

I have a preference for Pathfinder and other system-based games - however I won't include character sheets here as each game tends to have its own creation rules.

Will probably update this thread if more ideas come to mind. I have other characters that don't involve genderswapping, but I'd like to get into something along those lines before I start to look at other games.

Nesrin has always had what you call "sticky fingers".

The lad had been famous for it. Growing up in a small town of only about a hundred people, he quickly became infamous for it, as even the smallest deeds of larceny were far and away the largest disruptions the tiny hamlet had to deal with. Compared to the kinds of things that happened in the city, of course, it was next to nothing. An apple here, a loaf of bread there. The biggest "heist" he ever committed was finding someone's dropped wedding ring on the ground and keeping it for himself - not that there was anyone he could sell it to in a village of 30 houses. Everyone would have recognized whose it was instantly.

Needless to say, he had become an outcast rather quickly, as the single criminal in an otherwise peaceful creekside village. He had put up with it as a child, but he was almost twenty years old, now - "I don't have to stick around and deal with this," he said to himself, as he packed his things and headed off to the horizon.

Of course, a cheap, hand-made wedding ring wouldn't buy much bread, even in the city. It wasn't like the kinds of wedding rings you saw on rich aristocrats, with gems and engravings. It was basically a metal circle, weighing less than the gold piece it would fetch. If he was going to make it on his own, he had to actually pull something off - and Nesrin had just the plan.

There was an abandoned wizard's tower a few miles from the edge of town. Wizards liked to set up shop in secluded areas, but as far as anyone in town could tell, the place was empty - not once had anyone been seen entering or leaving. Him and the kids used to play around it sometimes when he was younger, daring each other to touch the ivy-covered walls. Now, he returned as an adult, with a more direct purpose. An abandoned wizard's lair was bound to have some magic knick-knacks laying around. He could break in, palm what he could carry, and fence it off as soon as he hit the city. He'd lived there his whole life without seeing any movement at all behind the darkened glass windows of that place - what would there be to stop him?

Cocky as ever, he smashed the second floor window with a thrown rock, slowly climbing up the ivy and tumbling inside. It wasn't as dusty as he thought it would be, but Nesrin didn't spare a moment to think on his surroundings - the first thing he saw when he looked up was a wide-open chest full of every kind of object.

"Jackpot!" Dashing across the room, heedless of any kind of ward or alarm he may have tripped, he jammed both of his hands into the open box, sifting through it before pulling out a shining dagger, complete with some sort of gem in the hilt. Just like he thought, whatever wizard had once lived in this place had left behind tons of valuable stuff. Now all he needed to do was-

"...Ughh..." Nesrin's head pounded as he slowly regained consciousness. The moment he had lifted the dagger out of the box, there had been some kind of electric shock. That was the last thing he remembered. Now, his surroundings seemed different...he was still in the tower, but a different room of it. No windows, and nothing but wall-to-wall bookshelves surrounding him. The only other features of the room were a faint light near the ceiling, a stairwell down, and...a man, sitting at a desk, with a book in his hand.

He closed it and set it down on the table before him, before turning to face the intruder. "I was beginning to wonder if you would awake at all." His cruel voice admitted, without a hint of sympathy.

Nesrin felt awful - not just from the pain that had forced him into unconsciousness, but his entire body felt wrong. "Who are...I thought...the tower was..." His voice sounded very different from before - much higher pitched. It wasn't until the thief looked down that Nesrin let out an all-too-feminine scream.

"What did you do to me?!" The man across from Nesrin only smirked, as he - she - powerlessly fondled the newfound weights on her chest. "Just be grateful that I did not kill you." The wizard interrupted her chaotic thoughts, "I have not been given such an opportunity in quite some time..."

Nesrin could only stare upwards at him from the floor, trying desperately to hold back tears. Her throat wouldn't move, but her eyes begged for answers. "I am quite a bit older than I look, you see. And I have been sealed in this tower - my own study - for longer than I care to know...and by my own master, at that." He recounted with disgust. "The story is long and, quite honestly, tangential. The only thing you need to know is that I, and I alone, of course, am forbidden from leaving this tower. No magic item within these walls has the power to change that."

"Long have I waited for some unfortunate fool to wander into my see, what I need from you, is an artifact that can break the seal of this tower."

"E-E-Even if I had something like that, why would I give it to you?!" Nesrin squeaked, covering her breasts with her arms in a pitiful attempt at a protected stance. "Because if you want to be rid of those, you'll do as I say. Most of the magically-inclined can only manage temporary polymorphs, but you'll find that this particular variation is quite permanent."

Nesrin's face fell further, her arms slumping to the ground in defeat. "Oh, I had other options, of course. A Geas, perhaps some form of enchantment...but such things are hardly reliable. They don't last long enough, and on top of that, any old uppity cleric can wave their arms and be done with the thing. But unless the state of magic has changed drastically in the past few decades, you'll have quite a hard time finding a mage who can undo what I've done...and besides, it isn't as though my request is some colossal trial. I need a simple, seal-breaking artifact, nothing more."

"...And...And you think...I can do that?" The girl asked weakly. "Well, you do seem to have a penchant for sneaking into the abodes of wizards and stealing their artifacts. You can keep that dagger, by the way." He pointed out, "All you need to do is find some way to get me out of this accursed structure, and I'll gladly restore your original form. Until then, let those heavy weights on your chest serve as a constant...encouragement."

Less than an hour ago, Nesrin had been a man on his way to make it big in the city, leaving behind a boring life of ostracization. And now, that very same Nesrin - or rather, a very different Nesrin - was on her knees, trapped, changed, and utterly defeated.

"Now, then. I'll be teleporting you...somewhere" His maps were years and years out of date, and he honestly had no idea what the lands outside were even like nowadays. But perhaps if he picked a city at random, it would happen to still be there. "S-Somewhere?! What do you mean somewhere?!" Filled with rage now, the girl stood to her feet, stumbling as her center of mass and weight distribution were completely alien, but still able to ball her right hand into a fist. "You can't--"


And with that, her surroundings changed again, in a single nauseating instant that caused her to fall flat on her behind - in some back-alley of a city she had never heard of nor been to. Her rage, without a target, was forced to subside, as the collared girl slowly pushed herself up to her feet, using a nearby stone wall as support.

"...Even if I find your damn artifact, how am I supposed to get back home from here?!"

Pessimistic, arrogant, and bitingly sarcastic, Nesrin will be the first to speak her mind if she has anything on it. She doesn't have much experience in constructive human interaction, and it shows in her lack of tact. She hasn't truly known love or care from anyone, and practically expects the world to slap her around given half the chance - and because of her lowered expectations, she's often clueless as to what to do when faced with genuine kindness from another.

An impulsive scoundrel who falls in love quickly.

Nesrin is still a virgin, and that on top of being transformed into a woman leaves her very, very confused. Chances are, she won't get the slow-and-steady sexual catch-up that she would prefer. Her lack of familiarity with her female body makes it very difficult for her to control. She never considered herself attracted to men before, but she can't stop her transformed body from responding in new and unfamiliar ways. She begrudgingly admits that she's never had a partner before one way or the other - so she doesn't really know how much of it is her new body, and how much of it is just her.

Favored Classes

[Currently playing in Twisted Fates]

Unnamed Servant
Do you want to live?

It had been an amazing experience, in some ways, and a horrifying one in others. For a few minutes, he had no control at all over his body. He felt his arms move, and his head turn, his vision spin, and yet he was sending none of these commands.

Or rather, she, currently. The moment he agreed to the 'pact', he had felt his body changing, as it was taken over by a demon whose name and nature was unknown to him. He didn't have a choice - it was either that or death. It was in the moment that he had accepted his life as forfeit that the strange voice had called out to him.

The deal was simple. His life was saved, but in return, he would be forced to serve as a host. There wasn't any time to explain what that truly meant - he didn't think he'd find himself transformed like this, to say the least.

It's only temporary. This form gives me the power I need to hold up my end of the bargain...

The growing breasts had ripped apart his tunic, and the spade-tipped tail that shot out from the base of his spine put a clean hole through his undergarments. As if that wasn't enough, his entire body was engulfed in hellfire as the transformation completed, leaving the body that had once belonged to him completely exposed in its new form.

Everything after that was a blur. What she remembers is that the threat was dispatched, and his life was saved.

Even though he wasn't in control of his body, he still felt the overwhelming fatigue. The demon that had possessed him was exiled and weakened - she had used the last of her strength to take over his body and save his life. And with fleeting moments of consciousness, she flew away from the bloody site and off to the closest remote location - a rarely-traveled patch of woodland.

His body was trying to catch its breath, breathing heavily from exhaustion. Just as everything began to fade, he heard the voice one last time.

I, you need to do yours. Our lives are linked. If you let me die, you'll die as well.

I need energy to must...harvest...

And then, his body was returned to him. The demonic tail pulled back into his spine. The newfound muscles across his arms and legs faded. And of course, the massive breasts began to shrink as well.

But not completely. After going down a few cup sizes, there was no more movement on his chest. He sat there for a few seconds, staring down at himself, waiting for the womanhood he saw to finish shrinking away into nothingness, and for his manhood to return between his legs.

Neither came to pass.

She attempted to stand up, using a nearby tree to lean against. Her legs were wobbly with exhaustion, but that wasn't all. Her entire body was overtaken by an intense heat, and a feeling of hunger. Her mouth watered, but not for food...

Demure and submissive. As a man, he never had much in the way of power before becoming host to the exiled succubus. Even though that demonic power, now fills her, it doesn't change the fact that she lived a life of powerlessness, and is unused to having ambitions beyond survival. The life of an adventurer is unsuited for her, but at the same time, it has become a necessity if she is to live freely, or at all. Any champion of justice will see the overwhelming aura of the demon she hosts long before they see the light of good in she herself.

She takes great comfort in being led by others - she becomes flighty and nervous when left to her own devices, but is more confident when taking orders from someone she trusts. Excellent candidate for a wizard's familiar or other type of servant, should they be looking for one of the demonic variety. If she doesn't find someone to call "Master", she probably won't make it very far.

Since her male name no longer suits her, it will be up to whoever takes her under their wing to give her a new name.

Though she was straight as a man, her transformation has completely rewired her mind. Men are the primary source of the energy she now needs to survive, and it's difficult for her to imagine life without a steady supply of them. She's completely inexperienced when it comes to sex, but her instincts are more than enough to guide her - she often loses control of herself whenever the opportunity to feed arises. For the most part, she's accepted the desires and instincts of her new body, though she doesn't know if that compliance is genuine, or due to influence on her mind.

Favored Classes
Fighter, Sorcerer
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