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Author Topic: Drummer's list of ideas (M for F)  (Read 1149 times)

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Drummer's list of ideas (M for F)
« on: May 25, 2016, 09:20:29 PM »
Hello people, Drummer bringing you a collection of RP ideas that I have. Please take a look at my Preferences and my Ons/Offs thread to see what I like and don't like in roleplays.

This is a work in progress, and so will come back to this to change it around. And hopefully make it look better. If any of these look like fun to you, or an idea of your own then send a PM my way  :-)

Boss needs a boyfriend
This is a fairly simple one. Your character is the CEO/owner of a graphic advertising/fashion design/newspaper/office or whatever business. She has discovered that her brother's, sister's, or cousin's wedding is coming up in a week. Despite putting down on the invitation that she was going to bring a guest along, she hasn't found anyone yet. Her family has constantly been giving her grief of not finding a man, so she resorts to going to my character. He works for the company, running and taking care of its website and making designs for ads. She asks him to be her pretend boyfriend over the course of the wedding, but what if the faked feelings of attraction between the two start to become real.

This idea can also have the roles be switched, where it's my character that is the boss and your character would be the girlfriend he needs to go to the wedding.

What goes on behind bars
My character is a new corrections officer at a work release center, where your character is an inmate at. During cell checks is when the first encounter between the two happens. My character wonders on how and why your character would be in this place, and asks around. All the other officers try to warn him off, saying there's more to your character then what he can perceive or trouble could come his way. Even some of the other inmates keep their distance from her, stating that she's dangerous and he would be smart not to get involved with her. We can discuss this more in detail if anyone goes for this idea.

Rehearsing Lines
Your character and my character are both working a summer season at a theatre. Your character has been cast as the lead actress for the stage production while my character works as one of the technical crew responsible for having the set designs and such finished before the show opens in a month and a half. They meet at the cast & crew welcome party and hit it off pretty well. However jealously, sabotage, and rivalries play into the factor as well. We can discuss more on this if you're interested

This would be a brother x sister one. When the brother went away for a couple months, his sister was just very ordinary not that impressive girl. When the brother returns, he finds that his sister has changed. She's become more fashionable, her body has become more shapely and desirable, and even more daring. What he doesn't know that during the time he was away, the sister performed a ritual so she could become more beautiful and be like the other girls who have made of her because of her unflattering looks. She also did this to have her brother notice her, because she had been secretly harboring feelings for him that she shouldn't have, but couldn't help it. The drawback to this ritual is that a succubus has implanted herself into the young woman, and takes control over her when she needs to feed and steal the life energy/souls of her victims. At first, the sister is resistant to the succubus and tries to fight for control when it takes control of her, but eventually she grows to accept it and even enjoys the power. The sister under the succubus's influence goes after the boys in her class, then turns her attention to her brother. Light teasing and flirting turns to seduction and manipulation

Bitch Of A Sister
Another brother and sister story idea. This idea is where the brother has to deal with his out of control sister who is living a wild lifestyle. Partying, drinking, sneaking around with boys and men, and basically driving her brother insane. This could go either way of having the brother snap and try to to teach his sister some manners or perhaps she tries to corrupt her brother and bring him down on her level of depravity.

Do as I say and you won't get in trouble
This sorta of an employee and daughter of the boss pairing. Basically it starts with an initial encounter where my character would be the employee and your character would be the daughter. She grows immediately smitten by him and tries to get with him, but he rejects her for some reason or another. Your daughter doesn't take to rejection to well and finds up some dirt or blackmail that she could use on my character to get him to be with her, or else use those dirty secrets to get him fired. This could also be something where he sleeps with her, and then she reveals that she is the daughter of his boss. And if he doesn't want to get in trouble, just do as she says.

Fortune & Glory
This one is a pretty obvious one. I've been kinda wanting to do an action/adventure RP, something along the lines of like Indiana Jones, James Bond, Tomb Raider, and Uncharted. Just something to really get a feel of that kind of atmosphere. It would have the gun fights, fistfights, explosions, the sensual romance, and all the other things that you would see in this genre. Would it be something like an adventurer/treasure hunter going off on some grand hunt for the next mother lode of all treasures, dodging traps and shifty clients, ducking behind cover as bullets fly over your head, engaging in bar brawls with a rival hunter, falling in love with an attractive assistant, or succumbing the seductive vile of a femme fetale? All of that, or a mixture of it could be here.

Multiple characters can be used to give it the added touch of building a world.

Class Reunion
Pretty self explanatory from going by the title. Anyways your character and my character's ten year high school reunion is coming up. Our characters used to date back in high school, but for some whatever reason they broke up. Now the reality of running into each other ten years later is coming up fast, and our characters aren't sure how to proceed. This could be very troublesome for them both if they still have feelings of attraction for each other. Even worse if my character or your character is in relationship or married, even having kids. Can they both resist succumbing to their feelings and lust for each other, and fall and destroy everything that they have built just to satisfy their forbidden desires?

We can talk more about this idea if anyone is interested.

Midnight Hills
Midnight Hills is one of the most top rated shows on television. The show is known for its smart characterization, dialogue, drama, and steamy romance scenes. The backdrop takes place on the gated community of Midnight Hills where the social elite live. On one of the seasons they introduced a new character (your character) that's proven that she is not as innocent as she appears. She is willing to cheat, lie, blackmail, and seduce to get ahead of everyone else to have the most power. This brought a great increase in the show's ratings as everyone loved her character. It was also helped by her alluring personality and habit of wearing tight clothing and dresses that showed skin.

A controversial part to her character was added in the latest season, but it was extremely successful as it showed that she was capable of murder. The finale of the previous season concluded with her knocking out the wife of her boss, putting her in a coffin, dumping it into a hole, and pouring cement over it. A detective (my character) has suspected that she is not as legit as everyone likes to believe, and she occasionally messes with him and teases him.

Now the surprise is, what if the actress (also your character) was nothing like the evil woman she plays on television. And my character would start to get to know the real her, as everyone else automatically assumes that the actress is just as manipulative as the person she acts on screen. So the idea is we would both play out the fictional television scenes and the real life scenes of our characters.

The Experiment
Your character is a genetic experiment that was created to be the perfect woman for any situation; assassin, cook, lover, fighter, pilot, teacher, scientist, etc. But the thing is that she doesn't know that. She's still very new to the world and is curious about it. However the people that made her won't let her leave the confines of her cell. My character, someone who is assigned to watch her when research isn't done is curious and wants to know her. Your character is also curious about him as well because he sits around watching her during the nights. Multiple different kinks I say could be played around with this idea.

The Clone
A little bit of a variation of the above idea. A handful of people were chosen to have themselves cloned. Men had themselves cloned, women had themselves cloned as well. However one such cloning went slightly wrong. There was something in my character's genetic coding that couldn't be adapted for the clone, and so something else had to be added from another person's. Where as all the other clones were the same gender as the original, my character's clone was the opposite gender. It would be the same guideline of my character teaching your character about the world and how to live in it and such. This is if you had that idea for a clone RP in your head :-)

I also have a couple fandom ideas

Star Wars: Sibling Rivalry
Something set in the Star Wars universe. Time frame of being set in the Old Republic, Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, or post Return of the Jedi can be discussed. Basically a brother and sister duo with Force potential are picked up to be trained as Jedi. However they develop a rivalry due to how strong they are in their skills and are competing with each other. What happens when one of them is shown to be the favorite by the other Jedi Knights and Masters, will the other let jealousy and anger overtake him/her? What if he or she falls to the Dark Side? Will the Light sided sibling be able to save their brother or sister, or be seduced by the dark allure of passion, strength, and power?

Dead Space
This takes place after the second game. Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford have escaped from Titan Station and are trying to find a new home, as EarthGov agents and Unitologists are after them. Both Isaac and Ellie struggle with the growing attraction towards each other as he still feels guilty on moving on after Nicole. There will be some gore in this as Necromorphs will definitely be involved in the roleplay.

General pairings I will do, Ones I'll do are on the left.
Brother x sister
Prison guard x prisoner
Boss x employee
Photographer x model
Agent x actress
Teacher x student
Hired help x unmarried/married spouse
Geek guy x popular girl
Popular guy x nerd girl

I also do some fandom ones: Star Wars, Walking Dead, Star Trek, and Fallout.

Some rules
-Please be active
-If you're not enjoying the RP or if there is something wrong, let me know.
-If you're going to be inactive for some time such as illness, vacation, funeral, etc. Please let me know.
-I'm not that picky with post length, by I do at lease expect a paragraph for a post.

-If you want to RP with me, then mean it! Don't start an RP with me then drop off the face of the earth and leave it hanging to die.
-If you have a problem with the RP, then let me know. We can discuss trying to fix the RP or just drop it altogether if we both agree upon it.

So if any of these ideas interest you or have something of your own, then leave me a PM or reply to his post below.
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Re: Drummer's list of ideas (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2016, 05:50:53 PM »
Been awhile, giving this a bump up.

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Re: Drummer's list of ideas (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2016, 01:24:08 PM »
I like the Behind Bars scene, and both geek popular roles. Feel free to PM me.

Offline drummer2006jkTopic starter

Re: Drummer's list of ideas (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: April 18, 2017, 10:02:27 PM »
Hey I've been away for almost a year, but now I'm back. I'll work on updating this thread, but for now I'm giving it a nice bump :D

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Re: Drummer's list of ideas (M for F)
« Reply #4 on: May 01, 2017, 07:52:18 PM »
Bumping this with new plot ideas: The Experiment and The Clone.