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Author Topic: Magic Days : Gothic Modern Horror  (Read 200 times)

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Magic Days : Gothic Modern Horror
« on: May 23, 2016, 07:57:33 PM »
In the shadowy world of darkness, lurks those that make the blood to run cold. Warlocks, witches, vampires, ghouls, werewolves and cannibals. The witching community is at war with the vampires. The Witch Queen Merella, mistress of both witch and warlock alike has declared the blood of Humanity hers. With the Vampire Lord Dracula against her, no one knows who will win this battle. Dracula has enslaved the entire lycan race. The Witch Queen has the finest mercenaries at her beck and call.

Character Sheet:

Side: (Not just Vampire or Witch, you can also be Human or Independent)
Alignment: (Both leaders are evil, but if you are loyal they don't care about your goodness)

The Sides:

Witches believe that the flesh and blood of Humanity should be their's just as much as vampires crave blood. For a witch, our blood is a laboratory experiment for their potions. Infant sacrifice is not unheard of for the worst witch. With Human blood, witchcraft can turn simple spells meant to make a man strong, into a powerful spell of controlling the weather. With Human blood, a healer can resurrect the dead, such as a beloved friend or family member. For centuries witches have been hunted down for Paganism or Devil Worship, and they resent ignorance, sometimes they resent ignorance more than evil or persecution. Witchcraft is normally a spell or enchantment that increases a natural Human function such as fighting, sleeping, natural healing or even sex. But the senior witches can do things such as fire energy balls from their hands, command lightning bolts, fire balls and yes, even resurrection of the dead. The Witch Queen can resurrect the dead, or even command earth quakes, incineration of her enemies, and terrible thunder storms are at her command. Queen Merella is the richest Woman in America, and she has hired the finest Hunters to serve her. Witches are technically Human, after all.

Lord Dracula resents Queen Merella's demand for a monopoly on the world's Humans. Vampires have always feasted on Human blood, having made uneasy alliances with the Witch community for centuries. For hundreds of years the witch and the vampire have simply steered clear of each other or rather made deals. Rarely, very rarely a witch, usually one of the insane, worshiped the vampire in exchange for power beyond her peers. Vampires, however, have a disdain for sharing. It is a natural trait for the vampire to work for the master, fighting against each other for the master. With Human blood, vampires have discovered they can now transform into Dracula's favored demonic vampire form. He himself has discovered he can transform into a powerful god like monster, far superior to his own current power over blood. Now, Dracula can transform into a dragon, immune to normal Human weapons. Finally, the Vampires possess werewolves for a warrior slave race.

The Ghouls:
Ghouls serve whomever have the power to command them, but over the centuries they have worked and strove for independence. Ghouls devour Humans, not just blood, but the entire Human. They have discovered they can become god like, such as the ways of witches and vampires with Human blood. However, ghouls are not commanded by any single leader. They are either commanded by someone powerful enough to make them serve, or they strive for freedom together in communities. This is not to say most ghouls are good natured just for being hunted down and enslaved. Indeed most ghouls have been driven mad by an insatiable desire to inflict harm or devour Human flesh. Some rare ghouls are self controlled enough to have morals and live in their own tiny little societies of good doing undead.
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