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May 22, 2018, 03:30:44 AM

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Author Topic: The Cranking Gears of kenw2190  (Read 476 times)

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The Cranking Gears of kenw2190
« on: May 23, 2016, 08:12:35 AM »
Hey everybody!

I'll be honest here and tell you I have little to no posting time, and that's just for one game. I can post almost every other day on a good week. I've got a very busy RL, and normally work a post in a couple times a week. I've got a few different plot ideas, and I want it to also be clear that these aren't stories about sex. I may have a couple that can incorporate romance, and in that instance sex is definitely okay, but others are action/adventure, and may possibly not have sex in them at all! If you're hungry for adventure and drama more than the carnal desire of a story, we'll work well together.

I've been writing since the day I knew how to read, but am always working on my craft. I started roleplaying about a decade ago with D&D 3.5, and also started online roleplaying on a different site. I'm new to E, but not knew to creating. I've been told I can be very descriptive with my writing, and have played from many different perspectives. Here's a link to my character vault:

Just to reiterate, I am not against sex in stories! Any character I play is usually open to sex. I just don't want to write a story that is purely about sex. I go into more detail about my stance on this in my Ons and Offs:

Some of the Plot Ideas below are games that I've constructed already either somewhere else, or IRL, but I am open to negotiate different ideas and stories. Some of these Plot Ideas are pure inspiration, and I'd like someone to work with me on where the story can go!


Bad Company - Western Game (Sidewinder: Recoiled rules) - GM LF Solo Player

The year is 1875, and the Wild, Wild, West was shriveling up, fast. It's been a whole decade since the Civil War was won, though many men and women were still fighting. The War stirred up a lot of evil in the land that had long been asleep. While most decent folk were content with fighting with words, an unruly few fought with lead. The west was a hard, unforgiving land, and as a result there was always an outlaw or gang hanging around with a chip on their shoulders. Some of these men and women fought for warped morals or values, and all-but-abandoned traditions, whether or not they were right. Others only fought for themselves, everyone else be damned. The roughest, meanest, and most black-hearted of these outlaws caught the eye of civilization, and found themselves on a special list. That list was called the Bad Company List, and each entry on it came with one of the heftiest bounties the government could afford. Civilization was riding for the sunset, and there wasn't a damned thing anyone could do about it.

I've only recently created this Plot Idea, and have a few ideas for an endgame. If you'd rather co-write something with this Plot Idea (instead of play a single-player game), PM me! Also, players need not pursue the Bad Company list. PM me if you'd like a different goal for your character!

The Moon over Amelia Island - Solo Roleplay - Male LF Female

Theme Song: Listen while you read!

Amelia Island is thickly covered in history dating back to the settling of America and possibly further. They celebrate their colorful history at least once a year with a festival called The Shrimp Fest. The Isle of Eight Flags, a name known to many historians, was taken over, sold, or annexed many different times. That being said, many different cultures and people have at one point and time called Amelia Island a home.

Amelia Island is somewhat of a tourist trap, mixed with elements of small town allure, and lavish historical plantations converted into resorts and villas. People here live with a steady feeling of comfort, whether it's from the booming economy, or the aesthetic peace. Things here are simple, fun, and easy. Downtown consists of small shops, art museums, saloons and pubs, and lively restaurants. There's even a horse drawn carriage available for tours! The people here are friendly, and helpful, never neglecting to say hello. Many artists find inspiration around every corner, whether they be musicians, painters, or even writers. With either a beach, or a park just a few miles away, happiness is easy to come by on Amelia Island.

Of course, with the incredibly rich and diverse history of Amelia Island, sooner or later, a darker element has started brewing... New arrivals have recently taken up residence in Fernandina, and have taken the atmosphere to their liking. The once happy go lucky Island that was immune to darkness and heartache has started spreading rumors of Vampires, Werewolves, and other evil myths. Will these rumors eventually surface to be truth? Or is it just a phase? Come to Amelia Island and experience it yourself!

I used to live in the North Florida area, in a town west of Amelia Island called Yulee. I've always loved and missed the atmosphere there, and find this setting perfect for a good'ol fashioned Vampire/Werewolf/Other dark romance thriller. I've played with this setting three different times on other sites, and it always turns out awesome. Again, I don't really have a lot of time to manage a multi-writer game, but I could do a solo game or story with this setting. We can either be human, vampire, werewolf, or something else occult that you feel would fit right in on Amelia Island! PM me with your thoughts!

Station Pariah - Solo Roleplay - Can be GM LF Solo Player or M LF F

Cold. That's the first sensation to reach you as you come to. Then pain, after the numbing cold subsides. It feels like your skeleton was removed, stretched, then replaced. You pry open your eyes to a blinding white light, and after they adjust, you realize you're on an operating table in a bare white room. The wall to your right is a giant mirror, but other than that there are no distinguishable features in the room. You sit up, and realize why you're so cold. Someone took your clothes.

You gingerly step down from the table, and feel the walls for anything interesting. Suddenly, a door that was flush with the wall flies open automatically, revealing a giant window to outside the structure you're standing in. Just outside you see the giant blue orb that you thought you were standing on. It seems you're in orbit on a silent space station.