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May 17, 2022, 12:16:27 pm

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Author Topic: Tron: Legacy [F looking for M]  (Read 1007 times)

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Tron: Legacy [F looking for M]
« on: May 22, 2016, 10:10:03 pm »

Rinzler x Gem

I'm looking for any games with a Rinzler & Gem pairing where I play Gem. I am open to varying themes - romantic, angsty, non-con to consensual. Below are a few ideas I have, if you have any yourself I am open to hearing them!

Plot 1: Corrupted Memory

Gem's thick black lashes flutter as her blue eyes glance down to the floor, "I knew you'd come," she quietly confessed, lips flickering into a coy smile- a reflection of her amusement. "Zuse gives you his thanks," she added, confidently striding up to the fierce warrior, "Without you we would have been derezzed. Nothing more than shattered pixels strewn across the ground..." she slowly said, eyes flicking up to meet his in a seductive manner. "I'd at least like to show my thanks," she breathed against his jaw, corner of her lips tugging up a bit as he swallowed nervously, "But I'm afraid I'm pressed for time," she murmured softly against his ear before nipping at his ear lobe.

She pulled away but not before he grasped at her arm, "You're not going anywhere," he growled, to which she turned back, an amused smirk on her lips and deviancy playing in her eyes. "Aren't I?" she asked as members of Clu's Black Guard swooped in through the large windows. Rinzler's helmet reassembled, again hiding his face behind the sheen black mask. He had no choice, letting go of Gem and doing exactly as she had known he would do, turning and facing the Black Guard and drawing his two identity discs, thus paving the way to her escape. Clu had ordered for Gem and Zuse to be captured- dead or alive. But Zuse had become aware of Gem's effect on Rinzler, and thus found a new angle to play against Clu by manipulating the thread that tethered Rinzler to Clu. Gem was neither safe in Clu or Zuse's hands, nor was she safe in her own, willing to play the deadly games and risk her existence. It was only due to Rinzler that she was kept alive and both knew it.

"Next time," she called to him, a promise locked in that devious smile. Rinzler watched for only a moment longer as she turned and straddled a light cycle, her arms holding fast around another program's waist. He gave another growl as the two escaped, simultaneously blocking at attack and slamming his identity disc into a Black Guard's face, immediately derezzing him as he turned his attention back to the fight, quickly engaging with the other Black Guards.

Plot Details
Picking up at Tron: Legacy but with an alternate ending: Gem and Zuse escape from the End of Line club and go into hiding. After Zuse again recreates himself he goes by a new vise known as Loki. Loki quickly realizes that Rinzler will never cease to come to Gem's aid and thereafter uses her against him in order to help him exploit a weakness in Clu's defense- Rinzler. After Sam and Quorra escape from the Grid, Clu begins to search for an alternate way out of the Grid, something he believes he will need Loki to accomplish. Loki, playing for himself is waiting before deciding how to play his hand.

Though it is thought that Gem is merely siding with Zuse to reap the benefits from his search for power, she has alternative reasons. Unbeknownst to the other programs, Gem and Rinzler were former lovers cycles ago. Rinzler however, doesn't remember everything but fragments of the memories they shared still are carried with him, merely waiting to be reawakened.

Plot 2: Corrupted Program
Plot Details
Before the Games, the Sirens suit up the programs competing. Gem is selected to personally outfit Rinzler before each of the Games, but one day after the Games she decides to pry and sneaks into Rinzler's personal chambers even though it is forbidden. She soon finds out why Rinzler needs solitude after the Games as he goes into a bloodlust after the battles that can only be made better after a violent rampage or copious amounts of rough sex.