Corrupting her innocence (F looking for M)

Started by Becca, May 19, 2016, 08:54:30 PM

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Hi! Thanks for taking an interest in my request thread!

I am tempted to play a rpg featuring a sweet, innocent, inexperienced young woman being corrupted by either a particular man or a set of situations she'd live through. The reason behind her innocence, the way she behaves and lives her life can be anything from her being truly sheltered, religious, timid, self conscious  -if any potential partners would prefer a darker-themed rpg- to being a victim of physical abuse, or any other number of reasons.

Just how innocent, how naive and sheltered she truly is, would depend on the preferences of my potential partners and what kind of rpg we'll be embarking in.

The source of the corruption can be as innocent as simply being a result of her entering the real world and realizing things don't really work the way they did in their little bubble (and thus this "corruption" being more a realization of how the worlds truly work), or as dark as being kidnapped and molded into what her captor desires her to. Entering a Dom/sub relationship could also be another option, along with a number of different options my partner might be come up with.

I imagine her being extremely dainty and elegant, timid perhaps but it's not a must. A ballerina, a scholar or an artist, the kind of girl who'd follow an extremely tight and rigid schedule and who lives by arbitrary set of rules which she never truly deviates from. She could also be extremely religious in a cult-like group, and unaware of just how beautiful she truly is.

The reasons behind this corruption, which I'd like to be slower paced, rather than swift and sudden, could be non-con or voluntary, being tempted into a different path from the one she had always known. As for my partner's character, whether he is gentler or stricter, whether he has good or bad intentions towards her, is completely up for discussion

As long as the main concept of the game (the corruption of an otherwise innocent and perhaps even timid young woman) is still there, the rp can go many different directions.

Should anyone be interested in this idea, please do send me a PM, don't post in this thread :)



As the corrupting her innocence request can merge quite nicely with a kidnapping rpg, I'll add this request to the mix:

I'm looking for a young woman to be kidnapped by a twisted man. It could also be a female, but I'd have to be convinced. I'd prefer my character to be 16-17, but if my potential partners prefer her to be over 18, she could be as old as 22-24 without any problems.
I'm craving a story of a man who has kidnapped women before. They haven't worked for him, for his ideal of what a woman should be like. Depending on my partner's preferences, it can be a number of things: He might want someone naturally meek, he might be looking for the perfect slave, or he might even be looking for the perfect mother for his future children (I'd be interested in including impregnation in this rpg, but ONLY if its something my partner would be fully interested in. Its in no way a must!. Just to be perfectly clear, if the rpg goes long enough that she actually does give birth to a child, the baby would be kept completely away from any of the perverted side of the rpg, living a perfectly normal life given the circumstances.).

It can include training, punishment, bondage, collaring CMNF, breathing play, etc. The limits would depend on what my partner's ONs and OFFs are, and I'm willing to stretch my off to a point for this particular story, so don't be afraid to ask. Physical transformations are not out of the picture, but would need to be discussed. None of these are requirements, but a few examples of what I'm interested in adding to the rpg.
I'm thinking this will play out in Stockholm syndrome kind of manner as far as my character's feelings go, but I'm open to listening other options. I'm interested in the psychological ramifications this situation would have in my character's mind so she won't just go from begging for her life or to be allowed to leave to thanking him for kidnapping her and loving what is being done to her by page or two.