Twi'lek Tales (Star Wars, F / F )

Started by Lustful Bride, May 19, 2016, 03:10:36 PM

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Lustful Bride

Spent all day watching Star Wars related videos and gotten a massive Twi'lek craving, though not looking for a quick one shot of sex. Some Storytelling and world building are wanted as much as hot steamy scenes between a Human and the lovely Lekku ladies. ^3^

Either you, or your people, one of them shall bow to me.

Content: F/F, War, Scifi, Possible abuse. Interspecies. Conquered/Occupied planet.

Scenario: The Sith Empire expands ruthlessly without end. It is a mighty machine that either conquers or destroys worlds that are unfortunate enough to be in its path. Dantana is one of those worlds, Its Duchess had only inherited her position three years ago, and now Dantana is in the path of one of the mightiest empires the galaxy has ever seen. The Jedi and the Republic are nowhere to be seen. With only her small, tropic world, and its two moons to hold back the mighty Sith invasion fleet, the Duchess Amalthea knows that it is pointless to resist. She holds no foolish ideals that her little world will be the line in the sand that halts the Sith, if anything it will just lead to her world being bombarded into submission either way. She orders her military to stand down, to not raise up even a single weapon against the Empire.

So when the Imperials arrive, pleased that a world chose to entirely surrender to them for once, she is the first among her people to bow. She knows that for years, maybe even for eternity, after this, she will be a traitor in her people's eyes, cursed and hissed at. That Forevermore the name Amalthea will be in the same place as 'Traitor' in her people's hearts. But capitulation will ensure her world's infrastructure remained intact, and they wouldn't suffer the anger of the Sith. If she maintained her role, even partially, then it was her hope that she could help smooth the transition and ease her people's suffering, or at least give the people a target for their anger, that wasn't the Sith.

When the Sith finally arrived, the transition was fairly quick, if abit rocky due to resistance fighters still seeking to liberate their world, with the misguided hope of a Jedi or Republic rescue coming. They leave several mighty force users, as well as a sizeable occupation force, with a Twi'lek Sith in charge of ensuring that Dantana remains under Imperial control and contributes to the greater Sith Empire. The Lady sith in charge of overseeing the planet takes note of the Duchess's willingness to work and shame herself in order to preserve her people. She wanted to remain on the front, putting the Republic and those pitiful Jedi on the run. But if she must remain on this boring planet, at least the Duchess will offer her some entertainment.

Setting:  Star Wars, unsure what time frame in the past it is, but during the time of the Sith Empire, and world deep in its territory. The Jedi will not be arriving for some time and the Sith Leader will not be leaving Dantana any time soon.

Requirements: Basic Knowledge of Star Wars, someone to play the Sith Twi'lek, doesn't mind some nice lesbian fun and tapping into the Dark Side.
-One Paragraph minimum writer. Not three sentence lines :P Don't come into this expecting a sex scene after 3 posts.

Other info: I am very willing to work things out and talk it over. We could even end up making this into a bigger plot.

Payment for Services Rendered

Content: F/F, War, Scifi, Romance? Dancer. Interspecies. Human Superiority.

Scenario: "Your services shall be rewarded" is said to be the highest sayings of thanks that a Hutt may give. Their species is infamous around the galaxy for their criminal acts, and the way that they run the underworld. But they are not a group without some measure of gratitude. The promise that a reward shall indeed be given is the highest measure of thanks that a Hutt is able to give. And when Captain Alma Thrace received this thanks from Garmond The Hutt, she failed to realize just what an honor she had been given. At the time she had simply shrugged it off and thought nothing, but for a Hutt, the return of old relics of his people (stolen by pirates) was something more precious. So he researched her and gifted her what he thought was an appropriate reward.

As one of the few high ranking female officers in the Empire, it wasn't difficult to find out more about her, and when one has a liking of Twi'lek dancers it is not that easy to discover. Its not as if what one did on Shore Leave was a national secret. And one thing that Captain Thrace did on nearly every time she visited a planet with a club for imperials to relax, was pay to see the Twi’leks at the local club.

So it should have come as no surprise when Captain Thrace, returned to find a lovely Leeku headed slave awaiting her in her quarters. It wasn’t that uncommon really, corruption was ripe within the Imperial ranks and some Imperial officers had entire Harem’s devoted to themselves. So no one really batted an eye at an officer with good conduct accepting a Twi’lek slave from a Hutt gangster.

No one except Thrace herself. While she certainly believed in Human dominance and the order that the Empire brought with it everywhere it went, she wasn’t one to accept gifts from criminals. And she didn’t even believe in slavery all that much. But she was put in an odd place. To deny this gift from a hutt was an easy way to insult a powerful gangster, but at the same time she was far too timid to simply take a slave and keep her all on her own. But she was also strongly tempted.

So, against her better judgement and that tiny thing called a 'conciense' she opts to keep her new slave, as her personal servant, to be paid a wage of five credits. (Alien should be lucky she didnt have her dance for the entire ship) and tries to think of what to do as time goes on.

The Twi'lek is more than a little surprised that her new owner seems afraid, almost embarrassed even. Most people would have jumped at the chanced to have their way with a skilled and trained Twi'lek slave. But instead her new owner asks her if she requires anything and hasn't touched her, even after she requested a dance. From the blush on her face everytime Captain Thrace looks at her, the slave girl can tell that some part of her is embarrassed, hinting that this is her first time owning another. She is very pleased with this though, even though her new Misstress is an Imperial, she doesn't beat her or starve her, this might just be the best owner ever!

Setting:  Star Wars, unsure what time frame.
Requirements: Basic Knowledge of Star Wars, someone to play the Female Twi'lek, doesn't mind some nice lesbian fun.

Other info: I am very willing to work things out and talk it over. We could even end up making this into a bigger plot