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Author Topic: Midnight Blue: A Midnighters Roleplay (Interest Check)  (Read 434 times)

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Offline AylaTopic starter

Midnight Blue: A Midnighters Roleplay (Interest Check)
« on: June 14, 2016, 08:11:15 PM »
I'm hoping to start a small group RP, but am a little hesitant to do so. They've never seemed to work out in the past. And, I've decided to be a little stricter as to who can join. I will be requesting a small sample of writing with your character sheet. You will be notified if you’ve been accepted.

But! That information above is clearly not what you've come here to read is it?

While the plot isn't too developed at the moment, it is loosely based off Scott Westerfeld's novels The Midnighters. Excellent novels that I've read over and over again and am currently in the process of doing so again and it sparked a craving for a RP based off the novels. Not with the original characters, though it is possible they will make small appearances. If you don't wish to be a Midnighter and would rather play as Darkling that has tangible thoughts and higher intelligence please feel free to do so! However, at least some knowledge of the books is a must!

SO! With that in mind I'm looking for at least four other people to join. However there is a potential for more, so if you're very inclined to play but wish to make up your own power please submit, if it's good enough I might just take it, though I'd rather see the required spaces taken first. I'm also looking for a potential Admin of sorts to help pick up the slack when I cannot govern the group myself and help make big plot decisions, PM me if interested in that position. Two heads are better than one after all!

~ Acrobat
~ Seer
~ Polymath
~ Fire Bringer
~ Metallurge

Acrobats in the Secret Hour are not held down by gravity the same as during the rest of the day. Seemingly always floating, and able to jump or "fly" fair distances. Like all Midnighters their eyes are photosensitive in the Daylight and reflect back indigo in the secret hour. They also must eat almost constantly and while in the Secret Hour can share their ability with others through skin to skin contact.

Seers are the Lore keepers. While blind as bats in the Daylight, they know where Darklings or Slithers have been since they leave a sharp, clear "focused" slime like trail or print. They are also photosensitive and like all other Midnighters their eyes flash indigo. They can read and write in the ancient symbols used by Midnighters for thousands of years. Seers can also pick out Midnighters during the Daylight hours claiming their faces being fuzzy with their glasses on and clear when off.

Polymaths are literal math geniuses. Often with a photographic memory towards numbers (especially 13 and its multiples) patterns. They often create the best weapons against Darklings. Like all Midnighters they are photosensitive and flash indigo in the Secret Hour. Their power never shuts off, often dreaming in numbers or images.

Flame or Fire Bringers are Darklings worst nightmares. They have the ability to bring things like fire and modern day technology into the Secret Hour. While they can kick some serious Darkling ass, they are just like a regular Daylighter and have no adverse affects from being a Midnighter other than the fact that all Darklings want to kill them.

Metallurges are people who have the ability to find precious stones, metals, minerals, oil, water and probably natural gas in the earth. Like the other Midnighters they are photosensitive and their eyes flash indigo in the Secret Hour. They can easily find new metals to use against Darklings, being drawn to it.

Mindcasters are basically mindreaders. Manipulators and Darkling Radars. They can force (ahem I mean) "suggest" a person to do something miles away. Wipe someone's memory and when in full control of their skill can pass information on through a touch. They can sense who is and who isn't a Midnighter and have been known to recruit Midnighters from all across the country. They are often darker in nature, feeling most at home in the Secret Hour and a fairly rare occurrence not as rare as a Fire Bringer but close. They are most like the Darklings than any other Midnighter. Very photosensitive and their eyes flash indigo.


Darkling Types:

~ Slithers: Usually in the form of black snakes with fur instead of scales. They can change their form much like any other Darkling and instead of having mouths they have strange web like "tongues" that bruise and numb instead of bite.

~ Flying Slithers: Slithers, but with wings.

~ Darkling: Large shape changing top chain predator of Midnight. Usually takes the shape of a large cat, but can be anything it wishes. Darklings original form is a nightmare inducing blob like thing with wings and tentacles but no head. Or a mouth. Or eyes. Just mass.

~ Halfling: Half Midnighter of the Seer variety and Darkling. Bad bad people do this to communicate with the Darklings via Lore Markings. People who know about Midnighters and don't want them around. Even if they're a bunch of untrained, half crazy young adults. Not realizing how dangerous it is without them.


Midnighters Wiki Page:
Offical Midnighters Website:
Offical Scott Westerfeld Website:


A few rules/suggestions before I post the character sheet that I'd like to see:

~ All characters must be over the age of eighteen. I'd prefer no younger than twenty.
~ At least one paragraph for your application's writing sample.
~ You may use pictures, as long as they're not anime
~ You may have more than one character, Midnighter or Darkling just please fill up the required spaces first.
~ If you make a Darkling please provide BOTH a humanoid form and beast form.







Appearance: (Photo or description)

Occupation: (School/Work)

Personal Interests: (Reading, Writing, Singing etc.)

Fears: (Spiders, Falling, Water etc.)

Power: (Acrobat, Fire Bringer, Seer or Polymath)

Misc. Info:


Example Character Sheet (Darkling)


Gender: (If desired)

Appearance: (Description or Photo)

Personal Weaknesses: (Iron, Fire, The number thirteen etc. Something this character is extra sensitive to.)

Personality: (If capable of higher thought.)

Sample Paragraph:


As a better example I will be providing my own character sheets

Midnighter Character Sheet:

Name: Aslynne Marie Hawthorne (A.K.A Az or Azzy)

Age: 25

Height: 4’10” (147cm or 1.47m)

Gender: Female



Occupation: Stable Owner and Manager, Trainer and Instructor at Windstar Stables

Personal Interests: Reading, Horses, Equestrian Sports of all kinds and kicking Darkling ass

Fears: Loss of control over her abilities, physical touch, large crowds, fire and hospitals

Power: Mindcaster

Misc. Info: Aslynne must almost always have to have music in her ears while in large crowds due to the constant “mind babble” from Daylighters, she loves animals because touching them doesn’t cause her pain like it does to Daylighters or bring pain like Midnighters. She’s still in the process of learning to control her rather difficult abilities while trying to balance a normal life. She cannot date or be intimate thanks to her fear of touch. Daylighters wouldn’t understand and she’s sure no Midnighter would want to take the time or risk their mental health at trying to be with her. She wears long sleeves and gloves no matter the season to prevent accidental touching.


Asylnne’s pale blue eyes stared up at her ceiling, the odd and eerie color of the Secret Hour painting the white tiles blue, her purple bedroom walls made black, the clock frozen at midnight, her sheer curtains stuck in the middle of a billowing breeze. She’d have to change the thumbtacks on the window sill soon. All thirteen of them were probably starting to wear and she didn’t want any slithers coming in. This was after all the only time of the day that she didn’t have to hear or taste the Daylighters thoughts. Her time of sanctuary...

Relishing the silence she sighed rather contentedly. She wasn’t close enough to another Midnighter to hear them, they had to at least be a mile away for her to even catch a blip of their mind. She was easily ten miles from the nearest farm, another five from the town of Brisbane. Where most of the Midnighters lived.   

Though, she missed the breeze, it was a hot summer night and she lied atop her covers completely nude to the humid air. Her long hair fanned out behind her on a silk covered pillow, her cheeks still flushed with the summer heat. Thankfully, the Secret Hour was always tepid, but devoid of movement leaving the air stagnant in her silent room. Even the horses down in their pastures were frozen in time. The Darklings though... ohhh those sour... bitter... dirty tasting things... she could sense them at the edges of her mind, like slime. Just at the edge of the forest that surrounded her home. She never entered there during Midnight..

Still, their incomprehensible thoughts were far better than the constant babble she heard in the daytime
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Offline Aida Rose

Re: Midnight Blue: A Midnighters Roleplay (Interest Check)
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2016, 08:39:42 PM »
Hi! I'm definitely interested. Loved these books when I was younger. I'll make a character sheet soon. Probably a Seer.

Offline AylaTopic starter

Re: Midnight Blue: A Midnighters Roleplay (Interest Check)
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2016, 08:40:23 PM »
Great! No rush!