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November 20, 2017, 12:10:55 AM

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Author Topic: RP Request Thread [M seeking F] [Tease&Denial / Bimbo & More!]  (Read 1528 times)

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Offline pleaseteasemeTopic starter

Hi all!  ;D

Thanks a lot for taking the time to stop by.

Two quick things if I may before getting to the roles and what I'm looking for:
- I don't care what your real life gender is, if you're willing to play the female role in this then I'm more than happy to discuss it with you.
- No one liners please. I don't expect pages of text in every reply but some detail is desired. Naturally shorter replies are all that is required at times and that's totally fine, I don't expect anyone to type to just make sure their post is of a certain length.

Making My Brother My Sugar Daddy
I'm looking to play a story where my character (your character's brother) has recently sold a cell phone app that he created during college for a huge sum of money. It started as something small, however it blew up in popularity and a rival came in offering to buy it for a big price. He's always been nerdy, preferring to sit in and play video games rather than go out, which is a stark contrast to your character who's one of the social elite. As siblings they've never been that close given how different they are, however now he's suddenly filthy rich he's instantly become a whole lot more interesting to your character.

He's somewhat lost in what to do with all this money, sure he's just purchased a swanky new penthouse apartment and sports car, but before now he's never really been one to live the high life. He's spent much of the past few weeks just sitting in his penthouse, playing with all the expensive technology that he can now afford. Your character is more than a little jealous of him. He's a nobody, a loser, and now he's suddenly got everything she could want and more. She knows just what she could achieve and become with all his money, but how does she get access to it? Sure he might lend her some if she asked nicely, a few hundred is but pocket change to him, but what she has in mind requires far more than that!

After thinking and stewing she comes up with her grand plan. She'll have to use the one thing she has going for her, her good looks. So she starts to come onto her brother, flirting with him, getting his pulse racing so to get him to agree to splash a little cash on her. It just keeps going on though, her using her body to make him all hot, as the hotter she makes him the easier it seems to be to persuade him. She could keep leaving playful hints and suggestions at what she could do for him; however it never goes any further than her pushing against his bulge and giving him a knowing smile. She teases him, makes him ache for her, and even goes out of her way to ensure he can't relieve that ache so she can keep the money coming. She could even view it as a charity case, he's a single young man who's not getting any action elsewhere, so in getting a thrill from how she looks he should be appreciative, right?

She wants him to take her on lavish shopping trips, stay in expensive hotels, go to VIP nightclubs, beautiful vacation destinations.... and all she has to do is walk around his apartment in a thong and suggest she might give him something sweet, or offer to be the eye candy on his arm for the duration. Win win, right?

I'm open to the age of our characters (all within site limits of course!), as well as who is the older sibling. I would also be willing to play it without the incest angle too as I know it's not for everyone.

High School Cuckold
I'm looking to play a cuckold scenario. It doesn't HAVE to be high school in setting; however the scenario I'm going to outline is based in that type of setting. In addition to that what I'm looking for isn't set in stone, I'm willing to tweak or change elements if it might bring things more into your line of thinking or fulfil any preferences of your own.

The basic setup of what I'm looking for is this:
- I would play a somewhat average/geeky/nerdy high school student. He's a nice enough guy, though he's far from a player or confident around girls, however the one thing he does have is that he's from a very wealthy family.
- You would play a beautiful, queen bee type of girl. She's popular, confident, and most importantly she is manipulative.

She makes her move on my character, unexpected to say the least, but so head over heels for her is my character that he cannot see it for anything other than amazing. He's totally swept up in her, how she flirts with him, drives him wild and seemingly wants to date him. He's sure he's just hit the jackpot.

However, she has other ideas. She knows he's rich, he could provide an amazing life for her, however it would just kill her reputation and high school/college life by getting tied down with a guy like him. The perfect excuse comes around when they start to get intimate, he has a small penis. She can't help but giggle, calling it cute and so on, and being the type of guy he is he doesn't put up much of a fight. This gets the gears turning in her mind. She has the perfect solution. She'll cuckold him, and he'll have to enjoy it.

Her plan is to tell him this big convincing lie about how the football player she used to date couldn't keep it in his pants, and she's not going to date a guy who will cheat on her. Presenting him with a chastity cage he is made to wear it, and then spends the next few days going nuts as he cannot get any sexual gratification until she gives it to him. She's not exactly planning to be generous with it either, maybe once a week she might allow him out to make a mess to begin with. As this goes on she knows she has to keep him on her side, so she allows him to spoil her with dates and gifts, teasing his cock, assuring him that soon she'll give him the relief he craves whilst delaying it that little bit more to ensure she keeps the upper hand. He's not exactly fighting her, but she knows that for this to work she has to ensure he's eating out of her hand.

Then comes the 'problem' of her relief. She needs to be satisfied, and what he's packing just cannot give her that. So whilst dangling his orgasm before him she has him agree to allow her to see a friend who will fuck her. Naturally to her that's just the green light to fuck whoever the hell she wants, when she wants, knowing that her boyfriend will be there waiting for her afterwards, unable to do anything but smile and tell her that he loves her because if he doesn't then he'll have to go another few days before he can potentially get any sexual relief of his own.

She'll tell him what she's doing, how these other guys make her feel so good... but none of them can give her what he can and so she wants to continue seeing him. Naturally he agrees, he is desperate to stay with her after all, even if she humiliates him something awful at times. As things progress she's making him wait longer and longer between orgasms, guys are being more brazen with her at school and at the wild parties, even just groping her and taking her hand and leading her away whilst she stands talking with my character. They know what's going on, and he's nothing to fight it with. Even when she makes him throw a party at his house, telling him how amazing it will be, hinting at finally letting him fuck her after... all that happens is she and her friends fuck who they want at the party, he's left denied and humiliated to clean up the place whilst she sleeps in his bed, telling him she's too worn out to give him anything now.

In time she'll start to speak about his own relief like it's a chore, why is he so selfish as to only worry about his own orgasms and not think about hers. Carefully teasing and manipulating him so that he's always interested in her, always drooling, and yet she's having to give him less and less to keep on running on back to her.

Little Sister's Desperate Crush
(note: I am willing to be flexible and open the role so that she doesn't have to be his mother, I know incest isn't for everyone!)
I'm looking to play a story where my character's little sister has a desperate crush on him. She's been utterly obsessed with him for years now, and is reaching the point where it's getting really tough to keep it bottled up any longer. The problem though is not only is he her brother, and so such thoughts and feelings should be forbidden, but her brother is totally oblivious to seeing her in that way.

I'd like for her to be 16-17 in age, with brother being 17-18, so a year or so older than her. Appearance wise I'm open to hear preferences, however I'm drawn to the idea of the little sister being tight, slim and slender that way she gets frustrated when she sees her brother glance at a busty girl. Or when he glances at another girls ass it makes her want to scream as she does squats in her room morning and night so to be as tight as possible. I'd love it if she was just totally head over heels for him, anything and everything he says she just seems to adore, if he's going somewhere she wants to tag along just to be close to him. The same goes for his preferences too, if he looks at blondes more often then she's considering dying her hair. If he looks at girls in shorts, she's wearing shorts and so on.

Of course, how intense and how much of that is included I'm open to discuss, it's a two way street when setting up a story and I'm more than willing to hear any suggestions that you might have too.

I'm not looking for things to be a race to get to the sex though. I'd like for things to be slow, flirty and even a little desperate on her part as she tries to first make him look at her, and then try and gain his affections and attentions. It is of course wrong but she wants him too bad to care, and she knows that if she wants him then she's going to have to make things so good for him that he'll not care either.

- A girl who is totally infatuated with a boy and just falls under his spell, doing anything she can to impress him and gain his attention. Naturally he's drawn to the 'bimbo' type and she starts down this path to impress her crush. Her infatuation with him leads her to constantly trying to '1-up' herself, always trying to be better than the last time he saw her. Even when he tells her that he likes her, he thinks she's pretty it's not enough, she wants to be sexier still, forever eager to be everything that he could ever want and more. What I'm really looking for is to play out that period of time where she tries to start making her move, however because of her rather intense crush she's not exactly thinking all that rationally about things. Maybe she dyes her hair in a bid to gain his attention? Starts liking different hobbies and music so to try to have some connection with him? Starts working out at the gym? Maybe even just randomly showing up at his house with a really bad excuse as to why she's here, and to when he asks how she knows where he lives. She of course wants him bad, she wants to be all he wants, all he deserves and whilst he does start to notice her the more she goes out of her way to attract him, I'd like the story to be about her trying to entice him, trying to gain his affection, and then seeing what she will do so to keep it.

- Girl confesses her desire to live her life as a bimbo, and her friend/boyfriend does all he can to help her out with that, secretly/not so secretly enjoying every moment of it.

- An older woman just out of a long term relationship falls for a younger man and is taken down a path that a woman her age probably shouldn't be considering walking down.

Themes I'd like to include and incorporate in such a RP (though not required!) are:
- Bimbofication
- Doll/Barbie type appearance
- Misogyny (gentle), he'll not hate her, more just be a little old fashioned in his outlook of her place being below him.
- 1950's housewife type of relationship where she has her place, and it's her duty to pamper and take care of him. By this I mean the mindset, rather than actually dressing/acting like it's the 1950's!

Bratty Little Sister
I'm looking to explore the dynamic between a brother and a sister (also open to step-siblings if preferred) where things are about to change. They've always gotten on well, sure they've had a few arguments and annoyed the other over the years but what siblings don't do that when they're young? As the little sister has grown up though she's found herself finding her brother cuter and more handsome, maybe even to the stage of having a crush on him.

The type of dynamic that I'd like is one where everything is super funny, playful and flirty between the two siblings. She calls him a loser, a jerk and yet she adores everything about him. She's at the age where she knows about boys, how they look at girls, what they think about and more than anything a part of her craves for her brother to look at her in that way. She knows its wrong, but she can't help it, things are always such fun between them and she longs to be seen as more than just his little sister. He might not be totally open to it at first, but in time he relaxes and lets her have her fun.

The sorts of things I'm looking for is little sister prancing around not wearing much, giving her brother a show and then calling him a perv whilst in floods of giggles when she catches him looking. Asking him if he had fun jerking off when he comes out of the shower, suggesting he's late out of bed for breakfast as he's been too busy jacking off, basically just little sister being on a total high around her brotherís sexuality, loving everything to do with it.

Where things go from there I'm open to discuss, but I would be in no rush to get to them actually doing anything bar flirting, teasing and little sister having a ball being the object of her brother's desires.

Controlled By My Neighbour
Michael Thompson is fresh out of college. He's just got a new job and has moved out of home and into an apartment building. It's a great place, good location, nicely furnished, what's not to like? The story begins when he's in the communal laundry room on the bottom floor of the building, whilst there he finds a bra that someone has seemingly left behind. It's not like he's never seen a bra before, however it's clear that this bra belongs to someone rather busty. He cannot stop looking at it, and by the time he's done with his laundry he can't take it anymore and he scoops it up with his washing and takes it back to his room.

A few days later he meets the woman who lives across the hall for the first time, purely by chance they've never met. She seems lovely, however one thing quickly becomes obvious. The bra belongs to her. As much as he tries he cannot help himself, his eyes are drinking her in, for days now he's been fantasising about the bra and who owns it and now he finds out she lives just 10 feet away from him! Soon after he cannot take it anymore, he has to see her again, and so he decides to take the bra back to her. Naturally he claims he just found it now, and graciously she takes it back, thanking him for returning it, even if he does make it clear that she finds it somewhat amusing how he 'knew' that it belonged to her and not someone else. Unknown to him, she knows exactly what her body is doing to him, and the way in which he is looking at her.

Now with no excuse to see her but with his head full of her he's naturally delighted when one afternoon she asks if he could come over to help her moving something heavy. She's again wearing something that enhances her cleavage, and his eyes are glued to her then entire time he's helping out. By the time he leaves he's flushed, erect and all but running the short distance home to take care of himself. Again, she knows this, and she takes great delight in it. It goes on though, her vacuum cleaner breaks, could she borrow his? However what he wasn't expecting was that she'd ask if he could come over and actually do it, but when she leans in with that cleavage in his gaze he's hurriedly agreeing. By the time he's finished he's naturally erect and horny again, but this time she calls him out on it. She likes him helping her out, but she can't have him walking around her apartment in that state, he's taken twice as long as he should to get all the chores down. So she suggests she has the perfect thing for a boy like him. She presents him with a chastity device, suggesting that he wear it whilst he does a few chores her, after which she will unlock it. Naturally he's hesitant, but as she again flaunts her body, and even suggests she will make it worth his whilst as she makes an obscene 'jerking off' gesture with her hand he agrees. She locks him in it, telling him to come back tomorrow at the usual time to help her.

By the time he arrives tomorrow he's just gagging for some sexual relief, he's never felt this way, only to find that the list of chores is longer than the day before. Of course he does them all, even getting them all done in record time, before he's practically pleading with her to unlock him. What he wasn't expecting was her reply, suggesting that she thought he really wanted to help her and not just use her for sexual relief. He pleads his innocence, assuring her that isn't the case, he was just horny, he got carried away... At which point she accepts his apology, on the basis that he'll wait a week for his release. The next week is total hell, his needs running wild, his neighbour looking SO beautiful, as well as the way she talks to him about it. Asking him if he aches, if he's ever been this long before without an orgasm. By the time his week is up he's firmly under her control, just where she wants him. As agreed she sits him down and unlocks him, and after making him promise to keep his hands off. She gives him a wonderful handjob, the young man having the most incredible orgasm of his life, all whilst she assures him that she knows how much he enjoys this, having him agree to go back into the chastity device after his orgasm has finished.

As she puts it back into place she just smiles and kisses his cheek. "Two weeks this time. See you tomorrow."

From there I'm open to discussion where we go! Of course, I am willing to change or tweak any of that based on any preferences you might have, so long as the basic premise of the idea doesn't change too much where the woman exerts more control and influence on him as time goes on.

Daddy's Spoiled Little Brat
As the title suggests the premise is about a girl (I'm thinking teens but I can be flexible) who has always been given whatever she wants. She's cute when she needs to be, a bitch when she needs to be, sexy when she needs to be. Basically despite her youth she's wise and clever, knowing exactly how to get what she wants. Her mother left a while ago and because she is all her father has left he's spoiled her even more recently, something which she is getting very used to. Just a quick note to say that I'd be perfectly happy to make them not actually related if incest is not your thing.

Now she's in high school and ever since her body started to develop she's realised just how easily she can control and manipulate boys because of it. A girl could get used to such power and influence, and knowing that her father earns a decent wage its fair to say that she feels that she should be getting even more from their relationship. She wants more clothes, new clothes, make-up, make over, a car, a dog, a new bed, a new phone, a new watch. Basically she wants it all, and she wants it now. Being a good father he of course wants to give her nice things, but he doesn't want to spoil her too much. She's a clever girl, and she knows how to get exactly what she wants. Daddy is lonely without a woman of his own around; she knows what men are like, especially with their needs. Which just so happens to work perfectly into her plan.

What I'm looking to happen next is that she basically turns into a flirty little cocktease when around her father so to get him to give him. She knows how pretty she is, and flaunting herself can have his willpower caving in pretty quickly. Of course, when he does get to the point of giving in she's going to ensure that he doesn't. She wants him to ache and crave her, she's not actually going to give him anything! Instead she's going to tease him, edge him, drive him wild with need, and then maybe even lock his cock in a chastity cage so that he can't give in to those sinful thoughts about his daughter. How mean and cruel she is I'd be willing to discuss, but the whole story revolves around her milking Daddy for as much money as she can, forever delaying any satisfaction he might get out of the deal. For example, she might have promised him that today she'd finally let him cum... but conveniently she forgot she's going on a date tonight! Don't wait up, Daddy!

Roommate Gets A Boobjob
A girl and a boy (open to more girls or boys if desired) are sharing a house during their time at college. They get on well, they always have and the house functions wonderfully. Over the Summer break however she finally got her darling daddy to relent and buy her a boobjob. Upon returning things are now a lot different, all because of her chest! She suddenly holds a lot more power and sway, showing off a big of cleavage or wearing a tight top and suddenly her roommate is willing to take on a lot more of the household chores and run around after her. Naturally this delights her, the way she's able to drive him wild with such ease and she can't help but take advantage of it.

It doesn't just stop there, her new boobs naturally make her a whole lot more popular around campus. Boys that previous didn't look at her or were out of her league are now eager to lavish her in attention. She loves living this new high life, getting to enjoy all of the finest things, and yet all she has to do in return is show off some cleavage and make a cute face. Open to this idea getting quite cruel and mean in that she could really take advantage of her roommate, having him start to pay her rent whilst she sits around the place like a total princess. Bringing home boys, spoiling his sex life and he's unwilling to fight it because she keeps giving him eye fulls of cleavage and telling him he's cute.

Making Mom My Bimbo Housewife
(note: I am willing to be flexible and open the role so that she doesn't have to be his mother, I know incest isn't for everyone!)
Is it possible for a Mother to love her son too much? Maybe, but when your son is a corrupt, pervert heís not going to do anything but take advantage of that fact! Iím looking to play a story where a single mother starts to fall for her own son. Heís growing up to be so handsome, and he reminds her so much of the man that swept her off her feet all those years ago. She has that maternal bond to him too that only a mother can have, willing to do anything and everything to ensure that heís happy, however unknown to her the boy she loves unconditionally is more than willing to take advantage of her kindness!

Recently sheís started to see evidence of him masturbating, and maybe even walked in on him jerking his stiff cock. Itís just not right that a handsome boy like this has to do it alone all by himself, is it? He deserves a nice girl to help him with all those needs! What sort of girl does he like anyway? Maybe his old mother could help him find a nice one?

Things start when his mother starts to talk to him about girls, prodding for information on what sort of girls he likes, and as she finds out more she finds herself longing to be that girl. Would she be willing to change herself so to score her son? Surely there must be ways she can attract his attention?! Just how far things are taken I am willing to discuss, and I am very much open to Bimbofication, mild transformation and his mother taking on a very submissive role in his life, doing anything and everything her son wants whilst he lives like a king.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this! If you are interested then please drop me a PM as I'd love to discuss things in more detail with you. I'm more than happy to mix and match elements from various stories, or even hear any tweaks and adjustments to ideas that you might have. :D
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Re: RP Request Thread [M seeking F]
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Hello there!
I do enjoy the idea of a confident woman causing mayhem.
I think so many interesting, comedic, and fun things could happen in such a plot.
I hope to hear from you!

^ ^

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Re: RP Request Thread [M seeking F]
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Tweaked and overhauled.

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Re: Girls Rule, Boys Drool
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Updated the OP.

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Re: Girls Rule, Boys Drool
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Re: RP Request Thread [M seeking F] [Tease&Denial / Bimbo & More!]
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Added a couple of new cravings