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Author Topic: FoxWriters Writing Corner  (Read 862 times)

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FoxWriters Writing Corner
« on: May 17, 2016, 01:54:24 PM »
 Hello everyone! Foxwriter here!

this is a list of my ideas for some Story themes! that's not to say you can't suggest you're own or offer up you're own twists to mine! i'm always eager for new ideas!

the following ideas are for Harry Potter, MCU, and Original ideas.

I also accept, Supernatural (only up to S6E1), X-Men, and Anita Blake Vampire Hunter or Crossovers. There may be others i'm forgetting or haven't mentioned so feel free to ask or offer!

please make very Sure to read my On/Off's Thread for my preferred Roleplay 'settings' as well as what i like and don't like in an Rp! i will not accept a roleplay from anyone who has not read my O/O's.

Harry Potter Roleplay Ideas
Memory Bound:
Harry Potter has gone missing! Vanished nearly without a trace from his so called home in Private Drive he has all but vanished off the face of the earth. a week has passed and hardly anyone has even noticed that Harry is no longer in the 'safety' of his 'home' and certainly no one has hailed a red flag to announce it. so when someone finds him alone in the middle of nowhere looking like he's been through a war. he's bleeding, he's confused, he's lost and worse, he doesn't seam to know who he is. He's a complete amnesiac. the issue now is, who found Harry? light, dark or muggle? why does Harry look like someone hit him with a bus and more importantly, why did no one know he was missing?

Any gender pairing. can play Harry or the person who finds him. Cannon or OC welcome.

Incubus Dreams:
Harry Potter, the Gryffindor Golden Boy vanished without warning in the night. Five years has passed since then and the war has raged on without him. No one knows where he is or why he left, anyone who might know has never said. Harry has fled the Magical world and is now living life as a muggle. The only problem with that is, Harry is anything but a Muggle. He is an Incubus, a dark magical creature that feeds on the sexual energy released by those he sleeps with. Working as a whore on the streets, Harry feeds on the unsuspecting muggles, and the random wizard that heads his way, safe and sound knowing no one would ever know it was him. That's the way it's worked for five years after his friends and family turned on him. Now he's been discovered, can Harry protect what's left of his secretes? More than that, can he keep his biggest secrete of all, his son, safe?

Any gender pairing, I play Harry, Cannon or OC welcome. 'Dumbledore is a bad guy'.

Time is Falling
what if there was a time when Tom Riddle wasn't Evil? (seventeen to twenty years old). What if Tom Riddle was just a desperate young man?. A Tom Riddle is just a desperate young man looking for acceptance in the world, looking for someone, anyone who didn't think he was a freak. Drug addiction, Alcoholic and starting to dabble in magics over his head, Tom Riddle is in desperate need of an intervention. Who can he count on to pull him back from the brink of no return? Can he be saved at all? (can be from his time-line or someone can go back in time to try and stop him before he becomes Voldemort)

Any gender pairing, I play Tom Riddle.  Cannon or OC welcome

The Viper
Harry Potter never went to Hogwarts. He went missing as a baby, abandoned by his 'dear sweet relatives'. He was found by one of the worlds leading assassins and as a prodigy, Harry was raised to be the worlds greatest assassin as well. Only he has magic and without 'formal' training he's learned to make do on his own. A parseltongue, magical assassin that's never failed a hit before. Now his entire focus is on one person, and one person only. What does he want? Them dead? Something they have? Maybe there's just something about them that has Harry intrigued.

Any Gender Pairing, I play Harry, Cannon or OC welcome.
Marvel Cinematic Universe Roleplay Ideas.
Tip of the Icing
Loki has been sent back to earth as punishment. His magic is bound and he is forced to live as a human for as long as Odin sees fit. Bitter about his life of abuse and neglect, Loki finds solace in baking of all things. Working at a local Cafe he thinks he might have actually found a place where he might be happy. What happens when that peace is threatened by Avengers? Just what kind of secretes is Loki hiding? How long can Odin's tenuous hold on him last, when Loki's peace is disturbed?

Any gender pairing. i would prefer to play Loki. Cannon or OC welcome.

Save my Mind:
The battle is over, it has been for months. Loki captured and placed in prison the world is at peace. until Loki suddenly, and without warning vanishes. now, normally that's not much of a surprise, he IS Loki after all. he vanishes all the time to tease the guards. he always comes back, which is sort of weird. this time though, there was no sly grins before he vanished, no laughter, no twinkling playful eyes. he was just gone, and this time he didn't come back.

Thor of course Warns the Avengers, and it's the Avengers who find him, beaten, bloody and broken. babbling about things that make no sense and it is instantly clear that Loki hadn't escaped. he'd been taken and brutalized. the new torture had been too much, and when he wakes up, he doesn't know who Thor is, doesn't know who the Avengers are, and certainly doesn't know himself.

can the avengers fix Loki, will they want to when this 'new' Loki is so much more kind and helpful and CUTE. what happens when the nightmares he has turns out to be truth?

Any gender pairing, I play Loki, Cannon required, OC welcome.

The Asset:
He is The Asset. the Soldier. he has no thoughts, no opinions, no fears, no mind. Hew is a finely tuned computer program meant for one thing. To kill without mercy or hesitation. that is, until he sees his Target. one Steve Rogers, A.K.A Captain America. it makes him feel things, things he doesn't particularly like or understand. He is not meant to 'Feel' feelings are for people, he is a computer, a machine. so, he does the only thing that makes sense. he holes up, and kidnaps one of the Target's associates to question. or maybe even the Target themselves. not that it helps, not that it makes the feelings go away. can he remember himself, or is he going to go back to Hydra? or worse, will Hydra come get him wen the Asset decides to let the Avengers take care of him? Can the asset find himself again, or make a new life?

Any Gender Pairing, I play Bucky Barnes, Cannon Required, OC Welcome.

Original Roleplay Ideas
The Hunter

The Hunter, a person of renown skill and a source of deep fear for all who know of them. The Hunter is a skilled assassin who always kills who they have been hired to kill. Once you are in The Hunters sights, there is no escape. No where to hide, no where to run, bribes, threats and pleading has no effect. Once you are on the list, you just die. So when someone ends up in The Hunter's focus, why don't they kill? What could possibly have the hunters attention? A special power? A certain innocence? A history? Whatever it is, The Hunter has decided that they want you, and they always get what they want.

Any Setting, Any Gender Pairing, I play the Hunter.

Cyber Games:
it's the newest Game, of the highest Caliber. A full immersion system that allows a person to full be IN the game! The newest RPG Free Roam game is all the rage, and no one can resist the allure of the worlds best full immersion game. One lucky young man or woman, will win the Game, and the full system. When you slip into the game for the first time, it's a rush of pure delight, you can see, you can smell, you can hear the game all around you. The graphics so amazing, you can actually feel the cool wet water, the tickle of the grass, the smell of the flowers... and you have to wonder... what else can you experience?  More importantly, what deadly secrete does the game hold?

Any setting, Any Gender Pairing, Almost any 'creatures/monsters'. DM to be decided.

 The Immortal Special Division-Tactical Force is a group that doesn't exist made up of people and creatures that are not real. Vampires, Werewolves, Archangels,Demons, Psiren, Fairies, Centaurs, anything you can imagine. These creatures have been classified as Immortal and often live along side humans peacefully. Not all Immortals are happy to live hidden, not all Immortals are happy with being denied their favorite prey. It is the job of the ISD-TF to contain, control, and even kill any Immortal who breaks the rules. Are you a Rule Breaker? A Runaway? Someone who didn't know they where immortal? A new recruit? Or just the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Any Setting, Any Gender Pairing, Any Role.

Paint My Heart:
 the world is full of the homeless and the poor, but when you discover a young homeless painter, whose skill is unmatched by anyone you have ever known, what will you do?The Paintings are the most realistic you have ever seen, the most beautiful. What will you do with one of the most talented artists the world has ever seen? What will you do when it turns out that their paintings are not just paintings, and that Painting is not their only skill? What happens when people start wanting your brilliant painter for more nefarious purposes?

Any Setting, Any Gender Pairing, I play the Painter.

System Style Roleplay

I Do accept System Roleplays though i am extremely new to it and am incapable of Dungeon Mastering at the moment.

i have played a little bit of D&D, Pathfinder ad Dungeon World.

i have been looking into DMing Dungeon World so if your interested in that let me know.
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Re: FoxWriters Writing Corner
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Giving this a Bump because i edited and it's been a while since i did anything to it.