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Author Topic: FoxWriters Writing Corner  (Read 1739 times)

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FoxWriters Writing Corner
« on: May 17, 2016, 01:54:24 pm »

FoxWriters Writing Corner

Hello There! FoxWriter here! This is a current list of ideas, please be sure to read my O/O’s before replying or requesting a roleplay from me. I can, and will turn down anyone who hasn’t taken the time to look over my Ons/Offs and taken into account my likes, dislikes, and preferences.

You can find my O/O's Here

Currently Wanting

Non-sex/ Minimal sex stories

Harry Potter
books only

Memory Bound
Harry James Potter, the golden boy, the Chosen One, the Leader of the Light and the Wizarding Worlds last hope has gone missing. Only problem, no one has realized it. he’s been gone for days, or even weeks and no one has taken the time to realize it. When he’s found, he’s covered in filth, bleeding from cuts, completely confused and without any memory, whatsoever. He’s a complete amnesiac. He doesn't know his name, he doesn’t know about magic, he’s lacking any and all personal effects and he seams perfectly content to just sit there and wait for someone to find him. This is not the Harry Potter the world knew, and without anyone knowing he’s missing… who knows who might have found him.

17+ Harry only. Can still be in school but must be of age.

The Viper
Harry never went to Hogwarts. He never entered the magical world. As far as the world knows, Harry Potter is dead. They are wrong, of course. Harry is not dead, the Dursley’s abandoned him the very day he was left on their doorstep. They left him in a dirty alleyway to die and they packed up and moved. He was taken in by the more, unsavory types. He is now known as The Viper. A name that all wizards feared. No wards can stop The Viper. There is no way to tell when he is coming or what he wants until he is already gone. Maybe he wants a rare book from your library, or maybe he just wants you dead. it’s impossible to know.  A Parseltongue magical thief and assassin, and he’s never failed a hit before… not until now, that is.

Not the Only Ones
The wizarding world has long forgotten the truth of their origins. Of the birth of their magic, of the other beings that rule the realms far beyond wizarding reaches. Harry Potter, sick and tired of being used, abused, and all together miserable is more than a little surprsed when ancient beings he’s never heard of, offers to help him reach his destiny. His TRUE, destiny. Not the bullshit Dumbledore has been feeding him, but the Destiny granted to him by Magic Herself.

Darkness Heart
Harry Potter has ALWAYS been the Gryffindor Golden Boy, the Icon of the Light, the Chosen One. What happens when he comes into his magic on his seventeenth birthday and finds out some terrible secretes? Not only is he not entirely human, he’s a DARK not entirely human. With his newly released dark magic coursing through him, and magical creature blood to urge him on, he decides to take a stand against those who tried to oppress him. Fighting against both the light and the dark he decides to vanish to learn new skills to better fight, and protect himself. He returns with more secretes then ever, and no idea what to do. who can he trust? Which side does he turn to in the end, or does he rise up with his own army, to take over everything for himself.

Marvel Cinematic Universe
some comic knowledge

Tip of the Icing
Loki has lived a miserable life, never mind what Thor and Odin might claim Loki had always been the outcast of the family. Tormented for perceived weaknesses and failing to fit in meant he was perpetually alone. Now, as punishment for his actions, Loki has been banished to earth with his magc bound. Instead of taking this as the punishment it is, he takes this as an opportunity to finally get out of the oppression of Odin’s rule. As a human, Odin no longer has any power over him and so, Loki finds a way to be happy. Working in a Cafe baking cakes and pastries and making coffee, he’s finally found some semblance of peace. Until the blasted Avengers find out where he is, his fragile piece is hanging by a thread and he’s not about to give it up all too willingly.

Original Ideas

Dragon Singer
every fifty years, the thirteen countries begin an elaborate ceremony. Every person over the age of eighteen must participate in the ceremony, for it is this ceremony that keeps the peace with the Thirteen Dragon Lords. The Dragon Lads which borders the thirteen countries has always had a… tentative peace with the humans. The Dragons will protect the countries from invasions but only so long as they receive, every fifty years, a human sacrifice that is chosen by the ceremony. It is time for the ceremony, everyone is frightened. No one knows what happens to the people that the Dragons take. 

Turns out, the Dragons have, problems, with getting along and to prevent war between the thirteen Dragon Lords, they use humans to deal with their issues. The humans battle things out verbally so the Dragons don’t end up clawing each others faces off. Things are getting very heated between the thirteen dragon lords, as the last Dragon King has fallen ill, and the thirteen Dragon Lords must now decide, who will be the next Dragon King.

The Wall
The Wall had been there for generations upon generations. For as long as written history has been, the Wall has existed. The people inside of the wall know that they are never to leave. Never. To leave is to never return. Criminals are tossed over the wall to suffer… well, no one knows. No one ever returns. No one but the Trader. Only the Trader comes and goes as he pleases, and he only speaks to the Speaker. The Speaker is the only one allowed to talk to the Trader, and anyone who tries is forced to leave. The Wall is there for a reason, but is it the reason everyone thinks it is, or is there something much more nefarious?

The Executioner
it is inhuman, it is unfeeling, it is precise and silent. The Executioner is known far and wide and it is very real. Mothers whisper to their children in the night to never, ever ‘break the rules’ or the executioner will come. It kills without mercy, and can only be controlled by it’s master. Only problem is, the Executioner might not be human, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have feelings. What happens when those that had control, suddenly loose their most powerful weapon?

Elsewhere Universty
Inspired by Comics found Here and Here.

The school looks normal. A common university that’s too big to fit in the space it really inhabits. The people there are strange, in ways that can’t be explained by ‘it’s just collage’. There are people who aren’t people, and animals too smart to be normal. Anyone can attend but prices vary and sometimes the cost s in more than just money. Are you ready for the realms of the Other, or will you manage to keep your head down, learning more than you should.

These are the ideas I have for now.

Feel free to let me know if you have any ideas of your own or twists to the ideas I already have! I love new ideas.
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Re: FoxWriters Writing Corner
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2016, 01:57:24 pm »
Completed Tales

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Etched into my Soul     Link     July 3, 2016     August 28, 2016   [EX]   424     N/A

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The Mafiati     Link     January 22, 2017     March 4, 2017   [Bon-H]   677     N/A

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Frostbite     Link     March 14, 2017     April 26, 2017   [Bon-H]   504     N/A

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Re: FoxWriters Writing Corner
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first bump in for-ever. like oh my gosh it's been like a shamefully long time.