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March 05, 2021, 02:04:00 pm

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Author Topic: Pathfinder Dungeon Crawl [NC/EX]  (Read 5396 times)

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Re: Pathfinder Dungeon Crawl [NC/EX]
« Reply #25 on: May 20, 2016, 10:23:01 am »
Did someone say body tf?! *eagerly submits concept*

Name; Sarah Spellbind
Race/Class: Human/Sorcerer
Bio: Sarah, despite her meek nature, had a rather perverted grandfather that bedded with a succubus, so a bit of demon blood runs in her family. This makes it quite awkward in that despite being anything but a whore, a majority of the townsfolk despise her for her demonic lineage and thus the closest thing she has to a home is the inn room she rents out of (with increased pricing due to racial hatred). Upon hearing about the well, she was bit reluctant to risk her life, but she couldn't go living like this forever and thus set out to find the various riches to escape the poverty and horrible town she was stuck in.

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Re: Pathfinder Dungeon Crawl [NC/EX]
« Reply #26 on: May 20, 2016, 11:37:54 am »
Name: Evilyn la'Strahd
Race: Human
Class: Antipaladin
Smut: I am a huge fan of pretty much all that. Corruption of Champions was a game I wasted a lot of time with.

Background: Born a noble in an unremarkable city in an unremarkable kingdom an unremarkable distance from the island upon which she now finds herself, Evilyn was a spoiled child who never quite fit in. Always angry or curious, always acting out violently against people who upset her and no matter how much discipline was inflicted it only seemed to spur her to larger and more explosive acts. Eventually disowned by her family at the age of 15, Evilyn was quick to use her noble-groomed appearance to manipulate a band of bandits into doing her bidding, which was simply the death of her parents and family. To save the long tale, the deed was accomplished in bloody murder, and so came the attention of the dark forces below.

Over the coming years Evilyn rose within the bandit ranks, working to expand and grow the organization that was now fueled by the looted wealth of her family. Her personality suited the bandit life, uncaring of consequences, always looking for the next opportunity, the next big pile of treasure and the next fight. No matter how bloody and battered she was, Evilyn always returned. Stronger, more determined and more violent. Her growth and success finally came to the eye of the Lord Asmodeus, demon prince of the hells. Slowly, but surely, he began to test the young bandit queen, testing her and seeing how far she would go to accomplish her goals. What knowledges would she seek, what acts she would do, what depravity would she sink to. And in the end, the Hellish Prince found her to be all that he could wish for.

In one glorious battle Evilyn's bandits fought what seemed to be a lightly guarded caravan, only to find a collection of holy knights riding alongside. The fight was bloody, bodies lay about the road and ditch, but when the dust had settled the bandits had prevailed but only just. Evilyn was torn and bloody, barely clinging to life and the remnants of her bandit gang were broken and scattered. Some had fled, cowards she had called out to them, but yet still she stood. With her gang in tatters and her life sitting alongside, she took a chance and discarded her armor and weapons, stripping one of the holy knights and dressing in her  now-bloody finery. She slowly hobbled out of the woods to greet the caravan once again, so bloody and disguised her identity gone unnoticed. The sole survivor, she claimed, she rode wounded and broken in the back of the wagon, closing her eyes as the pain became too much.

The darkness around her, haunting and overpowering, was suddenly burned away by hellish fire that heralded the arrival of a regal infernal prince in the depths of her exhausted dream. The towering figure told the broken bandit she had succeeded, that he had arranged the holy knights to test her, and now found her worthy of his blessing. He told her of the journey awaiting her at port, a ship to take her to an island far away where horrors unspeakable waited. He instructed her to go, triumph, endure, suffer, and be reborn a hellish force to which he would see set loose upon the world. He told her of companions that would come, to be courteous but manipulative, to survive and thrive in the darkness and she would be reborn in power.

In the flames of her dreams, Evilyn agreed, kneeling before the towering prince. It was as she hung her head that she woke with a start. Her wounds were gone, her body whole and unblemished, but she felt weaker somehow, her years of banditry still fresh in her mind and yet her body was as weak as a new recruit. Even as she left the caravan amidst their next port-city stop, Evilyn knew this was all simply part of her new patron's 'test'. She would survive. She would thrive. She would change, and she would grow powerful. And then, once she was a force unstoppable, she could return home and wipe the laughing, sniveling population of her home city from the face of the map.

Offline JadedTopic starter

Re: Pathfinder Dungeon Crawl [NC/EX]
« Reply #27 on: May 21, 2016, 02:04:26 am »
Thank you for taking the time to write up in submissions everyone. :-)  I do apologize that I can't take everyone.  :-( 

I will go with (divided potentially into who they are grouped with below, unless people prefer to be in groups of 2 or have strong preferences for different groupings) the following characters:

Yugishogun - Sarah Spellbind, Human Sorcerer
Sinestra - Human, Anti-Paladin
Autocad - Juliette Jaeger, Human Fighter

PhantomPistoleer  - Shay Fanning, Human Sorceress 
Ysariel - CĂ©leste, Human Paladin
Thorne - Raseela Silkwind, Idyllkin Gunslinger

Character and OOC threads:

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Re: Pathfinder Dungeon Crawl [NC/EX]
« Reply #28 on: May 21, 2016, 02:16:18 am »
  Have fun everyone.   Jaded rocks, you're in for an awesome ride.  :) 

Online Chulanowa

Re: Pathfinder Dungeon Crawl [NC/EX]
« Reply #29 on: May 21, 2016, 02:49:34 am » I was typing up stuff for my Psychic.  :-(

Ah well. Have fun guys!

Offline harrymason

Re: Pathfinder Dungeon Crawl [NC/EX]
« Reply #30 on: May 21, 2016, 05:27:24 am »
Ah, shame. Have fun guys, I'll follow the thread!