Tricked by a friend (Male to female, Tf, Extreme)

Started by Jennifer swallows, May 16, 2016, 04:34:29 AM

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Jennifer swallows

Hello everyone! ^_^ I'm looking for a Role play Geared more towards heavy humiliation, gloating and just rubbing in their superiority in general. I have a setting in mind and it's pretty straight forward, so I'm completely open to fleshing the idea out more thoroughly, just as long as the themes of the roleplay is still kept in mind.

The idea involves two friends who are both shy introverted virgins, but know that the both of them could be something special if giving half the chance. Then, one of the boys, (Your character) is giving a special ring that can turn man or woman, into their ideal female form. My character doesn't know it, but once the ring changes you, your stuck and are now compelled to serve the ring wearer and willingly humiliate their self's for their masters amusement.

So the idea behind it, is that I would agree to be "your" girl, and then you would do the same for me, but my chance will of course, never come. I'll be made to act like A bimbo for your pleasure, while the ring it self gives you the confidence to make a name for your self.

And yes, I know this is like the story alpha club on fictionmania. heh.