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Author Topic: [PROJECT] Apocalyptic Science-Fantasy - Special Forces (Closed)  (Read 1326 times)

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"If you tell a big enough lie
and tell it frequently enough
it will be believed."
-Adolf Hitler

=|= Introduction =|=
Greetings writers, welcome to PROJECT.

PROJECT is a guided-sandbox modern apocalyptic science-fantasy that takes place in the year 2037 in the Pandemonium-verse. Five years ago the illustrious ATLAS (Advanced Technology and Life Analysis Synchronization) Corporation discovered the lost city of Atlantis at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. Unwittingly, ATLAS somehow triggered one of the large islands many secrets and caused it to rise from the bottom of the sea and ultimately into the sky far above it. In the moments after Atlantis rose the world knew terror like it had never seen before, in the blink of an eye approximately 40% of the Earth's population was eradicated. In the weeks that followed the event, which history now calls The Rise, civilization was shake by super storms, tidal phenomenon and earthquakes unlike it had ever experienced before. When the smoked cleared just under sixty percent of humanity had been wiped from the face of the planet.

ATLAS was given full jurisdiction over Atlantis by the world governments, and in the years that have come since The Rise, they have made huge technological strides. ATLAS has been very good about keeping their operations around Atlantis on the down low, refusing to make public commentary; this has created no shortage of rumors in the public about what has been discovered in the ancient city. Among the rumors s the distant whisper that ATLAS has been secretly use their private military, the Tenzin, to abduct people from their homes and experiment on them; of course the corporation that helped rebuild the world and given the survivors of The Rise stability and peace of mind is quick to deny all such accusations.

Of course only those in the inner workings of ATLAS and Tenzin know the truth about Atlantis and what has been happening in the world since The Rise. Welcome to the Pandemonium-verse, a large scale world which encompasses both this game and its parent game Pandemonium. The Pandemonium-verse is a science-fantasy world which incorporates sci-fi technology with magic from a lost ancient age and pairs them together into a beautiful blend of action, mystery and adventure. A story so serious, so loved that it has spawned the need for spin off games to fully realize the many stories that this world has to offer. In PROJECT players will be playing Husks, a new Denizen race to the Pandemonium-verse, that were created by Gabriel Finch in secret to safeguard his secrets and further his agenda. Characters are part of an elite team - set up to be superior even to the Tenzin - called the Pantheon. Their mission? Whatever is needed. Get in on the offensive, and explore the lost city of Atlantis and discover what Gabriel Finch has been doing in secret all these years. Work to stabilize the world and keep the dreaded Pandemonium Forces contained.

Times have changed, the Tenzin are no longer enough to protect the world; humanity is ill-prepared to handle the truth in these end times...

It's time for a new PROJECT.

=|= FAQ =|=
  • Who's driving this bus?
    Why that would be me, Wispyr, of course!
  • Should we cower in fear of anyone else?
    The lovely Amarlo will be stepping up as my Co-GM for PROJECT - she functions in the same role in Pandemonium.
  • Who can play in PROJECT?
    Project is open to any Lord, Lady or Liege, provided they have read and are able to follow the game rules. The game is rainbow writer / LGBTQA friendly and all players are expected to respect that. Additionally cross-gender writers are permissible (though we ask you feel comfortable writing a cross gender character and not use PROJECT as your testing ground for it).
  • How many characters can I play?
    Each player will be limited to one character. As this game has a strict character limit we want to give as many writers the opportunity to enjoy it as possible. In the future if doubling up is needed we will address that as needed.
  • I got here late, but I really want to play, what do I do?
    Well, unfortunately due to the nature of this game it's not good at bringing in people if all roles are filled. We encourage you to check out PROJECT's parent game Pandemonium if you're interested in playing in this universe, otherwise leave your name and number and if a position opens up we may be in touch!
  • Can I play a bad guy?
    The short answer is that it's complicated. The long answer is sort of. Terms like these are a matter of perspective, and to some of the world the characters of PROJECT might be considered heroes, but (for instance) to the characters of Pandemonium, those of PROJECT are most assuredly the bad guys. Playing an evil character however would not mesh well with this enviornment, so please keep those ideas for a different game.
  • Let me cut to the chase... May we fuck?
    Absolutely! PROJECT is not a smut-centered or even themed game, but the characters are absolutely not prohibited from exploring their sexuality. That said sexuality is a theme for the Pandemonium Forces (though not the major one) so you should be prepared for it to come up.
  • Will you use tag headers for posts?
    Yes. This is not optional. This information is very important and the game is likely to break down if people do not use them.
  • What writing styles are acceptable?
    With the exception of some GM narration, third person past tense.
  • Will player activity be monitored?
    Loosely. We're not anyone's parent, but it is our job to look out for the best interests of the game. Ideally we want everyone to post at least once every ten days. We won't come head hunting you on the morning od day 11, but if we notice frequent posting gaps or continued hold up of the main story we will likely look into what needs to be done to address these issues.
  • In what board will PROJECT take place?
    The game will take place in the Extreme Small Groups board. With that said no player will attempt to push you to write story elements that you are uncomfortable with. The world is not a nice place and will contain non-con (and potentially other 'hard' kinks) elements for setting purposes, however, interactions with each player will be monitored and tailored to their individual limitations. Long story short no one is going to be forced to play a certain thing if it makes them ill, but it may happen elsewhere in the story, be advised.
  • How active is the Game Master?
    I spend more hours a day on E then I am prepared to admit. I can be reached via PM's at pretty much any time, and the absolute worst case is that you'll need to wait until next day to hear back from me. I will be very active watching and guiding the story, as well as playing in it! You can expect to see a lot of me.
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=|= Story =|=

February 17, 2014, 2:27 AM at ATLAS Corporation medical center near Irvine California the first genetically engineered human is born. Her name is Eve, and like the mother of mankind her creation heralds in a new era for the world. The first success of the Nephilim project is met world wide by cheering, the technology used to create Eve promises to bring to an end the genetic flaws and decay of humanity - and it is promised by the company to be made publicly available within two years time. While the world waits for public release of the Nephilim, Gabriel Finch buys Greece out of debt, and officially purchases the country; ATLAS headquarters are moved away from America, and on January 3 of 2016 they make good on their promise by accepting reservations for the first wave of publicly available Nephilim babies. Later that year the young new Nephilim are born on schedule healthy and without defect - with this success under their belt ATLAS begins construction of Nephilim birth centers around the globe to spread the service. Armed with Gabriel's unmatched mind, ATLAS becomes the leader in technological advancement and begins the manufacturing and selling of arms to various world governments. In mid 2018 Finch announces the creation of the Tenzin, a private military force controlled by ATLAS; founded to ensure peace and prosperity across the globe - but also to protect ATLAS interests, shortly after formation the organization is dispatched to lock down Greece's boarders and the country becomes completely isolated from the rest of the world. In July of 2019 China declares war on the United States and wipes out a fair portion of the western seaboard; Hawaii is left in ruins and much of California is destroyed. With his parents dead, Gabriel Finch orders the Tenzin to deal with this matter and by early October of the same year they occupy Beijing and bring an end to the war. Because of the success of the Tenzin's campaign, ATLAS' humanitarian efforts, Gabriel Finch is rejoiced as a hero across the globe. With ATLAS being so high profile, they are granted an unprecedented measure of freedom across the globe.

...Of the World...

Five years ago the lost city of Atlantis rose from the sea floor and took flight above the Atlantic. In the minutes that followed its ascension millions of basketball sized blue globules were propelled across the globe. At first people were mesmerized by their speed and beauty, but all illusions of grandeur were shattered when the first of the balls slammed into the ground. Like a flash bang they erupted into huge domes of translucent blue light, swallowing everything for miles around the impact site. When the light faded those who had been spared by nothing more than chance were witnesses to the great culling of mankind since the black plague; all those touched by the light had the life sucked from their bodies, the areas that had been engulfed were in ruins, glass had been blown out, stone had begun to crumble, metal rusted and deteriorated. In the blink of an eye entire cities were reduced to nothing and over the next several weeks the governments of the world came to estimate that approximately forty percent of the human race had been made a casualty of the attack.

The casualties and destruction did not end with the explosive light. During the weeks that followed the entire planet was rocked by super storms, winds that toppled skyscrapers, lightning that turned street corners into rubble filled craters, rains so heavy that in many parts of the world you had to trudge through knee high water for days. Earthquakes rocked the foundation of the world, splitting the earth and swallowing entire chunks of civilization whole. Coastal cities had it the worst, the tidal phenomenon was unprecedented and the ocean angrily slammed into the coasts wiping most of them clear for miles inland. The world struggled to hold it together as governments were forcefully dismantled by mother nature. Over these three weeks of catastrophic upheaval, it was estimated that the population was reduced by an additional twelve percent.

When the dust cleared and the world finally settled back to some level of normalcy the people themselves went crazy. No longer living in terror they turned to outrage and violence, lashing out in a desperate cling for survival. The damage caused to governments left most of them unable to handle the disorder of their own people and so these world governments turned to Gabriel Finch and ATLAS to restore order and stability. By using his Tenzin military force, ATLAS worked diligently around the globe to restore control through the rule of military law. In order to return the world to a place humanity was comfortable with, Gabriel Finch unified the remaining world leaders under the banner of ATLAS Global, a single, unified world government. ATLAS Global worked tirelessly for two years to rebuild and help the people of the world, relocating many of them to the new and improved super cities: New Haven, built on the ruins of Atlanta, capital of the new world, and home of the ATLAS Tower, it is where the global government sits and rules from; Los Vegas in America, St. Petersburg in Russia, Sydney in Australia, Beijing in China, Tokyo in Japan, Munich in Germany, Barcelona in Spain, Cairo in Egypt, and Chicago in America. With two years of effort and struggle behind them, life for mankind had returned to what most of them would consider normal. People went to work, children went to school, government was back in control, stores were open, crafts were done, art was made. For the first time in a long time the collective of humanity heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

What mankind didn't know yet was that during The Rise Atlantis had released more than just a brazen attack against humanity. Magic had been reborn in the world, and souls long trapped by the spell that had sunk the great city in the first place had been released to find new hosts.

Just over a year ago, Atlantis acted up again and put the entire world on alert. An endless ray of red light burst into the sky from the cities surface and bathed the entire world in a blood red glow. For three days the world did not know darkness from light; for three days humanity looked over their shoulder in horrified anticipation of the next attack. It never came. The Days of Blood, so dubbed by the internet goers, passed without incident. However since then strange things have been reported around the globe. Rumors of people transforming into other things, concerns of monsters that stalk the night, whispers of people with incredible powers. Six months ago the word on the street was that ATLAS Corporation had discovered something on Atlantis and that they were no secretly abducting people to experiment upon. Of course, no one is willing to reject Gabriel Finch, as he is the man responsible for piecing the world back together.

...Of the PROJECT...

PROJECT has been around since the start of it all in one form or another - a secret side agenda that Gabriel Finch has been nurturing for decades now. It started with the Nephilim project, and after Eve's birth the perfection of that science lead to the creation of the Delta 8 facility. It was here that forth and ultimately fifth methods to create the Nephilim were designed and brought to life - the fifth being the one released to the public originally. After that it was no longer needed, but studying the long term development of the Nephilim was and so the facility was maintained and funded. Lost in the Canadian wilds the eight Nephilim children were observed and tested, gently at first but as they grew so did the intensity of what they were subjected too. Five years later, after the formation of the Tenzin, the facility was turned over to their control; it was at this point that the lives of the Delta 8 Nephilim were changed irrevocably. What began as studying their development turned int harsh stress testing of their brains and bodies, and introducing them to military - if not flat out barbaric - styles of discipline and exercises. They were crammed with knowledge and pushed to their limits, all to be ultimately turned on one another to see how the Nephilim would respond in the most extreme scenarios. For them it was hell, but for ATLAS is was data. Unknown to the world, these Nephilim suffered alone in cages and terrible circumstances while the world benefited from at their expense. The information collected from the Delta 8, paired with the live feed of information from those Nephilim born in the public was used to create more refined methods of creation - and how to deal with any issues that arose as the Nephilim grew. With Delta 8 in the back ground, and numerous other secret projects, Gabriel Finch turned his attention elsewhere and to more important matters in the world.

It wasn't until 2030 that Gabriel would look at the Delta 8 again, when he allowed a freelance partner of sorts, Anton Duval, to visit the facility. Anton, a leading authority on bioengineering, was instructed to interact with the eight in hopes that he could help develop cybernetics that would make them - and the Nephilim in general - more receptive to commands. Some time after Anton's trip to the facility, he began working on cybernetics, that he believed to be unrelated, for ATLAS. These cybernetics were never - in full - released to the public. Key elements and designs were held back and stored for Gabriel's private use, and like so many things it was added to his pile of secrets.

When Atlantis was discovered, Gabriel could not help but turn his attention entirely to it; the idea of what could possibly be contained within the fabled ancient city was impossible to ignore. No expense was spared, no resource was untapped until finally the trigger was flipped and the city rose to the surface. Not even Gabriel could have predicted what came next, but in the apocalypse that was the Rise, where others saw catastrophe, Finch saw opportunity. Through this hardship he regained power that he lost, and unified people on a level that was believed to never be possible. Once again he was in the worlds best light, and more so then ever before. ATLAS was given control over Atlantis, and with the considerable power of the Tenzin Gabriel locked the area down. The navy beneath and around, forming a perimeter network that would have been nearly impossible to breach; drones in the sky watching and relaying information while keeping air crafts out. He fronted the first of many expeditions to the island, and was the first human to step foot on the forgotten ground. He explored the city and worked tirelessly to unlock its secrets. The things he saw there, discovered there, were beyond anything he had ever accomplished; he deconstructed it and began working to integrate Atlantean technology into his own.

For nearly two years Gabriel worked freely on Atlantis until something he did not expect happened. Months before he had come across a large chamber which seemed out of place once he began studying it - inside an artifact of sorts that mimicked the out of place sense. He had tinkered around it and tried to determine its purpose until accidentally he triggered... something. The artifact lit up and projected a pillar of light into the sky of deepest red and the entire world was soaked in its light. For three days the world knew not day from night, and the so called Days of Blood threatened to send civilization spiraling back into a panic. During this time Gabriel vanished completely from the world, his team could not find him anywhere in the city. When the light stopped, Gabriel appeared again in the room where he had gone from. He was changed forever, but no one would understand how or why. As soon as he came back, he left Atlantis and made his way to yet another hidden compound - this one buried far beneath the frozen wastes of Antarctica where he was confident before the Rise no one would find it. Gabriel Finch vanished from the worlds eye, without a world. Only a select few individuals were made aware of where he was - and only out of absolute need. Eve, being one of them and the most important, now a grown women took up her would-be fathers mantle as president of ATLAS Corporation, and with his withdrawal from the world she also took his place on the council of Executer's over ATLAS Global. When questioned Eve remains firm that she does not know where, and has not heard from Gabriel.

For over a full year now Gabriel has been off the radar, toiling away in secret; no one knows for certain what happened to him during his vanishing act during the Days of Blood but it whatever it was seemed to give him clarity into all of those secrets he had been stockpiling for years upon years. Materials from around the globe are secretly transported to the Antarctic facility, by means of Tenzin securing them and loading them onto remotely operated jets controlled by Odin and then flown away - such orders come directly from Eve, but have little details beyond 'do this'. The truth from the inside though is that Gabriel has been creating something new, a new organization more elite then even his Tenzin. PROJECT, which had been long forgotten and buried, is resurrected and put into full motion. To compliment it the Husks are created - like the Nephilim they are genetically engineered, but unlike their cousins, the Husks are grown inside special tanks. They are augmented with new technology that allows them to interface with computers, and perhaps most terrifyingly of all they can be grown on demand provided a viable embryo can be found. He arms these new creations with technology unlike the world has ever seen - a bastard fusion of Atlantean tech and modern tech, spliced with the magic that he has discovered within himself. These individuals are called the Pantheon, and they now serve as the most elite fighting force on the planet, loyal to only one man...

In PROJECT players will take control of one of these individuals, these Husks created by Gabriel Finch. The Husks are unlike any other being, because while they may appear physically any age, none of them are more then six months old tops in all reality. Born in a form of stasis, the Husks awareness was retarded long before they became self aware - and in the final stages of their development they are given memories. These memories are only half fabricated however; through the same technology that allows them to interface with computers, Odin provides each Husk with a unique and randomly generated life situation that they are 'born' into. Then over the span of a few days the individuals are allowed to live their simulated life, make choices and have experiences that help shape them as real people. At the time of game start the Husks will have been active for roughly six weeks and will have already undergone a few small scale missions to test their effectiveness. So all characters should be aware of one another, and have some familiarity among themselves. The members of Pantheon are armed with the most advanced technology in the world, but also a magic gifted to them by their creator. Knowing that the fights they will fight can not always be won by traditional means, each of the Husks is implanted with an Atlantean gemstone that augments and amplifies their latent magical powers.

Pantheon is an elite unit of soldiers first and foremost. Their mission is whatever Gabriel Finch needs them to do in the moment; primarily though this is ensuring that the world survives. There is evil out there and forces beyond the comprehension of regular people, things they could not even begin to dream of fighting off. Things that even the well armed Tenzin aren't prepared to handle. These things need to be dealt with by those who can fight on that level, and that is Pantheon. Armed with their Deity suits, Gabriel's brilliance and magic they will take the fight to Pandemonium and help secure the world for better or worse.

It's important to note that brutal fight scenes are not the only thing that will take place during the course of PROJECT. Gabriel Finch is tied up in world politics, and while he has been removed he has not been kept unaware. This game will span a number of topics, from raw fighting to political intrigue, to subtle covert missions to things that really test what it means to be human. The Husks are unaware of their true nature, but that might not always be the case. And while the system for creating the Husks went well, who knows how they might evolve out side of their simulated lives when thrown into the real world for extended periods of time.

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=|= Character Creation =|=

The Pandemonium-verse is filled with a number of races: Humans, Atlanteans, Nephilim, the Imori, and the Fae, among others. In PROJECT we will be illustrating a new addition to that roster, the Husks. To that end players will be limited to their Denizen race choice simply to Husks. Unique not only in their abilities but how they came to be, the Husks occupy a very unique facet within the Pandemonium-verse. These pseudo-Nephilim may look, act and think like a person who has been alive twenty or more years, but in truth not a single Husk is more then six months old. They haven't truly lived lives - though they don't know that.

The newest addition to the world, the Husks are a very limited race. While it is unknown exactly how many of them there are, it is unlikely the the number is more than a few dozen. The Husks are specially spawned Nephilim created by Gabriel Finch personally in his secret laboratories across the globe. Unlike the Nephilim which were created and then brought to term in a mother and allowed to live a normal life, the Husks are the true test tube babies of the world. They are grown at hyper accelerated speeds in special chambers, where they live their life. Husks start as Nephilim, but the fertilized embryo is then placed in these chambers and watched over by Odin - Gabriel's AI. During their early development their mental awareness is retarded so they are essentially blank canvases unaware of themselves as they grow - but they do have brain activity. During their final stages of development their consciousness is implanted in a randomly generated life sequence, that they are then allowed to make choices in a 'grow' as though they had lived a full life. To this end, the Husks have lived a simulated life of however many 'years' they are grown to be, but are entirely unaware that it was not a real life.

  • Nephilim Attributes: Created in a fashion mimicking the process that grows the Nephilim, Husks have the same general qualities that make the Nephilim unique. Husk's have access to all three of the Nephilim perks (Perfect Immunization, Enhanced Attributes, Eidetic Memory).
  • Biometric Interfacing: Fashioned in such a way the Husks are able to interface directly with technology simply by touching it. If it runs on electricity and an internal computer, a Husk need only place their hand to an access point (cell phone case, computer keyboard/mouse, etc) and control that technology. This makes them the worlds most dangerous hackers, because while it doesn't given them the ability to understand what they are doing they can issue 'override commands' to computers (IE, interfacing with an locked electronic door and telling it to open, and it does).
  • Preprogrammed: Husks were created to be super soldiers and the program that created them equipped them with everything that they might need to accomplish this task. Husks are fluent both verbally and in writing with every language in the world and are considered masters of all natural fighting styles and weapons.
  • Power Rating: 15-5

When looking to create the backstory for your character there are a few guidelines that need to be followed, they are as follows:

1. The Husks were created for a purpose - that purpose was to serve as military unit. To this end is is doubtful that any simulated life would result in a character that was socially, mentally or physical broken. That is not to say that the character need to have lived straight arrow lives, with nothing awkward or hard in them. The program that wrote their lives was extremely complex and would have made it feel real, so as to ensure that they could not distinguish flaws between themselves and others who might tell them about their lives.

2. In their simulation, all Husks at some point came meet Gabriel Finch and be taken in by him. How this happens is left entirely to your discretion - as a man who has his fingers in literally every pie, there are infinite ways this could be the case, don't be afraid to get creative. In addition to this, meeting Gabriel must come before the events of The Rise in their simulation. That is, every character will have 'experienced' The Rise, from within the safety on ATLAS facilities and would have largely been unaffected by it while still being aware of what was going on. If you need details for your concept, please inquire.

3. It is safe to assume that the characters met one another originally in their simulations at the point of The Rise. As each was taken in by Gabriel Finch, it makes sense that the simulation incorporated the others and allowed them to interact at a young age. To this end, characters may have direct connections with one another from that point forward, but not from before that point. It is also acceptable if you do not want your character to have been interactive with the others.

4. The characters have been awake, active and together for about six weeks now. This is unlikely enough time for any serious bonds to have been formed - but no one is excluded from doing so - but plenty of time that every character will know generally about one another. When constructing character sheets please be sure to plant information that the other characters will have picked up on in their time together. This is everyone will start familiar with one another.

5. The Husks are completely unaware that they are not just augmented Nephilim. They have no and can not have any awareness that their lives have been entirely simulated by a computer and input into them - even if that simulation was interactive enough for them to make choices.

6. Finally notes about the simulated life. To the characters this simulation was their life, it is their memories of childhood and growing up. The program they were in was akin to the Matrix - they were generated a set of circumstances and then thrown into it, while being gently nudged by Odin to keep them on track. They were presented with options to choose which altered the way that their simulation played out. For all intents and purposes, their back story should read like a regular characters given that the players are aware that none of it really happened and none of the people in those stories are real - but they are real to the characters! Characters may be any physical age, but it suggested that they are 20-30 as it is the most fitting for the game. The final moments of their simulation will have blended seamlessly into the real world - they will have been approached to take on a special role in this new team called Pantheon and need to be augmented to handle it. At which point they will enter a tube in their simulation. When they wake up, they will have woken up for real for the very first time and step out of that very same tank that they think they entered.


At character creation, you will be asked to create powers for your character. Each of the denizen races has numbers that are attached to this. Each character will begin play with a number of power levels equal to the noted power level of that race, with no individual power being greater than the second noted number. For instance if your characters power rating is (11-3) your character may know up to 11 levels worth of powers, none of which may be higher than level 3. So they could know five (5) level 1 powers and one (1) level 1 power, three (3) level 3 powers and one (1) level 2 power, or any other combination so long as their total does not exceed 11 levels worth of knowledge and nothing is higher than level 3. Powers will be rated on a level scale of 1 to 5. You will create and rate your own powers when constructing your character sheet, and I will review them once submitted. We may adjust the function of the power or the level depending on what I see. If you over leveled your power we will either increase its power or drop the level back, things like that.

To create a sense of stamina in the game and so characters do not feel like they are endless wells of infinite power there will be a loose system in place to simulate the amount of energy each character has. Characters have a pool of energy roughly equal to their combined power rating. Using the above example, a character with a power rating of (11-3) would have an energy pool of approximately 14. Every power used costs energy equal to its level. Thus using a level 3 power would be draining but not hugely impacting the first time or two used during a single encounter / day. However using that level 3 power five times in a single encounter or day would be very draining for the character and leave them basically one empty; using it a sixth time would be pushing the limits of their stamina and quite possibly push them to unconsciousness. Passive abilities reduce your maximum energy pool by their level. If you self-impose restrictions on your abilities they may qualify for being a lower level than they normally would if they did not have them. Additionally, as the game progresses characters will learn and develop new powers. Restrictions on abilities can all level 5 powers to seem much higher, but still be only that.

An important note about the Husks is how they have their magical ability - or rather why it is so strong in comparison to the other Denizen races. Husks traditionally start with a power rating equal to the Nephilim because at the core that is what they are. However the only Husks in existence were outfitted with special Atlantean gems provided by Gabriel Finch. These gems drew their magic to the surface even though they do not have Atlantean souls to guide them, as well as augmenting these powers to the extreme. This becomes important because the gems can be lost and in such a case the Husks would find themselves unable to tap into their magic, because they only know how to do so through the gems.

The 5 'Schools' of Magic
Enhancement (ENH): Abilities in this school empower the character in some way. This could be passive or activated effects that make them stronger, faster or more durable. Things that increase their natural abilities, or otherwise boost them fall into this category.
Mind Altering (MDA): These powers afflict the targets mind. This could be as simple as changing their mind, to reading their thoughts, or putting them to sleep.
Evocation (EVO): Most magics that attack a target go here. These abilities give the caster the ability to introduce harm to the world. This could be in the form of hurling a fireball or lightning bolt, to cursing someone with blindness to even dominating their body.
Utility (UTL): These abilities are utilitarian in nature. They give benefit to the caster or their allies. This is where magics such as counter spelling comes from this school. Powers that affect the world in harmful ways, such as warping light, casting invisibility all fall here.
Support (SPT): Support powers aid the character in attain their goals in some way. This can come in the form of distracting illusions, healing magic and most defensive magic.

Example Powers
Control Flames - (1) - (EVO): The ability to control fire that already exists. You can intensify, diminish and extinguish at will. You can weave and move the fire without fuel once it has been started for you, turning it into fireballs or other such blasts.

Pyromancy - (2) - (EVO): You have the ability to create flames with a snap of your fingers. You can freely hurl fireballs or shoot sustained torrents of flame.

Blaze Absorption - Passive - (3) - (ENH): You're immune to fire, and, in fact, it empowers you. Flames are absorbed into your skin like water and replenish your energy and restore your body. You can take a stroll through a raging inferno and the only thing you have to worry about is what you're going to cover yourself with on the other side.

Flamebody - (4) - (EVO): You engulf yourself in living fire and become one with it. Projectiles pass through you, you gain the ability to fly, anything flammable even remotely near you bursts into flame. Oh, and you look like a total badass.

Dragonfire (5) - (EVO): Your breath is a weapon so hot it can burn through almost anything. You can spout a cone of fire that turns titanium to ash, quickly evaporates large bodies of water, or melt through nearly anything in your way.

Strength of an Ox - Passive - (2) - (ENH): Your strength is that of five fully grown men. You can easily lift 500lbs, bench almost 800.

Burst of Power - (1) - (ENH): You have the ability to briefly supercharge your strength to that of five men. You could lift 500lbs and bench almost 800.

Heal - (3) - (SPT): You seal the wounds and restore the body of your target. The worse condition they're in, the longer this must be used.

Regenerate - (4) - (SPT): You can regrow your own limbs or those of your allies, cure blindness, and any number of other smaller miracles. However doing this requires hours and hours of uninterrupted concentration.

Ressurection - (5) - (SPT): You can bring people back from the dead! To do so however puts an enormous strain on your body, causing you to instantly age 5 years and permanently draining your energy pool by 5.

Counter Spell - (5) - (UTL): You can unravel the threads of magic to dismiss any spell. At this stage you can negate an actively cast magic from any school.

Mimicry - (1) - (UTL): You can mimic the effects of a level 1 <Insert Single School Here> power that has been used near you and you have seen (or detected) being cast. You must remain within proximity (roughly a football field) of the original caster to recreate this effect.

Duplicate Energy - (3) - (UTL): You can mimic the effects of any power of level 1 or below, or any level 2 or 3 <Insert Single School Here>, that has been used near you and you have seen (or detected) being cast. You must remain within proximity (roughly a football field) of the original caster to recreate this effect.

Reweave Power - (5) - (UTL): You can mimic the effects of any power of level 3 or below, or any level 4 or 5 <Insert Single School Here>, that has been used near you and you have seen (or detected) being cast. You must remain within proximity (roughly a football field) of the original caster to recreate this effect.

Power Replication - (3) - (UTL): By touching a target you can siphon knowledge of a level 1 or 2 power from them, and gain the ability to use that power for the next 24 hours. Any time the ability is activated it uses the cost of Power Replication rather than the original cost of the gained power.

...Deity Suits...

The characters of PROJECT come pre-equipped with the most advanced technology on the planet, this primarily comes in the forms of their battle armor which are aptly called Deity Suits. These suits are a combination of Atlantean Hybrid tech and magic and are by far what allow the members of Pantheon to carry out the missions that they are tasked with. Each suit comes mostly pre-designed, however they will have certain abilities that are detailed by the player of those characters. Slight modification of each suit is possible to accommodate for individual character preferences, but in general you should be ready to roll with the information provided for each position and then customize it in the form of what abilities it has. Like powers the suits work on an energy system, and like the Husks themselves they require the Atlantean gem to be powered - the suits require an absurd amount of energy and only the gem can provide a supply that allows them to function.

First some basics that is universal of each suit. As mentioned it is the Atlantean gem which allows them to be powered on, but they are further locked by individual. Even when powered it is the Husks ability to Biometrically Interface that allows them to access and control the suit, furthermore each suit is tailored to the Biometric Signal of the operator - in short there's never been a more secure anti-theft system ever invented. Next, and perhaps more importantly, is that each suit has a natural healing factor - it can be assumed that this is either some sort of nanite technology or simply magic, but the suits will regenerate on their own over time; of course they can also be manually repaired should something severe happen to them. Each suit is a self contained environment that can be regulated by the user; this translates to the suits can go basically anywhere - they could walk on the seafloor as easily as they could walk on the moon. They also come with an internal damper system, and while they can't naturally fly they could sky dive without a para shoot; this also prevents the operator from getting scrambled like an egg should they get thrown around by something stronger than they are (hint hint). Finally each suit has a fully loaded communications system and display which allows them to communicate with one another and tie directly into any standard signal; if it belongs to the Tenzin, ATLAS Corporation or ATLAS Global the Deity Suits have access to the channels.

Each suit was created in a way to create a well balanced team and make sure that each person has something that they alone can contribute to the team while being functional as a whole. To allow some customization of the suit however, the different abilities of the suits will have been based off their operators preferences. So much like creating character spells, you will need to create abilities for your Deity Suit. Each suit comes with three standard Core Operations, abilities that really define the role of the suit and what it is meant to do - we ask that when you make abilities for the suit that you keep it in line with the general theme, but we'll hear arguments for things that might be considered slightly off theme but fit in your head. Every suit has a power pool of 50 points that they can spend freely. Some attacks and Core Operations require energy to use. Suits can not have base line passives unless they are listed in the suits Core Operations; such passives deplete their rating from the suits total power pool. Suits can have activated passives, that put constant strain on the suit, basically they drain the cost each round that it is kept active.

Heavy Armor - Melee - Defensive
Guardian was designed with staying power in mind; built for bulk not speed, the suit has the most defensive base framework of any other suit. The purpose of Guardian is to get into the heart of a fray and hold the attention of large and problematic enemies; also they work as the Pantheon's primary fight controller. The Guardian's role is to control a battle in such a way that gives the team the greatest advantage.

Primary Weapon: Power Fists - Energized fists able to deliver massively powered blows. The force of these fists are exceptional at breaking down defenses.
Secondary Weapon: Shock Fists (2) - Empowering the Guardian's fists puts a constant drain on the suits power supply, but allows it to deal even higher amounts of damage per blow. Additionally while the suits fists are energized they deal additional damage to electronic targets and have a chance to stun biological ones.

Core Operation: Pulse Shielding - The Guardian suit comes with a built in shielding array which helps prevent damage to it, furthering its durability. These shields pulse in a way that allows them to take reduced damage from projectiles.
Core Operation: Shield Projection (5-25) - The Guardian suit can project its own energy into a shield that cocoons around its target; the shield granted has the same strength as the amount of energy placed into it and can be cast on the Guardian suit itself. This operation requires line of sight.
Core Operation: Scramble Frequency (3) - Activating this ability causes the Guardian to emit a sonic pulse that scrambles communications in the area - the Deity Suits are shielded from this pulse - and prevents all forms of radio or electronic communication. This also prevents machines that are controlled remotely from getting operation signals. Effects last approximately one minute.

Light Armor - Melee - Offensive
Probably the single most offensive oriented Deity Suit, the Berserker's role is to get into the fight and do damage. The suit sacrifices durability and defense for all out offensive capability. It excels at getting to any place that it needs to and engaging a foe, no matter what terrain they might choose. The primary role of the Berserker is a damage dealer; dealing with enemies that are going to require a great deal of focused damage to take down.

Primary Weapon: Vibro Sword - This blade is composed of an Atlantean metal that makes it both lightweight and incredibly durable. The blade has a reach of roughly five feet; it uses a micro vibration technique that allows it to cut at an impossibly small level - rendering physical defenses mostly useless against this weapons. They may not be able to cut through anything in a single slash, but they can get through anything with enough of them.
Secondary Weapon:  Pulse Sword - This blade is constructed much like a traditional lightsaber; it uses a closed loop of rotating energy, in short once powered initially the blade powers itself going forward. The blade is an energy weapon that has no physical form, thus it can not be used defensively, but is excellent at breaking through energy based defenses as well as defenses too thick for the Vibro Sword to handle.

Core Operation: Advanced Combat Analysis - The Berserker suit automatically records enemies movements and begins to trace their fighting style. This passively increases both the Berserker's chance to successfully land blows on their target and avoid incoming blows coming from that target. Each consecutive round the Berserker remains engaged with that target these bonuses grow.
Core Operation: Grav-Alter Field (8p) - The laws of physics need not apply to the Berserker suit; it can run effortlessly along walls, or ceilings. It could climb skyscrapers with ease and is even able to walk across the surface of water.
Core Operation: Overdrive (10) - The Berserker's signature feature is its ability to channel energy into itself in bulk. Doing this gives the suit a short but potent burst of speed and strength, allowing it to preform attacks on a level beyond any other Deity Suit.

Medium Armor - Melee - Defensive
The Brusier is the active response suit - it has neither the durability of the Guardian or the raw damage potential of the Berserker, but an active combination of the two. The Brusier can wade into the thick of a battle and lock down secondary targets, while dishing out effective amounts of damage. The primary role of the Brusier is group-cover; inevitably an enemy will get past the front line and it is the Brusier's job to be the response to those targets, preventing them from getting ontop of the backline and disrupting the teams effectiveness.

Primary Weapon: Digi-Blade - A digital blade made of hard light that can ignore energy based defenses completely. The Digi-Blade is a weapon that is settable and can be broadcast at the size of a dagger, to the size of a great sword.
Secondary Weapon: Digi-Wall - A digital shield made of hard light. The Digi-Wall can be thrown like a disk and used a mid-range weapon; the projection vanishes once it gets further then twenty feet from the suit. The shield can be used to block incoming fire and deflect blows, reducing the overall damage that the Brusier takes.

Core Operation: Digi-Hook (5) - A grappling hook, more or less, made of hard light that can be shoot up to fifty feet. The hook can grapple friends and foes alike, dragging them towards the Brusier.
Core Operation: Digi-Barrier (4) - Projects a hard light wall over an area, good at sealing off openings and preventing advancement from a given direction. The Digi-Barrier can be projected at any size up to twenty-five feet tall by twenty-five feet wide. The barrier places a constant drain on the suits power so long as it is maintained, and requires line of sight.
Core Operation: Digitize (7) - The Brusier teleports itself to a location within its line of sight.

Light Armor - Hybrid - Offensive
==( Amarlo )==
Ghost is the second gunner on the team, and shores up the teams mid range combatants. Ghost specializes in infiltration and sabotage, switching easily from mid range combatant to a close quarters disaster that weaves into the enemy lines and deals with targets that couldn't otherwise be gotten too. The role of the Ghost is to be on offensive damage dealer and tactical sabotage and information retrieval.

Primary Weapon: Pulse Carbine - This mid-range weapon shoots energy pellets rather than physical ammunition which makes it equally effective against both energy and physical defenses. The carbine has a both a burst and full auto setting.
Secondary Weapon: Vibro Sword - This blade is composed of an Atlantean metal that makes it both lightweight and incredibly durable. The blade has a reach of roughly five feet; it uses a micro vibration technique that allows it to cut at an impossibly small level - rendering physical defenses mostly useless against this weapons. They may not be able to cut through anything in a single slash, but they can get through anything with enough of them.

Core Operation: Cloaking (3) - The Ghost is equipped with advanced stealth equipment that allow it to literally become invisible and undetectable by normal means of detection. This feature puts a constant drain on the suit's power.
Core Operation: Phasing (7) - The magic energy that surges through the Atlantean metals that make up Ghost allow it and its operator to briefly pass unhindered through physical objects.
Core Operation: Singularity Bomb (5) - Create and implant a energy singularity that is invisible to the naked eye. This bomb has a small yeild but is perfect for destroying key equipment and can be detonated remotely once Ghost is safely away from the target.

Medium Armor - Ranged - Offensive
One of two primary gunners on the team, Sharpshooter is primarily one of the units mid range combatants. However the suit specializes in tactical elimination, switching off with ease to the support sniper. The Sharpshooter's role is offensive damage dealer and tactical target elimination.

Primary Weapon: Pulse Carbine - This mid-range weapon shoots energy pellets rather than physical ammunition which makes it equally effective against both energy and physical defenses. The carbine has a both a burst and full auto setting.
Secondary Weapon: Pulse Sniper - This long range sniper rifle shoots extremely potent energy rounds, that easily do excessive damage per shot. The weapon is able to fire physical projectiles as well to fire its load out of specialty rounds. The sniper comes with an advanced telescoping sight that allows thermal and electrical tracing.

Core Operation: Decoy (4) - Activate a short lived hard light decoy of yourself. After activating this the real Sharpshooter gains a few moments of invisibility allowing them to quickly reposition themselves without fear of being traced.
Core Operation: Flight Thrusters (4) - The Sharpshooter is equipped with equipment that allows it to attain flight for short periods of time. This allows the Sharpshooter to get out of bad situations fast or easily position themselves in good positions for sniping. Extended use places a constant drain on the suits power.
Core Operation: Executioner Shot (10) - A single powerful shot of energy that is infused with magic allowing it to phase through armor, it's damage is massive.

Sniper Specialty Rounds
Phase Pulse: The Phase Pulse round is twice as effective as a normal shot against energy based defenses.
Tracer: Implants a traceable chip into a target.
Armor Piercing: The snipers Armor Piercing Round is twice as effective as a normal shot against physical based defenses.
Lockdown: Emits an electrical surge on contact that causes mechanical things to stop operating - similar to an EMP round, but effective against even things that are EMP shielded.
Explosive: A round that carries a high yield explosive, great at causing chaos, or taking out big targets from a great distance.
Hacker: Creates a virtual feed from the implanted target to the Sharpshooter suit, allowing the operator to hack in and control electronic devices they could normally operate, remotely.

Heavy Armor - Ranged - Offensive
The heavy gunner, explosives master and artillery expert all in one; Warhead is designed to be the teams target suppression master as well as their demolitionist. The Warhead has the most dangerous weapons of the unit, as well as being hard to move and almost as durable as the Guardian. Warheads role varies depending on the mission, but in general it is heavy offensive damage deal over large areas.

Primary Weapon: Tri-Pulse Gatling Canon - This three barreled gatling gun fires energy rounds to be effective against both energy and physical defenses. In terms of raw out put there is no other weapon that comes even close. The canon takes six seconds to start its spin, but once in operation it does not need to stop is it is not limited belt fed ammunition.
Secondary Weapon: Pulse Canon (5) - This adjustable back mounted canon fires energy directly from the suits power supply, which makes it ineffective in prolonged engagements but excellent when a single big blast is needed.

Core Operation: Siege Mode - The Warhead enters an immobile mode, where it locks down onto the ground. In this mode it can not move - switching in and out of those mode takes roughly a minute - or use its primary weapon; however the Pulse Canon shifts to gain most of the suits focus and is enhanced. Each shot is reduced to cost only 3 power, and its damage is increased by roughly fifty percent. Additionally in this mode the range of the Pulse Canon goes from mid-range burst to mortar-like siege.
Core Operation: Digi-Canon (4) - A canon which digitize specialized rocket rounds for use in combat. Each digitization of a rocket requires an expenditure of energy. Can not be used in Siege Mode.
Core Operation: Buster Shot (8) - Heightened energy is channeled through the Pulse Canon to deliver a powerful explosive blast akin to a missile. While Warhead is in Siege Mode the cost of this operation is reduced to 6.

Digi-Canon Missiles
Cluster Rocket: A rocket that is fired into the sky which then breaks apart into seven smaller rockets that spread out before finally each ejecting a series of seven smaller rockets that explode upon impact. Each of these rockets has a small yield but the ability to attack large areas in a single go is irreplaceable.
Anti-Air Missile: A heat seeking missile that can be fired at aircrafts and will trace them until impact. Manual targeting not available. High yield explosive.
Groundhog Missile: A missile with a laser emitting point that can burrow under ground and then explode to destabilize foundations - can also be used to breath through defenses and explode from the inside.
Fireburst Rocket: A rocket that explodes and ignites a napalm-esque chemical over a medium area, raining sticky fire down upon it. Extremely effective against unarmored targets.
Megaton Warhead (15): Unlike other rounds for the Digi-Canon the Megaton Warhead requires extra to digitize due to the power of its yield. While it isn't a nuke, it's an explosion that should not be taken lightly. Extremely high yield.

Light Armor - Ranged - Defensive
==( Wispyr )==
Mystic was created to support the Deity Suit team. Lacking traditional and effective forms of offense, and even standard defensive abilities the suit was built to give aid to the others as well as work as their information pipeline. The role of the Mystic is to assist the team in completing their mission, as well as provide the tactical details of the battle in real time coordinating them and keeping them on track.

Primary Weapon: Pulse Dart Pistol - A weapon primarily made for defense rather then offense; the Dart Pistol fires energy rounds that seek out their original target and caused micro-explosions on impact. While the pistol can inflict fair damage and has an obscene accuracy due to its projectile tracking, it suffers from a severe range limitation.
Secondary Weapon: Wolf & Hawk - Tactical drones armed with miniature Solo-Pulse Gatling Canons. These weapons are effective, but not nearly as much as their full sized counter parts. However because the drones are fair small and stealthy they can inflict a great deal of damage to unsuspecting targets. While scouting and under handed damage is a function it isn't the drones primary role. Each drone is equipped with small power supply that allows them to digitize and fire specialized dart rounds; Wolf uses offensive darts, while Hawk uses support darts. Both drones relay visual and scan data back to Mystic in real time.

Core Operation: Analysis Grid (2) - By using ATLAS satellites and databases, in addition to the the Mystic's enhanced sensory equipment the operator is able to view a real time three dimensional holo-display of the surrounding area. Creating and maintaining this display puts a constant strain on the suits power supply.
Core Operation: Repair Matrix (1) - The Mystic is able to repair damage to the other Deity Suits are a greatly increased rate by exchanging energy for suit repair. The rate is 1 energy per 2% integrity repaired.
Core Operation: Energy Matrix - The Mystic suit holds the most energy of any Deity Suit, and spends it the most efficiently. Mystic has an increased energy pool

Wolf's Darts
Tranq Dart (2): A standard tranquilizer dart with a 2 hour knock out effect.
Micro-Singularity Dart (4): A small implosive dart that is exceptional at expanding breaches in defenses that have already been penetrated.
Blood Fire Dart (4): A highly venomous dart that injects its target with a long lasting poison. It deals little damage up front, but a great deal of damage over time.

Hawk's Darts
Cloaking Dart (4): A dart that emits a small invisibility field for a single turn.
Bio-Stim Dart (4): Injects the target with a chemical substance that increases adrenaline production; can grant brief periods of increased strength, speed, and endurance.
Charge Dart (1-20): A delivery dart that allows the drone to transfer its own energy to another Deity Suit.

Medium Armor - Hybrid - Defensive
Ace is meant to be able to fill the roles needed on any given mission. Ace can work on the offensive line, but usually works better as a defender. Very flexible, the suit has both offensive and defensive capabilities. Ace's role is to be the teams flex role, going where they are needed at any given time as well as being the designated pilot and controller of the teams tech.

Primary Weapon: Fission Lance - This long staffed reach weapon has a tip that emits a six inch long blade of decaying energy. This gives it incredible damage potential.
Secondary Weapon: Charged Energy Canon (2/4/12) - This canon morphs over the right hand of the suit and can be used to fire small, medium or large bursts of energy. While these shots take directly from the suits power, their fully changed potency is unmatched.

Core Operation: Defense Matrix (2+) - The defense matrix projects a large shield - big enough for all eight Deity Suits to fit comfortably within - that moves with the Ace. Projecting this shield puts a constant strain on the suits power, in addition it drains further power whenever it blocks incoming projectiles. The shield is kinetically activated, thus people can walk through it but bullets can not pass through it.
Core Operation: Sonicboom (6) - The Ace emits a focused ultra high frequency wave of sonic energy that can blast pass through traditional defenses.
Core Operation: Remote Control - Ace is linked to the Pantheon's vehicle arsenal and can control any of them remotely from any distance. As the designate pilot, these tools are all considered part of Ace's toolbelt.

=|= Rules =|=

1) No Drama: We're all adults here; there are better ways to handle things than throwing a tantrum and stomping your feet.
2) No Drama: I'm serious. It won't be tolerated, and if you're the source of it, you'll be asked to leave.
3) Word Count: Posts made in main story threads are to be 300 words at a minimum. Any less and you will be asked to rewrite or remove it. If your muse is drained give it time to recover before posting or partner with someone for inspiration.
4) Post Frequency: We would like each player to post at least one time in the main story threads every ten (10) days.
5) OOC Chatter: Is to be kept in the Out of Character thread, which will be created upon game start. OOC chatter in story threads will not be tolerated. Until the creation of the OOC thread this recruitment thread will serve as such, feel free to chat it up.
6) Communicate: With me and your fellow players. Do not leave the game hanging without notice. We're all going to understand that your pool burned down and you need time to mourn, but if you vanish without notice you can't be surprised if the game has moved on without you. Please be prompt in notifying me and any players your characters are directly interacting with of your absence. When notifying me of a prolonged absence please do so via a PM and not in the OOC thread.
7) Character Control: It is never permissible to control the actions, thoughts, or assumptions of another player's character. It may be okay to dictate the actions of NPC's of your creation or bad guys during certain periods but please do not attempt to play for other players unless you have their express permission to do so.
8) Engage Others: At the end of the day we're all here to have a good time. I won't watch someone be excluded from the game. Include everyone who is approved, support those who are interested, and be proactive in making efforts to engage other players and characters.
9) Game Entry: Because PROJECT has a limited number of available positions we will not be taking characters on a first come, first serve basis. Any writer who feels they would like to play in PROJECT is encouraged to show interest and submit a character sheet for approval; however be warned that we will only be approving those characters we feel will be the best fit for the stories to be told, who are written by writers that we confident we can count on. Players from other Pandemonium-verse games will be allowed to participate inside this game, however will be given a slightly lower priority over new faces.
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=|= Game Master Notes =|=
A place for me to keep up to date information as it comes out.

Wispyr will be playing the Mystic Deity Suit.
Amarlo will be playing the Ghost Deity Suit.

Orange Marmalade has expressed interest in the Berserker Deity Suit. Current Pandemonium-verse player.

=|= Character Sheet =|=
Code: [Select]
[floatright][center][img height=400 width=400][/img]
[img height=100 width=100][/img][img height=100 width=100][/img][img height=100 width=100][/img][img height=100 width=100][/img][/center][/floatright][font=courier][size=14pt][b]PROJECT Character Sheet[/size][/font]
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Race:[/b] Husk

[b]Apparant Age:[/b]
[b]Hair Color:[/b]
[b]Eye Color:[/b]
[b]Face Claim:[/b]

[b]Physical Description:[/b]



[b]On's & Off's:[/b]


[b][u]Powers & Abilities[/u][/b]
[li][b]NAME OF POWER - (LEVEL) - (SCHOOL):[/b] [/li]
[li][b]NAME OF POWER - (LEVEL) - (SCHOOL):[/b] [/li]
[li][b]NAME OF POWER - (LEVEL) - (SCHOOL):[/b] [/li]

[b][u]Deity Suit[/u][/b]
[li][b]Advanced Operation:[/b] [i][/i][/li]
[li][b]Advanced Operation:[/b] [i][/i][/li]

=|= Notations & Player Questions =|=
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-Saunters in and settles down with a clipboard, ready and waiting!-  O:)

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God damnit, Wispyr!

This sounds interesting. I think I'm going to put something together for the Berserker role.

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God damnit, Wispyr!

This sounds interesting. I think I'm going to put something together for the Berserker role.

Hey! I'm here too ya jerkoff! :P -shakes fist-

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Hey! I'm here too ya jerkoff! :P -shakes fist-

Who are you again?! Pffft

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Looks like he hired Trump's hairstylist!

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How did I know you'd be interested? -Chuckles-

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Huh, cool.

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Huh, cool.
Well... We certainly think that it is!

As a random aside it just came to my attention that one of the Deity Suits had some how gotten removed from my listing in post 3. So the Ace has been re-added for you fine lurkers to pick up.
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Looks like he hired Trump's hairstylist!

Man, I wish I got paid that much. Especially to do utter crap. :P

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Re: [PROJECT] Apocalyptic Science-Fantasy - Special Forces (Recruiting)
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Got some of the first mission info recorded this evening. So once we've got some interest, we'll have lots to do in game.