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Author Topic: The Jinx - Clothes falling apart, oh my! - (Light Smut, Interest Check)  (Read 3392 times)

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Online PrestaDGTationTopic starter

  Hey there!

  This game is up and running!  If you want to see what's happening, just check out the The OOC Thread! and The IC Thread!  Happy writing!

  So, not to toot a horn.  I've been reading this guy Gao 23's work.  He'd pretty good in the 'supernatural bad luck causes clothing to come off in public' genre of erotica.  He's on deviant art, if you're curious.  But it got me thinking.. I need more stuff where people accidentally wind up baring it all by tripping over themselves!  So I said to myself, Self, let's start a game!

  The premise will be simple!  College / Entry Level Office / Socialite / etc human characters are all part of a local community.  But there is something strange going on, and people are being Jinxed.  When a person is Jinxed, every post has to have at least one clothing-related failure in it, at least until said person is completely nude.  And, fellow E-writers, I don't think I have to tell you that all sorts of fun can happen from there!  xD

  I'm tossing it around in my head whether this should be strict freeform, where I (as GM) will declare you jinxed at the worst possible times and let you muddle your way out!  Or whether I should make a loose system, in which people earn something akin to karma, and have the ability to jinx other players.  Leaning the first option, but it's a thought.

  Once I know I have a few eyes on this, I'll come up with a mostly player / sporadic event driven story of some sort.  Yes, the game will be smutty, centered around themes of forced exhibitionism and public humiliation.  Yes, there will be the option for sex, consensual and otherwise.  I.. don't see this going in the extreme section, because comic bad luck can get not-very-funny really fast in the wrong zone.  It's supposed to be silly, sexy, and creative!  I mean, I want to see dolled up gala goers hanging naked by their dress because they got it caught in the elevator shaft, sort of things!

  This is the first time on E I've proposed a pure cheesecake kind of game.  But hey, when the muse has a craving, you have to at least ask!

  Do I have any interested parties?
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Offline scribus1000

As this has the sounds of going right up my alley, I do believe I am tentatively interested. Wanting to see what this develops into.

*plants Flag Of Interest upon thy thread*

I'll read through the author you've mentioned as well.

Online PrestaDGTationTopic starter

As this has the sounds of going right up my alley, I do believe I am tentatively interested. Wanting to see what this develops into.

*plants Flag Of Interest upon thy thread*

I'll read through the author you've mentioned as well.

  Heck yeah, Scribs!!  It's already a party!

  Hehe, have fun!  The titular story 'Jinxed' is my favorite, although the one with the girl at the putt-putt is also a jewel.

Offline Twisted iN Tux

This scenario certainly resonates with me, seeing that I love both public humiliation and forced stripping. I'm definitely going to keep an eye on this thread and see what develops.

Online Yugishogun

Depending on the f/f potential, I'd love to play. :)

Offline Pink Kitten

This sounds hilarious and fun - mark me interested!

Online PrestaDGTationTopic starter

Depending on the f/f potential, I'd love to play. :)

  That will be mostly up to the players, but the game will certainly be open to any variety of attraction or orientation.

  I'm seeing interest!  I'll be fleshing this out a bit further this evening, so we can get a firm concept!  xD  I am excited!
« Last Edit: May 15, 2016, 04:05:29 PM by PrestaDGTation »

Offline DonnaSalmer

This definitely peaks my interest.  I could see it a revenge from other women as well to get even with female charcters.  If the group does t get going I might be interested in a solo.

Online Idlewyld

This one's certainly got me thinking...

Online PrestaDGTationTopic starter

  Alright, everyone!  So, the story is now evolving.

  As stated, there are going to be repeated cases of supernatural bad luck, leading to people running around in tatters or less in very public places.  There will be a supernatural aspect in this game.  Somebody has the ability to cause this kind of bad luck.  The who's, how's and why's will remain for the players to discover, if they so choose.  But it will be possible for a character to not only stop the jinx from happening, but to acquire the ability for themselves.  At which point, the game should get reaaaalllly interesting!

Part 1: The Setting

  This game is going to take place in modern times, in place called Davidson City.  Think of it like a fictional Boston.  The coast is there, but the city is much better known for its urban community than its beaches.  Tall buildings, old money, historical architecture, and a nice New England Bustle.  Or put another way, conservative rich bastards.

  Now, the city can be beautiful, and the cultural delights here are nothing to sneeze at.  In fact, one of the things people seem to like about the town is that the outer section seems to sprawl, but the uptown area is actually fairly tightly packed.  It's possible to walk from Rickert University, to a 5 star restaurant called Zoe's, to a posh theater called Thornival's, to the bus station, all in under 20 minutes.  And if you like something different, the city almost certainly has it close by.  This uptown area, is where the meat of our story takes place.

Part 2: The Characters

  The two themes here are exhibitionism / humiliation, and the mystery of finding out who, why, and how the hell are they doing this.  Both of those are greatly helped by actually having a bit of a community of characters.  Because of that, I'm asking everyone to list a minimum of 3 NPCs when they create their characters.  People I can control that your characters are related to.  There are three types: a Superior, a Benevolent, and a Complicated NPC.  Just listing a simple name and a roll for each will suffice.  Or, you can go into detail!  Just remember I'll be playing them, so leave a little room for me to add something you might not expect into each one.  You can also add more NPCs, as you please.  But for now, keep it under 6!  And of course, there are no limits or rules on inter-player-character relationships!

  As for your character, the only stipulation I need from you is that you have to have a reason to regularly be in Uptown Davidson City.  The rest is up to you!  Oh!  But it might help if you looked good naked!  Just saying!  xD

Character Name:  (What do you call yourself?)
Nicknames: (What do other people call you?)
Age: (You know the rules!)
Gender: (Oh, what?  You don't think this can happen to guys, too?)
Appearance: (What do people see?  Not just physically, but your image as well!)
Biography: (Your character's self-image. This can be your history, but also can contain parts of your personality you don't let others see.)
Relationships: (This is important.  Player interactions are your own thing, but I need at least 3 NPCs from everyone.  Be as descriptive as you want, add as many as you like!  Or, just a name and a roll in each space below will work.)
  -NPC Superior: (Someone you want to impress, for whatever reason.  Employers, Mentors, Role-models, Crushes, etc.)
  -NPC Benevolent: (Someone that you trust to have your best interests in mind.  Friends, Admirers, Siblings, Doctors, etc.)
  -NPC It's Complicated: (Someone you don't have a good relationship with.  Ex's, Rivals, Moral Authorities, Unwanted Admirers, Friends You're Fighting With, etc.)
Sexuality: (What gets your character going?  Please list or link to hard offs and so forth.)
Anything else:  (Whatever else you want to add!)

Part 3: Jinxed


  I'm going to attempt to stage the scenes so they have a rapid wind-up.  Meaning, by turn two or three, SOMEONE is going to be jinxed.  Meaning, of course, that the supernatural bad luck going around has targeted them.  When this happens, I'll inform you of your status.  Once you are Jinxed, every post you make has to include at least one piece of your clothing suffering a compromising malfunction.  There is no limit on what can happen, and you decide the manner in which your unfortunate strip takes place.  The more creative, the better.  The only thing I ask is, well, remember the theme.  Exhibition, humiliation, that kind of thing.  A building fire can torch your clothes to nothing, for example!  Okay, but the everyone's going to be looking at the fire when that happens, and there's a justifiable reason why you're like that.  Just a for-instance.

  The Jinx will last until I tell you it stops, or until the scene ends.

  I'm sure you have a few questions!

  -If my character winds up totally naked, but then gets MORE clothes, does the jinx still affect them?
   Good Question!  Try it and find out!

  -That was hella vague!  Is there a way to cheat the jinx?

  -Is this an equal opportunity jinx?  Will this happen to guys?
   It certainly can!  Any character is a potential target.  It will depend on the motive of whoever is actually causing the jinx to happen.

  -Can more than one person be jinxed at a single time?
   Certainly!  It won't happen at first, but it's a possibility!

  -So, if we find the person doing it, we find the method!  And after that, we can't be jinxed?
   Good question!  Try it and find out!

  -But if we do find the thing, we can jinx anybody?
   Absolutely!  Once you figure out how to do it, you can jinx everybody, for all I care!  xD

  -Does the game end, if we get the thing?
   Not really.  The power shifts hands, is all.  And trust me, I can shift it back, if I have to!  ^_^

  -What about non-consent?
   Well, the theme is non-consensual.  If you mean non-consensual sex, that's up to the writers!  All I ask is that everyone be respectful!  Although, if non-con bothers you, this might not be your cup of tea.

  -What about sex?
   You know, considering this is a cheesecake style game, I'm going to say that sex can happen in any thread.  Just tag it with a warning.

  -What exactly will you be doing, as GM, if the writers are the ones making their own clothes fall off?
   Hehehe!  Well, I'm doing that so everyone can be as creative as they want!  What I'll be doing is setting scenes at various venues, moving pieces around to add additional panic, that kind of thing.  Also, if someone does post a little too modestly, I might cause something to, ahem, speed up the process.

  -Can we start our own scenes, or make up new places for them to happen at?
   Please do!  And yes, you can be jinxed during those!

  -If we need to, can we specify a scene where jinxing doesn't occur?
   Yes.  But it would be a small, more personal location.  Basically, if you can be horribly humiliated, consider it jinxable.

  -Can we be injured?
   Ah!  Good question!  The short answer is no, not seriously.  While you are jinxed, your awful luck causes everything you are wearing to find every hazard imaginable.  But it strangely seems to protect your body from those same situational injuries.  Understand, this is to boost the creative field, rather than limit it.  When a character has loose hanging clothing and is operating heavy machinery, well, nudity is the last of their potential problems.  In this game, that scenario will just result in humiliation.  As opposed to real life, where that's dangerously idiotic.

  -Where's this game going?
   Exotic Non-Con Small Groups, most likely.

  -So, we'll all have to work together to stop the culprit?
   Hahahahaa!  Oh my goodness, no!  Pro-tip, the person who has this ability to jinx you guys is not exactly Carmen Sandiago.  I encourage you all to work against one another, so long as it sates your desires to do so!

  Let me know if you have anything else!

  How does it all sound to you guys?
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Online Yugishogun

Character Name: Sakurako Tokito
Nicknames: Saku-chan (Only by her relatives)
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Biography: Sakurako is your typical wallflower of Asian-American descent; Practical, yet utterly shy. The meek brunette always had her nose in a book and was quite liberal in nature, leading to some esteem-crippling bullying throughout school, but also to her current career. Compared to her sister, Maki, who more or less is currently a worker of various odd jobs, the soft-spoken bookworm studied hard and now currently works as the assistant librarian (under boss and massive crush, Carolina Mathers) at the local library. She wishes she'd have the guts for once to ask Carolina out, but for now all she can is work beside her and hope she'll eventually notice her feelings for her.
  -NPC Superior: Carolina Mathers (Massive Crush/Boss, Motherly Personality)
  -NPC Benevolent: Maki Tokito (Sister/Roommate, Hyperactive Personality)
  -NPC It's Complicated: Sasha Brown ("Unwanted Suitor"/Library Regular, Overly-Affectionate Personality)
Sexuality: Lesbian/Submissive (Hard Offs: Snuff, Gore, Anal)
Anything else: N/A

Online PrestaDGTationTopic starter

  Mm!  Lovely!  I can work with all of that!

  Excellently done!  We'll wait for a few more to show up, and then I'll open up the IC!

  Oooo, so excited!

Online Yugishogun

Glad to hear it. :)

Online Idlewyld

Character Name: Ellen Miranda
Nicknames: Ellie
Age: 22
Gender: Female

Biography: Ellen is a journalism major fresh on her first job at The Daily Complex, Though for now she really just runs errands, she dreams of being a headline reporter one day. As such, she tends to be curious to the point of nosey and impulsive to the point of careless.
   -NPC Superior: Martha Wallace: Chief of the city desk at the complex. A no-nonsense type who doesn't quite trust Ellie's competence on the job.
   -NPC Benevolent: Karen Andersen: Ellie's best friend and the barista at Caffeine - the local coffee klatsch where Ellie is sent at least seven times a day.
   -NPC It's Complicated: Andrea (Andie) Farina - Ellie's neighbor across the hall. She tends to be arrogant and just a little trampy, and for some reason, has it in for poor Ellie.
Sexuality: Bisexual. Ons and offs here
« Last Edit: May 30, 2016, 04:02:59 PM by Idlewyld »

Offline Twisted iN Tux

Character Name: Vance 'Van' Devereaux
Nicknames: Rick calls him 'Son', Hank calls him 'Van the Man', Liz calls him 'Vandal' or 'Devilrow', Richie calls him 'Pepper' & Danny calls him 'VD'   
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Appearance: Vance is always impeccably dressed in the latest fashions, often opting to go a bit more formal or fancy than the occasion calls for. As expected of one in his position, he's meticulous in his appearance, almost to the point of obsession. At 6'4" and two-hundred and twenty-five muscular pounds, he certainly stands out in a crowd. It doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes either with his wavy, dark brown hair and sparkling blue eyes.

Biography: Vance works for one of the wealthiest founding families in Davidson City. As the head of Richard Rickert's public relations department, he more or less has his finger on the very pulse of the enterprising entrepreneur's mega-million corporation. Vance is essentially the face and voice of Rickert Industries. Initially hired for his killer good looks, the up and coming business professional managed to wow the masses - as well as his boss - with his keen intellect and disarming charm. A celebrity in his own right, Vance is often seen as the Pepper Potts foil to Richard Rickert's Stark-like persona.     
  -NPC Superior #1: Richard 'Rick' Rickert the Sixth is Vance's boss and, to a degree, a father figure to the young man, that is, when he isn't out and about getting himself drunk or laid. The man, now divorced, actually has a secret crush on his handsome PR director, but he would never admit to such a thing, at least not publicly. His son has a hunch, but he wouldn't dare call his old man out on it. Not yet. 
  -NPC Superior #2: Jacob 'Jake' Jackson can easily be considered Vance's guilty pleasure. As a teen pop star turned award-winning actor, Jake occasionally still performs at the Thornival Theater in his hometown of Davidson City. Vance has been a fan since, well, forever and he would give pretty much anything to meet the superstar. 
  -NPC Benevolent: Henry 'Hank' Stone is Vance's big-hearted, simple-minded, foul-mouthed frat brother from his days at Rickert University. The two remained good friends even after Vance went on to achieve great things. Hank currently works as a waiter at Zoe's.
  -NPC Complicated #1: Elizabeth 'Liz' Jordan is the embittered ex-fiancĂ©e Vance would much rather pretend he doesn't know. A bit of a wild child now, she sort of came undone when he broke things off with her. Aware that he has "played for the other team," so to speak, she's still convinced that she can win him back. Prone to fits of extreme behavior and violence, she's been known to show up in the oddest of places, saying and doing the strangest of things. She's also rather clumsy and forgetful.
  -NPC Complicated #2: Richard 'Richie' Rickert the Seventh is Rick Rickert's slacker son. He's everything Vance isn't, which makes him essentially useless to his father. This, in turn, makes Vance Richie's greatest annoyance and enemy, whom he'd love to knock down a peg or public, if possible...for all the world to see! 
  -NPC Complicated #3: Daniel 'Danny' Hollingsworth the Third is Vance's nemesis, both in and out of work. Every chance he gets, Danny tries to make trouble for Vance, but he does so in a manipulative and secretive manner that doesn't ever implicate him in the least. He's the kind of guy you just want to punch in his stupid smug face, even when he isn't necessarily doing anything wrong. He tells the worst jokes, too, and is a bit of a sexist, homophobic pig.   
Sexuality: Seemingly Straight, But Certainly Bi-Curious with Absolutely No Limits! None.
Anything else: He may or may not have a tattoo (or two) hidden somewhere on his body.
« Last Edit: May 16, 2016, 06:24:55 PM by Twisted iN Tux »

Online PrestaDGTationTopic starter

  Hehehe, hey everyone!

  I like all the characters I'm seeing thus far!  Special kudos to Tux for giving me extra NPCs to play with!

  Been running just a little crazy, and I was hoping to wait for additional players!  But!  I think this might be a good roster to kick us off!  I'll be posting some IC and OOC threads here, either tomorrow or Friday at the latest!

  I am excited!  Thank you all so much for your interest!

  EDIT!  Hey gang!  The threads will be up as soon as I can!  I haven't forgotten, just doing a little IRL with a friend real fast!  Love!!
« Last Edit: May 20, 2016, 11:00:50 PM by PrestaDGTation »

Online Yugishogun

Wonderful. :)

Offline Twisted iN Tux

So excited to start I just...oops...split a seam in the crotch of my pants! :o Oh yeah, I'm THAT excited for this. ;)

Offline scribus1000

So excited to start I just...oops...split a seam in the crotch of my pants! :o Oh yeah, I'm THAT excited for this. ;)

That has actually happened to me before, moving just a liiittle too quickly in pants that weren't suited for it. lol

Anyway I'll get a character up

Online PrestaDGTationTopic starter

  Annnnd we're up!

  The OOC Thread!

  The IC Thread

  No one is jinxed yet, but... well, you won't have to wait long.  Inny meenie miney..

Offline Tagan

Is there still time to join this?  It's my cup of tea!

Offline Twisted iN Tux

We only just started, so I don't see why not.

Offline Tagan

Character Name: Jennifer McCallister

Nicknames: Jen

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'2", 98 lbs, Auburn hair, deep green eyes, light olive skin, rounded cheeks, very symmetrical Greek/Irish features, toned body, athletic.
Something Like This

Jennifer McCallister was a dual computer and biology major, focusing on sea life and environmental damage studies in college, along with computer modeling to determine the probable causes. She was also, sadly, (at least in her mind) quite unmistakably beautiful. So lovely, in fact, that she'd learned to defend herself very well by the time she was 12, and had continued practicing self defense since.

Now, at 24 and about to be in her first graduate studies year, she was focused on her studies. At least on campus.

Thankfully she had another life, one where she could get away from it all. She had her family, cousins, aunts, uncles and assorted friends. They vacationed together every year, and Jennifer felt much closer to them than anyone at her college! Her parents usually came along, as did her older brother, Ryan. (he was usually the one who reminded younger male cousins that his sister, was in fact, their cousin, and that they really ought to treat her like that.)

She was the 'cute' cousin. All her male relatives of this generation had a crush on her, and she was fairly certain Mary had one as well.

Jennifer liked all of them... but was occasionally weirded out when they took it too far. But the rest of the family was always there to help out, reminding people that she was family... it was nice.

She was very fond of all of them. Her relationships outside her family had been, to put it bluntly, rather horrendous. Boys wanted to score with her, use her, or were simply too intimidated by her appearance to even get to know her at all.

Her mother had once tried to get her to think about modeling, but Jennifer didn't feel that was her calling. She wanted to do something to help others.

But college was difficult. Away from her family, and having a hard time making real friends, (outside of a few girls who weren't intimidated by her) she was always very lonely on campus, so it was always a relief to get away.


  -NPC Superior: Dean Yates: An old fashion model who got into Marine Biology late in life, the Dean of the Marine Sciences department has a stern attitude towards young women who use their looks to get ahead.  She's naturally suspicious of Jennifer, though she has nothing solid to accuse her of.

  -NPC Benevolents:
Benevolent relationships
Father: Patrick McCallister, Senior Supervisor for Security at a major Internet shipping company. Still in excellent shape, loves to play baseball with his home softball league, invites his son as often as possible, immensely proud of his son 'making' the leagues, no matter how small time. Loves and supports his daughter, (though doesn't really connect with her except through their mutual love of the outdoors and the Martial Arts.)

Wendy McCallister, currently a part time home caregiver, ex-model. Loves both her children, doesn't really understand either. Somewhat disappointed in Jennifer's choices, and only occasionally hides this.

Ryan McCallister: Brother, a bit overprotective, close sibling relationship.  Minor League Baseball Player who always seems to have the time to talk to his sister about her problems, though he's reluctant to share his own.

  -NPC It's Complicated: Cousin Mary: A year younger than Jennifer, she's been the closest of her cousins, often coming by on her own breaks to hang out with Jennifer. Similar interests, (She's studying dolphin communication) they have been close friends for years. Always came on the family trips until an uncomfortable incident two months previously, in which all the girls went skinny dipping. She was teased repeatedly for staring at Jennifer... but did not laugh the incident off. Jennifer keeps planning on talking to her about this, but has put it off so far.

Sexuality: She thinks she's heterosexual, (though Bi-curious).  She may or may not be right.
« Last Edit: May 27, 2016, 07:17:25 AM by Tagan »

Online PrestaDGTationTopic starter

  Ooo, neat Tagan!

  Yeah, I can work with this!  I like how your benevolent relationships are also complicated! Very cool!

Offline Tagan

Thank you!  I tried to put as much realism into the character as possible, to make writing her easier.