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Author Topic: The Spider House(Interest check and character sheet applications(LGBTI Friendly)  (Read 584 times)

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Online MelodyCakeTopic starter

      You get a strange letter from a relative that you don't know, and it leads you to a curious village with curious people. They gaze upon you in shock-- it's been a long time since they've had any visitors. There is almost an uncomfortable aura that surrounds them, and the fact that they constantly speak of monsters doesn't do anything to help. You ignore their warnings and their pleas, and then you find yourself making your way up the mountain trail, and to the destination in the letter. The winding path is almost disorienting, and the strange guide doesn't do much to ease your worried mind-- he sits on his phone, and idly waves off any questions or concerns that surround the destination.

      Finally! The mountain home appears in the distance, and it's dilapidated form almost provides you with some form of comfort. The cobwebs litter the doors and windows, and though there may be some unexplained scratches upon the pillars, you still can't help but think about what you could get. As you start to settle into the house with relatives you barely remember, you can't help but feel that uncomfortable feeling return to you. As odd noises start to surface, you wonder if you will actually be able to stay the week in the 'Spider House'.

Characters List

     A handful of relatives have been asked to come to the house, and though they may not have known the man who died, they still are excited about the prospect of owning a mansion. The property alone is worth the trip! Their reasons for wanting the house may differ, but all of them are determined to stay the week.
     They are awake, they are hungry, and they are territorial. These monsters lurk within the shadows of the mansion, and are silently waiting for their chance to 'strike' at their prey. Though some may seem less malicious than others, there is one thing that they all want-- the humans gone.

   *For now, the monsters are only an NPC role, trusted by myself and perhaps a few selected players.

     Well! Hello there anyone, I'm MelodyCake, but you can call me Cake. The Spider House is a modern day set up, that includes it is possible to have phones, laptops, etc. But, this is set up in a rather small village, where everyone knows one another. Your character on the other hand, is from the city, or something a bit more populated then the small town they are in. Though, considering how few posts I have on this forum, and there are few that know me, I thought I'd say a bit about myself when it comes to running group roleplays. I have hosted large scale events, as well run a group roleplay on a forum last year that ended being the second most active group roleplay the forum had had since it started up. So, I'm guessing I'm asking you to put faith in that ether I'm good at what I do, or the forum I used to be on sucked.... I shall not deny the latter one ether xD

     Posting Guidelines:
  • Activity Expectations: People are expected to be active in the OoC.
  • Posts would ideally be 300~400 words (appx 3 paragraphs). Note: More is not better, and less may be acceptable in certain cases. A wordcount will not constantly be checked, but people seen to be under/over performers may be occasionally.
  • If you will be inactive for a few days, or intend to dropout; inform MelodyCake through PM’s or state so in the OoC.
     Penalties of infringement

-   There will be a first warning, and a second, though a third there will be none and you are out of the roleplay.
-   In regards to inactivity; a warning will be issued after 4~5 days.  I understand real life comes first. But it's not fair to others when a player disappears and the entire thing gets held up while waiting for someone.
-   If you disappear due to personal reasons, you can still get back in. It just means you have to message me, and we can see about adding you back in again. This however will still consume your first warning, unless you have messaged me before hand.

Characters Applications
  • All characters will be modeled after the 18+ requirement.
  • All basic rules of Elliquiy also apply here.
Code: [Select]
[b][u]Name:[/u][/b] (Example; Name: John Johnson, Princess Peach)
[b][u]Appearance:[/u][/b] (Height, eye and hair colors)
[b][u]Gender and sexuality:[/u][/b]
[b][u]Activity Expectation:[/u][/b] (Post per day/s)
[b][u]Position:[/u][/b] (Dom/Sub/Switch)
[u]- What are the defining characteristic/traits that define you character (max 3)? [/u] (Example: [b][u]Flirty:[/u][/b] Princess Peach has always been known for flirting with anyone who's eyes she has on. )
[u]- How do you as a player want your character to be perceived by others ?[/u] (Example: I'm hoping to manage to play John Johnson out to be well liked, due to his manipulative behavior, and perhaps cause some internal conflicts.)

*If planning on using inches in height, please add how tall they are in cm's as well.

Online MelodyCakeTopic starter

*Reserving for later use~ Muwhahaha*

Online Leki

Hmm, well I know I could certainly get behind something like this.
A few quick questions though

-Images: Anything works? Or are you looking for real/art/anime, etc?
-Characters: Will there be a limit on how many a person can play? Or a limit on how many relatives will be allowed in the game?

Online MelodyCakeTopic starter

Hmm, well I know I could certainly get behind something like this.
A few quick questions though

-Images: Anything works? Or are you looking for real/art/anime, etc?
-Characters: Will there be a limit on how many a person can play? Or a limit on how many relatives will be allowed in the game?

Well, glad to see I have one interest!

-images: I'd personally prefer drawn images, so I'm not wanting to restrict it to any style.
-Characters: I guess I failed to mention I'm looking for perhaps around 6 players. As for a limit, I'd prefer everyone to start with one character to start with, and depending on how the story progresses, I'll open up secondaries.  This is to keep things from getting too clustered at the start.

Offline Diesel Heart

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Name:  Seren Barrington
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 109 lbs.
It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, albeit deceptive or intimidating. This is true in a literal sense in Seren's case. On the surface, she appears to bear a below-average build and physique. Years of under-nourishment has stunted her growth and physical development leaving her petite and frail. Underneath any layer of fabric or veiling article of clothing, one is able to see an untoned, nearly gaunt torso with wrists and ankles thin enough to see the protrusion of bone underneath quite easily. She bears a modest breast size and respectable hips-to-thigh ratio however, giving her a fair amount of feminine appeal. Though, to call her curvy would be an overstatement. Supporting a sense of abuse and pitiful self-esteem evident in her appearance, her forearms are wrecked with a multitude of tiny, horizontal scars caused with an edged object such as a knife, razor-blade or glass shard. Her complexion is also rather pale, possibly to an unhealthy degree.

Redeeming her physical deficits, Seren bears a pleasantly youthful and beautiful face. Nearly every feature is soft and endearing to behold, bringing forth a sense of innocence and naivety. Primarily, her eyes are the most distinctive element. They sport a sparkling curiosity and rather warming beckon, blue in color and downturned, yet wide in appearance. She puts an emphasis on decorating this feature, adorning it in thick lash and dark cosmetic application to bring further attention. Her brows are additionally well maintained, kept trimmed and thin to compliment the eyes. The general shape of her head is round with a defined jaw and chin. Naturally, set above the chin are delicately shaped lips, often kept untouched by anything but black lipstick or gloss to give them a glistening shine. Her ebon hair, silken and kept short, is possibly the most healthy aspect of her hygiene and fashioned to obscure the left eye.
Gender and sexuality:  Heterosexual Female
Activity Expectation: Once per Week
Position:  Submissive
Pacifist:  In general, Seren is intolerant of physical violence and would rather vacate an area than be around it.
Adventurous:  Above all else, Seren is driven by a desire to explore the unknown and see new things.
Indulgent:  Seren appreciates and advocates the drive of being self-indulgent, so long as it's not infringing on others liberties.

- How do you as a player want your character to be perceived by others ?
Seren is not a new character for me, but she's always been treated as a lovable yet controversial character.  Her advocacy to be self-indulgent and explore potential is nearly unlimited and shameless, giving her a easily recognizable pattern.  However, it also makes her seem obnoxiously persistent when these interest are in subjects most consider taboo or uncomfortable.  Then there is the element of her appearance and the mystery behind why, which is naturally assumed to play into her pacifist beliefs.