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October 31, 2020, 12:07:30 PM

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Author Topic: LamentingQuill's super huge big time cravings (F for Dom M character)  (Read 441 times)

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Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

These are the stories I presently really badly wish to do, can't even say how over the moon happy I'd be ^.^

Rosalyn and the werewolf prince
Okay, this is a little rough draft and I imagine it will get ironed out once I find a partner for it, so I'll just lay out what I was thinking thus far:

Young woman living on an isolated Montana farm with her family, the crops have been really bad lately and they are very seriously financially struggling... the girl however is unaware that the failings crops is the result of a gypsy curse cast by a powerful and very large pack of werewolves... very pissed off werewolves...

A long, long time ago the land upon which the farm sits was given to the girl's family in exchange for a promise... you see, the heroine's family is one of the type of bloodlines that werewolves craving growing numbers just love... the women down her father's side of the family are super highly fertile...

So when the heroine's ancestor was down on his luck, these gypsy werewolves took pity on him and made him promise that in exchange for his life to become as fertile as the fields will be, he must make them a promise... that one day he would provide one of their royal line a mate...

The werewolves have waited so patiently, but ever since the deal was struck, all the children born of the ancestor's bloodline were males... until her...
She had finally come of age to be mated to the son of the current Alpha of the gypsy wolf tribe, there is just one problem... the current patriarch of the ancestor's bloodline is refusing to pay up... hence the curse put on the fields to attempt a little... well persuasion...

When it doesn't work... they decide is enough is enough, they'll just go and fetch the girl themselves...

Hellfire desire
I found myself on youtube listening to some song covers of Hellfire from Hunchback and I suddenly got this fabulous idea in my head.

A half demon girl has lived her life in peace on the mortal plane with her human mother, her life is turned upside down however when she all of a sudden finds herself being hunted by an angel on the slightly mentally unstable side, this angel arrived at first with the intentions to kill the abomination... but finds himself powerfully infatuated with her. She will belong to him... or she will die...

Crimson seduction<Medieval setting>

Living on her own running the family business since the death of her inn-keeper father, Kiana Winterbluff always felt as though she was being watched as soon as the sun fell each night, sleep never coming easily as the eerie feeling crept up upon her. 
True she was well protected by three big burly villagers paid to protect since her father first started this inn, they stayed even after his death after coming to love the girl like a dear niece. However, it did nothing to erase the feeling of needing to constantly glance over her shoulder.

Kiana began to wonder after awhile if she was slowly losing her mind, until one evening when she is awoken by the screams of serving girls from the servants quarters down the hall from her room.
She fetches her father's musket and goes forth to investigate, she reaches the servants quarters to find all the girls slain with their throats ripped open with no culprit in sight.

That until she turned around to come face to face with a dreadfully handsome man with white hair, red eyes and his entire chin coated in shimmering fresh blood.
Kiana does not even have time to scream before he lunges forward to restrain her and cover her mouth, he leans in to whisper in her ear “I've been watching you, beautiful Kiana. I have finally come to claim you as mine...”

Before she can try to register what he said, he pinches just the right nerves to render the raven haired beauty unconscious.
When she wakes, she finds herself upon the best luxurious bed she had ever seen and her body cloaked in the most beautiful red robe... and the handsome white haired stranger kneeling on the edge of the bed, thankfully this time with no blood on his chin.

Taken by the vampire<Present day setting>
When Serenity Halliday was stolen from her bed in the middle of the night by probably the most sexiest man she had ever seen before, she quickly finds that he is a member of the undead, a vampire... and he has been watching her, waiting for the perfect opportunity to snatch her and take her body over and over. Never stopping unless she begs him to make her his forever, perhaps even then, he wouldn't stop

Chosen by the Alpha
Eliana Blake has just turned 21 and decides to celebrate in a time-honored tradition... gather her gal pals and head for the classiest bar in town!
At the bar, Eliana encounters probably the most drool worthy man she's ever seen in her life and he seems to have eyes only for her, he offers to buy her first drink and from there, the drinks just keep coming.

With her sensibilities dampened with inebriation, the luscious hottie is able to convince Eliana t o ditch her friends and come back with his place with him to be alone  for a more 'private conversation'.
As the pair begin to make love, Eliana is unaware the man kissing her is the Alpha of the towns secret werewolf pack and has chosen the lovely Eliana to be his mate...