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Author Topic: Current Requests [Contains Con-Con, HEAVY Mind Control and M/s themes.]  (Read 1336 times)

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Offline DPStrogenTopic starter

So, I think the way I'm going to be doing this is posting all of my prompts and ideas up as I think of them - I have a few saved up over the past few days to add in. People are free to PM me about any of them, at any time - I don't care if I posted it yesterday, last week, or last year. I may be open to it, I may have lost interest, we'll see.

A Perfect Young Lady: (Contains hypnosis, stepfordization, BDSM)
This is an idea I've had for a while, and it takes one of two forms - The first is me being slowly brainwashed to be a good, compliant girl - The perfect woman, as it were. One who is perfectly happy to cook and clean and satisfy all of her partner's needs - No matter what they are. A proper high class young lady.

Drugged and Brainwashed (Contains various forms of conditioning, BDSM, non-con.)
I tend to fall back on this idea a lot - Being kidnapped and pumped full of drugs - Aphrodisiacs, sedatives, hypnotics, etc. And then conditioned to be a mindlessly obedient slave. Training me to stop thinking, to simply obey before my conscious mind can even register the order. This is less heavy on the hypnosis, and relies more on other methods of behavior modification.

I Went To Slave Camp And All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt (Hypnosis, VERY heavy BDSM.)
This is certainly one of my more.... Unique ideas. Its based partly on the movie Silent Retreat, which, for those who don't know, is about a camp full of girls who are being slowly brainwashed (Or end up as food for a hungry monster lurking in the woods.) Imagine it - A group of women, all put into a deep trance, and then one being chosen; led out the door and seated down, barely registering the prick in her neck as the needle quickly jabs her. She finds it so hard to move, but her eyes are forced open, (If you recall the infamous scene from A Clockwork Orange, it's similar to that.) and as her mind continues to drift, the images flash in front of her eyes - Telling her to sleep, to obey. Commanding her to relax and feel the pleasure.

She isn't sure when she starts thinking again, but she's not entirely sure what happened to the last few hours. Thinking is a bit more difficult. The last thing she remembers is a voice counting down during the meditation session, and then.... Nothing. A little voice in the back of her head encourages her not to think about it. After all, good girls don't need to think. Good girls can forget.

She shudders a bit as the waves of pleasure roll over her, and goes back to eating. By the time the pleasure subsides, she's forgotten that there was anything odd in the first place.

The Labyrinth of my Own Mind (BDSM, Non-Con, Brainwashing through mind games.)
This is a little something I whipped up shortly after reading Dark Revelations, a crime novel in which the killer uses a combination of drugs and playing with his victims heads, to turn them into whatever he wants. He shatters their psyche completely before rebuilding it - creating a different perception of reality in his victim's minds; one that he controls. Note: The prompt for this was written from three separate points of view, simply to show that I don't need to always stick with first-person in my writing.

Shock Collar Conditioning (Conditioning, BDSM, dub-con, includes elements of petplay if not outright petplay.)
This might actually be my oldest concept, but I'll add it here for completeness sake - It's been VERY heavily influenced by The Collar, by Sinsub (Seriously, google the story, you won't be disappointed.) Essentially, you play my partner who manages to somehow acquire a highly advanced collar, The moment I put it on, it locks shut and you gain the ability to set rules for me - Want me to not wear clothes? If I put on a single scrap of clothing, the collar will shock me until I take it off. No more standing? Great, I'm forced onto my hands and knees until you give me permission. No more saying my own name? If I even THINK of my own name or use first-person pronouns, zap. And so on - Because the collar can sense my thoughts, eventually I become conditioned through pain enough that breaking any of the rules you've set is impossible. This prompt was originally made with pet play in mind, but it by no means has to include it - I'm certain there are other applications or ways to take this concept, and I'd love to hear them!

So.... That's actually all I've got in terms of story ideas, but I'll be sure to add more as they come up! As always, questions, comments, and critiques are more than welcome, and as long as an idea has been posted here, please don't hesitate to PM me if it's something you're looking to explore.

Until next time, lovelies <3
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Offline DPStrogenTopic starter

Slave Training Camp Prompt
This is NOT necessarily how I want to start the story - It's simply a scene that popped into my head and gives a bit of an idea of what I'd like to do if I play this with someone. Please don't think it means you NEED to use this prompt!

It's breakfast time, my favorite time of day! I practically leap out of bed with a gigantic grin, brushing the long brown hair out of my face. My hands gently trace around the circle of smooth steel surrounding my throat. My collar, I remember. Marking me as property.


The word echos through my mind, sending a shiver of arousal through my body. I suppress a small moan and reach for my bedside table, grabbing the pair of steel cuffs and placing them around my wrists, hearing them lock shut with a sharp *click.*

Stretching, I step out into the hallway, joining the rest of the girls in the dorm - All equally naked, save their own collar and cuffs, identical to mine. We all giggle and step into the shower, each grabbing a towel and stepping into a stall. The room quickly fills with steam as we fill each other in on the gossip from the previous night - Who got fucked by her Owner and in what position; comparing bruises and welts, bragging about how hard she was used the previous night. Eventually, we finish showering and walk to breakfast, still giggling like a group of teenage girls.

My mouth starts watering as soon as the smell hits me. Bacon and eggs, yum! We're each handed a tray filled with food by a blank, glassy-eyed girl standing behind the counter, a classic sign that she’s been left in a nice deep trance. Most of us whimper, eagerly awaiting our turn to serve meals. It's become a bragging point recently - Those who earn the privilege of serving food are looked upon with jealousy.

Stepping into the dining hall proper, we're met by the din and clatter of the other dorms, all eating and giggling and talking amongst themselves. A few of us split into smaller groups, joining their friends, or spotting their Owners across the hall. I glance around…. You’re not here, by the looks of it. A small mousy girl with brown curls, whose name escapes me, waves me over. I trot over and sit next to her. She’s almost done eating, but chooses to sit with me and make conversation until I finish eating.

The food tastes a bit strange, but I stopped paying it much attention in my first few days here - Usually my mind starts feeling pretty heavy soon afterwards, so I forget that anything tastes odd; eating what I’m told without much attention to taste.

Just as I finish eating, the bell chimes, signaling the beginning of class. Mousy girl, (Zoe, she reminds me.) and I compare schedules - She has guided meditation, but I look at the sheet of paper in my hand. My first class looks like…..

Offline DPStrogenTopic starter

The Perfect Slave in 30 Days or Less

The first thing I notice when I wake up is just how dark it is. My eyes can't see a single thing through the inky black darkness. I try to rub my eyes, but a heavy clanking alerts me to the fact that my arms are chained above my head. I try to move my head; same thing. There's barely any leeway in my restraints. It feels like my legs are bound as well. I can feel the bands of metal restraining them, pulling my knees to my chest and out to the side. I feel the barest breeze between my legs....

Wait.... What?

It dawns on me that I'm not wearing any clothes. I can feel the air against my bare pussy and asshole. I can also feel something stuck up both of my holes. Not big, but round and smooth. Just the right size.

I try to call out, but all that comes out is a weak, muffled groan. I can feel a big rubber ball prying my jaws apart; a line of drool already slipping from the corner of my mouth.

I try to think back, to remember just how I got here, but I can't recall. A heavy fog coats my mind, making me feel sluggish and heavy: sleepy, my senses dulled.

As I struggle weakly against the chains, I hear a loud CLUNK come from the other side of the room. A door opens, letting in a blinding light, and closes before my eyes can adjust. I hear heavy footsteps approaching; then a pause, the rustling of fabric, and a sharp poke in my arm. The needle gets taped down, and a bright light snaps on in front of my face.

Blinking, I try to make out more details of the room, but all I can see is a tube leading from my arm, up into the pitch black. I've had IVs before, but why now? I'm not sick.... Am I?

Suddenly, he steps in closer, so I can make out the shadowy figure in the dim light. A pair of shoes here, the telltale glint from a pair of glasses there.

"There's a good girl. Let's just wait for the drugs to take effect, shall we?"

I don't know what he's talking about, but I can feel my body growing heavy, the fog in my mind growing heavier, head swimming....

A few minutes later, he makes a pleased noise, "Perfect. Now, I'm going to remove your gag. I don't want you to scream, okay?"

I barely register the words through my drugged haze, but I nod anyway. He smile's to himself in the dim light and I feel a sudden pulse in my pussy, making me groan out loud.

"Good girl." he says calmly. "Soon we'll have that reaction linked to just those words... And to your obedience. But that's going to take some conditioning."

A pair of big, strong hands reach down and remove my gag as he speaks, and he even wipes the spit off of my chin.

"Now, I'm going to ask a few questions. For every one you answer honestly...."

I feel the pulse in my pussy again, stronger this time. He reaches down and sticks a finger inside of me. I try to fight it, but every simple tough, from his rough fingers to the cool air brushing against my clit; it all sends waves of pleasure rolling throughout my body, making it harder and harder to think. For one terrified moment, I'm scared that I'm going to orgasm, and the possibility that I might enjoy this horrifies me. I hear the barely-restrained excitement in his words as my head spins.

   "Ooooh! You're so wet already, like a good slut should be. Looks like the aphrodisiacs are working. There's a lot of other things in there but I don't really understand it; I just do as I'm told, just like you... Eventually, at least... Anyway, for every question you get wrong ...."

The collar around my neck emits a sharp BEEP and I feel a surge of electricity arc up and down my spine, racing through my nipples and clit. It hurts so much, especially after the pleasure I was just feeling. It feels like my skin, my muscles, even my thoughts are on fire.

I feel myself black out for a moment, and the voice chuckles darkly. "Understand? Good. First question......"

Offline DPStrogenTopic starter

The Labyrinth of my Mind

It's Wednesday evening, and you know *exactly* where she'll be.

After all, why wouldn't you? You've studied her for *months* by now. Learning her. Entering her mind.

Learning her habits (Pretty routine. This time of night, she's already curled up in her nightgown, watching Netflix and on her second or third glass of wine.)

Studying the security in my apartment (Basic alarm system. Did you know that if you call the security company and sound urgent and authoritative enough, they'll usually just disable the alarm for you? Some excuse about being the building manager and needing to get into the bathroom right the hell now! and they're tripping over themselves to let you in.)

You've taken studious notes on pretty much every aspect of the girl's life - Her brand of smokes, when she goes for groceries; you know she just broke up with her boyfriend last week and kicked him out. You know every last one of her tells. Over the past few months, you've learned to read her like an open book.

And now, it's time to put all the planning and preparation into action....


The knock on the door is loud, and Alexis jumps slightly. Nobody usually came around this late...  Cautiously, she looks through the peephole, when the door is suddenly forced open, shoving her against the wall. She gasps, slightly winded, and the door is slammed shut before she can even grasp the situation.

She flails wildly against the intruder, but her fist lightly bounces off; the stranger doesn't even flinch. Before Alexis can react, large, rough hands are around her throat, and as she struggles to breathe, he smiles cruelly; eyes wandering over her long brown hair, her petite face and frame.... Oh he's going to have plenty of fun breaking this one...

Alexis' flailing and desperate struggling barely fazes him, however. Even if she wasn't oxygen deprived, there's still a massive difference in size and strength; She lets out a dazed whimper and gets thrown to the ground.

"Please!" Alexis shrieks, "You can take anything you want! I have jewelry upstairs, and my money is in the safe! I'll give you the combination, just please don't kill me!"

Pathetic. Sniveling and sobbing like a baby. Such a weak girl. But all in due time, he muses to himself. Soon she will be saved. Rebuilt. Made better.

But, of course, if you want to rebuild something, you need to break it down first...

His foot presses harshly into the small of her back and she lets out another shriek; calling for somebody! *ANYBODY!* To come save her.

But we both know, deep down, that nobody will come.

The intruder kneels down, sitting on her, pinning her between his thighs. Alexis squirms harder as those same rough hands rip mercilessly through her clothing, then one hand grabs her head and forces it to the side. She tries to struggle, but it's futile at this point. She knows exactly what's happening now - Naked with a stronger in her home? She's going to be raped and killed for sure.

She closes her eyes, awaiting her fate.

It's then that she feels the sharp prick of a needle in her neck.


I know exactly where I am when I awaken - I'm naked and tied in the kitchen; my wrists bound tight to the arms of the chair, legs being held spread, everything feels... Numb. Blissed out. A quick glance to the IV taped to my arm quickly confirms why. My thoughts are slow; sluggish. I try to force myself to remember what just happened, but everything is so hazy.

I remember a bright light, swinging back and forth in front of my face.

I remember feeling warm and relaxed.

I remember talking.... A lot of talking. It's hard to remember what I talked *about,* but it's there.

My eyes flutter as the drugged sleep threatens to overtake me once again, and you grin silently from behind me. Now that I've been prepped, it's time to run me through the labyrinth of my own mind - Making me run, guiding me through twists and turns and dead ends until I reach the single, absolute, truth.

The one most important thing in my life from now on.

Until I reach *you.*
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