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May 22, 2018, 06:46:41 PM

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Author Topic: Fresh Meat! ◊ { M/M F/F M/F } ◊ Plots Added!  (Read 1140 times)

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Fresh Meat! ◊ { M/M F/F M/F } ◊ Plots Added!
« on: May 11, 2016, 11:56:41 PM »
the introduction
Hi strangers. I go by Melo. I'm a twenty-something situated in the EST with umpteen years of experience.
If you're curious about absolutely anything, feel free to ask away as I adore OOC.

My O/O thread can be found here


                                the perks
                                  10+ years of experience
                                  Lush for description
                                  400-1k word average
                                  Rapid reply or lazy lax
                                  Plot enthusiast
                                  Any gender, any sexuality
                                  Third person, past tense
                                  Varying plot/smut ratios
                                  Pure smut is cool too!
                                  Will draw you cute things

                                the pairings
                                  Dream x dreamer
                                  Circus performer x fan
                                  Starving artist x business tycoon
                                  Activist x political debutante
                                  Tourist/traveler x local
                                  Terminally ill x caretaker
                                  Friends with advantages
                                  Body mod artist x client
                                  Transitioning friend x cis partner
                                  Wiccan x human familiar
                                  Polyamorous relationships
                                  World hopper x companion
                                  Sin archetype x virtue archetype
                                  Selkie x human
                                  Fictional celebrity x fan/photographer
                                  Cam boy/girl x lover
                                  Water nixie x sailor

                                the plots
                                  interstate { smut slice of life romance
                                  Muse A and Muse B are best friends. When one has to travel across the country for a family reunion,
                                  the two decide to make a road trip of it. Umpteen hours in a moving car on a long, boring stretch of
                                  road can only lead the conversation so many ways. When the conversation turns to ex-lovers and the
                                  trysts and needs  they've always kept one another oblivious to, entertainment finds itself in the form
                                  of wandering hands as they blur the lines of their friendship.

                                  frill { romance smut slice of life
                                  Muse A and Muse B have been in a relationship for years. Muse A has always been comfortable in their
                                  sexuality while Muse B has questioned both  their gender and sexual preferences in private. While B
                                  loves their significant other endlessly, they struggle to feel the same affection for their self and their body.
                                  Muse B has acquired a small collection of clothing catered to the sex opposite of what they were born within,
                                  and often dresses as the opposite to indulge their curiosity. What happens when Muse A returns home early
                                  from work one day to find their lover dressed up like a stranger? How will they react?

                                  preen { periodical realism slice of life
                                  Muse A is the insufferable child of a well-off family. Considered highly eligible, Muse A makes a point of
                                  refusing courtship and marriage. They hold a wicked tongue and scorn all of the hands offered to them,
                                  taking kindly to only Muse B. Muse B has worked on the estate's grounds since they were a young, finding
                                  the dearest if not most baffling of friendships in the prestigious Muse A. Muse B falls into the role of handmaid
                                  and spends the entirety of their days doting on the desirable heir. They take care of the other in every form
                                  imaginable -- from combing the Muse A's hair and helping them dress, to escorting them to the shops and
                                  bringing in tea, and, of course, in sating every note of the heir's sexual appetite. The nature of their relationship
                                  is sheltered by Muse A's sharp tongue, but as Muse A's parents grow impatient with a child refusing to wed,
                                  they threaten to sever Muse B's employment, sending the duo for a loop. Will Muse A accept a hand in marriage
                                  to try and maintain their heart's hold on Muse B? Will Muse B stomach the idea of a suitor taking over the object
                                  of their every beck and whim?

                                  follower { realism smut angst
                                  Muse A and Muse B have been a happily established couple for a fair amount of time. Muse A is a starving
                                  artist who supplements their portion of the bills with money earned doing webcam shows for a flock of
                                  adoring strangers online. Muse B has adjusted to the reality of their lover's part-time activities and worries
                                  only for their safety, often sitting in the room out of frame during sessions for both of their comfort. But
                                  what happens when Muse A's online following grows larger than what they can manage? When they bump into
                                  a fan at the supermarket or somebody they know comes across the other's online activities? How will the
                                  couple cope?

                                  fixate { realism smut slice of life
                                  Muse A is a brooding artist archetype who's been suffering through a block. Exasperated, they delve into
                                  the riches they've amassed to hire on a sex worker as a means of temporary distraction.
                                  After a night filled with Muse B catering to all of Muse A's needs, Muse A struggles to rid themselves of
                                  their paid company. An awkward breakfast turns into a pleasant afternoon, and over time they try to
                                  navigate the murky waters of their strange relationship.

                                the miscellany
                                  Alternate universes, mythology, folklore, fairytales, angels, fairies, nixies, demons,
                                  clairvoyants, mythical creatures, witches, mid-pandemic free-for-alls, end of the
                                  world celebrations, bratty vampires breaking into mansions, ghosts and naive humans,
                                  ghosts and amateur psychics, gypsies, road trips, running away, harboring secrets,
                                  best friends trying to be something more, best friends trying to avoid being
                                  something more, ex-lovers trying to be just friends, couples of different
                                  races/creeds/backgrounds, holiday themes, conflicted sexual and or gender identities,
                                  getting lost in big cities, meeting cool locals, befriending cashiers/baristas/etc,
                                  terminal diseases, somebody with too much money and somebody who’s never had any, 
                                  obsessive/controlling relationships/characters, love/hate relationships, tattoo artists,
                                  hair stylists, crushes on coworkers, online dating, random craigslist meetups,
                                  getting snowed in/avoiding a hell storm, older characters and twenty-somethings,
                                  nervous interns spilling coffee, addictions, dystopian societies, totalitarian governments,
                                  robots, cyborgs, body modification, time travel, world hopping, post-apocalyptic societies,
                                  alien races, undiscovered planets, utopias, harems, beaches, palaces, castles.


The list above is small at the moment as I've written it from scratch. It will grow as I have time to add to it.
I know my ideas are all over the damn place, but I'm always down for something tame and vanilla, something
sexually fueled, or something new entirely if you're willing to offer up a suggestion. On terms of
kinks, limits, and characters I remind you that I am incredibly new and haven't had time
to set up the sister-threads people usually have to detail these things. In the meantime a lot of my
preferences are available here.

I'm open to writing on several mediums, though I'd prefer to avoid messengers that aren't Skype or
email as I like to be lazy about tending to my inbox.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this!
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Re: Fresh Meat! ◊ { M/M F/F M/F } ◊ Plots Added!
« Reply #1 on: May 13, 2016, 06:22:37 PM »
05/13/16: Added a few plots!

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Re: Fresh Meat! ◊ { M/M F/F M/F } ◊ Plots Added!
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2016, 06:04:14 PM »

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Re: Fresh Meat! ◊ { M/M F/F M/F } ◊ Plots Added!
« Reply #3 on: May 22, 2016, 06:10:36 PM »

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Re: Fresh Meat! ◊ { M/M F/F M/F } ◊ Plots Added!
« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2018, 07:09:58 PM »