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Author Topic: Extreme kink~ Breeding/Non-con/Enema/Orgasm Torture ALL PAIRINGS  (Read 822 times)

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**If you sent a message to me in the last year and I just up and disappeared I am so incredibly sorry. I had a serious accident shortly after returning in March and wasn't able to come by to explain the situation. Feel free to message again if you'd be interested in starting up again!**

Ongoing Threads

*** Also, please note, I expect introductory pm's that include a brief introduction of yourself and outline of what made you message me, why you'd like to write with me, preferably a plot idea(s). I do not respond to one liners ***

So... I quite honestly am craving something incredibly porny with as little plot as needed to make it good. We can maybe add in plot later or as the story progresses but I'd love something kinky. I am open to being a dominant or submissive of any genderspecies. Scenarios I'm craving right now revolve around IMPREGNATION/BREEDING or around extreme control (Enema's, Catheters, possibly body mods, Piercing to show ownership). If you feel like you at all could enjoy some of my more extreme kinks please write and we can cater to what you're comfortable. I'd be very interested to intertwine with existing plots you're interested in.

Also... although I know it's not common I really do love everything to do with being bred and then having to birth whatever creature is inside. For some reason I like the idea about reading/writing the pain and pleasure the character is in, perhaps using stimulation to ease the pain, etc. If you don't mind writing/reading this from me please do specify as I tend to assume people aren't interested as not many find it a turn on.

Some general plot ideas that can be easily modified:

Something with a little more romance, where an alien picks up  a female for breeding, explores and cleanses her body before laying his eggs in her. They could of course communicate and either it would be a very sterile process or this excited alien could fall for his breeding partner. This could involve the treatment of the female as cattle, enemas, catheters, perhaps some electro stimulation, and then the obvious impregnation. If it's something you would find attractive I do like the idea of a character giving birth and then repeatedly impregnated while her young are still suckling, and she is therefore at the mercy of her mates care. I'd also like to include orgasms to induce "labour" or help with a painful birthing progress.

A female who has agreed to service some incredibly rich man (or female if you'd prefer), and upon arrival realizes she's to host a breed of pleasure worms as it incubates and eventually lays eggs with in her. This could involve similar kinks as above.

I had an amazing plot like a year ago when I was last on here that I ghosted on and forever regret >.< Basically my character was in her late teens and her mother and father decided to turn her into their sex toy. There were enema's and control and a bit of incest. It was so hot QuQ

One of our characters is bought or forced into modern day sexual slavery and then goes through the process of being cleaned and perhaps pierced to signify ownership. Who ever is the owner could potentially also represent multiple characters aside from one main master who would perhaps use her at the bequest of the master character.

Who do I want to write with?

I’m not asking for too much in my partner. I want an intermediate to advanced writer who is in my post range of 200-600 words a post (more if we get excited is fine of course). I expect relatively good grammar and I’d like it if you wrote in third or first person (this is negotiable). As a student I’m very busy and understand if you are too, I only expect at least a post a week. I am highly irregular and can post from multiple times a day to once every couple of days, it all depends on my schedule and level of inspiration. Are you losing muse for our rp? Hit me up and let me know. I am entirely forgiving as long as you keep me informed! I just want a decent writer who is honest with me and makes a relative effort to keep things written well and sensibly. The big issues for me are in plotting. It drives me nuts to get someone who says they just want to be a sub and offers no hints as to what they want out of the rp. That’s not fun for either of us, I want to know what you’ll enjoy, and honestly, plotting is half the fun when you get into the right mindset and both of you are sharing ideas. I don’t care if its just a sex scene, but I do want to know where we’re going what things you/I want to have done to our character, etc.

I have a strong preference for Forum rp and PM but will entertain other methods.

Who I play.

- I like a lot of different types of characters. If you think something might fit me but aren't sure, send a message anyway. The worst I’ll say is no thanks :)

- Gender: I like all genders and their pairings. I haven’t had the opportunity to play an intersex or transgender, but am not entirely opposed to the idea.

- Nonhuman: I'm very open to humanoid creatures. I'd also be very interested in trying out some beastiality with dragons, tentacled creatures, wolves, or anything else you can think of.

- Switch/No D/s: Personally I love to include at least a few D/s aspects in anything I rp, especially if it's a sex based scene. However I don't mind having our characters on equal footing the rest of the time.

Dom/Sub: I looooove both. I have high standards for submissives, you must be able to describe all that's happening to you in the most delicious detail if you don't have a lot of control over what your character does. I am very eager to be a guiding hand or your sexy toy to be had as pleases you.

The Likes:
- Teasing
- Tickling
- Cuddles, snuggles, lurve <3
- Public Humiliation/Use (Allow everyone in the kingdom to use a character, embarass them in front of a tavern, let 100 men force them to cum again and again)
- Wax play
- Floggings
- Femme boys
- Curvy girls
- Extra Sensitivity
- Figging
- Ice
- Electro stimulation (please please let me stimulate your clitoris and force you to cry in pleasure and pain, or to settle a sounding rod down your thick cock and shock you to orgasm)
- Cervix penetration (especially in terms of stretching it out to allow eggs to travel deep inside you)
- Enemas (I love the idea of them being non-con, being painful, retaining them for long periods, training my character to take more and more, different liquids)
- Urethral insertion/Catheter play (I've seen some porn where once the bladder is empty liquid has been inserted through the catheter and I'd love to do that to someone or have it done to me, especially if we could try different and potentially more irritating liquids)
- Loving Non-con: This one's a bit weird but basically when you can assume that the submissive doesn't know what's best and needs to be talked into things or forced to take things despite sobbing for them not to happen.
- Piercings
- Impregnation/Breeding/Egg laying/Birthing/Maybeee some sort of pleasure creature inside (I'd love to have eggs laid inside me and then have to birth them, be impregnated by another creature)
- Milking/Lactation
- Fisting

Overall I enjoy being made or making others "full" with something stuffed in every orifice and their bodies filled with things of my/your doing.

Scenes I’m Craving ATM
- Woman on Woman/Futa
- Breeding/Impregnation/Rape/Birthing: I'd love to write about a character stumbling on some tribe of hungry aliens/wolves/dragons/etc. and then being raped and used for their pleasure, with them ideally impregnating that character. I want said character to be painfully full and yet continuously forced to take more from his/her captors.
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Re: Extreme kink~ Breeding/Non-con/Enema/Orgasm Torture ALL PAIRINGS
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