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May 26, 2018, 10:49:29 PM

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Author Topic: Hey you! Wanna be Famous? (GM seeking any player)  (Read 528 times)

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Online TotesRiderTopic starter

Hey you! Wanna be Famous? (GM seeking any player)
« on: May 10, 2016, 09:41:05 PM »
Genre: Action/Comedy
Setting: A once bright and shiny city has been on extremely hard times and has become a haven of criminal activity. One of the only things keeping it afloat is the mysterious Sola company and their show 'Monday Night Brawl'. Your character has fallen on hard times and learns of an agency bringing in potential fighters... ready to begin your rise to stardom? Currently the year is 2029 and the show has begun it's Third season.
What you can expect: Violence, some fucked up people to fight, Gore, super powers, dark humor, Life of stardom and possible downfall.
Smut to plot ratio: Let's say about 45/55
If you're interested: Fill out the character sheet and PM it to me. Once I get it and approve of it i'll set up the thread and send you a link.

BEHOLD!!! ARGUS CITY! Once a shining ray of beauty, progress and technology... Nowadays... eeeeeh not so much. Ever since Richard Amonda and his company Sola arrived this place has been a massive shit hole. Drugs beings passed around like candy on Halloween (razer blades and all), prostitution and gangbanging are the highest paid jobs and there's about at least one dead dude on every corner. But aaaah you know that whole biz eh? Oooof course you do... no shut up dick i'm talking. Uh lemme see here where are the papers... WANDA WHERE THE FUCK ARE MY PAPERS?! Aaaah fuck it...

Listen kiddo the only reason we're having this discussion is because you came to me looking for a job and boy do I HAVE THE PERFECT JOB FOR YOU!!! You watch TV any? Well then you may know about Monday Night Brawl. Waaait you thought that shit was fake? Well lemme tell ya that's real... all of it. Did'ja see last week's fight? That guy who made his animal tattoos real? That was real...

See one thing you should probably know about Sola is... they provide the fighters so to speak. Each one is given a specialized Organ Transplant that grants them an ability. Generally it's pretty random. Either you could get the ability to make cool ass swords oooor you have rainbow pee. Happened once... was uuuh... yeah. Anywho. Being a fighter is some big ass business. You're basically a celebrity! You get set up with the nice money. You get the house, you get the car, you get the chicks or dudes or chicks with dicks if that's your thing, but all you gotta do is sign this totally legit paperwork, go through the operation and survive your first couple matches. I tell ya kid, I see stars in your eyes!... Juuust uuuuuh fill this out please- Once you do we'll set you up with an appointment to get your transplant as well as find you a good ass manager, hopefully.

Code: [Select]
Blood Type:
Please list any possible ailments including but not limited to: physical disabilities, mental disorders, allergies and so on.

Fighting Profile
Ring Name:
Possible Power gained from Implant (have fun with this one but don't be god like is all I ask):
Please describe how you would fight in a match below. Please also include any information about prior martial arts or self defense training.

Alright looks good to me kiddo. I'll set up your appointment by tonight. You've made the first step into becoming a star... or you'll die... probably... Whatever... do me proud kiddo!!!

Online TotesRiderTopic starter

Re: Hey you! Wanna be Famous? (GM seeking any player)
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2016, 01:42:52 PM »
More info

So what the fuck is this man?
This is an idea I've been kicking around in my head for a bit. Essentially you, The Daring Player, will be taking on the role of a 'Fighter' for the popular show Monday Night Brawls. Think of it like Monday Night Raw but with more powers and death.

Okay what kind of powers?
Well that's where the fun part goes. Sure you can roll with the regular Fire stuff or maybe summon a little wolfy... OOOOR you can try something pretty odd and different. Liiiiiike maybe something where you can segment your body and have the pieces connected by spiky chains to wrap around the opponent. Or having the ability to devour something and spit back out... but have that Something be bigger and way more explodey. Or maybe you get a weird tentacle arm that does all sorts of crazy shit. Use your imagination.

And what will you play?
I'll play the world around you. Hence why the title has 'GM seeking any player'. But for the most part here's what i'll mostly play as.
Your Manager
Lovers (or Hoes if that's your thing)
Your opponents
Commentators during the fight

This doesn't seem that serious.
Well yeah... it's supposed to be kinda goofy and crass.

To help give me an idea, what's some stuff I can check out to give me a better idea of the setting?
Uppers trailer
No More Heroes 2
Killer is Dead

So will this be running any kind of system?
Yeah about that... i've never really used a system to RP with... but if you have an idea just lemme know and i'll do my best to learn.