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Author Topic: More 5th Ed Adventuring  (Read 5045 times)

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Offline NotoriusBEN

Re: More 5th Ed Adventuring
« Reply #50 on: May 11, 2016, 09:58:17 PM »

To fight evil, one must know it. Or that’s what Jericho says. Born to prestigious scholars in a distant city, much burden was placed upon the young Jericho. Succeeding his parents knowledge, honing his magical skills (His parents were wizards, of course), and continuing their legacy of scholarly pursuits. There were problems with those, however, Jericho was more of a talker and a man who enjoyed the less intellectual pursuits, and looking upon the paths of wizardry left him frustrated, and despite hard training there seemed to be no gift of magic within him. He did not want to disappoint his family – not by any means, so despite that lack of magical aptitude he again sought out to impress them with academic pursuits. Unfortunately again – he was stymied. Not a stupid man by any means, instead he had found trouble with honing up to the impressive legacy that his family made. Year after year he was middling, despite his best efforts. Petty distractions, putting work off, a lifestyle that could have developed into hedonism if he did not keep himself in check.

It was by anger and self loathing that he gained what gifts he has. A moment of doubt was all that was ever needed from infernal powers, and when one was already drunk and feeling issues of pride? The thought of being gifted magic was a powerful bargaining tool. The bargain was a simple one – Jericho would gain magic, his fiendish patron would have an agent in the world. Not an agent he was fully in control of, but one that could be influenced if necessary. A sudden gift of magic was enough to surprise and awe his parents, their curiosity allayed by a silver tongue and confidence from their child.

Yet, as a year passed by... He knew that he had done something wrong. An infernal pact could do no good, and he knew he would never fully be capable of seeking to break the bargain and find a way to free himself from fiendish powers. Working with various adventuring groups, he has sought to make amends for any calamity that might befall those around him due to this gift, and for the most part his patron watches with interest. Despite having done much good already, Jericho knows that it can take one slip to fall, and is careful to act righteous and good despite the source of his gifts.

I know a good aligned infernal pact warlock is... Not exactly the best fit in every party, but I tried to make one that wasn't overly edgy or would clash with a group of good people. he wants to be a hero and do good, but he had a mortal foible that devils took advantage of, and now he seeks to atone for taking such an offer. I hope it's okay.

I had an idea with a fiend warlock as well.
mechanically, start Level 2 paladin first for the armor, weapon proficiencies and divine smite and then go warlock the rest of the way. Use eldritch blast as your ranged attack, but don't bother with the repel or damage booster, you mainly divine smite the shit out of things. There was an addendum a while back about pact magic slots being allowed to be used with paladin spells (or abilities) so you can be a pretty big hitter and versatile, using smite only when you connect. then bladelock for the two weapon attacks invocation and work towards ascended step and otherworldly leap and he's a scary anime character.

story wise, he was a common soldier that should have died on a battlefield, but after some mcguffin incident he awoke in the carnage and walked off. His paladin and warlock abilities stem from the fiend residing in him. More Wynn, less Anders for an analogy. The fiend can stay in the material plane, anchored to a vessel, but it takes most of the fiend's power to keep the body on life support and so, can only nudge the character, nothing really overt in trying to control him.

Leave the nature of the union vague so that there are a few plot hooks for the DM to latch on and spin something bigger out of it if they choose to.

I would like to join and participate more again in Elliquiy, but the nature of my job keeps me from posting regularly. Hopefully in a month or so that will no longer be an issue.
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Offline greenknight

Re: More 5th Ed Adventuring
« Reply #51 on: May 13, 2016, 02:53:34 PM »
Umm, is this suggesting that you would divine smite a successful eldritch blast?

Offline Zaer Darkwail

Re: More 5th Ed Adventuring
« Reply #52 on: May 13, 2016, 03:00:40 PM »
I doubt you can use eldritch blast with the divine smite as divine smite works only for melee attacks which hit. I just assume he means using the warlock spell slot for powering a divine smite (which is max 5d6 because limitations on spell slots and considering how few slots warlock has, I see not that much bonus having divine smite compared other builds as you could multiclass to cleric to get 9th level spell slots).

Offline NotoriusBEN

Re: More 5th Ed Adventuring
« Reply #53 on: May 13, 2016, 07:55:25 PM »
as zaer said, its to power up your melee hits. the blast is merely to shore up your ranged attack capability in case you fight something that flies or you need to stay away from something that splashes damage when you hit it. that's all its there for. yea, you could take the agonizing and repelling invocations, but *every* warlock takes those and I don't want a magic archer.

mechanically and thematically you hit something really really hard with your sword. You could gear him out with a polearm and the polearm feat/expertise whatever its called and get an alpha strike with three divine smites in a turn, but I'm not interesting in a bleeding edge killbot.

I just wanted something that was a bit of a dark avenger and that it stand up in a fight. The main thing is to hit hard in melee, but having warlock abilities like darkness, devil sight, and other utility things means that he could contribute outside of a fight as well. Paladin and warlock wouldn't register as professions this guy took. He was a soldier, and bonding with a fiend has started manifesting some pretty weird and scary powers.