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Author Topic: Survivors 'Texas Rising' beyond they fifth wave. Open recruitment  (Read 573 times)

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Survivors 'Texas Rising'  beyond the fifth wave.

The others have come, aliens that came from the far reaches of space.   With one objective to take over the earth,   to claim it as their own.   To do that they would need to exterminate the current resident species of the planet, the humans.    This came about in a series of what is termed the waves. 

First Wave: Lights Out: During the first wave, the Others release an EMP wave that takes out all electronics/lights/technology and kills half a million people by shorting out all moving vehicles, including planes in mid-flight.

Second wave: Surf's Up: The Others, realizing that roughly 40 percent of Earth's population lives within 60 miles (97 km) of coastline, drop enormous rods "twice as tall as the Empire State Building and three times as heavy" (45) onto the Earth's fault lines, causing massive tsunamis that wipe out three billion people.

Third wave: Pestilence: The Others launch a scheme to infect as many remaining survivors as possible with a deadly virus. Using the Earth's birds as carriers (via falling excrement), the plague claims 97 percent of remaining survivors. The virus, which resembles an advanced form of Ebola, causes victims to slowly bleed to death until eventually "you've become a viral bomb. And when you explode, you blast everyone around you with the virus".

Fourth wave: Silencers: After the 3rd wave, the remaining human population tries desperately to survive off whatever resources remain by looting, all the while clinging to the hope that "the people in charge", wherever they may be, are working toward a solution.  However the aliens have been to earth before and sleeper agents had been placed on earth.   Those sleeper agents awaken now.  Activated and they will begin the hunting of humans in the quest to exterminate all humanity from planet earth.   

Fifth wave: The children captured during the 4th wave are taken to the Others' primary Earth military compound and are desocialized and then resocialized to execute one goal: kill the remaining human population. This is accomplished through a rigorous boot camp in which children, some as young as five years old, are issued weapons and are expected to follow orders given by commanding officers (whom the children have no idea are not human). During boot camp, the Others convince the children that the "aliens" have taken over human bodies and it is paramount that they (the children) eradicate them. In essence, the captured children are the 5th wave.

Our story is about a group of survivors set starting in west Texas.   For resistances has formed and humanity is fighting back.   Our group are a party that is nomad and have been fighting a guerrilla style warfare against the others and their sleeper units.    Moving from refugee town to refugee town across west Texas and neighboring states by horseback.   As if they were in the old west.  This group will be five minimally to start the game.

Character Sheet

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=300]image url[/img][/floatright][b]Name:[/b]
[b]Age:[/b]  (minimum age 18)

[b]Description:[/b]  (be descriptive,  add if any distinguish features i.e.  tattoos or such.)

[b]Personality:[/b]  (What drives and motivates you.)


[b]Family:[/b]  (Any survivors,  one never knows if such will send word for help to one of the characters)

[b]Skills & Talents:[/b]   (Looking for about 2 to 5 skills or talents, with 5 being max)

[b]Background:[/b]   (Where from and reason why have the skills or talents listed.)


[b]On & Offs:[/b]

Submit characters here for approval first.   
This is not first come first serve,  looking for committed players and in depth characters.

This will be a plot driven game that will be placed in 'Extreme small groups' For the violence that at times can lead to rape.  The aliens are not looking to rape humanity, they're goal is to exterminate the last vestiges of the human race.   Rape and other foul things will come from humanity itself,  as the world survivors have formed into a brutal world of survival in the aftermath.

The game will be free form.

One character per player as a protagonist.

Players may create secondary characters that are antagonist or perhaps a support character the party sees from time to time.  In helping to drive the story along.

A co-GM for game is also sought to help keep things running smoothly.

Offline Elven Sex GoddessTopic starter

  • All doorways lead to adventure.
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  • Join Date: Jul 2006
  • Location: In the mind's canvas of life's eroticism.
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Re: Survivors 'Texas Rising' beyond they fifth wave. Open recruitment
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2016, 07:37:09 pm »
Notable NPC's

Name:  Carter Jacoby
Gender:  Male
Age:  60

Description:  Carter is grizzled with steely strong looks.   Gray beard and brown hair that is got gray in it.  His hair is long,  going down to his shoulders.  The older west Texas horseman still holds himself as if near twenty years younger.  Steel gray eyes.   

Personality:  A gruff cantankerous and seemingly stubborn personality.   Through really a old softy.  A good judge of character.   A man that is used to hard work,  and being a leader.  Does not waste time with frivolous stuff. 

Sexuality:  Straight

Family:  Grand daughter

Skills & Talents:   Horsemen (Horse Husbandry),  Rancher, Riding,  hunting & Leadership

Background:   For near forty years  Carter Jacoby ran Double Diamond ranch in western Texas, a horse ranch.   He grew up a rancher,  inherited the ranch from his father, and his father to his father before.   Carter knows horses and all the that it details in ranching.   Being born into such a inheritance.   Carter is trained and it comes natural  the ability to lead in a leadership role.   If he had not had such to inherit.  There is no doubt that  he been a top foreman on someone else ranch.

With the coming of the others.   Carter is a intricate part of the resistance.    Through too old to be a direct participant.   He has managed to save a few hundred of his herd of horses.    He free ranges them and keeps them moving to throw off the drones.   As he supplies the resistances with horses and saddles.   

Only his grand daughter, his son's daughter has survived til now through the waves that the others have brought against humanity,  Emily Jacoby.     He rotates ranches,  with the loss of others.   He moves the herd from one ranch range to another as he moves to keep from the others taking a bead on targeting him and those falling under his banner.   As he is part of a inner command of human resistance in Texas to the others.   

Gear:  Ranch,  rotating among other homesteads, four in total.   Heard of horses,   horseman gear.   

On & Offs: NPC

Name: Emily Jacoby
Gender:  Female
Age:  19

Description:  A natural tone athletic body type from a active life.   Hair is long and straight.  In a brown color with natural highlights of a lighter brown streaking through it.   

Personality:  A daredevil personality that can either be infectious or quite annoying.  It all depends on the person she is dealing with at the time

Sexuality:  Straight,  bi,  lesbian,  the truth she is not sure.  Before the others she was a kid,  and well now that she is nineteen  its been all about survival.

Family:  Grand father (Carter Jacoby)

Skills & Talents:   Expert rider (horses),  Guide,  survival and tracking.

Background:  Emily grew up around horses.   Of course almost as big in Texas as Friday night lights with high school football is the local  rodeos.   An of course from the age of nine through fifteen before the others.  Emily was a top girl barrel rider.   

Her father had started his own business,  a small dude ranch, for city folks to come and enjoy the ranch life and pretend that they were cowboys.  Emily would take them out as a guide and knows most of the back trail countryside in west Texas.     From the age of ten she was trained in CPR.    Her father taught her how to survive if caught out on the range.   

Besides helping with being a guide when not in school.   She also help her grand father by going out with Old Joe,  a true Cheyenne in tracking down strays from his herds.   She picked up how to track from old Joe.   

Other then at she  had been just a girl in high school.   Prom was the biggest thing she had to worry about.  But all that changed and now only she and her grandfather have survived.    Now nineteen,   Emily goes out with the resistance groups  as not many know the back trails as she does and her ability to track.  Along with her skill in riding she can teach those that don't know how to ride.   

Gear:  Horse,  saddle,  saddle blanket,   bit and bridle,   saddle bags, first aid kit,  canteen.   lever action repeater rifle and revolver.   

On & Offs:  See link in signature.
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