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Author Topic: BadForm's Evil Ways  (Read 892 times)

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BadForm's Evil Ways
« on: May 05, 2016, 12:16:30 AM »
I've been away from the board for some time but wanted to return and try my hand at some RPs again. I'm looking for literate partners who can write 2-5 paragraphs per post (I'm open to longer posts, but in many cases that is difficult without ending up god-modding). I like writers who can help build a storyline and add to the world we create without ignoring what's gone before or dominating plot development (ie it's collaborative, not combative). I can write male or female characters (hell, I've played an automated house run by an AI on more than one occasion) and am open to almost any genre/theme. I mostly like to write noncon and extreme roleplays but am definitely open to the softer side of RP too. I'm also open to playing dom/sub or attacker/victim sides without problem.

I'll develop some fuller ideas later, but for now here are some teasers for RPs that interest me.

The Trail of Tears - The Indian Removal Act of 1830 led to the forced eviction of thousands of Choctaw, Cherokee, Muscogee, Seminole and Chickasaw from their lands. Thousands died as they were forced West by the government, others simply went missing. You play an American Indian woman from on of those nations, captured by a white bastard (me) to be trained as a pleasure and pain toy. Will likely be extreme.

The British Are Cumming - We all know that Britain lost the American War of Independence but not everything went the Americans' way and as power shifted and twisted like a snake the rank and file of soldiery on both sides were angry at the people of the other. This RP would follow a small detachment of British soldiers, drunk on victory in South Carolina, taking residence in a ranch whose men-folk have to fight in the war. I'm open to this being run as a group RP but prefer me to play the British soldiers and one person to play the women on the ranch as group RPs almost always evaporate before getting anywhere.

The Ugly Chick - There's a sexist, insulting saying that ugly chicks make better lovers because they're so desperate for attention they'll let you do anything. While obviously bullshit, like most prejudices there's a small nugget of truth in that if someone has a sufficiently bad self-opinion they may accept bad treatment for the hint of positive attention. Mitch is an All American teen idol. Rich, athletic, smart and popular he could have any girl on campus he wanted... If he wasn't such a freakish pervert. Sure, he's mixed with massochists and submissives, but he craves more. He wants a girl he can make do anything for him. Any pain, any public humiliation, any weirdness he wants anytime. So he decides to test the old prejudice by trying one of the ugly girls instead of his cheerleader girlfriend. When he sees a girl mist consider ugly being bullied he makes her his target and "saves" her. This RP would follow her degradation in various forms. It could get extreme (and in parts perhaps strange). I'm not requiring that my partner play an entirely willing victim, that's up to you. I've run this alongside a conflicted victim who craves his charm but hates his abuse. I've run this alongside a willing freak who could put him to shame with her cravings and blew his mind.

I'm open to interest on these or other ideas. I will only play on the forums though. Please message me if interested.
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Re: BadForm's Evil Ways
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2016, 11:19:24 AM »
A couple of fandom possibilities...

Helpless Heroines - set in the DC universe, I play an OC villain whose crimes are merely justification for capturing, tormenting, defiling and ultimately unmasking female supers on an Internet broadcast. While this would be rape, I'm interested in playing some of the captures as including forced orgasm. I'm looking for someone to play multiple heroines, mostly sequentially but potentially together as they are overpowered, captured, filmed and released naked but for identifying regalia to the public. If it is a fear for Batgirl, Catwoman, Huntress etc to be shown for who they are, how much more devastating would it be to be shown being unmasked, fucked and brought to orgasm by a villain? After the release, I'm open to attempts at revenge (or maybe addiction to defilement and shame masquerading as attempts at revenge) but he has the power to overpower any of the heroines. (Footnote: if particularly wanted I'm open to adding gay scenes later with heroes attempting to help out)

Dark Vengeance - the dark lord, Voldemort, is defeated. The war is over. Everyone is safe again. Except... war never really works like that does it? There are always the diehards who keep fighting after a victor is declared, or who seek revenge for their defeat and loss of status. This story takes place years after the events of the Potter books. The main characters are grown now (I'm open to anywhere from 20s upward). A smal cadre of death eaters, still powerful witches and wizards in their own right, seek vengeance on those who defeated their master. And what better vengeance than capturing them and turning them into slaves and ritual pawns. This follows the story of one such death eater, Maledict Maledictus, who claims one of the Potter heroines as his slave to use and abuse as he sees fit. Your choice of victim... Hermione? Ginny? Luna? Cho? Angeline? Parvati? I'm open. Heck go with one of the professors if you're so inclined, I'm not against GGILFS.