Slow seduction (F looking for M)

Started by Becca, May 07, 2016, 12:33:30 AM

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Hi everyone! Thanks for taking an interest in my request! :) Just peruse my idea and if anyone finds it tempting, do send me a PM!

I've been craving a forbidden kind of love. An affair that won't just begin with the two characters instantly falling in love, getting together, engaging in any kind of sexual act. Not right away, anyways.
I'm interested, for this rpg in particular, a slower kind of seduction. The craving, the lusting, the desire, the heartache of being oh so close and yet not being able to reach out and touch their skin, not being able to finally have that first kiss.

Of course eventually the rpg will focus on the torrid, forbidden love affair, the conflict of interests, the guilt or fear of being caught, but those moments before it finally does happen would be just as important (Think Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Eisenheim and Sophie from the Illusionist, Guinevere and Lancelot)

The forbidden love angle could grow from any number of different situations: Modern time or historical rpgs, difference in social status (king/queen and knife/servant; married or engaged; even age difference, though I currently am not interested in another teacher-student rpg).

If anyone is interested in this kind story focused mostly on a pair of star-crossed lovers, please do send me a PM. Don't post a reply on this thread!



I'm craving a slower-paced kind of rpg right now, one which not immediately jump into smut. I think the longing, the passion slowly growing, the flirting and the teasing can be just as much fun and just as titillating.
It anyone is interested in playing a forbidden romance kind of rpg, with an interesting plot to keep it going (court intrigues, mysteries and even supernatural situations could add be easily added), please do PM me.

Though I'd prefer this to be a historical kind of rpg (here's a link to my mostly-historical request thread just in case), fantasy -GoT ideas are always welcome!- or even modern life could also be discussed. Sci fi rpgs are currently not my cup of tea, though a good Star Wars or time travelling rpg could be fun.