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Author Topic: Deadwood Zero :: (Survival Horror) | Interest & Recruitment [All Welcome]  (Read 2492 times)

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GMS: Blissy, November Bleeds & Ms Catailia. Please contact us for any further questions.


Deadwood is a survival horror role-play that takes place in the early 90's. The concept is run by both characters and the environment in which players choose to how interact with. Psychological horror elements are projected into the story and characters are subjected to their worst fears and supernatural phenomenon. Deadwood is a blend of wonderful horror/adventure & mystery for you to explore! Within the open world environment, players are given the chance to explore, establish relationships and push their own personal stories. There is a large focus on characters, their social relationships and the choices they may make going forward. Choice games as a whole have greatly influenced Deadwood and depending on the choices your characters make, it will determine their outcome. Will they escape the town or will they die at the hands of a manifestation or lose themselves to insanity? Supernatural incantations are not the only creatures lurking within the town however. We are searching for players who are interested in being invested as well as immersed within the world, who are looking to not only work on their own story but help the whole story push forward as well.

Deadwood Zero Synopsis

So you know what Deadwood is about, but what's the plot concept for the game? Simple! You are a traveller on a bus that passes to and from different states around the US. For whatever reason (you decide), your character is travelling from central California to Washington. The bus ride will take approximately thirty-six hours. Who your character may be is totally up to you. They can be anyone, so long as they have a reason being the on the bus and are within realistic limits of person that may exist in real society. Everyone on this bus is a stranger to one another (to avoid pre-established relationships, prior to the crisis that partakes that initiates the plot). During the bus ride through Oregon, the bus passes through a region named Mossdale (obviously made up). It is within Mossdale that the mysterious town of Deadwood exists. 

For the most part, nothing seems too unusual, up until the bus starts to travel through Mossdale. The weather changed drastically and a heavy storm hits Mossdale suddenly. The storm was bad, but the bus continued forward to it's destination. Unfortunately, the bus never made it to it's destination. At approximately 8:23PM, the bus went off course and crashed, vanishing off the outskirts of Mossdale. The bus driver and travellers, were never found.Thus we enter the beginning of our game. As a surviving traveller from the bus, you find yourself surrounded by a handful of other strangers, who also survived the crash. You don't know these people, you don't know what caused the crash, only that you are stuck in a town that seems to be much more than meets the eye. Welcome to Deadwood.

Putting the “Dead” in “Deadwood”

This is a highly horror focused role-play and with that said our goal here is to generate horrific and unsettling atmospheres, to really bring life to the world and characters we have made here.

This is not a gore focused role-play where our aim is to butcher or bring gruesome fatality to the characters involved. The fate of your character is very much in your hands, as the GM's here will only aim to to provide challenges and obstacles for your character to overcome. In the event you may choose to bring something traumatic to your character, you retain the full right as a player, just please notify GM's. Your decisions will determine your characters future and if careless actions are made, than there will be negative circumstances. Please take the game seriously. Deadwood is a place of monsters and nightmares, comedy is not something we are looking to focus on in the plot. This is also NOT a mock slasher game. If your character does something ridiculous, there will be a penalty. This also means that no character is safe from an unfortunate fate, that also includes GM'd characters. The goal here is not to kill characters, but to focus on the horrors they may face and testing their ability to survive and face their fears.

Deadwood is place of many mysteries and secrets to be unfolded. The town will be mapped out and key locations will be provided. There is also further expansion on the lore of the game, at the "Lore & Monsters thread" . Monster listings and information can also be found here! Players have the ability to interact and explore with the sandbox world we have created as fit, but may their roaming make them wary of the dangers the may follow in close footsteps behind them. Within deadwood there are a number of entities that may manifest themselves in various places throughout the town, be it random, or triggered. Each entity is specific to their role and point of origin in the lore and has a set purpose. Only limited information about these entities will be released, given we want players to venture, discover and explore the world we have created here. Further details on noted sightings will be recorded as they occur.

We are aiming to set a focus on inner fears and phobias with the role-play. Our goal is to push these characters to their limits, while they further discover the choices they may need to make to survive.

Combat & Weapons

Combat in Deadwood is handled through a mixture of free form and dice. Further information on that can be found here! There is a very thoughtful and simplistic system put into place to give players the opportunity to take full advantage of combat and becoming immersed in what “danger” has to offer in Deadwood. Weapons are managed, balanced and watched carefully and players are always given plenty of options to work around conflicts, or try to tackle them head on.
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Offline November Bleeds

Color Fonts & The Meaning Behind Them

More information here! You do not need to worry about this right away.
Deadwood is a freeform system, with some dice usage, depending on certain situations of how danger may be dealt with.

Below is guide to help understand the usage of certain colors and their meaning in the game.

Do not worry about understanding these colors below. GM's are here to help guide you and you will easily get used to the color system as a whole.

Red Prompt/Coloring (Danger/Monsters)

Relates to danger.  Only usable by GM's or Monsters.
Players may only use red when they are responding to a GM or Monster's prompt with their choices.

Red Prompts are immediate, they need to be responded to and cannot be avoided. They have a heavy impact on a characters safety.

Further Red Prompt/Coloring Explanation

Example of an Red Prompt:

(Monster or Danger Post here) A monster appears before Joe's character, catching him off guard.

What does Joe do?

Orange Coloring (Allegiance/Dissension)

Relates to important character relations that are mostly socially impacting. Only being very important to another character. Often associated with big decisions or meaningful choices/decisions made, or spoken by characters. Any character/player can use these.

Orange Prompts can impact a characters long term relationships with other characters, given the circumstances of the coloring. In a sense this has to do with direct allegiances and relations and can alter the status of other characters opinions, or feelings regarding your character based on your answer or statement. We like to keep a note of these.

Further Orange Prompt Explanation
Example of an Orange Prompt:

The monster chasing Joe and Jane was relentless. Joe could have left Jane to die, given she lost her balance when running from the creature. Joe, deciding to turn back and help Jane escape the monster, which meant something to Jane.

Purple Coloring (Items)

Purple is used, to specify the involvement or inclusion/mention of items. Whether an item is obtained, traded, found etc, the color of that item name will ALWAYS appear in purple. Only useful items need to be mentioned in purple. Things like wallet or scrap of paper, do not need to be colored. This rule remains the same for weapons that may be found or made. We like to keep track of items, where they go, what they're being used for and purple font helps us keep an eye on them. Please list your items (be it in your inventory, or in a post, in purple font).

Further Purple Coloring (Items) Explanation

Example:  “Knife” | “Flashlight” | “Bandages

Green Coloring (Player Conditions)

Green & Yellow, are only used to distinguish a character's “condition”. Condition means, health state. Green refers to fine, able bodied, or healthy. Yellow, refers to injury. If your character is injured, please color their condition in yellow and state the injuries that they suffer from. An example of this can be found below.

Further Green Coloring (Conditions) Explanation

Semi bruised right eye. Fractured arm. Bleeding lip. Scrapped up and bruised knee.

If your character is NOT injured, or suffers from injuries that are very light in nature, you may use green font and simply write: “Healthy / Fine” or “Mostly Healthy” (State smaller injuries here in green font)

If a character has more than one injury, or a serious injury, they must write their status in yellow. Otherwise the font will always be in green. Things such as fractures, broken bones, severe incisions/cuts, heavy bruising are all things that automatically yellow status.

Other Rules & Anything Else

[Aside from Elliquiy's rules, these are few of our expectations]

We are searching for players who can write two/three or more paragraphs (or roughly 400 words) per post. We value decent post size, enough for other players to work off.

We are LGBTTQ+ Positive here. Play off any type of sexuality or identity.

Know you are getting into a survival RP. Understand that YC may or may not die during this.

Please try your best to get along with the next person. Leave the drama for RP, not OOC.

Please keep in mind that Deadwood is a highly active post game searching for players who are willing to write at least once every three days. Please make sure you can keep up with this rule and if you cannot, please notify us- do NOT keep us in the dark about your absences. Feel free to check/scan this thread for an example on posting size.

Do not god-mode another players character without first asking them. Writing things such as “would try to...” or “would attempt to...” are acceptable. They are requesting a response from another player. Writing things such as "grabs her hand and drags her out" - are not acceptable unless you received the players permission. GM's -when necessary- are the only individuals who may physically move or harm others characters. That's not to say our characters playing alongside yours (other college students) will god-mode: no. We will follow the rules as well.

There is another Deadwood game in progress at this time (owned by us)- it is completely irreverent and has the name Deadwood 1 (Original). This game is Deadwood Zero.

~Any further rules or concepts will be added as they occur.

Creating a character for the Deadwood experience

This is not a profile template. A template can be found at the bottom of the interest check. Instead, this section acts as tool for helping you think or craft up a character, that would be fitting to the Deadwood universe and the plot for the game. I'll throw some examples down of things that you'd need to know, before moving forward with your character.

  • Your character is a passenger on a long bus ride, from California to Washington. The bus is traveling through Oregon state and through fictional region known as Mossdale (the home of Deadwood)
  • Your character needs a reason to be a passenger on the bus. (Example: Going to see a friend across states/ Going to see a loved one/ Attending a business trip/ Running from old life etc.)
  • Your character must be between 18+
  • Your character MUST have some forms of inner demons (Example: Something to feel guilty/sad/angry/tarnished by) No one is perfect and playing off regrets is a huge part of the Deadwood game, to bring enrichment/meaning and purpose to the horror your character will face.
  • Your character may have three key strengths, that are realistic or believable, while having four major weaknesses or flaws, that make them imperfect.
  • Your character should have secrets. (These secret will be unknown to everybody, but you and the GM's)
  • Your character CANNOT know anybody else on the bus (To avoid pre-established relationships. All relationships will be made and managed in game)

Helpful Links for creating profile:
Morality List
Character Flaws/Weaknesses
Phobias and Fears!

Please keep in mind this role-play takes place in 1993 when writing the profile.

Profile Code Below. Please send to:
Blissy, November Bleeds & Ms Catailia

Two Characters Per Person.

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img height=280]Your image here[/img][/floatleft]
[b]Played By:[/b]
[b]Nicknames & Alias:[/b]
[b]Height:[/b] (Feet and inches please. Example: 5'9)

--Strengths & Weaknesses--

Players must have more Weaknesses than Strengths

[b]Strengths[/b] [I]
(List at least 3-5)
(You may list survival strengths as well as personal strengths and why they are important. Example: Highly intelligent; is good at puzzle solving. Can work in a team; they are stronger in numbers. Hopeful; they are positive and willing to uplift others when need be. Humor; they try to make things lighter in such a dark environment.)

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] [I]
(List between 4-8)

[b]Distinguishing Figures:[/b]  (Scars, Tattoos, Piercings, etc)

Please fill below. Only YOU and the GM's will see this list- these below will not be published for anybody else to see.

[b]Personality Traits:[/b]  (List at least 3)
[b]Pet Peeves:[/b] (List at least 3)
[b]Occupation:[/b] (What does your character do?)
[b]Hobbies & Interest:[/b]
[b]Pessimistic or Optimistic:[/b]

[b]Inner Demons:[/b] (Feeling guilty for something they have done *be specific*. Hating something/somebody. Addictions. Leaving somebody to die. Also refer to the 7 sins!)

[b]Secrets:[/b] (Be thorough about these. We will be working off of these as GM's. If it HAUNTS your character, if they feel GUILTY, if they are SCARED of it, then it becomes an Inner Demon. Secrets are just details they keep to themselves. Something personal. Examples: Their sexuality, they're not who they say they are, crushing on somebody, is an alcoholic (doesn't feel bad about it), abortions, real age, real weight, jail time...etc. You CAN lie in your character profile. If that is the case- the secrets go HERE.)

[b]Morality:[/b]  (Please see: )

[b]Phobia & Fears:[/b] (What is your character afraid of?)

[b]Inventory:[/b] (Physically on your character, not their luggage) - You may start with 2 items. If YC is starting with a weapon, please clear with a GM first. A knife is a good example of this.

[b]Bio:[/b] (Tell us about them)


[b]!Disclaimer! By filling this character template out you are giving consent to take part in a role-play where your character will not always win. You accept this and the consequences that come with your characters actions and decision. No one character in this role-play is immune to death. Please provide your E-RP username at the end of your application with the words “Sincerely”.[/b]

[b]"Sincerely, YOUR USER HERE." [/b]

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Offline TheSilentBang

Working on C/S now. Will be with you soon.

Offline Dashou

Giving in and made a profile. 'Cause I'm bound to chains.  :'( Help

Offline November Bleeds

Awesome profiles, both of you! Can't wait to see how the characters play out in the game. Glad to have you aboard!

If anybody needs assistance in writing/creating a profile, please let any GM know and we will be glad to help you out!

Don't worry, the system isn't too complicated. It is very easy to get used to. We will help you along the way.

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Offline Lingo

Potential profile coming your way!

Offline Rachubka

In it to win it.

Offline theLeslie

I'm in! 

Offline Ms Catailia

Oh this looks interesting


Offline November Bleeds

So far there are a total of 12 players!

We are still looking to accept a few more!
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Offline ChaoticSky

Also interested! Will have a sheet in soon.

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Also interested! Will have a sheet in soon.

Looking forward to it!

Offline Amarlo

I don't think I'm free enough to join, myself, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on this. Sounds very engaging!

Offline November Bleeds

I don't think I'm free enough to join, myself, but I will definitely be keeping an eye on this. Sounds very engaging!

We appreciate the interest anyway! Thank you!

We are still looking to accept a few more players!

Offline Ms Catailia

If only those monsters didn't eat all those NPCs...

Still looking for more players!

Offline November Bleeds

The game just started however,

We are still open to accepting a few more players!
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