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Started by Blonde, May 05, 2016, 05:15:28 AM

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I have been after a Vampire story for a while now, and before I head off to vote I thought I would chuck up this quick interest check.

I am looking for someone to play as a male Vampire opposite my female human, and yes I do intend for there to be romance involved. However, I am not looking for a fluffy Twilight-esque style romance; I would like it to be a little darker and grittier. After all, she is his food source; it isn’t going to be easy.

A few ideas are listed below, and I do apologise if they seem a little cliché. Ideas have come from a mix of Vampire folklore and media (films, TV shows, books etc).


01.   A legend that has so long gone unfulfilled it is believed to be nothing more than a fantasy. It was once said that a mortal would be born whose blood would hold magical capabilities, but only to the undead. She would not be a witch or any person of great note or power. But to Vampires, her blood would give the drinker complete invulnerability to all their usual weaknesses.

One night on a walk home, a young woman is attacked by a random Vampire, who is scared off just before killing her. She is of course hospitalised before being sent home, having made a full recovery. The Vampire though had no idea who he had fed on, and reports hit the most dangerous of Vampire clans of the day walker. Soon the long forgotten legend is once more on lips, and all are hunting out this human with the blessed blood.

Without trying to sound too much like True Blood, I was thinking of there being some form of council or ruling faction that demand the girl be delivered to them. I imagine here that your character would be either in an rebelling faction or a nomad of sorts, has a thing for women, especially human sort as they are easier for him to control. He fucks, he feeds, and he leaves. And that is what he had expected to do with my girl, that is until he realises there is an extra sweetness to her blood, an almost heavenly taste. As the girl sleeps he recalls the whispered word of that age old legend, and dares to pick up a cross that is on her dresser. When he picks it up and it doesn’t burn his skin, he soon realises just why her blood tasted so good.

02.   He notices her one night, the fun loving woman he has watched for a few weeks now. Every Vampire had to sire, and though he preferred his life alone, he found himself ever drawn to this girl. If he had to have a progeny, then why not the beautiful young woman he had slowly became enamoured by? But in absolutely no rush to turn her, he begins his mission to seduce her and marking her off limits to any other interested parties.

03.   A dhampir in Balkan folklore is a creature that is the result of a union between a vampire and a human. The term is sometimes spelled dhampyre, dhamphir, or dhampyr. Dhampir powers are similar to those of vampires, but without the usual weaknesses (like the thirst for blood). In recent vampire fiction, dhampir refers to any hybrid of one human and one vampire parent. They are not vampires themselves, but a half-breed of both.

04. I am open to any ideas you may have :)


01.   First person, past tense only.

02.   Absolutely no one liners whatsoever. I would prefer a writer who can provide a few decent paragraphs. I fully understand that it is not always easy to get out a 1000 word post, and that certain scenes call for shorter posts. However, if you’re usual standard is a 300 post, then I may not be a suitable partner.

03.   Please check my O/O’s for more information including the sort of male character I would like to be paired against.

04.   I am a mum to a toddler and am pregnant again; please keep this in mind when writing with me. I work; I have a family and sometimes a social life, I am not always active.

05.   I am not looking for a cyber-fest. The story comes before the sex, and though it will include mature scenes I do not want it to just be all about the sex.

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