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January 22, 2018, 06:34:35 PM

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Author Topic: Prohibition Chicago Film Noir RP - F looking for M character  (Read 1119 times)

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Offline RedRoseTopic starter

Prohibition Chicago

Themes*: Adultery. Betrayal of one's values. Crossroads. Femme fatale. Forbidden Relationship. Historical. Mafia.               Noir. Seduction. Violence


I'm looking for a classier, darker, more "film noir" RP. Prohibition Chicago or similar city.

Maybe your character worked his way up in the mob world, as a hardened WWI veteran. Unless he grew up in the mafia milieu and that's all he knows. Anyway, he is (in)famous for his mystery and brutality when dealing with difficult opponents.

My character is the wife of a rival boss. Maybe she's going out with him as he likes to show her off, trophy wife type, and our characters notice each other. Maybe then YC decides to do business with MC's husband, as a way to have good reasons to be around.
In her boredom she find herself increasingly fascinated by the handsome, mysterious and powerful man her husband is sometimes bringing home, and also typically flattered by his gaze. She knows well what happens to unfaithful mob wives but they're not doing anything, hardly more than looks and have a good day/night. Until one day ;)

Does my MC's husband notices her “accidentally” brushing past him and gets very angry, so she decides to get back at him because she has barely done anything in her mind.
Or YC decides he's had enough of the teasing and he seduces her, what will the consequences be? Maybe he's even hoping she'll give him some information about her husband's business so YC can double cross him. Does MC realize what is happening?
Or MC's husband backstabbed your character thanks to some information she found out, seducing him on her husband's order (he didn't know she was attracted to him, or did he) and he decides to teach the husband a lesson, while MC is left wondering what she really feels...
There are many many possibilities! Which one is it? You tell me!


I do pms or emails. I'm looking for someone who wants to write (and has some knowledge of the period - WWI, the 1920s, the mob), not just skip from one smutty scene to another with quasi one- liners or constant anachronisms ;)

Please contact me if you are looking to start discussing now, and can post as an average 3 messages a week (I understand huge ones may take longer, so depending on your style and on the need it may be twice - basically not a very slow speed). Also, I guess, if you don't mind that both main characters (maybe even all characters) are at best anti-heroes. It's really one of the appeals of this setting, so I won't be okay with changing it up. Since it was unclear for some, I want this RP to have some class and style, that does NOT mean fade to black, but that means character development and subtlety!

My Ons and Offs are detailed in my signature, please check them and let me know if you have any question! :)

*The Themes above are by no means the only themes in the RP. They are only there to help you decide if you are interested. If you like them, check the thread and my O/O :) If you can't stand the themes, skip ;)
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Offline RedRoseTopic starter

Re: Prohibition Chicago Film Noir RP - F looking for M character
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2017, 03:53:36 AM »
Reopened! Please be ok with my O/O, write a post a week + and love the setting!