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April 12, 2021, 01:32:02 pm

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Author Topic: Darkness before the Dawn (seeking male)  (Read 670 times)

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Offline CandyCaneTopic starter

Darkness before the Dawn (seeking male)
« on: May 03, 2016, 05:45:03 pm »
Here is an idea, that has been rolling around in my head. I would love to see where it goes. Also, nothing is set in stone with this idea. We can talk out details. Please pm all that would like to do this.

Darkness. Never to have light shine into her world. To see the wonders of the world around her. To see the bright, vivid colors that made the world around have such beauty. Always living in the darkness of her own world. To hear but never to see. That is what she come live with her life. Since the time that she was born, she had only known darkness.

Her parents loved her dearly. The apple of her father’s eye, the jewel in her mother’s crown. They longed for a child, when they found out they were going to have Eden. Unexplained joy and happiness filled the king and queen. But there were some that didn’t want the king and queen to have that joy. They slipped something into the Queen’s drink one night. It was a grand ball, to share their happiness with their people. It was a grand night, no one would have thought. That something bad would have happened. As they sat and eat, music was going, drinks were being passed to all. The queen taking a bite of her food. After a few moments. She becomes sick, not knowing what would have caused that. She was past the point of being sick with the baby that she carried. Pushing aside the feelings of sickness, not wanting to ruin anything. To stay by her husband’s side in this time of joy. As the night wore on, the king saw that his queen wasn’t feeling well. Taking their leave, the whole court wished them well. Once out of the grand hall. The Queen falls to the floor. The King, falling to his knees. Screaming for the guards, at the sound of the kings voice, they come running. The Queen wouldn’t respond to anyone, not even the love of her life. The king telling them to lock down the palace. Not to let anyone leave. But before they could, the one that hurt the queen was out.

Days, turned into weeks. The Queen almost on death’s door. Fighting for her life and that of her childs. The royal doctor’s tried to help. Not able to find out what was causing the Queen to be so sick, and killing her. It wasn’t until they found a note, as to what the Queen was being killed slowly with. They took action, running to the King. Not knowing who sent the letter. There was no name or mark upon the paper. The King order that they take action and save the life of his queen and their unborn child. Which they did, but with all that they did. Everyone thought that all would be alright.

As she gave birth to their sweet princess. They watched her grow, and loved her with all their hearts. There was something different about the princess. She was never able to find her mother or father’s face. Always seeing but never really seeing. Calling for the royal mage doctors. They found out the princess was blind. She would never be able to see. It broke the kings and queens hearts. To know their little girl, their sweet princess would never see the world around her.

As the  years went by, they trained her. To feel her way around the palace. Teaching her to only need the help of herself, no others. And with time she became able to walk through the palace without fear being hurt. She was the beauty of the kingdom. Though most didn’t know she was blind. The king and queen not wanting others to look down on their princess. Only those close to the family knew the truth.

Eden, held herself with grace of her family. Never to look down on others, having a thirst for learning. You could always find her down with her father’s men. Listening to the sounds of training. Weeks of listening to her father’s men, she went to him. Asking to be trained to fight. He was shocked, that his little girl wanted to learn. But after a very long talk with Eden, he agreed to let her train. And would give him comfort that she knew how to fight. She would be safe, even long enough to get away from those who would harm her. The Warlord of The Kingdom, was asked by the king himself, to train the princess. He would learn the truth of her. And have to train her in ways never before. It was his task and his task alone. They worked every night with each other. And they started to become close to one another. Having to teach her, through body movements. Letting her feel how his body moved. It wasn’t easy to teach her, but with her other senses heightened she learned very well. And the warlord was proud of her, as was her father.

One night the warlord was waiting for Eden. She was never late, always on time for what she was about to learn next. But as the time wore on, he started to get worried. This wasn’t like her, storming up to her room. None, thought to ask questions as they watched him passed. The Warlord was cold to most people he knew. And only a few could ever get close to him. Walking right into her bedroom, she was no where to be found. Looking around her room, finding a small pool of blood by Eden’s bed. Calling out an alarm, the princess had been taken. And he would find out who took her. And he would kill them when he found them. He vowed to that, in front of the king and the queen. He just hoped that he would be there in time to save her.