Feminine M wanted for werewolf RP. Possible Rape and non con, discussable

Started by Orochimaru, May 03, 2016, 06:54:12 AM

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It is a rather unusual thing for my muse to even desire and I had a few musing with it. Keep in mind, it is an incomplete idea. I was also thinking of messing around with it being an incest story too.


The image above is who I would like your character to be. Now, for the incest idea. he would be my characters younger brother. Only by a year or so, but while he is human, my character is a werewolf. As by the image, the guy likes femininity and being a girl basically. Possibly going into more kinky things. If such a case, he could be having fun with himself when my character loses control and literally rapes and asserts his dominance over the guy. Eventually, my character would feel guilty as he would know what happened and comes forward to his brother about his secret and apologizes. Either way, this can work as a classmate or friend and it does not have to involve non con things. I mean, he could have kinks like bondage, but a thing for werewolves too. Yes, this will more than likely mostly be smut, but again, discussable.

PM me if you are interested. Please, thank you.