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June 29, 2022, 11:06:24 am

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Author Topic: RedMoon Desires Dark Souls!  (Read 2651 times)

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RedMoon Desires Dark Souls!
« on: May 01, 2016, 10:34:02 pm »
Stay a While, and Listen

STATUS: Looking

My screen name has ruined my attempt at alliteration, and it's upsetting me more than it should.


Hello, fellow Elliquians! I'm here perusing for RP once more, this time in the vein of Dark Souls. They're probably my favorite games ever, and I enjoy the beautiful settings and scenery as much as I love the rich lore and obscure plot. That said, I do think it's sad how many lovely characters meet tragic ends along the way, so surely we can help some of them along to something a little happier! Not that things are all smiles and roses, of course, but, I'm sure we can find a reasonable compromise between darkness, debauchery and romance. While I only have a few morsels of plot stewing away, there's plenty to explore and lots to do, demons to fight and suns to praise! Whether you're interested in playing a lovely lady (or ladies...) from the series or something of your own creation, we can make it work! Let's get to some jolly cooperation!

Red Moon's Likes and Dislikes

You can find a lot of these linked in my signature, but, I'll reiterate here for simplicity.

I like:

Women - Obviously.
Harems - Many women! Or at least more than one. Possibly my favorite? Difficult, but anyone willing to try will be loved!
Exotic Women - Exotic races in sci-fi or fantasy scenarios are great. Otherwise, just women from far off lands or cultures are always interesting.
Sexy Outfits - I always love a lady who knows how to dress to impress (or seduce).
Dominance - As stated, my characters are generally dominant. This does not mean you have to be submissive, but it probably does mean you're going to wind up submitting.
Rough Play - Rough sex, hair pulling, biting, scratching, etc. Grr.
Non-Con/Reluctance - Or whatever you want to call it. They'll come around to eventually!
Story - Smut is fine, but, if we're doing sex scene all the time, I'm going to get bored. The story is what keeps me coming back for more.
Creativity - Surprise me! Throw in some of your own ideas. You don't even need to tell me!

I dislike:

General bathroom stuff
General ickiness
Boring RPs

And that's about it! Ask for clarification on any subject. On to the ideas!

The Idea

Long ago in the Age of Ancients, the world was ruled by the everlasting dragons. It was a time of darkness, and the world was shrouded in fog. Humans lived in the shadows, fearing the great wings that soared above, until the First Flame brought light to the dark. The Lords of Fire rose from the darkness, and harnessed the power of the flame to defeat the dragons and drive them from the world. The great War of Fire left the world devastated, but in the aftermath, Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight, brought humankind forth in to a golden age, building enormous cities and great empires from the ruins. The First Flame still burns, giving strength to the humans, keeping the Age of Fire alive... But the Flame also brought with it the curse of Undeath, when Gwyn refused to let the flame go out. Now, humans die, and some reanimate as hollowed Undead, slowly going mad and becoming violent, hungering for souls to restore them. The Lord of Sunlight considered it a small price to pay for the continuation of this golden age, and offered himself to the First Flame to keep the light burning strong.

Centuries pass, and the world falls in to ruin once more. The First Flame is waning, and the chosen undead are called to rekindle it. Will they brave madness, death and horror only to offer themselves to the flame? The journey is long and arduous, but perhaps with the right company, they can stave off madness, and overcome the trials that await.


So, some knowledge of Dark Souls is obviously a plus, but really if you have questions, I'm more than happy to talk about it at length, and we'll be pretty flexible on the lore and logic of the world. Essentially, this RP would be the journey of the Chosen Undead to rekindle the First Flame (or not, as they may choose). There will be mad, hollowed undead, demons, giants, dragons and all sorts of unpleasant obstacles to fight through on the way, not to mention the struggle to avoid turning hollow and losing their own minds. Lordran is a strange place, however, where time and space flow differently. Worlds intersect, and people come together from across great lengths of time and distance. Hope still burns bright in this world, and there is always comfort to be found around a crackling bonfire, with your companions at your side.

Canon characters from Dark Souls are always adored, but any kind of fellow adventurer is more than welcome!

Inspirational Images (Some NSFW)

- I'd love to play opposite my favorite witch sisters. Granted, we'd need to un-spider them by defeating the Bed of Chaos that corrupted them!

- A sultry firekeeper would be a great comfort along the way!

- The warmth of the bonfire and the company of good companions can see one through many a grueling test...

- How could anyone lock away such a lovely halfbreed? I'm sure she'd love to be let out of her prison!

- Really, what is it with these games and locking pretty halfbreeds away?

- Poor Gwyndolin. Last son of Gwyn, and he was raised as a princess... I'm sure we can help him come to terms with it.

- It's a dangerous world out there... Those who seek to link the fire must be wary.

- For those who need help along the way, there are always covenants who want to attract members...


First off, please do not post in this thread, I like to keep it tidy. If you're interested in working out an idea, please shoot me a PM! I'm happy to play over threads or private messages. Additionally, I'm available on most messenger programs to talk ideas and iron out the setup, much faster than trading messages back and forth. If you'd like to do so, just drop me your messenger ID and I'll add you.

Current Cravings

As usual, a writer up to writing a couple of characters from the series (not necessarily at once) would be adored, particularly Quelaag and Quelaan. Really though, just Dark Souls in general would be great right now.

You Made it!

And that's that, I think! I'll continue to update with images, ideas, cravings, etc. Thanks for reading, and look forward to hearing from you!