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Author Topic: Seeking Dominant males for Story driven smut plots  (Read 1154 times)

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Seeking Dominant males for Story driven smut plots
« on: April 30, 2016, 05:21:45 PM »
Open to your ideas, kinks, suggestions and plots. Over PM only

Open to suggestions. My Fantasy plots are lore heavy, so there is alot of creative freedom in the world we create. Your role can be non-human if you wish.
Do feel free to add your own ideas to these plots. They are not set in stone.

I do like instant 'falling in love'. As much as it would be an interesting story to have them slowly fall in love, but lets admit that some (including myself) have a short attention span and a life to get on with so we'll make it quick and get into the good stuff quickly. 

Requirements - 1-2 paragraph Min. Detailed writing.

Forced Companionship

You are a successful survivor/merc/leader whom found a young elven woman in the forest. Shes running from her home, being of from a race of elves known to be holy creatures but she does not want the lifestyle. She knows little of the world beneath her mountain home and you agree to bring her along as long as she obeys what you say.  You use her for your own pleasure and even to make money. Her heritage comes in handy.

The Arrangement
They knew each other in college. You were friends but took different directions in life. You were the studier while she was your de-stress. She forced you to have fun before the stress of business crushed you. You grew a business from the ground up while she  travelled the world and both natrually fell out of contact.  You bump into each other again half a year later....

You offer her to live with you, and she will want for nothing. In return -

Romance Plot) You hope to rekindle the lost feelings between you and your lost sense of adventure. With her back in your life, your high demand job has never been so much fun. The passion burns so deeply between you, you can barely keep your hands off matter where they are.   

Kink Plot) You miss her fun loving nature and you've since acquired new tastes. You've been looking for someone to dominate.

You've been struggling with finding work, you're in alot of debt and you don't know how you are going to make the rent this month. You ask a friend for a loan to keep a roof over your head, but instead sets up a meeting with someone he knows to give you a job since you're 'her kind of guy'. The woman you meet with is very interested in you, but to work for her means becoming an escort for her party business.


I would say Im a literate player and all plots must be at least  1-2 Paragraph min per post. More always welcome. Must create additional characters to aid the plot.

Realism(to a point)
No overpowered characters and overly ridiculous situations.

Love I do like it when characters 'fall in love' or care alot about each other. Even if it is just a friend with benefits or love/hate relationship (which is another pairing I love for those who like alittle power struggle).

Anything that isnt listed. Do ask, just because its not here...means I just didn't think of it at the time.

Paragraphs is what Ive have asked for, One liners is just a no no.

Chat Speak is a no go

Cheesy dialog. I’m surprised by the amount of totally cringe worthy dialog that goes on.
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still open

Offline MissInkTopic starter

Re: Seeking Dominant males for Story driven smut plots
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2016, 01:53:17 PM »